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60 July 9th, 2014 DAYS Kate Mansi Chats On On Abigail’s Affair With EJ Being Exposed, Rob Scott Wilson, James Scott and More!

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The jig is up for Abigail Deveraux on Days of our Lives, as Sami Brady DiMera (Alison Sweeney) is closing in on her prey!  That’s right!  Sami has known for quite some time that Abigail and her new hubby, EJ (James Scott) slept together and for all intent and purposes had an “affair”.  All of that awkward kindness Sami extended towards Abigail when planning her wedding to EJ, and having the young gal be a part of it, was all part of Sami’s master plan!  How will Abby deal with the revelation that Sami knows what she has done?

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Kate Mansi (Abigail) at the recent Daytime Emmy Nominee reception to get a preview of what the fallout for Abigail may be from Sami’s revenge plan (tune in to tomorrow’s DAYS), if Abigail is really over EJ, and what her thoughts were on the recent Salem casting switcheroo which had Rob Scott Wilson replacing Justin Gatson in the role of  Ben, the new man vying for Abigail’s heart.  Here’s what Kate had to say about all those hotties in her on-screen alter-egos life!

Abigail’s affair with EJ is about to come out as Sami is out for revenge! How bad are things going to get for her? 


KATE:  It’s bad.  It gets bad before it gets better.  It’s funny, because through the whole thing she is trying to keep her wits about her, and it’s really difficult, because she has a loyalty to her family.  She is trying to get grounded and find herself and take responsibility for it and move forward.  But then Sami somehow wanted Abigail to help plan her wedding and be involved heavily in it.  Sami feels that Abigail is a kindred spirit girl friend, and EJ is sort of manipulating her into going along with everything.  So for Abigail at this moment she just wants it to be over.  She is thinking, “I can’t really come out with it and so now it’s weighing heavily on me.  I just want it to be tied up in a bow.”  But, she has no idea what Sami has in store for her!

So Abigail just wants her affair with EJ to be over with?

KATE:  Well sort of, but I think she does want EJ … and it’s not over.  That kind of chemistry lives on, and is always there, and present for you. You tell yourself whatever you can to be able to move on, even though circumstances can keep you apart.  EJ married someone else and it’s crushing her.  But what she has to tell herself to get through it is, “It’s not right …”

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Where you sad when you found out James Scott was leaving the show?  Or, did you know about it ahead of time?

KATE:  I did know about it for awhile.  James pulled me aside in my dressing room and told me.  I feel really privileged to have worked with him towards the end of his run.  We both felt like we left it all out there, and it was great.

And then all of a sudden Rob Scott Wilson is the new Ben, your new love interest. Was that jarring for you having been working with Justin Gatson?

KATE:  It was initially jarring, for sure.  I loved working with Justin.  He is so handsome and he has real quiet, subtle behavior, and stillness to him, which I really enjoyed.

Why do you the DAYS brass made the change?

KATE:  I think they wanted to take the character of Ben in a direction that they saw Rob fitting into so easily.  I can’t answer any more than that, but Rob is a good guy, and it’s been fun so far.

And there are big secrets in Ben’s past!  Do you know what they are? And without revealing it to us, will his past bother Abigail?

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KATE: Yes, he does have secrets, and I do know what they are.  And yes, I think it will bother her, because she tends to find men that are sort of like influx, and working on issues, and sort of like trying to turn a corner in their lives, but they have this past or something deep-rooted for them going on.  I think that’s very enticing for her.

Abigail goes for the bad boys … and has some serious daddy issues too! (Laughs)

KATE: Yeah, there is some of that.  I think she has a nurturing element to her character and she is drawn to the bad boys, for sure.

So what do you think will happen when Sami lets Abigail have revenge served up Sami style? Do you think EJ and Abigail will find themselves in each others arms once again after knowing that Sami set them up? What do you think about the casting switch thus far with Rob Scott Wilson taking over the role of Ben from Justin Gatson and Rob’s on-screen chemistry with Kate Mansi? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. juju says:

    Awful awful interview..this girl’s interviews doesn’t even match what we see on screen..pathetic.


    Monique replied

    Couldn’t agree more to your comment. EJ & Abby = GROSS

    Feelings should be mutual. In her scenes with EJ, she keeps looking at him lustfully, embarrassing . I’d be embarrassed if I was in love with a man who keeps reminding me that he is love with another woman. Where is her pride – dream on!


