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45 January 10th, 2017 DAYS Celebrates Airing Of 13,000th Episode!

Photo: NBC

It’s a big day in Salem and for fans of NBC’s Days of our Lives!  The show will air today another astounding milestone in its 51-year plus history with its 13,000th episode broadcast.

In it look for some very special returns from: Christine Clark (Carrie), Austin Peck (Austin) and Leann Hunley (Anna) as the focus on the mystery of where’s Stefano shifts to some heavy drama going town in Europe!

NBC will also commemorate the airing of DAYS 13K with special Facebook Live chats happening throughout the morning and afternoon pacific time with cast members.  Here is the rundown:  9am PT – Deidre Hall & Lauren Koslow, 11am PT – Kristian Alfonso & Mary Beth Evans , 12pm PT – Billy Flynn, Camila Banus, & Marci Miller and 1pm PT – Christopher Sean & Freddie Smith will wrap up the chatfest.

Fans can submit their questions for the cast on the NBC DAYS facebook page here

Below check out Kristian Alfonso (Hope) talking in a recent press junket about what it means to be part of a show that has broadcast an amazing 13,000 episodes and then share your congrats to DAYS for its enduring legacy in the world of daytime drama in the comment section below!


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  1. Kat Hilderbrand says:

    They cannot find the real Stefano, so I think they will all find that Will is still alive and that somehow Stefano had a hand in hiding him away. This being a soap and with Stefano and his many henchman, anything is possible!


    Dylan replied

    I cant get behind that. However….something that would right a terrible wrong from 11 years ago is if they found out thst Stefano had really had Zack all these years. The Jim Reilly storyline where Chelsea killed Zack was one of the most disgusting, pointless, disturbing, mean spjrited storylines EVER….and that is saying a lot over his craptastic body of work. That young actor who played Zack in Hope’s stsnd alone episode was a natural and shared a beautiful rapport with Hope. If he is not available they could find someone. The overwhelming joy at having her son back would be awesome for her to play…and give the show back a legacy leading man! I thought that was the direction the show was going in several times over the years…when Alice had some big secret on Stefano, and a couple other times. I always love when any vestiges of a Jim Reilly storyline is obliterated!!!!


    mark replied

    Puhleez Jim Reilly kept that show from being cancelled and all the other soaps copied his gothic storylines. Everyone laughed at marlenas possession but they watched.

  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Hope it continues and the rumors it being replace by a Meygan Kelly talk show are false!…i dont always like Days but i still need my afternoon Soap watching habit!!!


    Judy replied

    Me too I have watched all my life I DVR it had wonderfull storys back then but it still like a old friend we can pray it will stay on the air


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    My favorite era was the 70s when most of the Hortons was the shows focus…there were also the Peters, Andersons and Grant families…it was so great when Bill Bell was in charge of the stories-he knew what the viewers wanted…i consider the late 60s to late 70s Days Golden era when it was at its best and most popular…cast changes and outlandish stories in the 80s up to now changed the show completely…i did enjoy some of the stuff in the 80s up to now but nothing beats its golden era imho!

    Judy replied

    You are so right I miss the golden era and I miss another world too

    Kevin C replied

    Jimh, I so totally agree about the golden era and I also enjoyed some of the stuff in the 80′s up till now even though I no longer watch…Bo and Hope, Justin and Adrienne and Patch and Kayla, Kimberly and Shane…all their love stories were great.


  3. mark says:

    Days is the best


    Nicholas replied

    yes it is , it has improved so much . i am impressed at how well it is at the moment . young and restless and bold and beautiful are trainwrecks in comparision . i only watch Days now !


  4. Chris says:

    Wow, all rainbows and sunshine for this show?!?! I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I predict that this will be the final milestone Days will see. The writing is on the wall everywhere that this show will soon be done. It’s very sad, but not surprising at all. Ken Corday and his staff have destroyed Days. They should be ashamed of the level of quality this show has deteriorated to. They’ve lied and lied and proven over and over that they don’t care one iota about the fans and don’t know what they’re doing.

