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0 April 15th, 2010 DAYS Jessica Tuck “shocked” to find out her characters past!

© JPI StudiosIn a new interview with On-Air On-Soaps, Jessica Tuck, who just premiered last week on Days of our Lives as Judge Madeline-Peterson Woods, revealed that even she was surprised when she found out the secret surrounding her new character that will play out on-screen in the next few months!  As we know so far, Madeline is the mother to Chad ( Casey Deidrick) and the wife of Salem D.A. Woods (David Leisure).  Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Tuck on her new role: “I did not know that much about her at first. DAYS co-executive producer, Gary Tomlin, is so funny.  He came up and whispered something in my ear while I was doing a scene with someone, and I am not going to reveal what he said, but I was shocked.  It was something about my character that I hadn’t known. So then everyone on set watches your shocked face, while you go, “What?”  I still don’t know everything about her; obviously what you see on the surface is just part of the story.  There is always a juicy past that makes it fun.  And, I was told that I was going to play a character with a certain past.” 

Well we have our thoughts and we believe we are right on the money, especially after seeing the bizarre icy stare on last week’s DAYS with Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow).  What do you think Madeline is hiding? Let us know!

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