    CeeCee replied

    I am licking my fingers with relish…finally, Abbi will get a potful of caca, Sami-style. Yippee !!!!

    Lia replied

    From where I sit Abi’s feelings match with what Kate said. Abi clearly wants Ej in spite of the anger she feels about him choosing to go through with his wedding. It’s in her eyes, and as Kate stated….It’s not over.


    Jessie replied

    What do you mean by this, “this girl doesn’t even match what we see onscreen” and how was the interview terrible and pathetic:/?


  2. Laura says:

    I love Kate Mansi! Thanks for this interview. I hope we get more EJ and Abby (EJabby) before James is gone! I hate that he is leaving because the chemistry between these two is incredible.

    Robert Scott Wilson was a good Ben recast but I haven’t seen any spark between Ben and Abby yet. I almost feel bad for him because it’s going to be hard to duplicate the magic EJ and Abby had.


  3. Paul says:

    This storyline is stupid I watched the way EJ has looked at Sami from Day one and there no way he Abby will ever come close to Sami when it comes to which lady truly has his heart there no contest he always love Sami much more. Nothing against KM sure we very nice but we must be watching different shows only reason EJ slept with Abby was because he and Sami were apart and EJ was in place at the time even James said that in a recent interview. No wonder Ali and James left the story this story has brought the ratings down look at them now they are terrible they were way up last year and what was happening last year EJami was happy and in love.


    Dawn Haggard replied

    Please he slept with Abby because he WANTED too and because he enjoyed the ehll out of it. And they are not leaving the show because of the story line. I wish people would get their facts straight before spreading complete and utter BS.


  4. Josephine says:

    Hell Yeah I hope EJabby aint over. I want to see as much of them as possible until EJ leaves . Chemistry like that should not be wasted.


    CeeCee replied

    Ah, Josephine. There is no chemistry. The grass is always greener, is it not? EJ plucked the not-so-pure-and-untainted apple in a moment (or two) of lust because she wanted him to. Abbi? Well, it seems that she could neither snare nor hold EJ’s heart. Abbi strikes me as emotionally unstable, flighty and very volatile. If only the writers would nurture her relationship with Ben. I suppose after JS exits the show, EJ will no longer be a distraction for her.
    It is sad to see Ejami leave…this was a true love story. I would have loved to have seen recasts for both EJ and Sami to continue their story. Perhaps it could still happen; except that I concur with Sami; I could never forgive a betrayal like that.


  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Rob shouldve played nuChad and they shouldve kept original Ben who i liked better for the part…Kate is improving as an actress…hope Sami knocks Abigails eyes out…they bug me…reminds of some insect from my cousins bug collection when we were kids…lol…i was hoping Eve was Aidens ex but it didnt turn out that way…maybe Clyde is her ex…Eve is the momma of Jordan and Ben but abandon them after Ben was born and reunited with Frankie, Paiges father?…ok, that wont turn out that way as well but i wish it had…i remember James Read(Clyde) when he appeared with Patrick Swayze in mini series ‘North and South’…i wish that civil war drama had become a daytime soap!!!


    Mary SF replied

    I was kinda hoping Clyde was the head of some cult and Ben was his son, but Jordan wasn’t his daughter, but Ben and her had the same mother. I thought perhaps Jordan was being forced to marry him, but Jordan realizes Clyde is crazy and was about to lead his community into some dangerous path, like Jim Jones, so she escaped, stole some money and took Ben with her.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Thats really good…i like that…hope it turns out that way…very interesting!!!

    megae replied

    So it was ok for Sami to cheat on Rafe with EJ? EJ created on Nicole with Sami. Sami is going way overboard!


  6. Bobbi says:

    Abigail is perfect for Ben They are both hypocrites


  7. augirlie says:

    Adore Kate Mansi and her portrayal of Abigail Devereaux! EJ and Abigail have been such a beautiful surprise for me! This couple brought me back to Days after a long absence! I am really hoping James decides to come back in the future! Thank you Days for this exciting story.


  8. JaneDigby says:

    I’m looking forward to this secret FINALLY being out. I really want to hear Theresa’s commentary on Abby’s little hobby. ;-)


  9. Rod says:

    I love Abigail can’t wait to each this all play out!!! Love her and Rob together glad they cast him!!!! Loved him on the AMC online he’s a good actor!! THEY ARE BOTH GREAT ACTORS!!! LOVE THEM


  10. Heather says:

    I’m so happy that we’ll continue to see EJ and Abigail interact before James leaves. And she’s completely correct. That type of chemistry doesn’t just go away. I think that’s part of the reason viewers are so enthralled and intrigued by their pairing. James and Kate have this amazing chemistry and a way of playing off of each other that is completely captivating. I look forward to seeing where they go from here.


