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16 January 12th, 2017 DAYS Greg Vaughan Teases A Darker Eric Brady On The Way?


The very popular, Greg Vaughan (Eric Brady) will return to Days of our Lives next week on the upcoming January 17th episode.

hat is when viewers of the long-running NBC soap opera will learn what happened to Eric after he was sent to prison for his part in the horrible car accident that claimed the life of Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian).

After last airing on DAYS back in April of 2016, Vaughan nabbed a coveted role as Calvin in OWN’s Queen Sugar series.

Now back airing on DAYS in 2017, Vaughan posted a pic of his new look and expressed: “Eric Brady from Prison to Salem, but his Return @nbcdays may be darker than you are ready for? Or are you?! #january17th #days”

So, excited to see Vaughan back as Eric Brady? Comment below!

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  1. curacaoman says:

    He should be back as Lucky


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I stopped watching GH several years ago; but, I saw Greg as the adult Lucky. He did a terrific job with the character. He was Lucky the man with man sized problems. I really enjoyed him.


  2. Jimmy says:

    From a story and character perspective, this makes sense, because Eric used to be a kindhearted person, and was railroaded by the previous writing regime. After being sent to prison, one could only imagine the state he will be in. But I don’t think DAYS needs more dark and depressing stories, after the first half of 2016 was filled to the brim with that kind of dread and despair. Hopefully there is light at the end of Eric’s tunnel.


  3. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Does that mean he got a tan-lol…Seriously…whats with the darker side…too much gloominess is why the show is near its end…lighten up my days please!!!


    Mo replied

    That’s what I thought!!!!! Ha Ha

    I don’t want Greg as Eric to return. I never liked him before. We don’t need darker. I don’t see the point in Eric returning.


    John Gordon replied

    Neither do I – I didn’t care for his character nor his boring interpretation, no one has any HUMOR on this show (with the exception of Jon Aniston as Victor) – it’s really true they do not understand or comprehend how to intermingle some humor into these lackluster scripts.

  4. Kevin C says:

    Love Greg Vaughan…I remember him being on Y&R as Diego, Lucky on GH then Eric on DOOL…I love the pics with his kids. I wish you all the best Greg on everything that you do.


  5. Larry says:

    Will he also be doing the second season of Gteenleaf?


  6. damien says:

    im ready for anything involving eric!
    cant wait for greg to back on our screens daily
    hopefully he reignites that hot last encounter with jen!…nicole can sweat it out a lil , considering she ditched him for that dud daniel


  7. Patrick says:

    Greg Vaughan does… conflicted ; so well

    you add in his dreamy face… and one gets caught


    Iakovos replied

    Agreed! On all counts!


  8. Dylan says:

    We don’t need a dark Eric!!!! Why do today’s soap writers insist on making everything dark where there once was such light?? We need a hero to come in and help Nicole raise her baby!! Leave the darkness to Deimos and Andre.


  9. blake says:

    Dark Eric I would definitely love to see! I bet he’s hot playing a bad boy like his brother Brady was.


  10. Mary SF says:

    I hate the hair cut and the beard– but I guess they have to show his “darker” side– no doubt he has a tattoo— personally I miss Fr. Eric– whose idea of being “dark” was to drink milk straight from the carton– sigh


    stevie g replied

    Yeah I loved the show, when he was Father Eric. I too hope there is some light for him, he deserves some happiness.


    John Gordon replied

    He’ll be a “darker” Eric for a while, to give the impression that Prison “changed” him – but after a short while he will probably revert back to the same old boring Eric. I’m sorry that I found his character uninteresting but this show needs some humor interjected once in a while and it is totally lacking in any whatsoever. If anyone remembers shows like “all my children” with Michael Knight as Tad Martin, the character had a sarcastic wit – this show has NOTHING like that – each character is either 100% Saint or 100% Evil incarnate – it’s ridiculous, the writing is terrible, show is very poorly balanced.


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