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15 December 26th, 2011 DAYS Chandler Massey on Will and EJ’s Double Blackmail & playing a darker coming out story!

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In a brand new interview out today from On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman with Days of our Lives star, Chandler Massey (Will Horton) exclusively for, Chandler discusses Will’s internal struggle to come to terms with sexuality and all the dark twists and turns in Will’s coming out story.  Plus, the actor chats on the importance of telling Will’s story to represent the LGBT community who are so under-represented at this point in time in the daytime soap genre.

And this week on DAYS,  Will’s story kicks into high gear when he admits to Marlena that he saw EJ and Sami having sex! Then later in the week, things take another drastic turn when Will tries to blackmail EJ DiMera (played by James Scott), so he can get out of town, only EJ has his own plans for Will!

Here are a few interesting excerpts below from the interview!

Chandler on Will and EJ’s sudden double blackmail:  “Will’s emotions and his disgust with his mom comes to a boiling point. His grandmother, Marlena, is there to try and diffuse that bomb, but she can only do so much. Will has all these different emotions going on inside him.  So he goes to EJ because now he has dirt on him, and also Will wants to make him pay in his own way. And yes, Will could have gone to a different member of his family, but I think this is where he wants to make EJ suffer and really punish him for doing that. Will is hurt most by the fact that his mother betrayed his family, but also she wasn’t doing it by herself, you know what I’m saying? He tries to go to EJ and blackmails him for money to leave town. He wants to get away from his mom. He does not want to come to terms that he is gay yet, and of course, you can’t blackmail a DiMera, especially EJ, because they are going to turn the table on you immediately! And that is what happens. Will is in an emotional state and is not thinking very logically. EJ turns the table and then it turns into a very interesting relationship between the two of them! (Laughs) He now has Will under his thumb for sure, and he will be using that to make Will help him with his political campaign and aspirations to be the mayor of Salem.”

Chandler on DAYS approach to a darker coming out story: “They really want to tell a story that is unique and different from all the other stereotypical stories. I think they realize now is the time to take a risk and do a story like this where it’s not all PG, and not all happy, and everyone is loving and accepting. I think that is what makes this story so great; it’s twisted and dark and has so many facets to it. Another thing I like is they are not making Will the misunderstood goody-goody. He has some edge. He is going into a gray area instead of being such a clean character. I think that’s good too, because most of the storylines I have watched or read about involving a gay character, they seem to be afraid or hesitant to make the character bad. The lines are blurred here.”

Chandler on Will lashing out after Gabi breaks up with him and that kitchen scene! “This is another reason I love how they are writing the story. I just don’t have to play, “Oh man. I’m gay, but I want to hide it.” There are different ways it comes out, for instance, when Gabi broke up with him it came to the surface because Will wanted to keep Gabi and keep her as his safety net, and his pillar of support, and he wanted so bad to be with her and move in with her, and for her to be his beard! But when she broke up with him I was able to play losing his support system. That is much more specific, and that comes across, than just playing the angst that comes from not coming to terms with your own sexuality. And another thing; Will is funneling his denial into other things—like lashing out at his mom and trashing the kitchen.”

Chandler if Will and Sonny have a romantic future ahead of them:  “I think anything is a possibility on a soap opera, but the feeling I get currently is that it is just a platonic relationship where ‘I am there for you.’ I don’t want to say “yes” to them as a couple and feed into that stereotype—that just because two guys are gay, and are the only gay guys on screen, that they are going to be together because that might not be it. Will has to do some soul-searching and really find peace within himself before he is ready to find love with someone else. He has to love himself before he can find someone to love him.”

Make sure to read the entire feature by clicking here!  And then let us know, what do you think about Will’s storyline? Are you digging Chandler’s performance as much as we are?

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  1. Jules says:

    I am beyond excited for this storyline. I think Chandler is handling this challenging material with such a great sense of responsibility and attitude. I love the directions this coming out storyline is taking; that it isn’t “just” about him being gay, but rather, about the struggle of coming to terms with it. It makes for a complete, well rounded, well layered story. This is exactly what DAYS needs right now!