  11. Mark says:

    She bugs me but love Rob Scott Wilson and he makes her look good!


  12. 4ever DAYS says:

    JG played Ben as if he were a psychopath. RSW is better in the role. He is more believable as Jordan’s brother. I like the Ben and Abby story! EJ and Abby are smoking hot! James Scott will be back. In time, Ben and Abby will be huge!!!


  13. kay says:

    I want to see Abigail be totally humiliated in front of her mother. Abigail can act so sweet and innocent but we know how she went after Sami’s man.

    Justin Gaston played Ben (not Gatson) but I like Rob Wilson much better.


    CeeCee replied

    EJ was not the only man Abbi plied her wares or “sweetness” on. Let us not forget Austin etc.


  14. MBmomof3 says:

    Can’t stand Abigail. I’m really looking forward to her public humiliation and Sami smackdown. She’s such a judgmental hypocrite.


    marie replied

    I agree,she is a hypocrite and cant wait till she is exposed for the slut she is. I really didn’t see much chemistry between her and elvis..


    CeeCee replied

    @Marie: Exact replica of her mommy, Saint Jenny, with her halo slightly askew.


    Patrick replied

    when Abs and JJ premiered… I was so excited … to see some LIFE… instilled in them… out of the house… doing their own thing…

    without… and I emphatically.. state…. their mother and Daniel did not even come in to play

    NOW .. it’s all these two do now… is kiss Daniel and Jenns buttock

    LOL… i’m over it.

    I’m on overload sick to death of the sickeningly sweet nobile… self righteous carry the cross for Salem and the Horton creed… if you will

    Abs was a blast with Austin
    Abs was going somewhere with EJ… 50/50 fan pull

    JJ was stratosphere with Theresa.. Bev and what’s his name

    now it’s all I can take to see Abs and JJ kiss Daniel and Jenns buttock

    LOL… they are no longer fun with minds of their own

    they are both out of high school… and they still act like MOTHER knows best

    they both are good actors… who : I feel : DAYS production… needs to be rid of Daniel and Jenn… in order for these two characters to come alive again

    the writing for these two has gone backburner

    I still like watching , Abs and JJ .

    just not at home any more. these two do not need to be saddled with the dullest pairing in DAYS history…. Daniel and Jenn… need to leave

  15. Melissa says:

    Thank you for this interview Michael. I adore Kate and always find her fascinating and insightful in her interviews. Love that she confirms what we already knew: ejabby isn’t over and the chemistry is off the charts. Can’t wait to see more ejabby.


  16. Cassie says:

    I love Kate and this interview!! I’m so happy James got to have this storyline before he left and I hope it temps him to come back SOON to continue it. I guess when/if he comes back we will get a triangle of Abby/EJ/Ben. Go EJAbby!


  17. Lee says:

    EJ was never likeable to me until he was paired with Abigail. She brings out another side of him that I do like. Their chemistry was quite surprising but they do have chemistry together in spades. I’m hoping Jame’s departure is just a hiatus and that he will return at some point to a red hot story with Abigail, the woman who could truly change his life.


  18. Couplingchick says:

    Love love LOVE Kate Mansi & her amazing chemistry with James Scott is off the charts!!!! EJAbby brought me back to watching Days after a 5 yr break…. Only an amazing & chemistry oozing couple could do that!! Sad to see James Scott go but I’m so happy that the awful EJ/Sami pairing is being obliterated before he leaves… Couldn’t ask for a better ending to that train wreck couple… Now it’s time for EJ to move onto someone who acts like an adult & has class… And that someone is Miss Abigail!!


    mari r r em replied

    agree!! they were so hot together!!
    wish he wasn’t leaving


  19. samigoalready says:

    Thanks for this interview. I love how classy and smart Kate Mansi is. EJ seemed to take an interest in her prior to Sam kicking him out of her bed. EJ was always very sweet to Abigail. Anyway I loved them getting together. It never made sense for a hot, rich, smart , jerkie, be all p whipped over Sami the Bull. Even though I normally don’t condone cheating, I loved that semi’s ego was checked by Abigail. Sami tries too hard to look good, Abigail is just beautiful!


