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11 July 21st, 2010 DAYS casting shockers! Lindsay Hartley out! Ty Treadway in!

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Days of our Lives had made the news this morning with some key casting changes.  According to Soap Opera Digest, the soap news source is reporting that Lindsay Hartley has been let-go in the role of Arianna.  Since the soap tapes well in advance,  she will air into fall.

Next, Ty Treadway last seen as  the soap gabfest host on SOAPnet’s Soap Talk, and for his roles on One Life to Live as Colin and Troy McGiver, will head to DAYS to play Dr. Jason Walters.  Ty is taping in August, and is slated to hit the airwaves in key episodes in the fall.

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  1. Keith says:

    Not familiar with her work on DAYS, but I know her from PASSIONS and know she is a great actress. I think that OLTL should snag her if Amanda Setton is not intent on returning to OLTL anytime soon. I can picture Lindsay in the role of Kim and I think she would do an amazing job! Plus, it would give OLTL a reason to have Clint on more…he has been MIA for far too long.


  2. Areyoukiddingme? says:

    I am shocked with this sudden news! Lindsay is a powerhouse of an actress and kept numerous fans glued to the screen during her 9 year Passions run. The only reason I dove back into Days was for her joining the cast. I know Lindsay will find the perfect role soon, so her fans will patiently wait for the right decision.
    After her last episode I will no longer tune in, there you have it TPTB.


    Faye Mikell replied

    Lindsey is never going to get her man, Ethan. alius Brady Black. This romance want see an end if you FIRE her. She,s a great actress. Boo to you for taking her off.


  3. KatieR says:

    My first day back after 3 years off from DOOL was Lindsay’s first day. Her last day will be my last day. I don’t think TPTB can see what’s in front of them. EJ-Arianna were cute together, and could have made a nice little couple for a while. Instead we have Rafe and Sami getting back together around Labor Day and then what…..EJ sits home alone playing chess?? There isn’t another woman on DOOL who works with him.


  4. Chip says:

    This is terrible news. I started back watching when Lindsay came on, and now she’s leaving after just a year! She’s one of the best actresses on daytime, I hope another soap like General Hospital snags her up soon. This might make me quit watching Days after she leaves. Maybe if they bring Jack and Jennifer back I MIGHT stick around…


  5. Sheri greenblatt says:

    Are you kidding Lindsay got fired from Days, What a lousy move, If she didn’t see eye to
    eye with Brady you should have gotten a new boyfriend for her. Get rid of Nicole she
    is obnoxious,If it weren’t for Galen Gering I would never watch the show again, Also tell Allison Sweeney to stop wining and screaming all the time She does not know a goodf
    thing when it is right in front of her,


  6. deidre wilson says:

    I am mad beyond belief…Never really watched days until LH arrive. I have never seen such incompentence on a soap in my life. I totally enjoyed ej and ari. I thought it would have beautiful see JS as a heartthrob. But the brainiac kept every story line long as hell and they just ruin it for me. Her last day will be mine.


  7. LindsayFan says:

    I was actually very shocked when i heard the news..LH is such a wonderful actress and I think Days is making a big mistake letting her go. I hope she gets snagged by another (smarter) soap. I only started watching Days when she came on and loved the idea of her and Ej as a couple..they have such chemistry..her last day will also be mine. She is a great actress and I wish her all the best in the future!


  8. Luis says:

    Lindsay is a talented actress. But I didnt see a future with her on days of our lives, The writers did a bad job writing her character. Bring Lindsay to General hospital. She can somehow have ties to , Olivia, brooklyn, or maybe even a love interest for Sonny or Johnny. Lindsay is a ver dynamic and captivating. Another idea is that we been hearing alot about the lopez brother. Lindsay character name was theresa lopez fitzerald on Passions. Maybe General Hospital Can use lindsay as a sister of the lopez brothers and she falls inlove with Johnny Zacarah. THey can Create a character for Lindsay on General hospital.. Marc Teschner Please if your reading this Consider Bringing Lindsay to General Hospital. You gave the Fans what they wanted by Bringing the talented Vanessa Marcil Giovanazi back. Thank you so much for that. I am pretty sure the rating of GH are going to increase very much! Lindsay would mix well with tha lopez brothers or with the russian mob war storyline.


  9. Debbie says:

    Day’s just makes one mistake after another. I’ve had enought. Lindsay’s last day will be mine too. I’ve been watching Day’s for 42 years. I can’t do it anymore. This is the straw that broke the camels back. I hope one of the smarter soaps pick up Lindsay and do right by her. Dirty rotten shame..


  10. tabitha says:



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