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23 December 24th, 2015 DAYS Delivers Somber Moments During The Tradition Of Hanging The Horton Christmas Ornaments!


Christmas Eve in Salem was not the happiest of times, in fact it was the most melachonly one to date!

The Horton family and their loved ones gathered for the annual hanging of the Christmas ornaments on the tree in the Horton home. One could not help but think how Alice Horton, the matriarch of the clan who started this tradition decades ago, would feel if she was alive and saw her family grieving.

The episode featured a tender performance by Bryan Dattilo who as Lucas is trying to cope with the death of his beloved son Will Horton ine holiday season.  Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) was there to support Lucas throughout the episode.  Later, MIA Sami texts a picture to Lucas that their daughter Allie made for him in honor of Will.  But this is a dark day for Lucas no matter how those around him rally.

It’s also the most difficult day for Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Ciara (Vivian Jovanni), and Chase (Jonathon McClendon).  Hope has to place the ornament of her beloved Bo (Peter Reckell) on the tree after he just passed away.  Additionally, Hope even welcomes Chase into the family, and Abigail (Kate Mani) also gets a new ornament to hang for her son Thomas.  In a touching moment, Doug (Bill Hayes) with Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) by his side implores everyone to carrying on this tradition when they are no longer alive.  Doug looks to JJ (Casey Moss) and Abigail to promise to continue this special moment each year in the lives of the Hortons.


One by one, family members take turns putting their ornaments on the trees.  Will has his ornament alongside Sonny’s.  At the end of the significant tradition, Hope hands Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) their grandfather Tom’s ornament and then Alice’s.  It is a Christmas Eve of reflection, sorrow, and family coming together for one another. During the montage of the ornament hanging, the beautiful song,” One Last Wish” performed and written by Kelly Moneymaker (Peter Reckell’s wife) was heard which added so much emotion to the moment.

Watch the 2015 Horton Christmas Ornament hanging after the jump.  Let us know, did you reach for the hankies? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    It was somewhat hard to watch…i know its just a soap but after investing in many years of watching since 1965 with some breaks here and there, seeing these characters 5 days a week is almost like watching members of my own family…


  2. Phil says:

    No show does Christmas like DAYS now that GL is off the air. The best soap on the air right now also delivered the best Christmas episode of the year. Sure it was sad, but the reality of dealing with loss at Christmas shined through. As a man, I am not ashamed at all to say that this show made me shed a tear or two.


    Phil replied

    Open mouth insert foot for me….just finished GH from today and seeing Emma happy for a change was great, and all things Sam and Jason rock… DAYS and GH make for a great 2 hours of daytime tv! Wish they were on the same network!


    James R. Poissant replied

    I’ve also been saying for a little while now that DAYS and GH are my 2 favorite soaps on the air right now. They have both improved tremendously!!!

  3. Mary SF says:

    As a reflection of reality is was well done. Every family has someone who is no longer there for holidays due to death, so this was a moving way to honor that fact. But as early afternoon entertainment amidst the hustle and bustle of the day, it was a bit heavy on the depressing side of life. Hoping tomorrow\s show will carry on the other Days tradition of someone reading the passage from the Bible to the children at the hospital— will try to catch the episode if I can, but it is hard to fit in my soaps on Christmas day. Merry Christmas everyone, and if your Christmas cannot be merry I pray it will at least be peaceful.


  4. Patrick says:

    “Oh, My God”

    Tears downfall

    “Bo” is… with Zack

    Bo’ ON the tree

    celebrating – Bo – like this… with a heavy heart tugging

    “Hope and Ciara”


    Patrick replied


    same goes , “for” him


    Days tradition never not touches

    whew! saving grace…. seeing Victor and Maggie kiss it out

    it’s tough on the tears this year


  5. Anna says:

    Bryan Dattilo has done such a tremendous job as Lucas has grieved Will. I really hope to see his name on the Emmy nominations, and hear it called as the winner. The entire Christmas episode hit just the right note. Holidays are extremely difficult when a loved one has been lost to death. I’m so glad that the Hortons are always shown remembering their missing loved ones.


