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38 October 25th, 2012 DAYS James Scott In Sexy Music Video “Unforgotten” From Roxanna!

Add music video to James Scott’s (EJ DiMera) resume as the Days of our Lives heartthrob was apparently hand picked by recording artist, Roxanna for the official video to her new song, “Unforgotten”!

In it, Scott plays the steamy lover of Roxanna as the video plays out between the past and present, or is it fantasy and reality?  Roxanna acknowledged her desire to work with James Scott on her official website noting (regarding DAYS and Mr. Scott): “That show is my comfort food. It calms me down. And, come on, James is the hottest guy alive.  I’m sure he thought I was a fan stalking him.  We spent 18 hours in the desert for the video. It’s sultry and hot.”

Now apparently, Roxanna tried to lure the often reclusive soap star by first visiting NBC studio to request him in the video, and then followed by emails and telephone calls! With three days to go before the shoot, at last, Scott responded with a thumbs-up!

Now after the jump watch James in “Unforgotten”!  Let us know what you think of the video, James, and the tune?  We know many hearts out there will go a-flutter with this one!

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  1. calie says:

    Wow…James Scott is the hottest guy alive. Glad he played hard to get. EJ should try that with Sami…it might give us some scenes like in the video.


  2. sara says:



  3. sara says:



  4. EDDIE EMMONS says:

    James is gorgeous AND talented!


  5. Teri says:

    James is amazing and hot in this video, although I love him on Days of our Lives, I would love to see him in movies:)


  6. Blake says:

    Yes he is majorly hot! And he’s so big, a Greek God! When EJ had scenes with Will it was so damn hot!


    louisa replied

    He needs to play the lead in 50 shades of Gray when they make the movie. He’d be so perfect.


  7. Leigh says:

    Those bed scenes were smoking hot! He should be named the sexiest man alive. Can’t believe someone that good looking is also such a good actor.


  8. ethel says:

    james scott is the hottest man in the soap world right now………………..ijs


  9. mo says:

    What a lucky girl! Very hot. The song was good. She’s really pretty. I hope it does well. James looked amazing! She’s got great taste!


    apriljgutierrez replied

    I think James Scott star will be rising!!!!!! Love to see him in the movies too!


  10. pspcindy says:

    I was so happy to see James featured in a mainstream music video. He does the sexy bad guy very well. Perhaps he may get other calls to act in other videos.

    As always thanks Michael for supporting James and others in the soap world.


  11. chelsea says:

    love him!


  12. Karen says:

    Great video! James looks amazing as always. I love him as EJ, and looking forward to EJ and Sami finally getting together. Ali and James have amazing chemistry.

    Roxanna is a smart and lucky girl to get James in her vid. Lots of luck to her and her career.

    As always Michael, thanks for keeping us in the loop with our soap actors.


  13. Lena says:

    Roxana’s got good taste….James really is the hottest man alive. Now if Days would just showcase how hot he can be with Alison Sweeney. ;)


  14. Sophie says:

    I love the video. Love James and what he brings to the character of E.J. DAYS is so lucky to have him. I Can’t wait to see what’s in store for E.J. and EJami.

    Go James!


  15. Cory says:

    I know I would be wanting James Scott in a video with me too. Now if only I could sing. (hee, hee)
    It’s an added bonus that the video is daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang good too!!!
    I too want to thank you Michael for supporting James and all the other soap stars all over the place!!!
    GO GO GO EJAMI!!!!!


  16. Monica says:

    James did an amazing job and the song is great!


  17. Prashanthy says:

    He is soo sexy and talented!!! Love u James!!!!


  18. DD says:

    Roxanna has very good taste! Glad that she was persistent in pursuing James for the video…it was totally awesome and the song was rocking on all cylinders!

    I hope he had as much fun making the video as he does acting on Days! Nice to see another side of Mr. Scott!


  19. JorgeAnn says:

    Loved it! The music, lighting and directing were great. James and Roxanna looked good together. Roxanna picked the right man for the job. Kind of funny that he thought Roxanna was a stalker. He thought the same about me when I ran into him in a hotel lobby in Ohio following a Meet and Greet. When he realized I was staying at the hotel, he spent time talking with me . It was surreal to be in a one on one conversation with my favorite daytime actor. I have shared the video with friends and posted it in some fan forums. I intend to purchase the CD just like I did the independent film James starred in. It is extremely nice of James Scott to work on other artists’ projects. His talent certainly goes beyond his role on Days.


  20. Rose Garden says:

    Awesome so happy for James and loved the video and song. Cant wait for Roxanna’s CD to come out.


  21. karen says:

    JS ia so DAMN HOT!!! Days is SO lucky to have him!!! James is sexy and an awesome actor


  22. Tee says:

    Very hot video. Beautiful song as well. I loved that she is a huge fan of show and DAYS. james Scott played his part so well as always rather on tv or in a video it shows his talent.


  23. Leslie says:

    The woman is very talented, and she sure knows how to pick a terrific leading man!!!


  24. Georgina says:

    Love, love, love James in this video!! The man has so much sex appeal. Bring on 50 shades – he would be the perfect Christian!


  25. Kay says:

    James looks HAWT but that’s like saying the sky is blue. LOL!! Great choice, Roxanna! Love the vid!


  26. Vettegirll says:

    I start my singing lessons tomorrow!!! ;) How can any man be that sexxxy?? Dear god in heaven. I hope the vid plays on MTV. I want to be able to see it on my big screen!


  27. pinky.ring says:

    James Scott! Soooo sexy! Lucky, lucky Roxanna!


  28. Tricia says:

    Can the man be any Hotter! He is my ultimate! Love you James Scott! He is amazing on screen and off!


  29. jen says:

    HOT! HOT! HOT!!!!!

    He is a perfect man! DOOL is lucky to have him!


  30. mckeevic says:

    Loved this video. Roxanna is a wonderful singer…I heard shades of Selena at times in that song. And her choice of video partner…perfection. I love the fact that she wanted him for this project and she didn’t let up until she got him to agree.

    Based on her song performance, and great taste in choosing James, I will be watching the stores for the release her CD.



  31. patsy says:

    WOW!!! Loved him on AMC, DOOL was so lucky to get such a gorgeous and good actor. He is magic with whatever woman he is with.


  32. Tracey says:

    James is so hot it’s ridiculous! Love being able to see him everyday — DAYS is my comfort food, too. Great video!


  33. Gracy says:



  34. Sam says:

    Most gorgeous man alive. Love it when he has to say my name. My dream Dom lol.


  35. nettie says:

    James is great as usual.


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