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9 May 15th, 2012 DAYS Chandler Massey & Alison Sweeney Chat on Will Coming Out to Lucas & Sami!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Today is a red-letter day for fans who have been following Will Horton’s coming out storyline played by Daytime Emmy nominee, Chandler Massey (Will).   After months of not knowing when the other shoe would drop, Will finally blurts out that he is gay to his parents, Lucas and Sami in key scenes on today’s episode of Days of our Lives!

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Chandler and his on-screen mom, Alison Sweeney (Sami) at last week’s An Evening with Days of our Lives Paley Center for Media event honoring the success of the soap in telling this coming of age story, and its record fifteen Daytime Emmy nominations.    Here is what the duo had to say about the upcoming interactions, playing these key scenes, and more! Then,  read below NBC executive Bruce Evans comments to the crowd in attendance on the future of Will’s story!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Chandler on this week in Will’s life when he drops the bombshell on his parents:  “Yes, that finally plays out! The thing I like about this week’s scenes is there is some nice Will and Lucas stuff.  Because of Sami’s reaction, Lucas kind of has to step up and be in the one to tell Will that they still love him, even though Sami has walked out.  I think that is great because Will and Lucas really have not had a lot of moments since Lucas came back to Salem.  And the scenes that they have had, there was not a real sense of a father/son bond.  I think that is appropriate and it was intentional on Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) and my part. You know, Lucas has been gone for years in Hong Kong, during the years that Will has changed the most.  So it’s not that just that it is awkward or uncomfortable.  It’s just that there is a distance that they have to bridge. They can’t exactly pick up where they left off, because Lucas has also changed and so has Will.  There will be some big Sami and Will scenes too. There are a couple of them coming out and they are pretty amazing!”

Alison on the episode where Sami learns the truth about her son being gay. “I am so excited for everyone to see the show.  Sami does not have a great reaction which is something you may have seen so far.   But I think, at the same time, it’s a classic or perfect way Sami would react.  Bottom line is she is like, “What did I do?” And then, I had this great woman say to me at the Outfest Days of our Lives Coming Out Celebration panel that mother’s do feel this way.  I thought that was a great.  She put her blessing on it and that is the thing that I think the writer’s did.  They acknowledged that everyone came at it from a different perspective. I feel that as actors, our job at the heart of it is to portray someone’s real feelings and their emotional heart.

Chandler on if he is concerned that the new DAYS writing regime headed up by Gary Tomlin, Chris Whitesell and Lorraine Broderick, will make a wrong turn in Will’s story:  “Gary Tomlin was the executive producer at DAYS when I first came on the show. I cannot express how much I loved Marlene and Darrell’s writing and how they told Will’s coming out story.   But also, I first found out that Will is going to come out when I was approached by Gary.   He was the first one to tell me the plan.  I know that the new writing team will tell a story that is just as touching, hopefully.”

Alison on being part of this important storyline, and working at DAYS now with the new head writing team, after all the trials and tribulations Sami has encountered, endured, or brought upon herself over the years.  “I never thought I would be in this position with the show.  When I first started on DAYS, I thought I was going to be playing the kid where you are trotted out during the summer.  I  really had no idea how this was going to unfold and I am super excited.   I know that right now I am super excited to read the next script. ”

Chandler on the fact that actor, Brent Daugherty has shot some scenes that involve Will’s storyline:  Yes.  More gay characters which is good!  We are keeping it alive! (Laughs) That is always nice to have a new character come in and do a couple of episodes.  Maybe Will might have a date? Or, maybe Sonny might have one?  We shall see.”

Bruce Evans, the executive at NBC who oversees Days of our Lives addressed concerns from those in attendance at the Paley Center,  as to the future of Will’s coming out story, “Let me assure we are not backing down from telling this story. We wouldn’t have gone there if we didn’t think it had real value, and boy, has Chandler Massey just batted it out of the park. Certainly, we care about fan reaction and things that are written.  But we also have to stay the course. Fans have various favorites, and they want you to pull to them. If we tried to satisfy everyone, we wouldn’t have a show.”

