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18 August 21st, 2011 DAYS Horton Town Square Preview with the Cast – Photo Gallery!

Photo Credit: MFSOAPS inc

On-Air On-Soaps recently attended a sneak peek preview of the new Horton Town Square set from Days of our Lives. As part of the reset of the show coming September 26th, the invited press were able to get a bird’s-eye view of the very large and open space that is very similar to some of the more upscale outdoor malls you may see in anywhere U.S.A.

We can tell you that the Horton Town Square, named after the shows beloved couple, Tom and Alice Horton, will be at the epicenter for much drama, intrigue and romance in the months to come.

Some of the show’s biggest staples including: Deidre Hall (Marlena) Drake Hogestyn (John), Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Peter Reckell (Bo), Galen Gering (Rafe) Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) were at NBC that day to celebrate the unveiling of the Horton Town Square, and the upcoming relaunch of Salem!  Also part of the day were newcomers, Kate Mansi (Abigail) and Freddie Smith (Sonny), and DAYS newest big league addition, Sarah Brown (Madison), plus returning favorite Patrick Muldoon (Austin).

So as the press were having a field day shooting your favorite from Salem, we took a few shots to share with you in our special photo gallery that you can view after the jump!   Look for our very special blog on the day with interviews with the cast coming this week and find out what they had to say about the new DAYS, and what you can expect from the gang in Salem!

*Remember, when viewing the photo gallery below, click the “NEXT GROUP” button to the right of the + sign to see more images, or you can just view as a slideshow.

Exclusive Photos

Photo Credit: MF SOAPS, Inc.

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  1. kay killgore says:

    I just may have to start watching again! Great Pics Michael! And I will keep my fingers crossed for good story for Ms. Brown!!!!


  2. Bonnie Lee says:

    Fantastic pics – looks just like the old Days – the one we all know and love. Particularly thrilled at the return of John and Marlena. I stopped watching after they abruptly left. I’m back now and excited for the reset in September.


  3. kazzy says:

    My favorite wasn’t there. Bryan Dattilo as Lucas Horton should be there. No Dattilo, No Days, its that simple. Lucas is a Horton, he should be in the cast. I thought the plans were to get Days back to the way it was, how can those plans not include Bryan Dattilo as Lucas Horton? Bryan needs to be invited back before I will come back as a viewer. I know many others who feel the same way. Just look on twitter and you’ll see.


  4. sara says:

    Days was great till the end of 2010 & I loved the performances by James , Ali , Ari amazing. If truth be told! Kudos


    Annie replied

    I agree with you sara! Anything with James Scott and Ali Sweeney is gold! Bring EJAMI back on the screen!


  5. Kandace says:

    Was hoping to see Lucas return to Salem. After all, he is a Horton. And Bryan Dattilo is among the familiar faces fans have come to expect to see when they turn to Days. It is disappointing to see that Austin and Carrie are coming back, (Sami is already there) yet no plans for a Lucas return…it’s not quite complete.

    The set looks great…now if only Days would bring back Bry D. I’d definitely start watching again then


    Teresa replied

    You are completely right! Bryan is a Horton, he should have been brought back. Too bad I’m not going to be seeing all these changes. :( Maybe when tptb finally realize they need Bryan back.


  6. Imane Assi says:

    Sorry it does nothing to me without Nadia Bjorlin/Chloe.Won’t be watching after her final airdarte,..until they bring her back.


    Teresa replied

    I agree! Nadia should be on! I can think of many more actors that have only been on 5 years or less that should have gone before her.


  7. Cath says:

    The fact that Jack Deveraux is coming back is what’s bringing me back to watching the soap come September. That, and I hope that they eventually repair the EJami dynamic.


  8. Michael Jenkins says:

    These are some nice pictures.


  9. Msmith says:

    No Crystal Chappell ( Carly) no reason to watch!


  10. LUMI says:

    NO Bryan Dattilo/Lucas NO SHOW


  11. Jeanne says:

    That must have been fun since the prima donna, Allison(Sami), was not in attendance. I am so sick of seeing her face day in and day out. She needs to be put on a far back burner for a while. Now THAT would be a burst of fresh air!


  12. Imane Assi says:

    No Nadia Bjorlin/Chloe No show for me


  13. RJ says:

    I am really hoping that Days will now improve and get it right. Glad they have a new set, and are going to make major changes in story lines and character development. Hopefully, the actors from the past will be able to reinvigorate the show. I have not watched in months and actually, would like to watch again. Look forward to the changes. I don’t expect perfection, but I hope the show will be good!


  14. Angela White says:

    So glad to see that TPTB are giving the fans what they want! Love, Romance, and HISTORY! Would love to see Bryan Dattilo back on air too! Kate needs all her kids in town.

    I am happy to have Jack back too. Hopefully they fix this stupid storyline of him leaving Jenn! Have him kidnapped and help hostage for all I care, just make it right! Love Magic and State. Very happy to see John and Marlena together and in Love! So much better than NuJohn!


  15. Morgan says:

    i wish that bryan Dattilo comes back soon it’s not like him not to return to days so please let bryan dattilo come back we all miss him like crazy so please let him come back where he belongs.


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