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29 June 8th, 2016 DAYS Kristian Alfonso On Today’s Hope-Centric Show: “There Are Certain Moments In This Episode That I Felt Were So Bo And Hope.”

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Wednesday’s episode of NBC’s Days of our Lives may just be a hankie-inducing hour of soap opera, thanks to the returns of Peter Reckell (Bo), Andrew Massett (Larry) and Joseph Mascolo (Stefano), who will all appear in the Hope-centric episode featuring DAYS icon, Kristian Alfonso (Hope).

In the special airshow, Hope is visited by many men from her past including a grown-up version of her late son Zack played by actor Scott Shilstone.

Alfonso previewed to TV Line the emotional turmoil Hope has been in over many months in her personal life, and the loss she experienced has led to this moment for her: “I called it the Scrooge episode, because Hope goes to the Horton cabin to think without any distractions and just breathe, and, of course, as soon as she exhales, she’s visited by many people.”

Of course, longtime Bope fans will be excited to see Kristian and Peter Reckell share scenes one more time, especially since Bo died back in November of 2015.   Alfonso  revealed:  “Just imagine that you were given the opportunity to feel like you could hold someone that you loved so deeply and so purely one more time — there are no words to express that enormity of emotion.  There are certain moments in this episode that I felt were so Bo and Hope.”

Meanwhile, Peter Reckell took to his Twitter on Tuesday and told his followers: “I forgot about that little scene in today’s show. Hope you enjoy tomorrow’s show! We had a great time taping it. Just like old times.”

So, are you looking forward to seeing Kristian and Peter together in this special episode? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Taking a call from Aiden isn’t exactly shutting out distractions. Bope fans are thrilled & it’s time for Hope to quit playing the field & be a better mother. Maybe Bo will convince her tha Ciara & Shawn D should be her first priority.


    Mary replied

    Shawn D is an adult with a wife and a daughter. He is capable of living a life independent of Hope. Ciara is almost there. How long does Hope have to remain a widow with only her memories of Bo?


  2. Mo says:

    The Horton cabin looks like it’s been updated and modernized. Not quite as rustic as I remember!


    Donna replied

    I thought it was burned in a fire awhile ago


  3. clh says:

    That makes it easier. I just FF through Hope scenes unless they include Aiden, so on that day I can just delete the whole episode.


    Patrick replied

    truth be told…. Aiden … even with Hope… is what’s carrying DAYS

    add to…. Andre… Thaao Penghlis acting… makes me laugh… his wit charm and dynasty

    I can’t believe I can say this… but the whole lot of the Hernandez bunch is just snore

    bring it back to just Rafe and Gabs… plus Arianna Grace… and bring back

    The Donovan family…. they are Brady after all

    Shane Kimberly Eve… and Andrew

    Theresa will be back


  4. Celia says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and the message it held. Hope is ridding herself of all her demons.
    The stuck door knob was such weighty symbolism….tremendous impact. As her bad memories darkened her threshold in human form; Larry, Stefano…..her mind, stronger than she realized, pulverized the images.
    The best was how the presence of Zack illuminated the room with his aura. The vision brought me to tears and to my knees. Very familiar territory for me.


    Celia replied

    Oops…sorry!! One more thing.
    This was very freeing for Hope. Loved having seen her this way…FINALLY!!
    Bo’s appearance gave her the chance to give him the proper and powerful good-bye/send-off they both, so desperately, needed. Hope will never have that same, unique love she and Bo shared.
    How apropos was the song. Bo and Hope’s message was to celebrate their many years together…their life. Treasure the sweet memories, not live within them and the past.
    However, be that as it may, this is not the end for Hope; but, a new beginning. Who shall it be? Rafe or Aidan?


    4ever DAYS replied

    “Tonight, I Celebrate My Love” has been their song for 33 years, Celia. DAYS must’ve forked over the big bucks to use the song. My understanding is they were going to use Peter Reckell’s wife’s new song on today’s episode, but they reached a deal for Bo and Hope’s song, so the song they intended to feature was passed to Y&R. Did you hear a new song on Y&R?

    Celia replied

    @4ever DAYS.
    Hey, 4ever,
    Yes, I was aware that’s their song… point exactly….the song’s poignant meaning brought it home in this episode. Bo’s death does not necessarily bring finality to Hope’s life.
    She needed prodding from Bo; his approval, if you will. Hope was carrying a very heavy burden.
    I believe the song by Kelly Moneymaker (Peter’s wife) DANDELION, which was heard on Y&R today, will be played again tomorrow.

  5. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Yes, looking forward to the Ghost and Mrs. Brady 0r Muir episode!!!-lol


  6. vinman says:



  7. Michele Wolfe says:

    I was so excited watching today’s episode! That dance! That music! Those tears just flowed down my cheeks!!!
    What a show!! Kudos to all!