    Case in point: The show is moving to the 12 pm noon hour in NYC next Monday. If NBC was truly happy with the show, do you really think they’d allow the show be shifted in the nation’s largest market to a less desirable, less watched hour? This is the final nail in the coffin, IMO.


    rocky83 replied

    Honestly, time to put a fork in this bomb! #OnlyCatsHave9Lives


    davlestev1 replied

    Then thank goodness it’s a soap with some steady numbers and most likely will extend another year. .so as Gloria told Chloe. .MEOWWW!!!

    Judy replied

    12 noon is a good time for it is lunch hour the station can but it on any place i it wants to it on 1’00 in austin tx would be nice if it was on12 then we woundnt have to wait a hour for it to start it and Y& R is one at 11”oo hear


    Mollie replied

    The shift to noon in NYC is VERY telling. All so that Access Hollywood Live can get a better time slot.

    When the big affiliates start airing the show out of pattern – it’s a sign of doom (same thing happened with Guiding Light in its last few years).


    Troy Turner replied

    Now is not the time to mourn or complain, as no official announcement has been made. As for moving to noon in NYC, it’s a smart move-as DAYS gets slaughtered by going head to head with YR anyway…


    Chris replied

    I’m merely giving an objective, honest, outside opinion about what I think is going to happen to the show. You don’t have to have an advanced degree in television production to conclude that Days is in a world of trouble.

    And how exactly will the move to 12 pm in NYC be a “smart move”? Explain yourself on that. The last half hour of Days on NBC would still compete against the first half hour of powerhouse Y&R on CBS, which airs from 12:30-1:30 pm. So now Days won’t get “slaughtered”?? Yes, a portion of Days’ remaining viewers would DVR the show, but the most people who watch live TV that time of day (especially older folks) have viewing patterns and routines that they’ve had for many years, even decades. It’s not easy to suddenly change things on a dime, even if they’re aware of the change.

    When affiliates in large markets move a soap’s time slot after it aired in the same place for so many years and start airing the show out of pattern, when it was already getting dismal numbers in its longtime time slot, it’s a telling sign that the axe is near.

    Troy Turner replied

    I stand by what I say-and I know of what I speak-as DAYS has aired out of pattern here in Denver for years-3, now 2 MT

    James replied

    Doesn’t Y&R air in the noontime slot in a lot of markets as well? I don’t see the problem about that.


    Chris replied

    Y&R airs from 12:30-1:30 pm on CBS in NYC and presumably most other eastern time zone markets as well. So now on NBC, Days would compete directly against Y&R’s first half hour as opposed to the last half hour. If the show was floundering before, what exactly makes you think it will suddenly fare a lot better? Personally, I just don’t see it.

    James replied

    If Nielsen viewers can stay loyal to Days, surely those from NYC can follow to where the show will be placed, especially if it’s not too far from where it was previously.

    Chris replied

    Days was already sharply losing a huge chunk of viewership at 1 pm, which is the time slot it held for so many years in NYC and other large markets. Clearly, not nearly enough people were staying loyal to the show in that hour. So now we’re supposed to believe that every one of those remaining viewers and then some will magically find/still be watching the show after this move? I’m just being realistic when I say that I believe that’s wishful thinking, especially given the terrible writing that has alienated so many fans.

    Think about it: If NBC was even remotely pleased with Days’ performance, do you really think they’d sign off on allowing its flagship affiliate in the nation’s largest market (and presumably some in other big markets) to move the show out of pattern to a lower-watched/cleared hour? I mean, shows like this are not shifted for no reason at all. Don’t be naive. The ship is sinking, sadly.

    James replied

    While DOOL’s ratings are always half of what Y&R is getting, its average has been relatively stable for the past few years, gaining and losing on a weekly basis. To describe it as a “sinking ship” would be inaccurate as it is more of a modest performer whose performance may or may no longer be enough for NBC to sustain any longer.

    There are many other factors to consider especially the possible high risk of launching a new network daytime talk show and have it compete against numerous others in a crowded genre within daytime where. Even if it is cheap, if Megyn Kelly’s talk show fail to even outmatch DAYS’ numbers if it ever replaces it, or if it is not performing well against talk shows in whatever timeslot it would be placed in at different markets, then it will be doomed to fail.

