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49 June 3rd, 2014 DAYS: Gabi’s Confession To Murdering Nick! What Did You Think Of Her Admission Of Guilt?


On Monday’s episode of Days of our Lives, viewers finally learned who shot and killed Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) three times with a stunning confession from Gabi (Camila Banus)!  Saving the day for Will Horton (Guy Wilson) who admitted to the crime, Gabi cleared him with her split second admission of guilt in front of the Salem PD.

After the room cleared and with EJ DiMera (James Scott) as Gabi’s counsel, and even though he advises his client there are ways to get around this rap, Gabi says she did it!  Later in front of Hope( Kristian Alfonso), EJ and the DA, Gabi relives the night of the murderer but first admitted she hired Andrew to stalk her to help her win the love of Chad DiMera in 2012!

Nick knew about it and had been blackmailing her all along!  And that was just for starters in her explanation of the twisted relationship between Gabi and Nick.  In 2014,  when Gabi overheard Will and Sonny (Freddie Smith) talking about the gun they were hiding in the closet when Sonny thought of killing Nick, Gabi says  she was in the next room.  She decided she would take the gun and wanted to kill Nick for his next plot which was moving up the court date for custody of Arianna!  She did not want Arianna ripped from her family and had it with Nick!

Next came the chilling account where Gabi admits to shooting Nick three times in the park.  Then even after being shot, Nick following her!  After she admits the whole murder scene, she apologizes to Hope, who is not having it.   Hope tells Gabi sternly that Nick did not have to die.

So, what did you think about Gabi’s admission of guilt? Was it a satisfying conclusion to the story?  What did you think of Camila Banus’ performance?  There is one more secret yet to be revealed per the teasers before Camila and Gabi exit the series!  What do you think that will be? Let us know your thoughts below!

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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    I thought she was amazing. Camila Banus has really come a long way in her acting abilities. (I remember her for her forgettable role on OLTL). I never thought I’d say this, but I’m going to miss Gabi!

    Wishing you all the best Ms. Banus. Onward and upward! (But please don’t forget your soap roots ;)


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Gabi is innocent…she will go off to prison or a mental hospital…i perfer the latter…i still believe Percy did it but killed Rick Fallon…Nicks twin…and Nick is still ALIVE! ALIVE! HE’s ALIVE! I remember when the show tried to trick us into believing Marlena was murdered by the Salem Strangular but it was really her twin sister Samantha Evans played by D.H.’s real life twin Andrea Hall Lovell and i believe, hopefully, they might do the same twin thing with Nick…even if it was never mentioned he had a twin!!!


    andrew hass replied

    I think Gabi will remain the shooter but that doesn’t mean Nick will stay dead.So instead of going to prison for muder Gabi will go for attempted murder.Plus i don’t see the show going the route of saying it wasn’t Nick that got shot but a twin or something instead.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    is Ben Jordans brother…or husband? are they pretending to be siblings?


    Nonna replied

    I believe Jordan and Ben are siblings. They are both running from someone and something. Perhaps Jordan is hiding from an abusive husband who was killed by Ben. Another scenario would be that they are both running from an abusive father. The crux of this never-ending mystery is, are they also running from the law? I also suspect that there may be a possible link between these two and Paige.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Nonna, i wrote that sometime ago that i think Jordan has run off from an abusive husband kind of like the movie ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’…and i still believe Eve is their mother if the are siblings…but no matter the story i find it way too draggy at the moment!!!

    phil replied

    That would be tough to explain since he was on the phone with Marlena and identified himself as Nick! Blake Berris has left the show! Nick is dead accept it!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Maybe he is, maybe he isnt…if he is ill be fine with it but i dont have to accept it…this is a soap and so if he was on the phone and identfied himself as Nick…i was on the phone and identified myself as me daddy to get rid of annoying telemarketer…it wasnt really me dad…maybe it wasnt really Nick but if he is surely dead this time so be it!!!

  3. Ricky says:

    I think it is a great way to write the character off, and we are treated with some great performances from Camila I kind of wish she wasn’t leaving! Kudos to Days, I think it’s the most entertaining soap right now, I am a fan of Y&R but DAYS is just rockin’ it lately.