  20. Hola says:

    I loved this interview and I love KM.
    I am so excited to see what happens in the next 3 months!
    Dare I hope…a bun in the oven for Ms. Abigail…?
    Team EJabby


  21. Millie says:

    I hated Ej until he and Abby became an item…seriously! I love Kate Mansi and her and James Scott click, their chemistry is very intense and believable…..I love how they look together and I love how they act opposite each other. I hope we get one more romp before Ej leaves Salem…


    Geena replied

    I’m very hopeful they will make love again now that he knows Sami doesn’t truly love him


  22. Dawn Haggard says:

    The chemistry between EJ and Abby is AMAZING! It’s just to bad that JS is leaving the show because that could have been explored in detail :) And KM is an amazing young lady and I applaud her recent story line.


  23. AMANDA says:

    What chemistry???? This is beyond ridiculous!!! As James Scott said in his interviews and his appearance at the recent Canada Event, which I attended “EJ has no feelings for Abbey what so ever and never has”. That could not be any more obvious, unless you are delusional!

    I have nothing against Kate, but this back burner character of Abbey only received recognition because of her connection with EJ. I think Kate is also a bit delusional. If there was any chemistry, it was from Abbey not EJ. EJ used her to keep her quiet about going to Nick about what Sami did at the river. Abbey instigated the sex at the cabin and again in the shower. It was sex and nothing more as far as EJ is concerned. The times he has been nice to her was his motive to appease her from telling Sami the truth.

    Abbey and EJ are done, plain and simple! Actually, they never were in a relationship to begin with. When you only have sex with somebody, that is not a personal relationship, it is pure physical sex and nothing more. it never happened again once Sami got back into EJ’s bed. Why is that if he has feelings for Abbey?????


    Paul replied

    I never once seen James say in any interview that EJ loves Abby over Sami.

    If someone’s what’s to prove me wrong and show me a link then I will eat my words. He never love any woman as much as Sami only reason this storyline happened was because Ali and Jame’s didn’t want to stay with the show any longer so it was a easy way to write them out simple as that what better way to do that than destroy Ejami.


  24. Engrady Pind says:

    I thought Abby and EJ were very hot together, much more so than EJ and the self-righteous, stupid and asinine Sami Brady who wants to eat the world. Can’t stand Sami and I have never understood what EJ could see in her. I do NOT want to see Sami come out ahead on anything and she definitely needs to leave the show with absolutely nothing, no kids, no lover, no money, no self-respect. I would like to have seen Teresa get her hooks into EJ instead of Brady.


    CeeCee replied

    Nooooo! I protest Engridy. Lol. I doubt Sami purports herself to be self-righteous…quite the contrary, Sami knows who she is and makes no excuses. She is what she is and she cares not what anyone thinks. It is, in fact, Abbi who pretends to be what and who she is not. She had a taste of the proverbial come-hither-and-bite-me-fruit and attached herself to men who do not belong to her. Jimh is on the right track when he repeatedly says that Jen is a looney tune as her mother, Laura…and now the bloodline of insanity is insidiously resurfacing in Abbi. Don’t get me wrong, I think Kate is doing a phenomenal job portraying the demure little Miss while the audience knows the lust that simmers just below the surface, umm ….skirts…a vixen in sheep’s clothing, as it were. Can you not see that Abbi is the interloper here and not Sami? Abbi herself realizes this and is repentant–that is to be admired. Yes, Sami has done “stuff” in the past that leaves a lot to be desired, but as it stands now, Abbi is the shunned one…so there is no way that Sami will not come out on top.


  25. Johnny says:

    Rob Wilson is a charismatic performer, but I question why he was brought on as a newbie. With the Abigail EJ story…the timing would have been ripe for a return by Chad and I on would have been a good Chad. There would have been so much more emotional fallout if Chad was in on the equation. Writers and producers are often so frantic to hire a new “star” that they bring them in on underdeveloped, ill conceived roles. Case in point…Michele Stafford as Nina on GH. There is NOTHING about the writing, the character, or even the acting that works. Nina is not funny, she is not interesting, she is isolated, we don’t know her or care about her revenge plots, and so far, she is completely devoid of any visible on screen chemistry with her screen partners. It is a complete epic fail and disaster. Again…if the writers were so desperate to have Stafford…why not bring her on as love vixen from the past Skye? This is a character who has history and connections across the entire canvas. Instead of being on to exact same revenge against people we don’t know for reasons we do not care about at all…Skye could have been in town to avenge AJ’s death…or get mixed up in ELQ drama…so many wasted possibilities.


