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6 May 20th, 2016 DAYS Deidre Hall On Receiving Her Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame: “It’s An Extraordinary Day, and Nobody Does This One Alone, Especially In Daytime!”

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In a wonderful, heartfelt ceremony and presentation on Thursday, Days of our Lives iconic, Deidre Hall (Marlena) became the 2,581st star on the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame in the field of television.

Hall’s special day was marked by the attendance of longtime and beloved castmates, NBC and Corday Production executives, fans, and her family: two sons, David and Tully, her twin sister, Andrea (Ex-Samantha and Hattie, DAYS) and her brother, all were on hand to share this special moment with Deidre for her enduring career.

DAYS Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie) was asked by Deidre to speak at the event, in which Susan let everyone in attendance know that it is really Deidre Hall who has the qualities that would make a good president, and she should consider running right now!

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On-Air On-Soaps spoke with Deidre directly following her receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  We asked what she thought of the turn-out and support from the DAYS cast, who all shared with us what a wonderful moment they thought this was for Hall.  Deidre responded to their enthusiasm by noting, “It’s an extraordinary day, and nobody does this one alone, especially in daytime.  I’m standing here with 50 people beside me, who all are just wonderful, and supportive, and giving, and nobody gets here without that.  Everybody I love the most is right here with me today.”

When asked what it was like having her two sons with her to see all of this public attention and love showering down upon her, Deidre shared:  “It occurred to me, and you will understand this, when my children were small I kept them away from pictures, and now that they are older and self-sustaining and mature, they have not seen me in this element, and on a red carpet being photographed.  They have seen it in movies with the paparazzi and all.  But, when it’s your mom, and all of those flashbulbs are going off, and people are yelling, ‘Deidre!,’ now I want to get them home now and see what they have to say!”

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In the crowd from Salem past and present were: Chandler Massey, Wayne Northup and Lynn Herring, Mary Beth Evans, Kate Mansi, Thaao Penghlis, John DeLancie, Galen Gering, Kristian Alfonso, Lauren Koslow, Bryan Dattilo, Olivia Rose Keegan, Martha Madison, Bill Hayes, Jen Lilley and Eric Martsolf.   Executive Producer, Ken Corday, Co-EP, Greg Meng and NBC’s Bruce Evans were also part of the celebration.  If you missed the live-stream of the ceremony, you can check it out after the jump!

Let us know what you thought of Deidre’s special day and send your congratulations her way in the comment section below.

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  1. Mo says:

    Wonderful! Well-deserved. Congratulations!


  2. mark says:

    Love you Deidre youre a true star!


  3. Laurie Heikoff says:

    Just wonderful!!! Congratulations, Deidre! What an amazing honor, and so happy for you!!! ❤️


  4. blake says:

    That’s great! I’m glad to see current and former co-stars there with her. Glad to see Kate Mansi and Chandler Massey there!


  5. Rj says:

    Congratulations, Deirdre! You are the hallmark of Days! When you think of Days, you think of Marlena!
    Best wishes!


  6. Patricio says:

    Congratulations, Ms. Hall- one of the few queens of daytime. Thank you for sharing your talent and beauty with us. You were a welcome guest each afternoon for me and my mom. Mana dark time in our lives with a brief escape to Salem as a welcome respite.


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