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20 May 15th, 2015 DAYS Casting Shawn and Belle’s Daughter Claire As SORAS’d Teen!


More interesting casting news out of Days of our Lives!  The show is beefing up its younger set, while bringing in the veteran favorites in episodes that will air this fall.

Now words comes via Soap Opera Digest that the NBC daytime drama is currently casting the role of Claire, the young daughter of Belle (last played by Martha Madison) and Shawn-Douglas (last played by Brandon Beemer) and she will now be a 15-year-old.   In real soap time, the character was born in 2005, so she would be ten.

And it looks like we will have a singing Claire! That’s right.  The casting call goes on to say:  “Seeking a gorgeous blonde-haired girl, preferably with blue eyes, who can sing.  Claire is described an as offbeat and slightly quirky girl who is trying to find her way through music and art.”

Will Claire present problems for Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso)?  Will she get singing tips from Doug Williams (Bill Hayes)? 

Who do you think would be a good Claire, any casting suggestions?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. Jeremy says:

    I hope Martha Madison returns as Belle. I would prefer the original Shawn-D – JASON COOK, he shared airtime with Martha, too.
    But, why age Claire to 15? Who is older Sierra or Claire? I don’t recall the year Bo & Hope had Sierra. I hope Martha & JASON COOK return.


    Mary SF replied

    Ciara was born in Dec 2006, but then in 2009 they changed her birthday to July 2004-


    Patrick replied

    Ciera “Alice” Brady ! played by the quintessential adorable fantastical actress…. Lauren Boles.

    I had no idea her middle name is after her great gran… Alice

    DAYS : please : do not (soras) her… let us fans… enjoy her for a long time !

    the magic she shares with Hope and every one else… must stay !

    she has to age by herself… for the tenure of DAYS


    Patrick replied

    ??? having said that… Aunt Cierra would/will be younger

    which isn’t outside of the norm

    i think this is being done… so as to be paired with Joey : Kayla’ SON… : and Patch: YES ! and double yes


    Patrick replied

    sorry : have to think… LOL

    they are related… even so … it’s more layers for Hope plus

    Joey : parents, Kayla Brady and Patch
    Claire : parents, Belle Black and Shawn D. = parents Hope Brady and Bo

    Jimmy replied

    Jason Cook was great as Shawn-D! I like Brandon Beemer too, but if they want to bring back the role, they should try to get Jason Cook back. And of course, bring Martha Madison back too!


  2. Mo says:

    OMG! No.


  3. Gmbenet says:

    I’m all for it. Just think it is odd to have Claire in Salem w/o her parents! Also, why assume this will be trouble for Bo and Hope? Her other grandparents are Marlena and John! Who will Claire live with? My guess would be Marlena and John (assuming they are together).


  4. MBmomof3 says:

    This is all fine but when are they going to announce that Matthew Ashford is returning as Jack Deveraux? You just know that MUST be coming.


  5. Annaluvsduke says:

    She’ll probably go for J.J., once Eve is exposed and Paige drops him. She will be a little conniving troublemaker. But wherr is Shawn and Belle. Why do the kids return to Salem like teressa and Claire when there parents moved away years ago. I dont know anyone who moves to a town after their parents moved away and they dont remember. Visiting a relative id understand but living in Plasticville Salem who would want that!


  6. Jimmy says:

    Does this mean we can have Shawn-Douglas and Belle back? If they’re intent on bringing Claire back to Salem, it makes sense to bring her parents too. I would love to see Martha Madison back as Belle, and Jason Cook reprise his role as Shawn-Douglas.


    Jeremy replied

    Jimmy, that’s what I’m talking about! (see above), :P


    liz replied

    This is Days folks. Its been obvious for some time that Days needed to bring back the old gang Belle, Shawn D, Phillip, Chloe and Mimi to meet a missing demographic (30 to 40 years old) on the show. The ratings were high for their class reunion which makes sense to this viewer since Belle, Shawn D and Phillip enchanted a whole generation of soap viewers when they were teens. Days has spent years pretending that these characters ever existed all except for Chloe which is curious as Tony, Andre, Anna, Carrie, Kristin, Austin have all had multiple comebacks. I think they intend for Grandparents Bo and Hope to raise Claire and they will keep the Belle and Shawn D on a cruise.


  7. Tony says:

    Claire won’t be able to go for JJ, they’re cousins.


  8. richard says:

    This is rather odd, what child moves to where their parents USE to live without them. Also, Shawn and Belle are not old enough to have a 15yr old. Good grief. They should’ve just aged Ciara Brady, that would’ve made more sense, or bring Chelsea Brady back, or Cassie Brady!! This make Shawn and Belle in their late 30s. Well how old is Sami?? Are they aging her kids next?? How ridiculous. They should’ve aged Theo and Ciara, that would give Abe, Bo and Hope story, leave Claire alone unless you’re bringing back Shawn and Belle..bad move…


    gb replied

    Erm… But they have aged Theo… the casting call went out a while ago


  9. su0000 says:

    Do the Bells cast their offsprings in their soaps??


  10. Michael Thomas says:

    I hope Denyse Tontz dye her hair blonde and get this role…


  11. Franco says:

    I know two actresses who can play Claire. One of them is Katelyn Nacon, and the other one is Ciara Bravo.


  12. Callie says:

    I read that it has been confirmed that Jason Cook is returning to reprise his role as Shawn D. Now just to get Belle and the Philip back. Chloe will be back soon too.


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