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27 August 26th, 2013 DAYS Freddie Smith Shares Sentiments On Departure Of Chandler Massey: “It Was An Incredible Time”


The other half of DAYS super couple WilSon, Freddie Smith (Sonny) shared his thoughts over the weekend via Twitter on the departure of his long-time scene partner, Chandler Massey (Will) who finished his last tape day on Friday.

Freddie related to his fans and followers: “I feel so lucky I got to work with @ChandlerMassey these past two years. It was an incredible time. I wish you all the best. You deserve it!”

The duo made WilSon hugely popular for being the NBC soaps first same-sex couple, and now the question remains, who will be the actor to fill Chandler’s big shoes, and how soon will DAYS release the casting info?

Whatever the case, many fans are heartbroken that Smith and Massey will no longer be together on-screen! So, how do you feel about Freddie’s tweet? Will you give the new Will a chance and see how their on-screen chemistry is with Sonny?  Or, are you giving up on the couple and the story, if Chandler is not playing Will? Comment below!

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  1. Hannah says:

    So sad to see Chandler leave, and such a sweet tweet by Freddie. Will miss the “original” WilSon so very much. Definitely going to give the new guy a chance, he might be great, but if I just can’t adjust then I’ll have to stop watching. Hoping for the best.


  2. Sabrina says:

    I’m heartbroken that Chandler is leaving, but I support him 100%! To me FS deserves our support and CM has asked us to support WilSon! He was pushing for a recast. I will do my best to support and watch Sonny love another Will. I’m not sure I could have ever watched Sonny fall in love with someone other than Will…I think that would hurt my heart more then it aches today!


    kay replied

    I feel the same way. I loved Chandler and will miss him. I wish him success and love for the future and hope to see him in other projects. I support Freddie Smith and love him as well. I support the WilSon love story and will continue to watch Days. I hope whoever takes over the role of Will is a good match for Freddie’s Sonny and the fans will accept the change.


  3. Sandy says:

    Chandler Massey is leaving “big shoes to fill” vacating his role as Will. He is a superb actor in his scenes with Freddie. As much as I didn’t want Chandler to leave, I suppose I will give the new Will a chance although it will be hard not to constantly compare the two actors. Maybe Freddie will blend well with the new actor making it more acceptable to the viewers. As they say, time will tell.


  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I think Drew Garret(name right?) would fit the part perfectly because of his uncanny resembalance to CM, if available. However, who plays the part…ill wait and see how it goes first before i make a decision if ill give up on it or not…soaps are like long running plays where actors gets replaced and no one stops going to those plays when different actors take over..ok soaps are different with changing stories and running 5 days a week but as long as stories hold my interest i dont give up that easily unless they bore me…so ill wait and c what happens when the new actor takes over.


  5. Mo says:

    I will give the new Will a chance. I didn’t like Chandler so much at first. I think it was more the shock of, who is this person? Good luck to Chandler!


  6. Samantha says:

    I love so much Chandler & Freddie together on-screen! They look so ridiculous adorable together. I want to support Freddie/Sonny… I love him and I love Chandler.


  7. Mary SF says:

    Definitely will get the new actor a chance. Will is a character- the character has not left, merely the actor playing him. I said it before I will say it again, on soaps the story is the star, and if the story requires a certain character to be on canvas then I rather lose the actor than the character. In this case Will is too important to the story in so many ways, I am just glad they didn’t get rid of the character. I know on daytime we viewers tend to blur the actors with the characters especially when they played the role a very long time– but in the end the character for me will always be more important than any one actor. I seen recasts work before and I have faith that Days would not have let CM out of his contract early unless they found who they believe is a talented actor who can take on this role. If they let the character go, then Sonny would have to start over with someone new–someone who is not tied to the core families and stories and I don’t think fans would like that either– so as good as CM was– I rather lose him than Will.


  8. gidi says:

    i shall support the new actor wilson story is the important issue


  9. Iakovos says:

    These two young actors — and their compelling well-told stories — are a major reason why DAYS became my new soap home following the cancellations of those serials I loved for years. Actors cannot be expected to stay in their roles forever and the award-winning Mr. Massey should be wished the very best as he explores new opportunities in his career. A new actor surely has been carefully auditioned and tested to step into the Will Horton role. I pray the writers do not minimize the storylines for this couple with the cast change. As much as ATWT and OLTL pushed their pioneering same-sex couple plots, Will and Sonny seem even stronger. Mr. Smith is a class act for this public show of support for his friend and colleague. Best wishes to them both! And to DAYS!


