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10 September 26th, 2015 DAYS Camila Banus Books Drama Series Pilot For FX … SNOWFALL!

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She is one of the finest young actress in soaps …  and in Hollywood! Now Days of our Lives Camila Banus (Gabi) has landed a primo role in an upcoming drama series pilot for FX!

According to Deadline, Banus has joined the cast of the drama entitled Snowfall!  The pilot is also set to star Tim Matheson, and former ATWT star Billy Magnussen, and it will be directed by John Singleton.

Set in the early 1980s at the beginning of a crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles, Snowfall focuses on three main characters: ambitious dealer Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), ex-Mexican wrestler and now gangster Gustavo Zapata (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and prodigal son Logan Miller (Billy Magnussen).  Matheson will play Logan’s father George Miller, a wealthy oil titan. A mover and shaker in political circles, he is enraged and disgusted by his son’s antics.

Camila will play the role of Lucia Villanueva, whose father is a very successful drug dealer who almost certainly has given his daughter too much over the years.  Born in Mexico but raised in the U.S., her entitlement masks a deeply scarred soul; she now wants to take control of her life through whatever means necessary.

What do you think of Camila’s new role?  Hoping it goes to series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I hope Snowfall! is a success and wish Camila Banus much success in this role!


  2. Belle says:

    I hope that she will be able to remain on Days or the show should get another person to play her part, now.


  3. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Will is the next victim so Gabi gets custody of Ariana and leaves
    town to start a new life and to get away from Eddie…this explains why she is off the show to do the series but will return sometimes to visit Rafe!


    blake replied

    In this interview a few weeks ago she said she was going to be on for at least a year so it sounds like she is under a contract. She could be doing both shows like the guy playing Paul has been doing with Days and Hawaii 5-0.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Thanks…good to know!

    Eddie replied

    I saw the same interview. I guess she will juggle both shows.

    Christopher Sean did another periscope last night & made reference to stuff he is currently filming for DOOL and episodes he will be soon filming for H50.

    blake replied

    Yeah I really hope she is able to stay on Days for a while. Like a lot of people I didn’t like her when she first came on but she and Gabi were so much better during the whole Nick Fallon story.

    val replied

    If Will is indeed dead, where does this leave Sonny. Will he walk away from Ariana. For months it was our daughter now she is what to him. If he fought Gabi for custody, would the Courts really award Ari to an unemployed convicted murderess versus her financially stable but gay stepfather. I wish Days would go there but it wont. Happy for the actress in her new role.


  4. Kathy says:

    When will this air? I would love to see it.


    penny replied

    It’s a pilot, it will only air if the series is picked up. Fingers crossed.


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