  5. Dylan says:

    Love me some Kristian……but whoa! What was she on during this interview? Lol. At first she is rambling about the most episodes on a network or cable. As The World turns and Guiding Light were both well past 50. And General Hospital is as well. Then…I almost laughed out loud when she knocked on wood and said she has never repeated a storyline! LMAO! Um…sweetie….how many times has Hope been presumed dead? How many times has she been roughed up in jail? How many times has she been kidnapped? How many times did her and Bo reunite? I love seeing actors as themselves…and in this case…I also want 1500 milligrams of whatever Ms. Alfonso has! Lol. Love her dearly. Hope DAYS isnt cancelled, but if it is it has had an amazing legendary run


    k/kay replied

    Thanks Dylan I have not laughed this hard in a long time I also had no idea what she was trying to say ?


    Patrick replied

    her train of thought is very telling… hence her weak delivery of anything more than what she repeatedly does

    and familial bonding

    outside of that… her being a police officer … pretty much does the acting for her.

    WHY @DAYS behind the scenes features Hope and Rafe… is a smack in the face of how dumbed down are we ?


    this cast is on top… WITH GH

    come on


    Judy replied

    love hope and rafe together

  6. Ray says:

    If someone thinks the show is so bad that it is “time to stick a fork in this bomb,” than simply don’t watch it or waste your time writing negative comments about a show that obviously so many people still enjoy. I think moving the show to noon in NYC could be a good thing. It might provide more people an opportunity to watch it during lunch.

    If the rumors are true, is there any way for the show to be profitable if they cut it back to 30 minutes? It seems “Bold and Beautiful” has thrived for years.

    I think the show is getting back on track. Abigail/Chad/Gabi are firing on all cylinders. Paul/Sonny is a great pairing. I would love to see the show move into another direction instead of rehashing ANOTHER “Is Stefano alive?” plotline. This storyline has been done too many times.

    I love the idea that Stefano has been holding Zack hostage. Although it would be another “coming back from the dead” storyline, it would drive story for years.

    I like the diversity “DOOL” has been showing in the past few years. Hispanic, Asian, black and gay is part of society. I am still trying to like the nu-Valerie, but it seems she should be a lot older than actress playing her. Wasn’t her storyline 35+ years ago? Please bring back David Banning (Gregg Marx).

    Another great idea is to get Peter Blake’s character back on the show. I think another Dimera child would be great for Chad and Andre.

    Wishing the show several more years of success! Stay positive fans.


    Chris replied

    Ray, commenters are entitled to express their opinion about the show, no matter how negative it may be. If you still like it and don’t want to read comments like that, then you should not be on sites/message boards like this.

    “…show that obviously so many people still enjoy.” — Have you actually watched/seen the quality of the show and taken a look at the numbers for Days consistently over the past year-plus? If that comment was true, then “obviously” the show would not be in danger of being cancelled.

    And if Days was tanking at 1 pm in NYC (in the time slot it held for decades) then how exactly will moving the show an hour earlier be a good move? It will still be up against part of Y&R. If anything, those few who do choose to put it on will probably choke on their lunch before changing the channel. IMO, it’s the beginning of the end.

    I’m sorry, but it’s reached a point where I have to be realistic about where this show stands. Yes, a good portion of its (remaining) fans will stay positive, but I can tell you that many people I know who currently watch (or watched) Days don’t care anymore and are resigned to its fate. That’s probably the way the silent majority feels.


    Ray replied

    I think it would be better if negative people who do not respect the shows stay off websites that are about promoting the genre. Do I think the show is at its best? No. Do I want to see hundreds of people lose their jobs if the show is cancelled? No.

  7. Mo says:



  8. Nicholas says:

    it has improved so much ! leann hunley is back as anna ! and carrie and austin are back as well . patch and kayla are on the show as well so it is more than time for you to watch the show everyday when it screens on nbc . writing has improved a lot as well . talk to your friends , neighbours , work colleagues about it , get them to watch it . promote it yourself by facebooking and twittering about it . it’s by watching this show and getting the people you know to watch it that this show has the best chance of continuing for years to come .


