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16 May 26th, 2015 DAYS Favorite Patsy Pease Joins The Bay!


Looks like those Salem sisters, Kimberly and Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans), will be together once again, but on another show! News today has that Patsy Pease, who just returned as Kim on DAYS is also joining the cast of the Daytime Emmy Award winning online drama, The Bay.

On The Bay, Pease has been cast as Lola, a character that will be in scenes with Sara Garrett played by Evans. Viewers can expect an eye-opening revelation when Lola and Sara cross paths in a dangerously confining situation.

The fourth season of The Bay will begin shooting this week with new episodes online in the fall.

The Bay’s Gregori J. Martin stated on Pease’s addition to the series, “Patsy is a very strong actress and will fit in perfectly with our stellar cast.”

What do you think about Patsy’s new role on The Bay? What do you think will be the “eye-opening” revelation between Lola and Sara? Comment below!


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  1. 4ever DAYS says:

    I don’t know about “The Bay”, but it’s nice having Patsy back as Kimberly on DAYS!


  2. Benjamin Milliken says:

    I’m trying to get used to Patsy….She does not seem to fit in well.


  3. JANET BACON says:

    when is the bay on and what channel and time


  4. davlestev1 says:

    I have the American soaps on DVR and the British/Australian soaps on HULU..I refuse to get into this web-a-drama drama…I’ve almost gone catatonic from OWNs two TYLERPERRY about classic bad bad I watch and laugh and FF and return the next week…no thanks to all that webseries nonsense..when AMC and ONE LIFE were cancelled by PP that was it for me and webisodes…LOL…NOT


    davlestev1 replied

    That scorned housewife on IF LOVING YOU IS WRONG on OWN.. IS A HOOT though…for real LMAO…in soaps no matter how bad..there is ALWAYS a character you just can’t miss…and she’s the one…like VERONICA on THE HAVE AND THE HAVE NOTS..


    davlestev1 replied

    i don”t get what on earth is wrong with these comments that they can’t be posted? Could someone on this site PLEASE give a guideline as to what you expect or don’t expect so i can continue to enjoy this experience or just move along.

  5. Robert says:

    I love her and I have no doubt her character on the Bay will be the opposite of Kimberly. I do have to admit ,I am a little confuse as to what side of the family she will come from, the father? or the mother? and will she be the big sister?


  6. Cleff says:

    Love Patsy Pease. The Bay is hot right now and getting better all the time. Looking forward to seeing her on the show.


  7. Tom Jenkins says:

    I DON’T mean to sound so out of the loop, but what the heck is “the Bay”? Is that a show that is strictly available On-line?


  8. Cindy Reese says:

    I’m so excited that Patsy Pease is going to be on The Bay! I can’t wait to see her scenes with Mary Beth Evans. It’s going to be good I can tell!


  9. Chea Groves says:

    I love Patsy Pease! She is going to do so well on The Bay. They’re headed in the right direction to win another Emmy!


  10. Chrystal Ayers says:

    So excited to have Patsy on the show!


  11. Blake says:

    Great news that she’s on both Days and The Bay. I’m really glad she’s on Days and she looks exactly the same! Just like Kayla does.


    Patrick replied


    I “love” them both, “soooooo” much

    love your 2nd line !

    beauties with TALENT galore


  12. Laurie Baker says:

    Looking forward to seeing Patsy’s portrayal of “Lola”. THE BAY has the best of the best of DAYS vets!


  13. Christine Eldridge says:

    Love Patsy Pease great actress still watch her on utube


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