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14 September 21st, 2010 DAYS Gering on the saga of SAFE Vs. EJami & a little twist for Rafe!

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In a brand new interview with, Days of our Lives, Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez) offers his thought on the ongoing debate of SAFE vs. EJami which now has a new twist in the story, with EJ lying shot in the head fighting for his life, thanks to Sami! And, Rafe on the way to figuring out who pulled the trigger!   Here are a few excerpts!

Galen on where he is in his this thought process of  SAFE vs. EJami: “Well, I’m one of the characters who’s vying for this girl, so clearly I feel she should be with me. [laughs] I think the reasons are pretty obvious. First and foremost, they love each other. EJ is like the worst possible guy in Rafe’s opinion. You know, if Sami doesn’t want to be with Rafe, then fine. Just please don’t go with EJ!”

Galen on Rafe’s relationship with Sami’s son, Will, who he suspects shot EJ!  “At this point, he considers Will to be the main suspect because he had motive and he doesn’t have a strong alibi. Sami does have motive but also an alibi in that Rafe thinks she was with him all night. Yeah, there’s a little twist and turn there as far as that goes. Clearly, this is all sort of new territory for Rafe because he’s this stand-up guy who always follows the book. Now, we’re going to start seeing him change course a little bit on that.”

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  1. Cindy says:

    I don’t think the choice here is clear cut at all. Safe was clearly a rebound for Sami and is built on Rafe’s insane need to own EJ’s children and the woman EJ loves with a large portion of EJ hate for added measure. EJ may not be the “hero” in this triangle but he is the interesting, sexy one in the mix and the father of two of Sami’s children. Sami is very comfortable with lying about just about anything but most often about her true feelings. Once she tells Rafe that she shot EJ and the real reason, things may not be so clear cut for Rafe. The wild card is how will EJ react to being shot by Sami. EJ does love Sami so, his reaction may not be so predictable.

    If boring and sleep-inducing is what the show is going for in this story, Sami and Rafe will be the outcome. But if steamy and exciting is an option, EJ and Sami will end the dance with a chance at a real relationship and building their family.

    I know that I will always go for exciting and steamy, every single time. Boring just makes me want to turn off Days permanently.

    Thanks Michael.


    doolfan replied

    I just wish gg would leave days of our lives two years and they still do not get it! a huge number does not care from what he does ,what that tell you about days of our lives?
    I hope that james will found something better then days their writing is terrible, and they constantly force us to see galen they have no idea what they do!if the series will continue to push rafe at the end you’ll be cancel


    Michael Jenkins replied

    I agree with everything you said. James is much better than this show, but Ej is the only reason why I am watching.

  2. besafe says:

    Thanks for posting this. Love all of Galen’s interviews. Love his take on things. He never takes things too seriously. That’s what his fans love about him.


  3. Pixie says:

    Thanks for posting this awesome interview with my favorite actor on DOOL. Galen is such a nice guy, always humble, down to earth, honest, witty, and considerate. I love him with Sami. Go SAFE!

    I am so glad that DOOL execs brought Galen to the show. It brought me and a lot of others back to Days with the promise of a romance for Sami and Rafe. Thanks to TPTB! Great job of casting.


  4. LUMI says:

    the salem that us fans of 45 years want Sami and Lucas back and to hell with EJ and Rafe,put them two together and maybe they would fine true love for Sami’s true love is BRD/Lucas Horton.


  5. samiass says:

    yep that is what we want Sami and Lucas and their kids back as a family,
    The Horton Family forever and always LUMILY


  6. LUMILY says:

    bring BRD/Lucas back for his Family needs him.


  7. LUMI says:

    Lucas Horton art to come home and take his kids,
    and cant EJ get a woman with out raping and faking,
    and cant Rafe just go away.


  8. LUMI says:

    If James/EJ is the actor some of you think he is,WHY is he on Days Of Our Lives???
    I remember the years of friend ship of Lucas and Sami,and that is where this story and Dool will or should end.
    EJ and Sami /cycle of abuse,that is how I see them.
    I wish Rafe would just go away forever.


    Mary replied

    James is on DAYS because he chooses to be.
    It gives him the freedom to do other projects.
    Are you implying that soap actors aren’t worthy of anything other than soaps?I can think of one actor who had a successful primtime show and was on DAYS for a week or two? He found it very difficult to keep up with the pace of daytime. Daytime actors are THE hardest working actors in the business and to imply otherwise is insulting to all of them, including Bryan Datillo.


  9. Lena says:

    Bottom line for me is that I don’t buy Rafe as a good guy I can like, while EJ is a bad guy that I love. Rafe is a smug know it all who expresses everything with a smirk, while EJ shows us the man underneath the veneer of DiMera. I’m always going to pull for the bad boy when he has the charisma of a James Scott.


  10. Alicia says:

    Ej and Sami FOREVER and EVER and EVER


  11. Marina says:

    Lumi forever! I’m pissed at Sami that she is throwing that away. Lucas is the only guy for her.


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