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81 March 18th, 2015 DAYS EP Ken Corday Confirms Stephen Nichols and Peter Reckell Returning For Series 50th Anniversary!

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Big news today out of Soap Opera Digest with their exclusive news that DAYS executive producer Ken Corday has confirmed that beloved favorites Stephen Nichols (Patch) and Peter Reckell (Bo) will be returning to the series to help celebrate the soaps 50th anniversary on the air!

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Corday told SOD that the gents have signed deals to make a return stating, “Stephen Nichols and Peter Reckell have signed deals to come back for the 50th anniversary. They represent two of the most popular characters in the history of the show.”

Just how Patch and Bo will return to Salem and what their appearance means for their families will be the subject of much fan fodder over the next several months, with the series anniversary this coming November! Will Bo get a cold greeting from his “Fancy Face”?  Will Patch and Kayla have a reunion?

So, what do you think of the news of the long-awaited returns of Stephen Nicholas and Peter Reckell to Salem? Comment below!

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  1. Jake NJ says:

    Excellent News!! Could not imagine Days celebrating 50 yrs without them.


    Barb Tilton replied

    I love Patch and Kayla together what a love story they had !!! I have watched very little after they writers split them up yes that has been years . These writers can’t seem to get that they need to keep our favorite couples together and true to each other, if they want some folks to folks to watch . It is sad they can,t cone up with interesting happenings, but still keep the favorite couples together. they become our families and is so sad when they split the up


  2. Tonya says:

    I love it! I couldn’t be more ready. it’s been wayyyy too long!


  3. Gmbenet says:

    Happy for the show! It will be must see tv.

    Will be interesting to see how Bo responds to Hope having a new love in her life! That’s what you get when you abandon your wife, Bo!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Bo might have had a good reason-i hope the writers will give him one-for abandoning his wife and daughter-itll be explained when he returns-but he’ll find Hope’s heart now belongs to Aiden and will leave town for good?-if this is just a guest appearance! just a thought…


  4. Beth says:

    Halleleujah! Maybe now DOOL will resemble the show I used to watch instead of focusing on so many characters I don’t know and don’t like. I’m more invested in the Payla reunion than the possible Bope reunion, but it’ll be nice to have them back. Now if we could just get some more vets to return for the 50th…


  5. Cheryl says:

    I am so thrilled..these 2 beautiful Actors will always be a big part of my life and everything I have been through has mirrored what they have acted..meeting my now Husband in high school that looked and still looks like Peter Reckell ( Bo ) I have been through so much even getting through my Son’s Leukemia treatments while watching Bo and Hope. It was an escape for us. I have grown up with these guys and my life has been a real Days of Our Lives event to say the least! Welcome back Peter and have been sooo missed!!!


  6. Lou Piikes says:

    I love my Stefan “Patch” Steven Johnson Cassadine!!!!!


  7. Patrick says:

    “…They represent two of the most popular characters in the history of the show ”

    I “realize” this

    what about Hope and Kayla

    I’m bewildered… that the DAYS production do not capitalize on how captivating Mary Beth Evans character pulls you in

    get her a love interest…. I don’t want to see Patch come and go

    Hope has moved on swimmingly beautifully… with Ciera

    Bo is so handsome and i’ll cherish his scenes with mom Caroline

    I welcome these happenings

    I love you Kayla and Hope

    surprise US Sony/NBC/DOOL keep one of them permanently… preferably Steve


  8. Sandy J says:

    I am so surprise that a deal was made for drama queen Peter Reckel,lol I was really wanting Robert K Kelly to return as Bo, Glad the Character of Patch will make some sort of brief return which I hope turns into something long term for the Patch Character because just as him and Kayla was going good budget cuts came across the board and a lot of characters was written off of days as Patch and Kayla John and Marlena Austin and Carrie Carly and Viven Jack and Sara J Brown Madison Clark would all be gone then John and Marlena returns and eventually on recurring base Kayla. I just hope Days can do all of us justice and give our veteran characters more and better storlines as well as try and keep our special guest star veterans who will return on a recurring base and downsize a bit these new people storyline and or just write them off. I would love for days to give us some of that 1980″s 1990″s magic they had for so long.


