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13 July 10th, 2016 DAYS Camila Banus To Fans On Gabi Being MIA: “Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Back On Your Screens Very Soon!”

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The talented and sexy Camila Banus of Days of our Lives took to Twitter to answer some inquiries from fans, as to why they have not seen her Salem alter-ego, Gabi Hernandez in story, or on screen for awhile.

Banus responded by sending out a tweet saying:  “Don’t worry I’ll be back on your screens very soon!”  She then further elaborated for those inquiring minds by tweeting:  “A lot of people have been asking why I am not airing on Days.  I was not in for a couple of months … but you will see me soon !!!”

The actress is appearing this summer on ABC’s Mistresses, so she may have been off the DAYS canvas during the time she filmed her episodes.

Banus’ Gabi had recently been paired with Casey Moss’ JJ Deveraux, but what will happen to Gabi when she comes back into the action in her storyline on DAYS?  Looks like we will have to tune-in to find out!

So, glad to hear Camila will be seen on the soap shortly? What would you like to see happen for Gabi in story or romantically in the months ahead?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Mark says:

    I think she was taping another show on FX as well as on ABC. Busy person! ;-)


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I actually never realized she was gone,,,but im down to watching only once or twice a week-still too much gloom and doom!!!


  3. Celia says:

    Love you, Camila.


    Celia replied

    I am not sure if I like Gabi with 30-second cop, JJ. There is no one on Days that appeals to the palate.
    She should probably concentrate on her careen and child for now. Life will happen soon enough.


    Tim Clarke replied

    Show is AWFUL right now and she and JJ have zero chemistry together, unlike his young love romance with Paige which was wonderful. I don’t dislike the character of Gaby but the show in general is so disconnected and has little continuity….and the writing (currently) is lackluster and weak. I watch the show on the NBC app when I’m ironing my hospital scrubs or something just as background but it’s not compelling right now at all.
    BRING BACK Sonny, re-invent Will if necessary – and for crying out loud give Paul something to do.

    Celia replied

    @Tim Clarke.
    Tell me about it….Rafe in chains?????
    I seem to remember Stefano ‘detaining’ Rafe in similar digs. Same caca.
    Poor Rafe. What to do?

  4. Troy says:

    Pretty much anything! LoL.

    I would like to see them follow up on something they seemed to be hinting at based on something that happened back in February. Gabi and JJ were in the Town Square and Gabi was approached by a guy who turned out be a prison Corrections Officer she knew when she was incarcerated. When she tried to blow him off he made the cryptic comment: “What’s with the attitude? I looked out for you.” Then he proceeded to try to grab her twice but JJ stopped him and she was clearly afraid of him.

    I thought at the time “What’s this about?” And I thought the guy would turn up again and cause them some trouble but nope nothing came from it.

    I thought and still think that would be a good avenue for them to explore especially since her reintegration back into society has been a bit too seemless in some ways. It’s probably been too long for them to bring something like that back up. But who knows?

    That’s what I would like to see but I just her and JJ to have a storyline so I’m game for anything as long as it doesn’t involve elephant statues. LOL


  5. Tim S. says:

    She is a good actress but I have not even realized she was gone.. the writing has been so bad…….


    Tim Clarke replied

    …that’s an understatement the writing has been dreadful.


  6. damien says:

    jj and gabi are the new bo and hope of days…imo…
    they need a real story.. since gabi s been in prison and jj s had his own trouble with the law a story in the criminal realm would be exciting. the last time jj was intresting was when he was undercover against clyde. i d love to see the drug dealer that cylde ‘ killed’ return as he was charismatic… maybe him and gabi shared a thing in juve?


  7. John Gordon says:

    She could really stay off the show – she’s a competent actress but her character adds nothing to the show – but it’s not really her fault, the writing is just so bland and the storylines seem to go in circles and don’t end up anywhere.


  8. leeannlovingthebooks says:

    I am guessing she will reappear when Sonny shows up back in Salem. He’ll want to see Ari so Gabi will once again be on the screen. I agree. I don’t see the chemistry between JJ and Gabi either. Also how quickly she became friends with Paul, knowing he had an affair with Will that ruined her happy family/home. How quickly they forget.


  9. J.C. Davis says:

    I liked Gaby and I think she needs a more important part.Maybe add a new man in her life and give JJ some competition. The teenagers is what gets the best of me.Put them in college and get them out of the adult lives like with Chad.
    I get so upset with NBC, every time a news flash or any kind of interruption comes along,there goes Days.Now the RIO Olympics. All of the sports channels and they take Days to have them.Just crazy.


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