    Mary SF replied

    the reason I think this couple is so strong is because Days isn’t making their sexuality the storyline. They are merely characters in a story that happened to be gay–just like all the straight characters– this is a huge step forward in integrating this segment of the population into mainstream media– it doesn’t cover up their sexuality, but it isn’t the only thing about them– which makes them real and a couple that both gay and straight viewers can relate to as people— I hope that isn’t lost in the recast, but like you I am sure Days would not have release CM earlier unless they had someone very talented to take over the role.


    Ann replied

    But unlike the straight couples, Will and Sonny have no love (sex) life. Every other straight couple can go at it like rabbits but Wilson cannot. Days has taken their relationship further than any other U.S. daytime soap, but let’s be realistic…Will and Sonny are still NOT treated like every other couple. They’ve only had one love scene, which was last year! And they have not been anywhere near a bed together in months.

  10. ron says:

    devastating that all the hard work both put into the creation of WILSON could be down the tube now…and Freddie has to carry an awful burden with a new “person” in Will’s slot…doesn’t make any sense…this event may prove to be a serious negative with fan base and ultimately viewership…seems to me powers should’ve use more common sense and kept the BRAND WILSON alive in a better way. Bottom line is under siege.


    Me replied

    Agreed! The tv people handled this very badly! We know that Chandler wanted to leave and even earlier than his contract stipulated. But letting him know on Friday that that was his last day, no prior notice! That’s just mean!

    I feel so bad for Freddie too! He knew Chandler was going to leave, but not like that! From one hour to the next, puff there you go, here is your new on-screen boyfriend! Now you better create the same mesmerizing chemistry you had with Chandler, with the new dude!… Nice! Really nice NBC!.. No wonder so many of the young folk on DAYS leave!..


    ron replied

    The more details that come out about how Chandler was handled in past days, the complete lack of respect for him and how lousy they treated him, even now dropping him from the show events he had planned, the more angry I become. Freddie, I hope, will take this to heart and as a great actor will do what he asked to do. He’s been the ROCK of WILSON but these so-called bosses are basically without soul and quick to cut you off at the knees if you don’t produce. Freddie has my support but I can’t say that I want to watch the newer stuff, when it arrives, with any great enthusiasm. I HURT FOR BOTH GUYS.

  11. Scott says:

    Wish him well !, However, won’t miss that weird grin/smile from every scene !


  12. Me says:

    I’m heartbroken!

    I will continue watching DAYS for Freddie! Can’t abandon him.

    I will follow Chandler and his acting career.

    But WilSon without Chandler is not WilSon. His departure was too sudden and too early! They could have given Chandler a little time to let the news sink in and maybe give him a last scene with Freddie, instead of telling him on his last day that it’s his last day! Cruel! Can’t imagine how the two actors must feel right now..


    4everDAYS replied

    It has been known that some actors are told by their agents they are no longer needed at their job. At least Chandler had a face to face meeting. It’s a business.


  13. Time for Freddie to shine says:

    I believe that Chandler checked out of his role for awhile now. I could feel his boredom and because of that, Wilson chemistry suffered. He also always seemed a bit uncomfortable in intimate scenes with Freddie. Is because of Freddie that I still believe in Wilson. I hope the new Will has good sexual chemistry with Sonny and hopefully brings new energy to the role. I wish Chandler good luck to his future. Maybe the show should have future storylines focused on Sonny so that the new Will gets time to learn and not worry about getting too much script to learn. We need to find out more about Sonny anyways and you can’t have every problem come from Will. That gets old. Can’t wait to find out who the new Will is.


  14. blake says:

    I hope they get a great recast, because Will is so important to the show and Sonny and Will are such a great couple!


  15. mark says:

    I will miss Chandler terribly he was just incredible from the get-go but I love Freddie more and more and will support a recast. I hope it is someone good and intense like Chandler was.


  16. C. J. Lee says:

    I do not plan on watching anymore. I think Chandler is a great actor and made his character, along with Freddie, the best part of the show. Good luck Chandler.


    David replied

    I’m inclined to agree with you C.J. I guess we’ll have to take a “wait and see” approach as we have no other choice short of stop viewing altogether. For my part, I shall deeply miss Chandler and wish him the very best! And who knows, perhaps Chandler may return someday to DOOL. It has happened before. I also have full confidence in Freddie and trust he’ll make it work with the new Will. WILSON Forever!!! :)


  17. LINDA MILLER says:



  18. Graffs says:

    i still wish that cm didn’t have to leave. we surely would him being with freddie on screen. great chemistry.. good luck cm we love you and fs…


  19. Kayla Rowan says:

    I dont think it will be the same with out Chandler massey but im looking forward to seeing how will be playing will but it wont be the same.


  20. AT says:

    Oh my gosh, I swear I cant believe that, I can freddie with someone else.
    earlier, I was so so happy and excited by watching Will & Sonny (Chandler and Freddie together) but now I dont have any feeling and motivation to watch them, I just hope Chandler comes back one day, I really miss him very much.


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