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23 October 17th, 2015 DAYS Freddie Smith and Alison Sweeney Deliver Heartbreaking Performances As Sonny & Sami Struggle With Will’s Death!


Earlier in the week, On-Air On-Soaps gave major kudos to the cast of Days of our Lives for their performances when many key characters in Salem learned that Will Horton (Guy Wilson) had been murdered by the necktie serial killer (Ben Weston). But once the action picked-up in later episodes, in particular on Thursday and Friday, it was Freddie Smith’s performance of Sonny Kiriakis, and Alison Sweeney’s performance as Sami, that truly broke our hearts.

Sonny had finally arrived in Salem from Paris grief-stricken.  He lost his husband, the man he was intending on coming back to town to make things right with.  Instead, he is coming back to Salem to bury him.  As Sonny made his way through Salem, he first stops by to see his mother, Adrienne (Judi Evans) and his father, Justin (Wally Kurth) for some tears and hugs.  He then made his way to the apartment he shared with Will.   Once inside, nothing made us reach for the hankies more, during this sad week of air shows, than when Sonny nearly collapsed on the floor of the crime scene in anguish … in the most gutwrenching of cries.  Gabi (Camila Banus), who was there, hugs Sonny and he asks to be alone.   Later, Paul (Christopher Sean) shows up to try to comfort him, but to no avail.  Sonny also goes to the hospital where he sees Abigail (Kate Mansi) and learns where Chad’s (Billy Flynn) room is.  He tells Abigail he cannot comprehend how Chad could kill Will.  “He was my best friend, and Will’s,” is what Sonny basically relates to Abby.  Thus far, Sonny has not been able to face his daughter Arianna … Will and Gabi’s bio-child he helped raise!


Then we have Will’s mother, Sami who is dealing with her grief by barely grieving at all.  However, she too lost it when she visited Will’s apartment, and wound up on the ground looking at the crime scene, and flashing back to her younger days caring for baby Will!  It was a tearjerker.  Sami also lets out some major tears at Will’s.  As Marlena (Deidre Hall), Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Eric (Greg Vaughan) try to help Sami  … kick,  scream, cry and let it all out, she becomes even more removed from her emotions.  Later, Sami wants to take her anger towards Stefano (Joe Mascolo) and the DiMeras, and put it good use to snuff out Chad’s life with a pillow, while getting into his hospital room.  Marlena eventually happens upon the scene and stops her.  When Sami goes to rest at John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena’s, she goes through a bundle of mail Marlena had been keeping for her, and it it contained a letter from EJ !  Will Sami check out what’s contained in the safety deposit box from the key EJ left her in the letter?  Stay tuned.  Sami has had to cope, and try to come to terms, with two deaths in the last year – her husband and her first- born son.  How Sweeney plays Sami, as she tries to pull it together, and then despite of herself has a moment of heartbreak and emotion has made also for emotional viewing for DAYS viewers.

Will’s funeral begins next week as Sonny, Sami, and Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) have to bury their husband, and their child, respectively.  We are sure hankies will be needed in droves for that, as well.

So, what did you think of the performances of Freddie Smith and Alison Sweeney on last week’s episodes of Days of our Lives?  Do you wish they were staying on the series longer than their short visits? What moment make you reach for the hankies?  Hard to imagine after seeing Sonny’s reaction, but  … WilSon is no more.  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Mark says:

    All performances were outstanding. I know many people were upset that they killed Will, but the show needed a shot in the arm and I think this was it. I am looking forward to see how this plays out. Kudos to the writers and actors. Emmy’s all around! ;-)


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Did Grandma Kate and 2nd cousin Teressa shed a tear over Will…noooooooo…they were more concerned with business matters…Sonny and Sami gave great performances as expected but when you have other characters showing very little emotion over Wills tragic death, it really somewhat ruins this storyline for me!