    No idea what the last twist will be before Gabi leaves Salem…


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I think the twist is we will see the real killer…a shocking twist is Will really did it but i doubt the WILL go there!!! My guess above remains the same!!!


  4. Moneca says:

    I think it was an amazing and heart-wrenching performance. The actress played it beautifully with all the guilt, despair and defeat on display at the right times. I hope she submits it for emmy season next year.


  5. Johnny says:

    So…a viable legacy Horton character was sacrificed so a Hernandez come lately would have a good exit story?? Really??


    Eric Buchanan replied

    Yup. And I feel bad for Jessica and Marie. Such a waste.


    Johnny replied

    Yup. Oh gee…attempted rape. Big crime there. Sonny on GH murders people in CD blood and somehow he is a leading man.

    Eric Buchanan replied

    Well his crime was being a homophobe which is MUCH more evil than killing people who “deserve to die.” Which appeared to be Gabi’s defense.

  6. andrew hass says:

    I liked Gabi’s confession and i think Camilla Banus did a good job with the scenes.Plus at least she’s leaving the show with a bang so to speak.As for the secret my guess is she tells someone what she,Sami and Kate did to Nick last November.


  7. Laura says:

    Camilla was AMAZING! I watched her scenes twice, and cried just as much the second time. We knew from spoilers it was her, but wow, she just knocked her scenes out.


  8. fran says:

    phenominal acting and writing BUT what other teaser confession I am not aware???/


  9. Derrick says:

    Wonderful episode…………


  10. Will says:

    I guess she was playing it as she was scared and frantic but the acting in those scenes with EJ seemed like the laziness of someone who was clearly ready to leave. She hasn’t seemed to care much at all in the last few months. So I’m glad she’s gone.


  11. dmr says:

    I think she is leaving with a bang, no pun intended! Gabi has never been my favorite character; but, I wish the actress the best of luck! I wish she would take nuWill with her, though. Ugh. I find him nauseating. I like Sonny solo, not with nuWill. I am really tuning in for when Eileen Davidson returns as Kristin Dimera! I absolutely adore Eileen!


  12. Rose says:

    She did a fantastic job. What an exit performance. Bravo CB!


  13. Nikki says:

    I knew that Camila Banus was leaving months ago, most of us who regularly come here to On-Air-Soaps or read Soap Digest, etc., did. But, with that said, NEVER did it cross my mind for Gabi to kill Nick. I was in utter shock. Usually soaps are never so bold, even when an actor is leaving, to make them the killer, especially not someone as connected as Gabi (Rafe’s sister, Will’s baby mama, Arianna’s mother, etc.). I think it was a BRILLIANT move! It makes Gabi seem so much more stronger and knowledgeable than we were led to believe of the months that Nick has been back. She still is sweet and compassionate and remorseful, she really did love Nick at a point, but she did what she had to do for her family, despite the consequences.

    And, also, this has really been a stand out point for Camila. I think she has grown a lot from when she initially started on the show and it’s sad to see her go, but I think going out with your best work is a great way to leave a mark and, also, leave an impression for people wanting more, in case you ever decide to come back (perhaps she learned that skill from Eileen Davidson who is a master at that. ;) ) I really hope to see her name on the nominations list for next year’s Emmys for these confession scenes.


  14. Tony Polar says:

    I thought she played most of her scenes well – some of the moments though did lack emotion, a fact that several viewers here have noted as well.
    Everyone on this show is so noble, Will ready to take the rap for Sonny, Will’s father ready to take the rap – everyone on the show is noble…except Nicole LoL. Nicole could lie her way out of anything but she’s not truly evil, just misguided. If Eric goes back to the Priesthood Nicole should then become a Nun and keep an eye on him.


