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19 June 6th, 2013 DAYS Casting Two Younger Set New Contract Roles: “Ben” and “Sabrina”! Who Should Play Them?

More casting news out of Days of our Lives! The long-running NBC soap has been on an upswing of late and according to Soap Opera Digest,  the series has put out a casting call for two new contract roles for characters in a younger age range.

One role is for the character of “Ben”, who is in his early to mid 20s, is described as a gorgeous, Caucasian country boy, either midwestern or Southern. He is “utterly charming in his honest sincere approach to life and love.” The show would ideally like to find someone who plays a guitar and asks potential candidates to indicate if they can sing or play an instrument.

The second character is “Sabrina”, a 17 to 18-year-old gorgeous Caucasian female who is a shy, quiet innocent with a heart of gold.

So, who would you see in these two roles as casting suggestion for DAYS? And, what characters do you think they will be involved with in storyline, or romantically? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Ces says:

    I really hate teen storylines. If the casting is as bad as that JJ kid with his
    smug face, then I don’t care who gets cast because I’ll be forwarding right through it.


    Mary SF replied

    Well mid 20′s hardly qualifies Ben as a teen character, but I get what you mean. But some of the best characters they have now- began as part of a teen line, so I just got my fingers cross whatever SL they come up with for these new characters it will be better than the lame one they have for JJ. Otherwise, I will be fast forwarding through it too.


    Ces replied

    Well, the younger stories of the past had great casting thanks to Fran Bascom, their casting agent, who coincidentally just passed away. RIP Fran.

    I can’t really give too much credit to whoever is casting these days because I loathe that little punk face JJ and I’m not a big fan of Abigail or Cameron for that matter. I get through the show super quick when I fast forward through them.

  2. BTripp says:

    No clue who they could be but they really need to age Ciara, Joey, and Theo to around 15 or 16. This will give their parents more to do on the show. I do love the younger actors who play the roles now but they can’t stay on the show forever.


    Mo replied

    Who’s Joey? You mean Johnny?


    BTripp replied

    Joey is Kayla and Steve’s son who we only see at the Brady Pub about once a year.

    Mo replied

    See, I’d totally forgotten about him!

    Patrick replied

    anything. to get Kayla on more often.

    I wonder if they quashed the potential Abe – Kayla romance?


    Janet Kiley replied

    yes more kayla and family & patch

  3. Mo says:

    Yeck. I guess to play with JJ? How about giving Chad and Sonny storyline other than pouring coffee?


  4. Sarah says:

    Instead of hiring new characters nobody cares about, write storylines that aren’t crao for the characters they do have, especially legacy characters. I would rather see them bring back Tony, Jack, or Bo, and pay them their proper salary and get rid of Jen Lilly, chrisell, and don’t hire these two characters, especially Bo.


    Ces replied

    totally agree with this!


  5. Chaz says:

    Well, IF Blake Berris is leaving (just speculation due to his storyline) they will need to bring on a new love interest for Gabi. I believe Casey Diedrick might be leaving so “Ben” could be a recast Chad. Hopefully,,,,really do not care for CD.

    I hope they do not SORAS Ciara or any or Sami’s other kids. They need to bring back Bo with or without Peter Reckel. Hope is basically just twisting in the wind and they have not given an adequate reason for him to be to be gone.

    Giving Marlena some story would be nice. All she has done for months is say I am sorry to John. Bringing back ED ate up all DH’s screen time.


  6. charlene says:

    I would like to see Melanie come back, Molly Burnett(?) I miss her!


  7. heidi says:

    Lexi Ainsworth as Sabrina! Drew Garrett for Ben!


  8. Janet Kiley says:

    hope to see one day the Donovan family with patricia pease and charles shaughnessy


  9. jimh says:

    Maybe Sabrina is really Shawn Ds and Belles daughter?


  10. jessi says:

    I really do miss the Beautiful & Sexy Renee Jones, I stopped watching once I realized they had no desire to cast any other beautiful black actresses to fill the void after Renee’s departure.


  11. bc says:

    Days cast was recently on jeff probst show. They were asked by probst abt storylines of course. Cast seemed very comfortable except for galen while probst was a good enough host especially when compared to horrid anderson cooper. What is up w/ galen’s awkwardness? He did not appear to be very comfortable promoting days. It was like he wasn’t engaged at all. He seemed very embarrassed when a woman from the audience asked what they wear when their characters are hooking up. You’d think galen should be used to those questions given that majority of male actors on soaps are objectified. Cast was asked abt gay storyline and even a clip of will coming out was shown. Of course days’ gay storyline was represented on jeff probst show. But there were no clips of storylines w/ abe. Is he still part of days? Majority of night soaps and all the day soaps severely lack racial minority representation. But of course there’s a clip abt will being gay bec day soaps have storylines abt gay issues. But day soaps do not have storylines abt racial minority experiences. And now days is casting for even more white chars who are of course described as gorgeous bec hollywood’s standards of beauty have to be preserved as whiteness. Couldn’t casting calls for these new chars ask for racial minority actors? African american actors? How abt Asian american actors? Of course not. But of course gay chars are represented on days. Not every group can ever be represented on a tv show. But of course majority of tv shows have too much representation for white chars. These new chars don’t have to be white based on descriptions from casting calls. days needs more racial minority actors. It could help their ratings get stronger especially w/ carlivati’s writing w/c is hurting gh’s already flopping ratings.


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