    CeeCee replied

    Hi, Jimmy.
    If truth be known, I was ver much impressed by Lucas. He really outdid himself. I was in tears along with him.
    Yes, Sami mourned, wept, sobbed as a mother should….however, no one can compare to Kassie D. The image of the what’s-the-point-of-living, grieving mother took permanent residence in my brain.


    Patrick replied

    let my put out their; my adage… just when i think I”ve got it all figured out or formulated in my mind… posts stream in and level (LOL) my ideal… and help me creatively enjoy

    JimH… I was all set to agree with you about Kate and Theresa… till I read… more

    1… all I really need to see is Alison Sweeney ACT… and I’m floored dam break and on emotional overload

    2… if he was my husband… i’d lose it…. ie: seeing Freddie Smith home for this is tantamount to… LGBT reeling very much REAL LIFE

    Oh, Ceec’ : I’ve thought about Kassie DePaiva… (how dare I compare) these two amazing actresses….. and they are both no longer on the show

    for the love of all things want : I’d take Kassie DePaiva back in a heartbeat… ie: and it’s due to new blood; new character; new energy ; new intrigue

    Lauren Koslow… is one of my all time favorite characters on Serial… (LOL) and yes… i’ve stated as much… if I were a woman… I’d be Kate… a powerful woman… with intricacies… and emotional upheavel she carries with so much aplomb that I admire her character… how is it that her character… lives her life… with our without ??? any one? she traverses through Salem… on her own energies…

    ie: JimH… I care so much about this show… that i’m pinpointing… like… Kate’s reaction kinda threw me… as well… I see her “sorrowing” on her own… as she collects herself, sums up , and pulls herself together and forges onward…

    I liked that she told Lucas… as they are on the outs… “I’m glad that you called me”

    she gave all the credit to Marlena… as Lucas shared how his mother knew and accepted outright Will happiness

    TEARS : this is definately… a throwback to what serial does well.. when a character with so many ties… just cuts to the core

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    CeeCee…you know me very well…most people call me Jimmy…love it!

    Mary SF replied

    I respectfully disagree with you– Kate is not the sloppy sentimental type, I think it would be out of character to see her grieving Will outwardly– the show did show a shot of her crying alone in the park when Lucas showed up– then she composed herself like Kate would. Also many people deal with grief by keeping busy, like tending to a business, which is also an acceptable way to do it.

    As for Theresa she hardly knew Will even if they were related. I think the amount of grief she shown is in keeping with the character.

    Lastly this still a television show and there has to be some balance, if everyone was just standing there weeping for an hour that would way toooo depressing. There are also only so many scenes they can show per day, so they are focusing on the reactions people want to see like Sonny’s and Sami’s — and hopefully Caroline’s because she loss her great grandson and her reaction is the one I want to see over watching Theresa shed some fake tears for a 2nd cousin she hardly knew.

    So I hope you reconsider because this story is so compelling as it is, it is a shame if you let something like this ruin it for you.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    You are right about Kate…but still talking business in the town square felt sowewhat tacky and disrespectful to me…i barely knew my cousin who was killed by a drunk driver but i still put off normal everyday activities until at least after the funeral but then again this is a soap!

    4ever DAYS replied

    Kate is somewhat cold anyway, Jimh. Plus, she did thank Lucas for calling her “last night” to tell her of Will’s death, which meant her reaction wasn’t shown, except the little bit with Lucas at the park. Kate had to keep up her business bitch facade with Nicole and Theresa.


  3. Vicky says:

    I never want Sonny to leave. I feel like Freddie did a wonderful job as the grieving husband.

    And Paul dropping by? Shades of Noah butting in on Luke’s grieving of Reid and asking hiim to come to LA with a view toward taking more of Noah’s abuse. But at least Paul didn’t play that card. But him dropping by was SO inappropriate. have they let Sean go, too?
    Sami/Alison? Tpical over the top chewing furniture immature bullsht she usually pulls. I’m TERRIFIED that she is going to stay since she got a letter from EJ. But then, I keep forgettng. When Sonny leaves, I leave. I’d rather eat dirt than watch that fireplug emote her way from A to B. In what universe do people act that way and pull the crap Sami pulls and people still love her and fall all over themselves for her well being. What did that guy call her? Trainwreck of self-involvement! How many times has she gotten away with murder or attempted murder iincluding last week? No, no, no. I just can’t. I kknow she’s a fan favorite but I just can’t ride that train.


