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30 July 19th, 2017 DAYS Judi Evans To Bring Double The Drama To Salem!


Exiting news for Days of our Lives viewers, and those of Daytime Emmy winning actress, Judi Evans!

According to Soap Opera Digest, beginning on this Friday’s July 21st episode of the NBC sudser, Evans will not only play the role of Adrienne Kiriakis, but will be bringing back another one of her characters that of Bonnie Lockhart to the Salem canvas, under new head writer Ron Carlivati’s storylines.

The last time DAYS fans saw feisty Bonnie was back in 2007.

Watch for Evans’ revival of Bonnie to mix it up in story in scenes with Deidre Hall and Morgan Fairchild, and more.

So, what do you think of Bonnie coming back to the story on Days of our Lives? Comment below.

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  1. James R. Poissant says:

    Oh, my God!!! No way!!! I love Bonnie!!! I was sad when they sent her out of Salem but so happy to see Judi is going to do both characters. What a way to go, Ron!!! I knew from the get-go you were going to start hitting home runs the moment you started at DAYS. Can’t wait for the other surprises I know you’re going to hit us with!!!


  2. dmr says:

    …and Carlivati’s cartoonish theatrics begin…


    Carrie replied



    Jovin replied

    Ron had ONE chance to prove to me that he could be the last headwriter for DAYS. I haven’t even watched the first episode….just read reviews….and already….he has FAILED!!! Not only did Marlena have a twin sister on the show…she has had this Hattie look alike luring in the background for 15 years amounting to nothing!!!! And the Bonnie Lockhart as written by Reilly was nothing more than a ridiculous cartoon. After doing double and doppelgänger stories on GH ad nauseous…Ron’s first episodes are more of the same??? AND…Anjelica…a woman who would ahem charitably be 72 by now…is still lusting after Justin?! Don’t most menopausal senior citizens sort of lose their sex drive and their need for revenge once past 70? This is utter crap! I say Buh Bye Days! Nice knowing you! Thanks for the lifetime of memories. I liked his work on oLTL, loathed his work on gah…and he will be the death of Days.


  3. 4ever DAYS says:

    I have my lotto scratchers ready!

    I hope Bonnie marries Lucas while masquerading as Adrienne which culminates in “Adrienne” having her very own Huge Horton Ornament! That would end the storyline because everyone will know the tacky ornament is really for Bonnie!

    I’m ready to laugh (and win the lottery)!

    Thank you, Ron and Judi!!

    A special thanks to Michael for the DAYS coverage!


  4. Angel says:

    I love this!!! Mimi might come back and then bring back John Paul Whatever as Philipand bam!!!


    Katiek replied

    I have wanted MiMi back for years.


  5. missy says:

    Double the Judi cant think of anything better!!!! Bonnie was a riot!


  6. mike says:

    I liked the character but this might be a little too much.


  7. Yvonne says:

    Not into the doppelganger stories at all!!! Don’t need Hattie or Bonnie. God this has been overdone for decades now. I’d like to see some sophisticated storylines show up and not the same old recycled stuff that treats the audience like they’re dumb. I’ll be skipping these episodes…I just have no interest. I hope Ron wraps this up quickly and this is not part of his entry…that would be highly disappointing!


    Johnny Grant replied

    I have to agree with you, Yvonne – I feel like some of the storylines are beyond far-fetched and often, I feel almost insulted. I also agree that redundant plots that have been done-to-death are tiresome.
    The writers need to come up up with some new ideas and something a bit
    more reflective of today’s society.


    Yvonne replied

    I’m with you John. In the meantime I’m forwarding past the ridiculousness. I’m waiting for Sammy and Will…I hope that’s not a disappointment too.

    Jovin replied

    Unfortunately…this is what Ron does. This is not a short term entry thing. This is how he wrote for 3.5 years at GH. The fact that his very first episode is blatantly about doppelgangers is just a promise of more to come. I will not be watching because it makes NO sense. Anjelica Deveraux is a 75 year old woman! Seriously….lusting after Justin, a 55 year old man she slept with 30 years ago???? Seriously…we need some sort of character development and motivation that makes sense!!


    Yvonne replied

    Ridiculous. As I said to John above, my fast forward button is on.

  8. missy says:

    Omg I hope mimi comes back


  9. Celia says:

    Really? Bring Bonnie back? Gee, I don’t know. But, I will keep my peace until after the fact.
    How different can this possibly be from all the other look-alike stories? Good versus evil? That’s how it play out…over and over.
    Hmmmm….I love Judi Evans-Luciano—-she can act —be anybody—still; I just don’t know……


  10. Joel says:

    I love the imposter storylines, this is gonna be good!!!


  11. LeeAnn says:

    Bonnie always cracked me up, especially at Xmas time when she sold xmas trees lol love Judi !


  12. Dave says:

    This show is gonna get soooooo good!!!! Wooohoooo!!!


    Celia replied

    I hope so, Dave. Your enthusiasm is infectious. So, I will share in your glee. LOL.


  13. Scotty says:

    Yes Ron! Come on Judi!


  14. Mo says:

    LOVE Bonnie! Judi will kill it.


  15. Tim S. says:

    wow.. now this I like!!!!!!!!


  16. Johnny Grant says:

    Haven’t we all had enough of “look-a-like” characters? 30 to 40 years ago they were writing stories like this, it was all right in it’s day but isn’t it time for Soaps to grow if the genre is indeed to survive?


    Eric Buchanan replied

    30-40 years ago? Well from my count, Y&R (the top rated soap) has done at least 4 of these stories in the past 10 years….Patty Williams and the look alike Psychiatrist. Sheila coming back with Phyliss’ face, Sheila’s sister having Lauren’s face, and finally Jack and his look-alike South American drug lord.


    John Gordon replied

    I don’t know how old you are, Eric but trust me 30-40 years ago Soaps were doing this “evil twin” type of thing or someone coming to town who “looks exactly like” so and so. Forty years ago on One Life to Live the character of Pat was duped by her twin sister and substituted for her while keeping her tied up and trapped. On All My Children, the character of Natalie was kept down a well while her crazy “twin” Janet took over her life. So yes, it’s been done to death and even on the night time show DYNASTY the character of Krystal Carrington had an evil look-a-like taking her place for a while. More recently, even Erika Kane as played by Susan Lucci was kept trapped in a room while a lady who had plastic surgery to look like her took over her life for a while. So, yes, this type of plotline is absolutely nothing new and has been done numerous times.

    stevie g replied

    Also about 40 years ago Deidre Halls twin sister played Marlena’s twin sister Samantha and had Marlena take her place at a mental sanitarium while she took over Marlena’s life with then then fiance Don Craig.

  17. blake says:

    Cool, I liked Bonnie, she was a lot of fun!


  18. gwill says:

    While its a look a like character, Bonnie was fun and an all around great character. I’m going to enjoy Judi playing her again. However, as much as I like Adrienne, she has been a bit boring lately but with Ron on board now hopefully they will either utilize her as both characters or write Adrienne out and keep Bonnie!


  19. stevie g says:

    I’m not sure that I like that there will be trouble in John and Marlenas love life, I think they have had their tme with romantic tooing and frowing. And really we like seeing them in their roles of giving support and wisdom to their family and friends in Salem. Leave the romantic drama to the young ones.

    Also when Angelica was last in Salem, isn’t that when Marlena was presumed dead? How does Angelica even know about Marlena?


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