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34 October 16th, 2015 DAYS Is Having A Castingpalooza! Which Actors Would You Suggest For These Six Short-Term Roles?


Put those casting director hats on DAYS fans! There are six roles up for grabs that are said to be “short-term” that the daytime drama series is looking to fill that will begin taping next month in November! Since the series tapes six month in advance, these roles will not be seen on the air till spring of 2016.

According to Soap Opera Digest, DAYS is casting the following roles:  Mark – who is described as a gorgeous, 17 or 18-year-old popular jock whose father is a strict judge, which makes Mark rebellious. Hal- is a 38-45 gorgeous man who is the father of an 19-year old girl. Clark – is a 38-46-year old who is described as a “hot bad boy.”  Simone - is a beautiful hippie chick in her late 30s. The show is seeking someone who is African American, Hispanic or Asian for this recurring role. Judge Avery - is a 50-to-55-year old judge who finds his property vandalized by teenagers.  Dr. Robinson  -is a 40-to-50-year old psychiatrist, who will be either African American or Asian.

From the looks of it, some of this must have to do with the SORAS’d teen scene that viewers are soon to get a major dose of come later this month and November.  But, perhaps its characters for another story?

So, after reviewing the casting descriptions, who would you like to see fill those roles from any of your daytime or primetime television favorites?  When posting your comment below, make sure you clearly state what role you are suggesting the actor for!

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  1. Brian says:

    We won’t see these characters until most likely May 2016. I’m more excited for January to see Jordi and Vincent in their new roles.


  2. Patrick says:


    Michael Muhney…. period!

    enough of this ….

    smart money is to simply hire him… and he, alone

    would stratosphere ratings… and overtake any thing… this is good going on now

    I’m so happy with my beloved show

    NBC / Sony / DOOL : hire this man


    Patrick replied

    “I” am loving my Days

    being in Salem is a feast on so many levels

    1. drisgruntle (ok) 2

    watching Nicole… who is acting the same things… over and over… it seemed like she was on the threshold of taking over as the new leading lady… when Alison Sweeney departed… yet… was relegated to dimwit with the three amigos…(Daniel, Eric, and Brady) I have to wonder… will she ever be fun again…. I get a (meh) whenever i see her now. it’s like … time to move Nicole and Daniel on… I’m certainly glad Daniel is leaving.

    it’s like showing the Days of ole… whenever Daniel and Nicole pop up on the telee… add in Jennifer… and their is just no interest… OK… I can’t believe that DAYS production would fire Eve and leave us dull Jenn… she has no backbone or fire… because she’s a Horton… that’s good enough to ???? she no longer has the energy level to heighten her character any more !

    a couple of SOD issues back…. an article was lamenting… when… ???? what on earth is going on with Greg Vaughan’ Eric….. he’s a brady… his mother is Marlena… ect…. so he’s been raped by Kristen, lied to by Nicole… and Serena… was ? caught in an affair or wasn’t honest about Xander ?

    MOVE ON ERIC! dang it… that bodacious bod… is all you have going… ? I was watching him again… as he was once again… being their for the family… as a support system… and that’s all good and well.. but… give him a story…. sex addiction? LOL… for the life of me… he’s the current day William Holden… WRITERS ! give Greg Vaughan and the audience feature.

    Jenn Lilly is being bashed around by Nicole and Kate… ie: i get that… “no ingenue goes right to the top of the fashion world… ” I hope Theresa takes the advice from her BFF, Anne… and asserts herself… and wears people down… and fight , take, and keep up… get it girl….

    once you snag Brady… meh? but you have it in you to stir and lead on this show…The camera loves her period… her acting style will always percolate.

    ie: i added that we’re still waiting for the Australian actor, Ava, as led by Tamara Braun… and the incomparable… dizzyingly captivating Vincent Irizarry !

    I saw on a serial mag on the newstand… dolt! I completely forgot about Shawn D. and Belle….

    plus all the SORAS

    and now all these new casting calls



    hang on


    Patrick replied

    I haven’t been wanting to erase any eps of Days…. since 10 / 12 / 15.. the day after Will strangulation

    a big reason why… is Alison Sweeney !

    and when I start to think of the “character” of Will… it gets me emotional

    it’s top draw and the best stuff

    MBmomof3 replied

    I’m right there with you Patrick. I can’t get enough of Days.

    Karen replied

    No way on Muhney! Sony fired him. They own DOOL


  3. Mateo says:

    Great, so we get a show ruled by horny teenagers…delightful…well maybe one of them will grow up to be a serial killer…


    ces replied

    lol!! I agree.