    Patrick replied

    “…Everyone on this show is so noble”

    LOL… I like that word… much better definition.. then self-righteous… or from gods ear to … the horton and bradys

    which is a trait that we have all become “keen” on… LOL

    Oye! the dastardly comes out in me.. when it’s at the expense of so much FUN

    and that’s

    Eileen Davidson, Kristen “DiMera”
    Blake Berris, Nick… what a talent
    Jenn Lilly, Theresa… love the uninhibited and the vibe she gives

    you know the drill

    LOL… love the part of Nicole joining the convent… if she can’t snare “Father” Eric, even after making LOVE… as these two first LOVES can’t seem to find matrimony and lessening Nicoles wanton … Eric is starting to take on too many of Mom Marlena’s traits

    course, I feel this is ALL just filler… but good stuff… till Kristen comes back… as this further adds intrigue… for and with Brady… on ALL the upheaval on the horizon

    geez! it seems like a lifetime ago.. that Eric “left” and or was banished from the priesthood doesn’t it

    it just so smarts… speaking of Noble… and laureate… christened next to godliness Daniel…

    I’d just love… it … if for once… and we’ve seen it… all of the 3 muskateers.. have lambasted daniel at one time or another (Brady, Eric, Nicole)… but… he prevails… and finds his way back in to the mix… he’s the busybody… who just grates…

    Don’t we all need a break from : Daniel and Jenn

    just once… I’d like to see the collective cast… take a HIT.. a big one… and angst on that

    reign the best in Salem… LOVE EM’ Kristen, Nick, Theresa, and Nicole


    Patrick replied

    ie: the last sentence…

    JJ was so near.. close enough to love his dastardly… his troublesome nature… took a big nosedive… he may as well join the golden circle….

    actually not… he is such a good actor… a natural ease about him that’s so welcome

    another tidbit… : I think.. Jenn really does like JJ… and is actually jelous of his time with Paige… course.. you can see that with Bev as well… but then JJ is worth it

    I think… JJ and Theresa will find there way back… once the big wigs… start back… and that’s Kristen, Eve, Brady, Eric, Nicole…. sigh… I can’t wait to upchuck… when Daniel and Jenn get in on the act

    Love OUR Days

    Patrick replied

    *another tidbit… : I think… *Theresa really does like JJ

  15. Sally says:

    My heart breaks for Gabi..she did the only thing she thought she could do to protect her baby. I will miss Camila Banus and wish her the best.


  16. Jules says:

    Glad this episode, and particularly these scenes are getting recognized. Camilla has only become a better actress as time has passed, and she really gave it her all here. I thought the writing was compelling and her acting choices evenly matched it. She was wonderful.

    It was so obvious Gabi was the killer, but I wish they could have milked it a little more. The set up was fantastic, what with nick’s voicemail, the gun, the first (and only) real tip off that Gabi was frightened of nick just days before he was shot, and viable and legitimate suspects. But c’est la vie- the actress is ready to fly. Best of luck to her. The character had a roller coaster with her popularity, and though I usually liked Gabi, another less Hernandez is a good thing.


  17. AbbyS. says:

    Fantastic acting, and IMO, the best acting I’ve seen on DAYS in a long time. Gabi’s confession was well written, too, but I bought 100% that she was disoriented and in shock from what she’d done, and from her confession, too, as she realized she may not see her daughter again for a long time. I have to say, DAYS isn’t as showy as some soaps which, say, fly to the Middle East to drop a guy out of a helicopter into the Persian Gulf, but it is very, very good soap, and so much better written than some of the campier shows out there.

    I like when an actor/actress leaves with a stellar performance like this, and Camilla Banus was perfect. I wish her luck in the future.


  18. Rj says:

    I just saw a little of her performance today crying with Ej, but I thought she did a good job. Haven’t seen much of this lately, but I was wondering if she was the real killer. Since she is leaving , she may be.


  19. Llanviewer717 says:

    Very heartfelt emotional scenes. Camila did a wonderful job with the material. I hate to see her go.

    I’m new to Days and am enjoying the show very much.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Eve settles in Salem when Kassie DePaiva premieres on DOOL June 18th!!!


    Patrick replied

    power house women are BACK ON

    Michelle Stafford : GH, Nina
    Eileen Davidson: DAYS, Kristen
    Kassie DePaiva: DAYS, Eve

    LOL power houses…. big show… lovely… all right on

    it’s gala premiere time !

    JUST please… oh emmy gods…. Days of OUR Lives : repeat repeat… emmy win best Serial….

    ps: that would be 14 days… till

    let the countdown begin

  20. 4ever DAYS says:

    I just finished watching the Monday and Tuesday episodes. Truly compelling!!! Tomorrow promises much the same! Camila worked it!!! The murder of Nick and subsequent departure of Gabi will have many ramifications to come!