So soapers, after our preview, make sure to watch the scenes where Will coming out to his parents on DAYS! What do you think of Bruce Evans comments assuring that Will’s story will continue?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Patty says:

    Just finished watching it. I really liked the way both Chandler and Ali played the scenes. It seemed very genuine and exactly the way it would go down in many families. I know we’re going to see Sami run out tomorrow – running is what she does when she’s uncertain about things, and I do think it’s perfectly understandable for Sami. I also think it’s understandable that she would question if her parenting somehow ‘contributed’ to Will’s gayness, no matter how illogical that idea is. I am looking forward to seeing this story work it’s way out. So far it’s been quite good and honest, so I’m counting on the remainder to be the same. If it isn’t, I’ll be upset. And I do hope that when this is all over, Sami and Will will have found their way back to each other.

    Regarding Bruce Evans comments, it would be a major blunder Days not to continue to tell the story the way Marlene McPherson and Darrell Thomas began it. Will’s story has been one of the freshest and most honest stories that Days has ever done, and this is from someone who’s watched for 47 years. Besides this coming out and coming of age story is something that so many have experienced or will experience. Not give it its proper place would do Days viewers a gross disservice.


  2. Lucy says:

    well well well i hope these scenes will be great but i am really disapointed about Sami being the one freaked out but the outing of her is so predictable and at the same time not so much in character except for the ‘blame myself, self-centered, guillty’ card..but it is so so so predictable..Lucas being the one with a problem would have been so much interesting, it could have developped his character who otherwise is an afterthough tied to Sami’s shoes..It could have explored Will and Lucas relationship and would have suited well with Lucas rooted insecurity and years of absence in his son’s life..;what a waste..and Sami being the one who support would have explored Will and Sami tortured relationship in a different way with a Sami would understand Will insecurity, underdog status like she experienced herself as a teen, a young adult with other issues like Teen pregnancy, eating disorder..underdog status too !!
    Such a waste and weak writing..quite lame..but still i hope these actors will still be able to make some great acting scenes..Sweeney is brave to endure all this one-note writing and Massey is a great young actor for soaps..i wish them well.


  3. Blake says:

    It’s great to see that the new writers and Gary will continue to write for Will. And they are right, Massey knocks it out of the ballpark, I can’t wait to see the Will and Sami scenes!


  4. RLeternal says:

    After the horrendous ending of Luke and Reid, and the lame ending of Luke and Noah on ATWT (even though the show has gone off the air nearly 20 months ago); I am afraid to invest in the Will SL on DOOL or any other gay couple SL on soaps or shows. So far every soap or show that I have faithfully watched has ended in disaster for the gay characters/couples. The EPs, writers, and TPTB somehow manage to screw up SLs involving gay characters/couples time after time in TV history. If the intent is to ultimately shatter these SLs, then why begin them in the first place.


  5. MBmomof3 says:

    Chandler Massey is one of the best younger actors on daytime. I see a bright future for this young man.


  6. Cindy says:

    Fingers are crossed that the new regime doesn’t mess with, or drop the storyline, since it’s the best storyline on DOOL these days.


  7. Michael says:

    Finally! I have been waiting for this part of the story arc to play out! Massey is pretty amazing! (Sammi’s upcoming reaction, while not commendable, is definitely realistic- I can hardly wait to watch it play out during the week.)


  8. Dmitri says:

    Glad this storyline will keep going. Chandler is such a great actor. He is really doing well for this storyline. When everything else on Days is kinda bleh, this is what keeps bringing in the viewers, including me.


  9. bert says:

    i pray that the new writing team will continue to embrass this storyline and continue to let chandler massey hit it out of the park. as done yesterday, the words used by the best loved characters carry lots of weight with middle america and how they will treat their kids who need to come out to them. do this thing right, please. don’t drop the ball, or for god’s sake, don’t put it back in the closet


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