  9. Jimmy says:

    Woohoo! This is great news! I can’t wait to see Patch and Bo back, it’s been so long and these are two characters that have been really missed. DAYS needs to being back its core characters and refocus its stories on them, and this is a great way to start. Really looking forward to this!


  10. Breezy says:

    No biggie, since it is nothing other than a very temporary shot for each. Will provide closure for Bope, and Payla


    Dawn replied

    We don’t know if this is temporary or not.


  11. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Lets get the party started!…lol


  12. Jeremy says:

    the best soap news of the DAY!!! Way to go Ken Corday. Welcome back Stephen and Peter.


  13. k/kay says:

    When I watched the show Patch and Kayla had the best of chemistry I think it was because the two actors loved and respected each other so much it shined thru.


  14. Elizabeth says:

    Have to wonder if Stephanie will also return, or Sean and Bell…..


  15. damien says:

    yay!!! some serious returns for the 50th( and hopefully many more years!!!)
    good start to celebrate a huge milestone!! maybe some more to come….
    pls let bo and patchs return coincide with a awesome story that includes bringing down the dimeras!! lots of crime and suspense! if bo was in hiding to bust stefano and sons that would be the only plaulisble explanation for leaving hope high and dry!
    cant wait to see kayla and patch back together! kayla s too beautiful and talented to be wasted in the recycled office set she s always hanging out in!
    happy 50th days!!! cant wait..


  16. dc says:

    Just what Days needs to boost up the ratings!! Great news!!


  17. Beth Hatfield says:

    This is great news! There are hordes of fans, including myself, who desperately wanted to see these characters back again. Now would be a great time to give Bo/Hope and Steve/Kayla a happy ending or better yet…..a new beginning. I stopped watching long ago, but will return for this! Thank-you!!!!!!


  18. Annie Gracik says:

    Finally, I missed those two characters, wasn’t the same without them. I have been a days fan for thirty five years and am elated smart move.


  19. Timmm says:

    Stephen Nichols is really needed on GH AND Y&R but since he has not appeared on either of the shows, this doesnt surprise me. He was Patch before he ever appeared on the other two shows and I get it, its their 50th. After THAT, stroll over to Port Chuck and be there for Nicholas. He could use you. Plus, I would love to see Stephan and Spencer act together!


  20. Linda says:

    yah!!!! I’m so glad we have them back on the show! Getting sick of watching will Now if only Sami would come back. That would be awesome!!!!


  21. Sonja Witthaus says:

    Is Allison Sweeney still trying to work out a deal for a return for the 50th anniversary?
    Does anyone know? Let me know. Thank you, Sonja


  22. Joan. Faist says:

    Doing the happy, happy dance. Love them both. Just hope they appear in many episodes.


  23. robert says:

    Good to see some vets returning for the 50th. DAYS badly needs a spark,and I am looking forward to this.


  24. carol slover says:

    I think they will come back to just tell the ladies to go on with their lives. I hate that because I would love love to see both of them back. But hey its a Soap Opera.


  25. Gina says:

    Wonderful news, I want Stephen Nichols to stay long term on Days. Stephen is a terrific actor and one hot man. lol.


  26. fanny says:

    Great news! I’m very happy with both returns!


  27. Elite Advisors says:

    I am happy to see Stephen Nicholas return …but not as enthused about Peter. Poor Kayla has been in limbo, has no storyline and no love interest. At first I thought perhaps that Aiden may have been the end game, but the chemistry with Hope works….I just hope that “HOPE” moves on and stays with Aiden…Bo has been selfish and reckless with the love his family has for him.

    I know Sami will be back for the 50th but more than anyone I want to see EJ is some way….