  4. Mo says:

    None interest me in terms of characters. Not liking the ways Days is going.


    Vicky replied



  5. Suzanne Lanoue says:

    Hire Michael Easton!


    ces replied

    you mean, hire him back? He was on Days already as Tanner Scolfield


    Suzanne Lanoue replied

    Yes, I know, but he doesn’t have to play the same character…

  6. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Notice how the description never says ugly pimple-faced greaser middle-aged man with a beer belly…ill never get hired…lol


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Correction: Notice no description for a middle-aged pimple-faced greaser with a beer belly and addicted to geritol…ill never get hired…lol…tried to correct original comment but hit submit…guess i shouldnt type when drunk on geritol…lol


    ces replied

    you crack me up Jim!


    elm51 replied



    Torqumada replied

    Ask Tracy Abbott about how Daytime favors a single expression of size.


  7. Trophy Lady says:

    Perfect casting for “Clark” and “Simone” would be Michael Easton and Renee Goldsberry!!!

    It would be so great to have them back on daytime, and back together on the same show! Their chemistry is out of this world — MAGNETIC!!! And since the roles are short term (for now!), they could still be free to do other things, too.

    Yes, I’m rallying for a John and Evangeline reunion!!! They were given the shaft on OLTL, so now maybe they could get a chance at redemption on Days. Dena Higley is still gone, right? Since she wholeheartedly killed them on OLTL, I don’t want her to get another chance to do that on Days, too.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I loved OLTL’s John and Evangeline. Michael and Renee did terrific work together. I wonder if Renee would even be interested in going back to daytime. I’ve heard she has a very successful career on Broadway.


    Trophy Lady replied

    Weren’t John and Evangeline awesome and simply GORGEOUS together??!!! Definitely one of my all-time favorite soap couples!

    Renee is on Broadway, but I’m willing to bet she’d come back to daytime if given the right part — and if she’s allowed to do other things. I believe that’s why she ended up leaving OLTL. She wanted to do other things as well, and Higley and her crew wouldn’t allow her to do so. Plus, they’d broken up the popular John and Evangeline pairing, and they didn’t have her doing much of anything by the time she left.

    Another plus for bringing on both Michael and Renee is that they both genuinely enjoyed working together! I LOVED that! Days should really try to get them both!

  8. Ian Stewart says:

    Mark: KJAPA _ Instagram models and has acted on a soap, in the U.S. – good look for the tween scene.
    Clark: Josh Lepage Instagram Fitness model and actor from New Zealand
    Simone Hosanna Horsfall – Kiwi Actress living in Los Angeles on Facebook.
    These would be my 3 picks!


  9. Tony says:

    I’ve heard that Darnell Williams and Robert Newman may be up for two of the recurring roles….Let’s hope they cast veterans from other soaps…what a treat!


    Patrick replied

    Robert Newman… for obvious gorgeous… reason….

    YES ! he really didn’t need Reva ! he had Crystal Chappelle… and even crazy … Cynthia Watros… his best known leading ladies… Olivia and Annie!

    bring him to DAYS

    make my days treat after treat


  10. ces says:

    I hate teen stories. Does anyone really give a damn about them?

    Did Days now pick up GH’s disease of over hiring people?

    These executives will never know what fans want.


  11. mike says:

    Andrew Trichitta for Mark he was just finding his grove when One Life ended. Jon Prescott for Hal, another actor who deserves a good gig.


    blake replied

    Yes to Andrew Trichitta! He was such a good actor and so handsome. He needs to be on another show.


    Margie replied

    Yes to Andrew!


  12. blake says:

    I really don’t understand what they are doing at Days with the casting. Why are they hiring for so many short term roles?Do they know that the show will be cancelled in a year and that’s why? I seriously don’t get it, it’s stupid.


  13. Mary says:

    What’s the point? I really think that ABC is going to cancel Days after the 50th Anniversary.


    4ever DAYS replied

    DAYS isn’t an ABC show. It’s on NBC. GH is on ABC.


  14. Jaime says:

    I wish they would concentrate on the actors who returned to the program.
    They are loved characters and are already being treated to the sidelines!

    What gives?


  15. Shay says:

    If any show deserves the term, “castingpalooza,” it’s GH! Their endless parade of newbies cannot be matched by any other daytime drama……


  16. jj says:

    They need to work with the characters they have in the cast already. They’re destroying the show. Keep on and the 50th year will be the last. :(


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