    Libby replied

    Bryan has ben brilliant ans completely vulnerable in all his scenes. He is a terrific actor. He needs not story.


    cassie replied

    This has been a rough year for Days fans. It was very hard losing Will and Bo. Very sad seeing young Paige die when she had so much going. Senseless.

    Enough, but we all know it’s not the end. We have to watch Maggie grieve over her son, Mel over her dad, and Vic over a man he loved like a son. Not to mention Parker.


    Sward81333 replied

    I agree. As soon as Bryan appeared on screen and Maggie approached, my tears started flowing. I knew he was about to break down. The episode was a bit sad but, in the end, offers hope for a better tomorrow. Days harkens back to the soaps of old, where tearjerkers happened a lot more frequently. May Days soar in 2016.


  6. 4ever DAYS says:


    Happy HoliDAYS Everyone!!!!!


  7. tim S says:

    Was good.. both Days and GH.. was glad that GH as on Christmas Eve.. They need to think about doing that more often and was glad the show was pre-empted last week.

    Def am liking Ava on Days… nice crazy insane .. should be a good storyline.. loved her pulling that blood packet from under her skin a couple of days ago…


  8. Beth says:

    I have to agree with most of the responses so far, this episode was a surprisingly dark, depressing episode compared to other holiday episodes of the past. It was filled with reminders of so many people who were no longer there and unfortunately the list was quite long, with the promise of more to come based on spoilers. It was hard for me to smile as too many Horton family members placed ornaments on the tree while crying or holding back tears, and others who were trying to make everyone happy have their own grief to bear in the near future. I understand that this episode mirrors reality for many in real life but the list of those whom they were missing was far too long.


    4ever DAYS replied

    It was no surprise to me, Beth.

    Considering the events of the last few months, DAYS did the tree trimming correctly. Everyone acting bright and cheery would’ve been a big surprise.

    Happy HoliDAYS!


  9. Thad Bosley says:

    Did you notice the bad editing? At one point, hands reached to get ornaments out of a box — and many in the box were already on the tree!


    4ever DAYS replied

    Yes and no, Thad.

    In the montage style, which this is, elements of time can and often do change.

    Happy HoliDAYS!


  10. Blake says:

    I had mixed feelings about it. I was happy to see them hang ornaments from people we haven’t seen. I was really glad to see Sonny’s hung up, and it was sad to see it next to Will’s. That was heartbreaking.

    I also liked JJ singing and when the blond girl joined in (sorry but I don’t know who she is).

    After all Abby and Chad have been through I thought it was stupid and disappointing for them not being together for Christmas. He is already with Belle and I thought that was all so strange. At least please their fans for a little bit before the next story happens.

    The teen set was distracting because they are not great actors. I know they are new but Ciara was the worst. Instead of looking sad she looked awkward and out of place. That’s Ciara’s family, she can be sad but she wouldn’t be uncomfortable with her family and friends. TPTB really screwed up by recasting and aging Ciara.

    And poor Kate. She had to spend Christmas Eve on the freaking park bench. She’s been on the show for almost 25 years and they can’t give her a house set? Even Jordan was given an apartment the whole time she was there.


    4ever DAYS replied

    The “blonde girl” is Claire, daughter of Shawn (son of Bo and Hope) and Belle (daughter of John and Marlena). It’s possible for Claire to be revealed as the daughter of Philip (son of Victor and Kate).


  11. Eric Buchanan says:

    I thought the show was very touching, if sad. After the past few months I thought it was handled appropriately. I also like Doug & Julie back becoming more of the “heart” of the Horton Family. They were such a big part of the show when I started watching (late 1970′s) and they have been missed for most of the past decade. This is the must-watch Christmas episode for me each year, and it didn’t disappoint.


  12. Lonny says:

    Unfortunately is was another snooze fest. :( What happened to loving these people and they were REAL Hortons! So many of these ornaments are not even real Hortons any more. Days continues to lose it luster in my opinion.


  13. Tim Welles says:

    It was a little on the ho hum side, and JJ’s singing is Okay but when that girl joined him in song – YIKES – LoL was I the ONLY one who thought it was just a dreadful rendition of a Christmas classic song? But that aside, yes it was nice, not thrilling but nice.


  14. karibeari says:

    did anyone else notice Ari’s ornament was not placed with Will and Sonny’s? i thought that was such an oversight.


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