  28. kate says:

    This is great news! Days really couldn’t do the 50th justice without bringing SN and PR back.


  29. blake says:

    Amazing news! My cousin text me this morning to tell me and she doesn’t watch soaps like she used to but even she found out about this on the news. I think Bo and Patch should be back for good, or at least more often. And I hope this means more favorites will be back for the anniversary.


  30. Barbara C. says:

    It’s about time, really miss these hunks, Days could use more eye candy!


  31. Iris Trimble says:

    Really looking forward to their return. My mother and aunts got me hooked 50 years ago. I have had periods where I didn’t watch but was always able to pick up again. Looking forward to seeing Patch and Bo. I still remember the original cast so its nice to see the familiar faces. Also waiting to see Sammy. I can’t believe how great Maggie still looks. I also remember Hope’s mom and the triangle. My mom and aunts would not take calls during Day’s then they would take turns calling each other and it sounded like they were talking about family members.


  32. Max says:

    Now we need Bell, Shawn and Carrie back for the 50th.


  33. Pam says:

    Awesome news!!! I have always loved Bo and Steve!


  34. Manuel says:

    Great news !!!


  35. Marilyn Sarlo says:

    I have been watching since it debuted all those 50 years ago. It is a wonderful show. So happy to here Peter & Stephen are returning for such a milestone. Too bad head writer didn’t live long enough to see the day. I hope they return for good, but I don’t think Peter will return from Oregon unless it’s a big contract……Thank you for announcing this….


  36. Sharon Hallett says:

    It’s great news! Very happy! I’m hoping this means there is a chance we might see Charles Shaughnessy (Shane) and Patsy Pease (Kimberley) back for the Big Event too!


    Patrick replied

    these two are a must… as well

    Shane and Kimberly…. along with son Andrew… for Abs

    the Donovan family would be the pinnacle and driving force for all of Salem’ites

    bring it on… !

    I would just LOVE this… I’m so over how Jennifer… and the lackluster Horton .. or lack of.. lord over Eve and Theresa

    let’s get some power behind these sisters… and dance… live… and celebrate being a Donovan… wouldn’t Caroline be that much happier… with Kayla! would be fun to see more interactions for Hope and Ciera

    PUHLEASE DAYS production


  37. Taelyn says:

    This is Thrilling… But I hope they return as soon as possible. This gives Days a chance to survive PAST Its 50th IF they do it right.

    They cant come back soon enough for me. :-)


  38. Peggy Myers says:

    I think it’s awesome that those two are coming back….loved them on DOL.


  39. tammy says:

    i love it hope needs to be with hope and steve will have to come back alive but it will be great to have them back


  40. Ces says:

    Loved the good ol’ days. Haven’t watched in a couple years but was a HUGE fan of Stephen Nichols and Peter Reckell in their heyday … now, I wish Stephen would come back to Port Charles :)


  41. connie says:

    I am sooooo thrilled to know that my favorite guys are coming back. I have waited so long for this moment. please hurry.


  42. Darlene says:

    i cant wait…love them both…so excited for the return of them


  43. Colleen Hale says:

    i have been watching Days for almost fourty years and will continue. Very very happy to have Patch and Bo coming back. Would be great if they stayed


  44. ImaJoy says:

    Glad they will be coming back,but didn’t Patch pass away years ago?


  45. KathyMiller says:

    I am so happy to know that you are returning to Days it has been really boring without you!!!!


  46. Fanny says:

    Oh, the good old days of Bo and Hope, “Holding out for a Hero” what memories.


  47. Patrick says:

    Michael Muhney or Jason Brooks returns (contract) as Peter Blake

    for EVE


    my wish list


    Jeremy replied

    Robb Derringer as Peter Blake-DiMera

    or …

    Ted King


  48. 4ever DAYS says:

    Is this for real?


