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14 March 27th, 2012 DAYS Kristian Alfonso chats on what went wrong with the Hope/Bo/Carly Triangle, Princess Gina & Shawn-D Return!


Days of our Lives favorite Kristian Alfonso (Hope) was in Toronto Canada last week to meet and greets fans for the Days of our Lives 45 years: A Celebration in Photos.  Alfonso took some time to chat with for an interesting interview on Hope’s past, present and future.   A couple of comments that struck us were Alfonso’s thoughts on the Carly/Bo/Hope triangle that eventually faded away, her desire to have her son Shawn-D come back to the Salem fold and Princess Gina making a comeback.   Here are few excerpts below:

Kristian on her thoughts on the Carly/Bo/Hope triangle:  “The storyline with Carly…That could have been an interesting and fascinating story with a lot of twists and turns. Unfortunately, I think it all happened so fast. There were so many things that didn’t add up as far as character-driven [storyline]. Why would all of a sudden this woman [Carly] be sleeping in not just her [Hope] house, but in her bed? Why would it not be the guest room? Or Shawn’s room? Or Ciara’s? Why would that not happen? There were too many things that were contradicting and that didn’t flow but it could have been a very interesting story.  (Former head writer), Dena Higley’s a good writer, she’s a very good writer.  I think things just got pushed too quickly so there were beats that were greatly missed.”

Kristian on wanting Shawn-Douglas to be put back on the canvas, if she would want Jason Cook and/or Brandon Beemer to return:  “Well, Jason Cook is the original! Either of “my” sons. I just spoke to Jason the other day – he’s my boy! I’ve known him since he was a teenager. Whenever I sit with him, I go “You’re my boy!” He’s such a sweetheart. He’s very talented. He’s a director as well and he writes.  It was wonderful working with Brandon as well though. I think Hope needs that connection to her son as well. We need to get him off the boat and back to Salem!”

Kristian on Stefano turning Hope into Princess Gina and John into the Pawn to get “The Egg”!:  “We come to find out that Stefano really needs them to acquire this Anastasia Egg that is worth quite a bit of money, and there’s not just the Anastasia Egg…but also something else! He needs Princess Gina and The Pawn back to uncover it.”

So what are your thoughts on Kristian’s comments on the Carly storyline?  Which Shawn-D would you like to see return? And are you “in” to seeing another go-round with Princess Gina?  Let us know!


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  1. ricardo says:

    i love kristian alfonso as hope. why are they repeating the whole princess gina storyline. its so stupid and lame. enough is enough. the way its looking days will not be renewed for sure. please get rid of stefano for good. great actor but stefano needs to go forever. jack and jennifer need to get back together. lisa rinna who plays billie reed great actress but she looks like a tranny. too much surgery girl. those lips really ridicoulous.


  2. Huh? says:

    I don’t get why Carly sleeping in Hope’s bed is such a big deal to Alfonso… It’s a bit weird. It’s a soap for goodness sake, of course they wanted Hope to find Carly in her bed. It adds to the drama. The beginning of the Carly/Bo/Hope triangle was great. It could have continued to be great if it hadn’t gotten stalled out by lack of story and screen time. Days didn’t do itself any favours by letting that triangle fall apart.


    Pam replied

    You are kidding, right! How sad that you find nothing wrong with Car in Hope & Bo bed. Worse yet that she didn’t either, there are names for women like that though I will stick to no taste & class that says it all.


    Daisy replied

    I don’t get why so many people are up in arms about Kristian making comments about this SL. Apparently no one is allowed to mention Carly because it’s disrespectful. It’s a soap for goodness sake! Yes the SL could have been epic, but it wasn’t and the only person to blame for that is the writer.
    Btw, I would love to see Shawn D back, he would add so much to the show right now… and would be the perfect foil to EJ. If Shawn came back sans Belle, Niawn, anyone? :)


  3. Pam says:

    Kristian is such a doll, I love Jason as Shawn to me he is Shawn he always had such a connection not only with Kristian but also with Peter, I could care less if Belle comes back though we need the next generation of Brady cops. Shawn as a single man would be great; Salem needs some more men his age. As for Gina it is nice to have her back if only for a short while.


  4. Nicolette says:

    The triangle was a great idea. But, the execution was beyond terrible. I do agree with her that many things were rushed. That was a big problem. But, I find it odd for KA to mention the bed thing as if it were some big important plot point. When you leave your husband and your home (that includes the bed) and refuse all communication, don’t expect the man to sit home knitting and waiting for your return. But, alas, DAYS – true to form as ever – could not write a decent triangle. So, what did we get? We got Peter Reckell going on a vacation in the middle of a story (or the end of it . don’t really know what that was.) Oh and we also got Nighttime Hope – oh boy. One look at the current crop of stories and it’s clear that Days missed a great opportunity.


  5. Manelli1234 says:

    The triangle could have been good but Days made a terrible mistake letting Crystal Chappell go! They should of kept Bo and Carly togehter, the rest well not worth talking about.


  6. Mo says:

    I am not liking the new Stefano/Pawn/Gina storyline. It is very boring. If Stefano wanted something from Jope, why wouldn’t he advertise the fact that they are married, rather than let the secret simmer in a safety deposit box that someone may or may not open and read? Things just don’t make sense and worse than that, the storyline is not interesting and has me fast forwarding through the scenes.


  7. Skelettor says:

    The triangle went wrong because it was rushed, yes : Dena Higley is not a good writer and is a person who takes several psychological shortcuts to tell the story she wants to tell and write for the characters she wants to write for. As soon as the story is over, it’s on to the next and characters are expected to have forgotten what happened before or what they went through before.
    Carly moving in to Hope’s house may have been a big failure facture in this story according to Kristian (it’s understandable since she plays Hope), but I’m flabergasted to read she apparently seems to think this was more insulting to viewers than have Hope try to set fire to and murder Bo, the supposed love of her life. What went wrong with this triangle is the fact that even after all those years, the popularity of Bo and Carly was still alive and their fans weren’t going anywhere or being told not what to say or do.
    One could say that discovering Bo and Hope, as loved as they are and deserve to be, were not the only romantic possibility for Bo was upsetting to some working behind the scenes. But one will remain silent, raise the proverbial eyebrow instead, and continue to watch the boring rerun of princess Gina and cartoonish spy John while Bo lays in a coma without his wife to support him – as usual.


  8. david says:

    I just started watching Days since OLTL was killed. At first I couldn’t get in to it, but I am starting to like it. I don’t know anything about the history like the rest of you so none of these issues bother me.


  9. tim says:

    I would love to see both Jason and Kirsten (When she is able) return to Days as Shawn and Belle.I think he is wasted on GH.


  10. KP says:

    I really would love to see Jason Cook and Kirstin Storms return as Shawn & Belle, and with their daughter of course! Those characters are partly the reason I began watching Days back in 2003, and I’ve missed them for years.


  11. Heather rush says:

    I would like to see Jason cook come back as Shawn d


  12. NBC Days says:

    I would like for the Shawn D character to come back. Good actor and great characteristics. As well as Claire and Belle to come back. As with the Gina/Pawn storyline, it is old and ridiculous. I am sorry, I just feel it was too much having Stefano turn Hope into Gina two more times. The first time during the early 1990s was already enough. Turning her into Gina in 1999 and in 2012 was already too much.


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