    If you haven’t watched, you need to! Watch the episodes of yesterday, today and tomorrow and realize how far reaching this will go!!! DAYS delivers once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Omar replied

    This is WHY, i am loyal fan for the past 3 years..Riveting acting and storylines..OLTL fans must tune in when our beloved Kassie DePaiva makes her debut.

    I am going to catch up on all the stories


  21. boes says:

    I thought she was fantastic, and I only wish Camilla Banus had been given more opportunities to showcase her talent like she’s done in the conclusion to this storyline. She’s been heartbreaking.

    DOOL – best soap on the air!


  22. Max says:

    Great scenes.. Thank you Camilla you definitely went out with a bang!


  23. inabubble says:

    All I can say to Camila is BRAVA! You are making an amazing, acting, exit!


  24. Patrick says:

    I was crying as Gabs was helping Will on how to raise their, daughter, Arianna… what she responds to

    as they sat together at the police station… yesterday

    farewell my lovely Gabs…. let it not be said… SO much of your tenure at DAYS made it… with your part

    Gosh darned it….

    the whole shebangs with baby Arianna… Will/Sonny

    I LOVED, YOU and NICK : it was an amazing run… that should have continued… i really believed you two loved each other… and so I went with the story to this ending

    heck… who wouldn’t have not worked at Carolines pub… with that cute fun HOT romance brewing…. Nick and Gabi….

    emoting tearful…

    I still love Rafe’alicious

    Take Care : Camila : DAYS needed you… so much happened for the audience


  25. Mo says:

    It was heartbreaking. I got choked up. So sad to think about her and Ari not being together.

    Camila is on my 2015 Emmy list!


    4ever DAYS replied

    Camila is Emmy worthy, but the Emmys are becoming worthless!


    Mo replied

    I know. It’s sad.

  26. Tony Polar says:

    I still think that MAYBE she THINKS she killed Nick but the shots she fired didn’t really get him, so maybe she will get off with “only” attempted murder – and the actual bullets that got Nick were from another source. Just when was it ever revealed that Gaby was such an expert on-target shot – although I guess she shot him at relatively close range. Just a theory…..if they want to bring her character back somewhere down the road this theory may be helpful…LoL…well ya never know.


    Patrick replied

    great idea…. “…she THINKS she killed Nick”

    you know… I really have to prop Gabs

    where would this trio be… with out ? Gabriella… WITH Will and Sonny and hers too… Arianna Grace

    the indelible mark.. this trio plus Ari… have fleshed our real…. so LOVED this storyline

    to further down the line and venture… that we’d LOVE a Gabs reunion… why not? I’d tear up… group hug… and radiate more LOVE for Arianna Grace

    it’d be a beautiful thing


  27. Ray says:

    I just watched the shows and am thinking Camila will get an Emmy nomination next year. A great week of work. One thing that bothers me is that Abigail is the last of the generation of Melanie/Chad/Gabi/Chelsea. I wish Melanie would come back. Jordan looks too old and Paige looks too young to be Abigial’s core friends. I would also love to see Chad Dimera come back a little older, wiser and more mature.


  28. Dmitri says:

    I knew Gabi would kill Nick as soon as this shooting storyline was revealed, because she was leaving around the same time. BUT, I thought there would be 2 or 3 shooters-maybe Percy and/or the hitman also shot Nick. I will miss her. Camila has grown as an actress and even though I hated Gabi at times, I love her now and will miss her.

    I am also glad that she confessed to hiring Andrew, as that story has been buried for far too long.


    Patrick replied

    the very last scene… on Wednesday’ ep : was between Gabs and Abs….

    I didn’t quite catch what was going on… but… it seemed to me like something is going on with these two… like they may have an understanding… I don’t know

    seemed quite fishy to be

    I could be wrong


  29. DavidEvanSmith says:

    I was never the biggest fan of Camila Banus, but as I sometimes like to say: She acted her FACE OFF in this week’s scenes. She was a revelation to me and delivered on the material better than I ever thought she was capable. It really made me sit up and take notice, and I’m glad to have the opportunity at this site to give her props because it might be my fave performance of the week out of all four remaining soaps. Banus has been SOLID this week.


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