  49. Alan says:

    With Higley and Griffith writing their returns, I’m not getting my hopes up for much in the way of story…


  50. Rj says:

    Glad to see them returning! In the day, they made Days, so glad to see them coming back. Bring the vets back and we will watch. It is like coming home. Days needs this now. Keep the gay storylines too! Keep some of the new, but bring back the vets as they have history and are seasoned strong actors. Be sure to give them good storylines. As Days celebrates its golden year return to the golden Days!


  51. Ruth Pridemore says:

    I have watched Days since it started and I am excited about Bo and Patch’s return , I hope they will stay for awhile and spice things up abit !


  52. PatF says:

    Fantastic for the fans…but just two returns? And for how long.

    In Days current state, they really need to pull out all the stops for the 50th. So far there has been little going on.

    I do think that Josh G can write a good story that honors the past. He did do a good job at YR before Phelps got to him.

    I hope this works. I may start watching again when his stuff starts to air.


  53. Lori Andrews says:

    For Patch to return will be exciting because hasn’t been on days in years to see Kayla face when she sees him it wont be good and now for Bo it wont be good for him either when it comes for their family they all will love to see them both even me I always loved both actors.


  54. Maid says:

    I’m glad they’re coming back but I really like the Hope/Aiden match. Hope they don’t mess with that. And please-get rid of Eve. This storyline of her and JJ is gross and how sad they would do this. I know it’s all a story, but please, it’s just wrong.


  55. Cindi says:

    How about Calliope and Eugene? And, of course Vivian Alamain….how many Veterans can they assemble? It would be fun if they got some of the “dead” characters to be “extras” in some scenes !!


  56. Elicabeth Townsend says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE BETH…Bope was passable, but Payla? Hands down my favorite couple EVER! Loved Luke and Laura-GH-But as much as I loved them, Patch and Kayla-their storyline, chemistry, emotion so connected and just amazing! Ex-When Kayla couldn;t hear, Patch learned sign language to propose and proceeded to sign words and music as they married. So I CAN’T WAIT! And I am praying writers will get them together and stay that way!


  57. mary lukasik says:

    I have been a Days watcher sinced the beginning, I am very excited to hear Bo and patch will be returning to Days, will be lookibg forward to this, I hope they will be staying with the show !!!!


  58. Nina says:

    I am thrilled that Peter (Bo) and Steven (Steve) are both coming back!! I hope they stay on this time for a very long time. Please don’t let Hope marry Aiden, he’s a nice guy but he’s not the right match for Hope. Kayla and Steve need to get back on track together and bring back their daughter. Let the fans know what date the boys will be coming back.


  59. Veronica Renna says:

    I am so looking forward to Stephen and Peter coming back. The only regret is that it’s only going to be for a short time. I love the fact that Hope has someone in her life, but Bo and his Fancy Face have always been a fan fave.


  60. Ray says:

    I have tried to stay positive about DOOL during the months since Sami and EJ left the show. But, the current story lines are PAINFUL to watch. The news of PR and SN is good news as long as there is a plan in place to drive story after they leave (I assume their returns are short term).

    Currently, watching a new character (Serena) running all over Salem with a ugly ceramic elephant is insulting. Do the writers or Ken Corday really think this sounds interesting? Melanie and Brady were written in the past as brother/sister. Now, we get to see them fake chemistry in bed together? Eric and Serena are boring as toast. Hope and Aidan have lost steam. The fallout of Hope discovery of Aidan’s wife being killed by his son was anti-climatic.

    The problem with the show is that they continue to bring on so many characters that have no redeeming qualities. The character of Eve is a disaster. Are we supposed to like her after she goes to bed with a college freshman who happens to be her daughter’s boyfriend? Eve and JJ have no chemistry and it continued to feel gross, especially after watching these two characters continue to have sex after saying repeatedly how much they hate each other.

    The writers have made their former tough girl the most pathetic. Watching Nicole go from Eric to Danie, begging them to like her sets string female characters back 50 years. Put Nicole in the boardroom with Kate. Give her a man that loves HER. Give her a strong storyline, like a breast cancer scare.