    Johnny replied

    Rob would have been a good Chad I meant.


  26. Tony Polar says:

    Regarding the two young actors playing the role of Ben, maybe Rob Wilson is a tad more likable in the part, but it doesn’t exactly require the acting technique of a Robert DiNero or an Al Pacino – I don’t mean that in a critical way, I mean everyone has to start someplace – I’m just saying that thus far, the role hasn’t required any intricate dramatic skill.
    Perhaps as time goes by, we will see some confrontation scenes between Ben and his father which will display some dramatic flair -


  27. Laura says:

    I am always left confused after a Kate Mansi interview. I have yet to see Stockholm Syndrome, a Disney Princess moment and this chemistry that is supposed to exist between EJ and Abby. I liked James interview better where he said EJ had no feelings for Abby whatsoever. I am sure Kate is a nice person, I just haven’t liked her interviews or the character she portrays.


    Kate replied

    Well, now you can say you have seen Stockholm’s Syndrome, because that is the only way to explain Sami’s “feelings” for EJ, the man who raped her. The trauma of that experience has messed with Sami’s psyche. What Sami feels for EJ has never been love and never will be love.


    Laura replied


  28. mike says:

    Justin was a terrible actor, Rob Wilson is a vast improvement


  29. KG says:

    I sure hope EJ and Abby find a way back into each other’s arms. They are what daytime is all about! Unexpected chemistry! Romance! Yes please!


  30. Kay says:

    Ejamis grow up!! EJ did Abby and it was hot. No need to get personal. Remember what JS said about f($&# idiots. Dont be one. :)
    And whatever you put out there on the net is there forever and only reflects badly on your whole fanbase.


    Laura replied

    And attacking an entire fan base only makes you look silly. I have never said anything in a personal nature against KM. Only that her interviews leave me confused, I even said I am sure KM is a nice person, I just don’t like the character she portrays. There are people in ALL fan bases that cross the line, including EJabby fans! So please don’t tell me to grow up, I am grown and act accordingly.


    Lee replied

    Yes. ;) I recall JS also saying in his last interview here that he liked the EJabby storyline and thought it was received well… He also said how much he enjoyed working with KM and praised her as an actress. Goes to show JS pretty much knows where all the negativity has come from and he called those fans out accordingly.


    Monique replied

    Pot kettle :-) remember that actors working together eventually become friends. Regardless of how the story lines affect us fans. They have each other’s back, maybe not all of them offcourse. In other words JS would say the same if he was asked about you Ejabby(s) calling Ali all names in the dictionary. People are not blind on twitter!

  31. Lena says:

    I don’t know Kate Mansi, so I don’t have an opinion about her personaly, but I DESPISE Abigail. I also despise this story.

    It’s disingenuous for people to point fingers at critical statements about Abby/Kate when those same people have called EJ a rapist every day until he had sex with Abby (now he’a suddenly just misunderstood, but he can be redeemed by the love of the precious perfect princess – Hah!) and have talked trash about not only Sami, but Alison Sweeney on a daily basis for six years.

    James Scott said in his interview with Michael Fairman that this story was a slap in the face. Alison Sweeney said she’s always been a company girl, but this story threw her for a loop. If either of them were wavering as to whether they would leave the show, I feel certain this story helped make up their minds.

    As for this particular interview, even Michael wasn’t able to work his normal magic. Once again, I feel like I’m watching a different show than the one Kate Mansi is talking about.


    CeeCee replied

    I hear you, Lena.


  32. CeeCee says:

    Hey, Sami…you go, girl !!!!!!


  33. Gerry says:

    NuBen has a major case of butterface. The first Ben was fine enough so something behind the scenes must’ve gone down that led to recasting Ben.

    Glad Kate Mansi is getting recognition for her talent. Alison Sweeney was unwatchable when she was Mansi’s age. Haters gonna hate but good on you, Kate!


  34. Tee says:

    Great interview!!! EJ and Abi have such wonderful chemistry.


  35. MBmomof3 says:

    The more this story goes on the more I HATE Abigail and really could do without Kate Mani. She’s just awful and very limited as an “actress”. Blech!


  36. Brad Ford says:

    Kate Mansis stupid I don’t like her at all


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