  9. damien says:

    days has become my favorite soap these days!
    lani/ jj / gabi/ chad/ abigail is keeping me glued ! classic soap romances
    the stefano hunts been fun and suspenceful awaiting all the old returns of faves!
    cant wait for eric to come home too
    even hope in prison has been getting good
    adriennes cancer is endearing because of the triangle with her , lucas and justin
    days is balancing the right mix of romance , suspence and topical issuses…
    go days go!


  10. Tony says:

    Why aren’t the Hayes in this photo?


  11. James R. Poissant says:

    This is great but I sure do hate the rumors that the show is about to be cancelled. Every time this kind of rumor started, I always got upset. I can see where people are getting their information from this time though.


  12. Patrick says:

    I don’t know yet… @DAYS – CHOSE – to RUIN the greatest character, for …. HOPE ?

    I can only hope… that the characters of Anna, Carrie, Austin… are back for their own story… AND NOT be propped to do in Stefano and … alas… Hope gets her life back

    with little to no regard for , how the audience… would delight in seeing these three characters back in Salem for a much longer story.

    who truly wants to see just Rafe and Hope


    in the latest SOD issue… it’s Anna DiMera who’s carrying on about how she wants justice for the love of her life… Tony DiMera

    REALLY? this is what we RUIN ( one of the best their is, Leann Hunley ) …. so Hope and Rafe can get out of jail free card?

    Kristian and Galen… are not even in the same league of daytimes best


    Patrick replied

    PS: I should add… had @DAYS decide to resurrect Stefano…

    Gosh… how I would love… if Ray Wise ( ex-Ian Ward, Y&R) , would do it.

    in my dream of DREAM… Jed Allan ( ex’ CC Capwell )

    lordy… zap me now

    there’s no one like Joseph Mascolo

    In a SOD issue not long ago… celebrating Joseph Mascolo….

    his wife… shared

    “Joseph was a big ole’ bear, with a puppy dog heart”


  13. Drake says:

    Plain and simple, Days is a sinking ship. This is particularly sad for me since Days is the soap that made me love soaps (I grew up watching the Jim Reilly era). In my opinion, only one person can turn the tide here and his name is Ron Carlivati. His pacing, tone and style would be a perfect match for Days. He could be the fix Days so desperately needs. A last ditch effort that is completely worth a shot.


    Johnny Grant replied

    ..well it sure needs SOMETHING because I grew up watching One Life to Live and All My Children and have given this show, Days of Our Lives a 3 year watch and I’m really done – I just put it on in the background and iron my lab coats or scrubs – it doesn’t draw me in at all. The writing and the dragged out to death storylines are tedious to endure.


  14. Sylvia says:

    Sad to say, but the countdown is on. DAYS has been on a steady spiral downward for over a year. This ship is going to sink.


  15. Johnny Grant says:

    Hate to say it, but this show is just so bloody awful – in 2013 – 2014 it showed promise – but to me, since the summer of 2016 it has gone downhill – the writing is just dreadful and the storylines are so weak and come across like it’s 1985 ~ the show is also hurt by the severe lack of sets – yes, I know it’s a soap and not a major movie production, but they are not even creative – how many dinner conversations can be had at Brady’s Pub and just how many confessions and murders can take place in Fake Leaf Park? I think the actors do their best but they cannot overcome horrific writing.


  16. Judy says:

    Its on it 11”oo Y&R and days is on 1;;00 in austin tx and in amarllo its on 11.oo and days is at 2;oo I live in austin now GHis also on at one 1’00 never watch that one just get DVR and tape both show and call the station and compian


  17. Susan says:

    I am so happy that LeAnn Hunley is back. I have missed Anna. Now if only the writers could bring back Tony.


    xmxascarol replied

    Me make it really interesting I would love to see Elaine Princi back too.


  18. xmxascarol says:

    If you are a Kate Mansi fan check out both lifetime and lifetime movie channel.She was in 2 murder mysteries,The Boyfriend Killer and Unwanted Guests I saw both movies last night and believe me you won’t want to miss them She was bad in both of them far cry from her role on role on Days.


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