    Marlena and John continue to be written as cardboard characters. If John is Paul’s dad, this is crazy.

    Please do a reboot AGAIN and get rid of bad characters. Paige is the most boring character on the show. Ben is close behind. Cut your losses with bring back characters that we at least know and cared about. How about bringing back Peter Blake as a new leading man (EJ’s replacement) and let him fall in love with Nicole. Bring backs Philip and let him clash with Chad (Great casting). Continue to show more Kate (get rid of Clyde).


  61. Kathy says:

    I just love this news. It just wasn’t DOOL without these two not there. I thought about leaving and not watching it any more but I am glad I didn’t do it. Thank you for coming back.


  62. tim says:

    i love this show too and i like the 80s and 90s when steve and kayla and bo and hope made this show so great but the show has had some changes along the way if only ken could get some better writing for our vets i hope that steve gets to stay longer this time around but i know that wont happend it was not right the way they diss steve before and naw he come back and i can only hope he come back for good


  63. Michael says:

    Well- Im glad about Nichols but Reckell is boring.


  64. MURRAY says:

    So glad to hear this news! Hope we get them for more than just the 50th! Bope and Kayla were the REAL STUFF that made Days the must see! Especially, Bo and Hope! Kristian and Peter always brought that chemistry to the screen that blew me away. Even when they got older, they still had it! Sorry, but I just don’t see it or feel it with Aiden. Hope and Aiden together are BORING! Sorry HAIDEN fans. Maybe Aiden and Nicole could become a couple? I find them together much more enjoyable. Hope Kristian and Peter can clear up their issues and make this still supercouple, super on screen again! And that Peter is here for more than just a hot second!


  65. Kim says:

    Very happy about Stephen returning but I am not interested in having Bo back long term. i absolutely adore Daniel Cosgrove/Aiden and love Hope and Aiden together. They are incredibly hot together and I do not want Bo to interfere with that. I truly believe Haiden is a better match than Bope and Kristian has never shined as much as she does when she is around Daniel Cosgrove. They are a beautiful couple. Daniel is also a superb actor with incredible range. Give him challenging material and he kills every scene.


  66. SUE says:



    Patty Capener replied

    So true


  67. Patty Capener says:

    I have watched the show since day one. I have been contemplating not watching. I can’t stand seeing Hope with out Bo. They need to be together. I also would love to see Sean and Belle back and of course Kayla and Patch.


  68. ruth says:

    oh my god i cant believe they are bringing back two of my favorites ,cant wait iam so excited let this be permanent


  69. mary schneider says:

    I would start watching it again if Peter and Stephen stay and Bo and Hope get back together as well as Steve and Kayla – both couples ROCK! The show as it stands now has really went to yawnville and needs some excitement. Remember the Days commercial “It’ll excite you” and it did.


  70. Lena bayer says:

    I am so happy peter reckell and stephen nichols are back I hope long term


  71. Lena bayer says:

    I love peter reckell and stephen nichols are back I been fan from 1 st day I hope long term :-)


  72. Jan Mello says:

    DOOL hasn’t been the same since “BO” and Steve” left the show. It will be great seeing them return. I hope they have long contracts since it would be awful to have them return only to leave once the anniversary is over.


    4ever DAYS replied

    They’ve already returned.


    Cheryl replied

    I agree with you Jan let them stay and be happy. That is what we are all looking to happen Salem needs a little happiness now with so much terribleness in the show PLEASE OH PLEASE.

  73. Cheryl says:

    please can’t you just leave Bo and Steve alone let them be happy and stay on show also please ben has to go his character makes my skin crawl let Abby be finally happy with Chad and the new baby better match up there. They could move into the house clyde bought ben and abby since they have not moved in yet. And since Ben(Rob) is leaving Abby needs to know that it is Chads baby she is carrying please. Thanks and I love DOOL and let Chase trust hope and Bo and Sierra and stay with them.
    Thanks so much


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