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6 October 14th, 2010 DAYS Exec Greg Meng “Delivering good story” in times of budget cuts!

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The Christian Science Monitor has a new feature which discusses the now “enough already” title, Soaps Opera: All Washed Up? But while the article takes us through the rise and fall and hope for the future, and the evolution of change in daytime,  one part of note is about how DAYS slashed their budget and is reigning in their show at an unbelievably low amount for production costs in this day and age.  This is due in part to DAYS long-time executive, Greg Meng.

CSM reported the following,  “And while NBC – which has only a single remaining soap opera, Days of Our Lives– cut the soap’s budget in half two years ago, the team behind the show says it has ridden the reversal back to its creative roots. An episode which previously cost some $300,000 to produce now comes in for half that amount through cost-cutting measures. No more exotic locales, couture clothing, and extravagant set decorations, says Greg Meng, executive in charge of production for Days of Our Lives.”We’ve gone back to delivering a good story, well told, with compelling characters without all those extras,” he adds.

The competition helping to marginalize the broadcast TV soaps may also be an important part of the genre’s future, says Marti Resteghini, vice president of network programming for Internet outlet KoldCast TV. “We’re seeing a big influx of former soap actors and production people looking for new outlets,” she says, pointing to such KoldCast projects as “Deceit and Desire,” from former soap actor Dick DeCoit, and a teen soap, “Misbehave.”


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  1. LUMI says:

    I love Days of our lives,and I have been a fan from day one,the Horton’s should be the core family for this soap, and all the fans will come back.
    Bring Bryan Dattilo/Lucas Horton back and the fans will come back too.


    Jamie replied

    Yes, they definitely need Lucas back. But not the watered-down version they gave us in 2009. Give us the scheming businessman who always knew what Sami was up to.


  2. ME says:

    .”We’ve gone back to delivering a good story, well told, with compelling characters without all those extras,” If only that were true. I don’t mind cheap sets, clothing, no location shoots but lately it seems like they hired teenagers to do the writing and we aren’t getting those well told stories with compelling characters.


    Jamie replied

    Exactly. What universe is this guy living in? Has he actually WATCHED Days lately? Sounds like he hasn’t!


  3. Tinia says:

    Bring back a breath of fresh air with Jack & Jennifer. Just the boost Days needs!


  4. LUMI says:

    Jennifer is coming back in Nov: but Jack is not,he walks out and Jenn will be with Ben,the doctor thats already on Days.
    The Horton’s should be the core family,bring them back.


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