  2. Gmbenet says:

    Chandler Massey is a good actor. But I am not interested in a gay Will Horton story (or any other gay story). Plan to skip over scenes as deemed necessary. Looking forward to watching other storylines on the show.

    Producers and writers cannot force people to watch what they don’t want to watch on television (or in movies)!


    Adam replied

    Funny Gmbenet…that’s how I feel about straight love stories. Maybe soaps should just give up on any love stories all together. That way the homophobes and non-homophobes will have nothing to complain about.And while we are cutting any kind of reality out of soaps why don’t we take rape, unwed sex, teenage sex, any form of crime, extramarital affairs, evil twins, cousins having sex, brothers and sisters accidentally having sex, switched at birth babies, priest having sex, true love, love at first sight, Blacks, Latinos, Asians (except for servant roles of course)…or just any “unethical” stories that one or two audience members find “icky.”

    On the other hand…I’m OK with you forwarding over the gay stuff…the soaps would be so boring without all of the above stories (reality or non-reality based) including the gay stories.


    Gmbenet replied

    Like I said, no one can force anyone to watch what they do not want to watch on television. Fortunately there are plenty of television networks, as well as services such as Direct TV, Dish as well as cable companies to give people a nice variety from which to choose regarding television viewing. There are also DVDs and blu-ray discs of television shows and movies. So if a person doesn’t like what is playing on television, they can pop in a DVD or blu-ray disc (even VHS if you have the equipment). So people don’t have to watch what they don’t want to watch.

    And if all else fails, they can turn off the television altogether. I am sure television advertisers would love that!

    Adam, as far as you “being okay” about me forwarding over television content I deem objectionable, I don’t remember consulting you on that. What makes you think your opinion about my television viewing habits would matter to me one way or the other?

  3. Kay says:

    Great interview. Chandler is certainly one of the best actors on Days currently. Can’t wait for his parents to get involved in his coming out story. Sucks that EJ has to be part of it… He’s such scum and sucks the life out of everything he’s involved in.


  4. Mo says:

    I have really been impressed with Chandler’s acting. Not happy with Will being gay as I thought Will and Gabi made a nice couple, but at least Days is making the ‘coming out’ story interesting.


  5. LUMIly says:

    I love Will,his charecter has been on Days all his life,I will be soooooo
    happy when Lucas and Sami get involved in his SL too.
    I wish EJ would go away for about 5 years :( (


    Robin replied

    Ej is maybe one of the best thing that happened on Days these last years..well when they write him as a grey character, not a one-note cartoon villian..Lucas is alright most of the time, he can be funny intentionally or but he stays above all a weak character, supporting character who whines a lot and abuse of self-righteouness, the actor is alright but never great, Sweeney outshines him in every of their scenes..i prefer more complex each his own of course.


    LUMILY replied

    that is your opinion,and I have my op,and stop emeiling me at home,I dont care what you think @@

    Gloria replied

    I am sick to death of EJ myself. Am I the only person alive that knows he shot JOHN? Did I miss that fallout on the show or what? And this Rafe & his double thing-EJ & Stefano just completely got away with that? Seriously. And what about poor Fay? Nicole got over that in a hurry. I remember when EJ first came on-he was a race car driver, wasn’t he & then he dated Kate? Anyway, he has taken over the show & they need to balance things out & back burner him for a while.


    LUMILY replied

    I am sick of EJ too,he has to be in every story ,,,, not
    I’ll be so happy when Lucas is back,and the writer better give he a GREAT story,for his fans miss him and he should have NEVER lift IMO

  6. nancy says:

    i love this story i’d bet my money on ej and will pairing as a gay couple


    LUMILY replied

    EJ and Will pairing,how sick is this :(
    IF we have to have Will gay,make it with Sonny.


  7. nancy says:

    if it is not ej what about chad for will as a gay couple


  8. nancy says:

    since will is gay out and proud what about will and ej pairing they are so much alike in many ways they can both take it to new lows and heights and will can have some fun with sami to the hilt and to provoking her in many ways in every way possible


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