    Vicky replied

    PS: Please please give Fr \eddie Smith his second Emmy! This whole year has been Sonny & Will’s year.


    Patrick replied

    yeah, I really thought the same thing… when it seemed like all things were going good … ie: character evolve

    and she pulls the stunt of wanting to murder Chad… with pillow , as he lay comatose in the hospital

    that’s what let me go… of AS … when she left the show… the immaturity and loud vocal of her stubborn lacks

    all in all… Alison Sweeney and Kassie DePaiva acting of loss… when it’s your child…

    tears and had me right their


  4. MBmomof3 says:

    Blown away! However, mixing business in with the grief feels false and is disappointing. Kate would be beside herself losing Will.

    I agree… Emmys all around. This is DOOL’s year!


    Patrick replied

    “gosh darned it”

    would’nt this be an opportune time… for the headwriting team… and DAYS production to let loose…. Lauren Koslow

    as in: give her a predilection… of damnation… ???? !!!! just giving in and collapsing her stalwart back bone and losing spine and losing face….

    having said that… it wouldn’t be our Kate… who puts one foot in front of the other

    to see her show emotion…

    it’s been a long time hasn’t it ?

    She was so good with Rafe

    ie: when it was shared that Eduardo may be in her horizon ????

    couldn’t come any sooner



  5. Kathy says:

    I think Freddie Smith was wonderful. He mourned was so realisticly. He made me cry right along with him. If he doesn’t get a Emmy for this one something is wrong.


  6. tim S says:

    hmmm I actually disagree and have not thought that the crying from Freddie Smith has been that great.. I have watched this show for many years and have no connection with the actor who played Will.. I have not felt bad at all. This murder has not drawn me in… it has been fun to wath.. but not shedding any tears….


  7. Lisa says:

    For me, Eve’s grief scenes felt far more heart wrenching. Even in her appearance… little makeup, wardrobe, just incredibly real and raw in her grief. Major kudos to Kassie DePaiva.


  8. Jade says:

    I cried when Sami was on the ground crying for her first-born. Sonny crying over his husband made me feel so bad. I don’t understand why Days had to kill Will. Ali Sweeney didn’t understood it either. But Ali is a really great actress, she can play Sami like only she can. I just hoped that she would stay for the longer hold. But there’s nothing you can do about it. I love Sami


  9. Elonda says:

    I think the acting the last couple of weeks was spot on. From the moment Will stepped into Ben and Abigail’s Apartment, to his death scene, and now with all of his family and Husband finding out.

    I was heart sick to watch Sami (Alison was amazing) and especially Sonny (Freddie was incredible), I used a box of tissue during the two episodes, and I have more waiting.

    I also think that Kassie DePaiva was great the past fews weeks too.


  10. Michael Taylor says:

    I WANT THE RATINGS FROM LAST WEEK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    blake replied

    Will’s death has provided so many wonderful scenes. With these performances I could see Emmy wins for Sweeney and Smith! Even these episodes for best show!


    blake replied

    Sorry Michael I meant to put that in the general comment section.


  11. blake says:

    Will’s death has provided so many wonderful scenes. With these performances I could see Emmy wins for Sweeney and Smith! Even these episodes for best show!


  12. dmr says:

    Great performances; although, I am ready for Sami to head to Switzerland to chase after EJ’s letter. Nice visit; but time to go. Really, who would believe that Chad committed these murders? It’s ridiculous. The evidence is all circumstantial. Anyone that knows Chad knows that he may be arrogant and have an ego-but he’s not a murderer.


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