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21 July 19th, 2016 DAYS Ken Corday Celebrates 13,000 Episodes & Reveals Leann Hunley’s Return, Confirms Sidelined Drake Hogestyn & Talks Storylines To Watch For!


Tuesday was a momentous occasion for NBC’s Days of our Lives and its longtime executive producer Ken Corday.  The series is celebrating this week the taping of its 13,000th episode.

During an on-set celebration today attended by many cast members and creatives, spoke with the EP and got his thoughts on a myriad of subjects related to the soap now in its 51st year and this latest milestone.

When asked about several fan favorites returning later this year on-screen including: Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease as Shane and Kimberly, and Leann Hunley as Anna, Corday responded:  “They don’t start airing until after Christmas. We are really way, way ahead, and we’re going to try and get closer to air time, but we do eight shows a week, so… I’m thrilled, but especially those two did not miss a beat walking on the stage. It was like they never left. Charlie had been gone longer than Patsy because she has made a few appearances at weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, etc. Charlie’s transition was seamless. It’s a good story. It’s interwoven with Hope’s story, and it’s great. There are more surprise returns from the past to come. Leann Hunley (Anna) will be back in Salem (as well). “

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When asked about the status of Drake Hogestyn, who has been reportedly sidelined by an injury from a fall during a freak accident back in May, and has not been shooting new episodes, Corday confirmed it stating: “We wish Drake the best and hope to see him back on set soon.”

When teasing what upcoming storylines Corday is most excited for fans to see, the EP related:  “There are two: the one with Chad and Abigail and JJ and Gabi. They are very vibrant and good actors, the young future of the show. I’m very excited about the story Nicole will have coming up with Chloe and Deimos and with Brady and another huge return from the past. Again, a big surprise, and a great part of Nicole’s past and life experience in Salem. It’s a baby story, and those seem to work well for us.”

So, what do you think about the news of a DAYS return by Leann Hunley?  What do you think about the upcoming storylines teased? The status of Drake Hogestyn? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Patrick says:

    Oh, My Gosh darned IT

    Leann Hunley the beautiful is back

    so smart as a whip… her screen presence is tantamount to definition of S – e – x – y

    dang it …

    as I’ve posted before… wouldn’t it be great to see Anna DiMera and Eve Donovan as besties… better yet… as Anna sister !!!!!


  2. Chloe says:

    I love Anna & am thrilled she’s coming back! Now if we could just get Tony to “come alive” again, that would be perfect. Happy to see Shane, too, but I hope PP tones down her overacting. I’d really prefer her not to return.


    James R. Poissant replied

    Tont is due to come back to life because just like his father Stefano, he also has the Phoenix’ capabilities to rise from the dead.


  3. 4ever DAYS says:

    The secrecy surrounding Drake’s accident and recovery status is scaring me! I hope he’s alright. I’ve heard conflicting reports of his accident and all his costars are tight lipped, which tells me he is/was possibly in critical condition.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I hope he is ok too…meanwhile, the return of Anna ect has renewed my interest in the show…so im sticking with it for now!!!


    blake replied

    Yeah that was a strange response from Ken. I didn’t know the other actors are tight lipped. I hope Drake is doing great.


    mary replied

    I hope Drake is okay. I think that other cast members are respecting his privacy by saying nothing.


    4ever DAYS replied

    It only takes a couple words from one person, mary, without compromising/disrespecting his privacy…”He’s OK” is all that’s needed.

  4. Libby says:

    It sounds promising. I hope #Days is looking for some writing talent in Nashville and not just acting talent. Great folks here that were working on Nashville. Some awesome are nor being retained by new regime.

    Folks are loyal to #Days in Nashville. A lot is happening in the city..and not just production of CMT ‘ s Nashville prime time show.

    I am sure that folks will turn out for a 13,000 episode celebration. It is the perfect time to come. Zsouthern Living Publishing is celebrating its 50th anniversary in Nashville in September. They are based in Birmingham, AL. Built new A-1 facilities there
    … but Nashville is the happening spot for South and several industries these days.

    Like the idea of playing up Nicole, Brady, Chloe, Deimos in some fashion.Ari Zucker is incredibly talented and has been wasted for several years now.

    It will be interesting to see who mystery return will be… I have an idea if Days wants to truly get on track. Have always thought Nicole was destined to have her own child on show. As Days wants …it will be a guessing game.

    Hope everyone is good to Viacom. CMT is committed to pm ore serialized scripted drama. Some wonderful daytime, prime time and music artists and writers call Nashville home. Hope Days exwxutivws, casting and Ken Corday meet with diverse group while in TN.



  5. Kelly says:

    Sooooo excited!! Love Leann. She is such a great actress!!!


  6. Brett says:

    I really hope they can turn this show around, it’s worrying seeing the ratings constantly tumbling.


  7. Brett says:

    I really hope that the rumors of Will’s return are true, we need him.


  8. Phil says:

    Bring Kassie back Full Time please!!!


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I love Kassie DePaiva and would love to see her full time; but, as excellent as she is, she can’t carry the entire show by herself. I don’t find any of the current story lines interesting. I was very excited about the return of Daniel Cosgrove; but, they have paired Aiden with that cartoon character villain and I find it boring. The missing Abigail should be interesting but the writing dropped the ball. I pray they aren’t going to try to make an item of Chad and that pitiful young woman playing Ciara. Billy Flynn is very good; but he can’t do it alone. Vincent Irizarry is terrific; but, from where I sit, the Deimos story fizzled. I just don’t see a clear direction for Days.


  9. Pat says:

    What a Twinkie-munch interview. I wish someone actually had the guts to publicly call out Ken Corday over how exactly he has allowed this show to become such a totally unwatchable trainwreck. Memo to Ken: Take a good look at the recent numbers, which translate to cancellation if things don’t turn around in a hurry.

    He has proven time and time again just how out of touch he is with what fans/viewers want to see, and he lies over and over again. It’s very sad to see how far this show has fallen in such a short time. It used to be such a great show.


    Patrick replied

    “love” the blast

    exactly ! YES YES and – more – YES !

    Ken Corday is a travesty… his production value has made shambles of all the LOVE that is Betty and Ted Corday

    I certainly DO NOT want a cancellation any time soon

    LISTEN Ken Corday



    davlestev1 replied

    EXACTLY Pat. Not only that what a cavalier way to talk about Patsy Pease. .bar mitzvahs and weddings..dope. .people like baby stories. .uhhh nor really Teddy..people would like you to come out of the SIXTIES. .he’s going to tank his parents show into cancelation. .someone needs to wise up and release him on the strength of that interview alone. .you CANNOT keep recycling the same stories with the same characters. This is no REBOOT..none of them ever really were. .you have pre raped yourselves into oblivion and by Christmas your casting sinus WON’T help.


    davlestev1 replied

    Pretaped and casting stunts

  10. mike says:

    A return by Kassie DePaiva would be great but I think it would take a return by Chandler Massey to make the ratings move.


  11. blake says:

    Sadly none of this makes me want to watch Days again. Ken constantly drops the ball, he’s a mess.


  12. Mo says:

    Love to see Leann again.


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