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17 September 21st, 2017 DAYS Cast Officially Unveils DOOLMoji App Via Facebook Live Event – 1:30PMPST/4:30PMEST

Days of our Lives new DOOLMoji app featuring character rendering emojis, iconic moments, and emotions is available as of today in the Apple app and Google Play stores for download to your iPhone or Android mobile devices for 99 cents.

To celebrate the launch, DAYS has partnered with Soap Opera Digest for a Facebook Live event featuring many of your favorites from the cast including:  Camila Banus (Gabi), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Galen Gering (Rafe), Billy Flynn (Chad), Lauren Koslow (Kate), Eric Martsolf (Brady), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Thaao Penghlis (Andre) and Freddie Smith (Sonny). and you never know what other Salem notables might show up to check out their new DOOLMojis!

Make sure to go to the Soap Opera Digest official facebook page to watch all the fun, emojis, and more beginning at 1:30PMPST/4:30PMEST.

For information on the DOOLMoji app go to

Then let us know what you think of the new DOOLMojis as you share them on social media with other passionate DAYS fans! Comment below.


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  1. Mo says:

    I don’t know what I’d do with the emojis.


  2. dmr says:

    Um, why is “Gabi” front and center? She is not the “superstar” of the show..


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    I spit up my tea when I saw that. Spot the on, D


    Mo replied

    Camilla was the hostess of the event.


    Celia replied

    Good grief!! I like Greg/Eric. To each his/her own. Different strokes for different folks. LOL.
    ‘Twould be a very boring world if we all liked the same things or people, eh, Mo?
    It’s all good, my friend.

    Celia replied

    I cannot stand Gabi…never have.
    She was such an untrustworthy nonentity, as far as I’m concerned. Suddenly she’s this goody-two-shoes coquette. How does that work?
    Her clothes are four sizes too small for her….she has a great figure, but her wardrobe belies what or whom she’s trying to portray.
    Why is she hosting??

    Anyway, out of context….another fave of mine leaving? Again? Eric Brady/GV?
    Well, I guess this is how the situation will pan out: Nicole realizes it’s Eric she loves, and they leave together?….. after having it out with Brady?
    At least, I will have the satisfaction of sticking it to Brady. He and Gabi should get together, albeit he’s old enough to be her father?


    Patrick replied

    Greg Vaughan : the incomparable Eric Brady

    it certainly seems to be reading in to, that way… doesn’t it ?

    I want GV’ Eric to stay.

    I am hoping… that Nicole.. with daughter in hand… will … let go her life in Salem.. and just put one foot in front of the other… as only Nicole has.. in all her life in Salem… on her own.. but this time around… she’s heading out on her own again… with LOVE

    be it a bubble
    to be enveloped in LOVE
    her own family…. Nicole Walker does it

    finally… and , at last

    I bid thee my lovely Ari Zucker… the BESTEST

    from your ever loving Days of OUR Lives

    Mo replied

    Good grief.

    I like Gabi.

    Glad to see Greg’s Eric going. Don’t like him. I do think Greg might be leaving to work on his other show. Either way, I won’t miss him.

  3. Patrick says:

    I , hope, this attracts younger viewers; younger generations


    what better way for word of mouth; to spread the word that DAYS of OUR Lives is ON.

    it’s a daytime treat… one of the best… to E _ N _ J _ O _ Y.

    and… if tis gets the DAYS production to “realize” what may or may not be working

    cu to the quick and keep this show moving

    it’s my best


    Patrick replied

    * cu to the quick

    * cut to the quick


  4. Jovin says:

    Not to take away from the childlike fun of this endeavour, and accolades for staying current with regards to technology. But… wouldn’t this be money better spent on good writers? And some sets? Maybe some location shooting? We all know this is pretty much Days’ last chance, so spending money on something that is outside the frame of actually watching the show seems rather frivolous.


    Lou Piikes replied

    Maybe the Emoji APP will be profitable enough to afford better sets and more talented writers.


    Patrick replied

    the first thing that comes to mind -

    Ken Corday – profiting from his parents beloved show. alleging his lack of interest and just not caring what becomes of this – great – show.

    but.. to give him some leeway – do the right thing here Ken Corday . yeah, you’ll make monies off of this show… along with your shares of DOOL

    Pay attention to this show ! work for what you inherited, from your parents.


  5. Tomas Torquemada says:

    I need help finishing this sentence: “I would use these emojies when…. These emojies fill my unmet demand for….”

    Totes agree with Jovin. BTW, they do spend money but its on dumb things like new furniture every few months. I can’t tell you how often Victor gets a new set or the DeMera living room gets a new look. But that ubiquitous park, with/without bench gets nothing. (And the taste level is overwhelming Early Grandma. Hey, she hooked me up once! )


  6. elm1951 says:

    it really doesn’t cost that much to design an app these days – kids are doing it in their basement…….


  7. Jules says:

    I think these are SUPER smart. So with the times and with the trends. This stuff is all the rage, and great thinking to DAYS for jumping on the bandwagon.


    Mo replied

    While I won’t be using them, I agree that it’s great DOOL is ahead of the game in this area.


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