  8. Kathy says:

    OMG! What a tearful hour of Bo and Hope. Peter Reckell was unbelievable just like his performance last yeat when he returned. It made me sad that we won’t be seeing these two fabulous actors working together again. The kicker was at the end when they danced to “Tonight I celebrate my love”. If you haven’t watched it, be prepared to sob! Tremendous acting!


  9. Sward says:

    Scott Shilstone was fantastic. DAYS need to find another role for him to play — perhaps as someone to play opposite Freddie Smith.


  10. Jean says:

    A show worth waiting for. I remember so well the romance of Bo and Hope… So much love, such great actors…saving that day on tape to repeat watching….thanks for the memories.


  11. Beth says:

    When DOOL makes an effort, as they did with this Hope-centric episode, it is stunningly good and moving. I cried today watching Bo and Hope. I have so much respect for both KA and PR, and especially PR, for being on screen the whole time, with so much dialogue, and PR hadn’t acted in several months. The magic is still there. It won’t ever go away.

    I also have to praise the decision to bring back Stefano and Larry Welch for this episode–unusual choices, but they fit. And seeing Zack again–oh my. Well done, DOOL.


  12. Gayle says:

    Today’s episode of Bo and Hope was perfect! I miss them together! I am 3rd genera Days fan! It brought back so many memories! When their song played as they slow danced, I blinked my eyes and tears ran down my face! I feel like I’ve grown up with them!! So great to see Bo in this episode!!


  13. Willa Sargent says:

    i loved it with PR, KA, they are so good together pure magic, they are on camera!!! i dont see another love as great as Bo & Hope!!! Andrew Massett done excellent job as Larry Welch…those scenes with Bo, Hope sure made me cry uncontrollable!!!! its amazzzing how the casting director back when PR, KA were hired on Days…they were always magical!!!! seeing Hope see her son first time, grown up was tear jerking too….this is Emmy award acting by PR, KA!!!!! PLEASE EMMY COMMITTEE DON’T FORGET PR, KA!!


  14. Llanviewer717 says:

    Being a new viewer, I had no idea who the people from her past were or what they represented. But, I thought it was an excellent episode. It was well organized and moved quickly. A single character focused episode can get bogged down and boring. This definitely did not. I’m sure there was a great deal of emotion for long term viewers and I’m sure that was very satisfying. Bravo to everyone involved.

    I truly hope this means that Hope can finally take charge of her life again. My fingers are crossed for Hope and Rafe. I think Rafe is really sweet and deserves a front burner story line. I loved Hope and Aiden together. But, planned murder and his son raping her daughter put an end to that.


  15. Kathy Richardson says:

    It was phenonimal acting on everyone’s part today. Especially good to see Peter and Kristin together again. The chemistry they’ve shared all these years cannot be replicated anywhere. They are just so awesome together. I’ve watch DOOL for over 40 years so have watched their love story unfold. They are just so superb together, I really miss that. Seeing Zach was so heart warming as well. Just all around great acting today. What brought the most tears were their one last dance when they played their song I Celebrate My Love For You, I totally and completely lost it, the tears came down like a fountain. A great show. Loved it!!!!!


  16. Cindy says:

    This was the best show I’ve seen in so very long…I will ALWAYS keep hoping that someday, Peter will want to come back. The magic him and Kristen create is off the charts. Kudos to the writers for finally getting it right! Bo and Hope are, and will always be, Day’s greatest love story! I loved seeing the older Zach with his mother. It was so touching. The dance to their song was the kicker. I was in tears throughout the whole hour. I hope Peter, Kristen, and the writers get an award for this episode. It truly is what soap operas were meant to be. Loved it! ♡♡♡♡♡


  17. Mo says:

    I miss Bo.


  18. Elizabeth says:

    I have to say I have watched a lot of soaps over the years. Days, Another World, One life to Live and GH. While I am not much of a Days fan anymore, this has to be hands down one of the best episodes I have ever seen. Bo and Hope are my favorite supercouple of all time. PR and KA are pure magic. When they played their song at the end I lost it. There will never be another couple like Bo and Hope. Thank you Peter Reckell for coming back!! I really hope this is nominated for some kind of emmy next year


  19. Ces says:

    Since I no longer watch Days, I like the hour specials on past faves like the Hope episode yesterday and the Jennifer episode. The rest of the show isnt worth watching! Loved BO & Hope since the beginning! Peter is like a fine wine !!!


  20. Scott H says:

    Not really loving these one character shows….first it was Aiden, then Jennifer and now Hope….can the writers not come up with any new twist to story or any new ideas….don’t get me wrong, it was great with the flashbacks of the young Bo and Hope, and love seeing Larry and Stephano, but c’mon…..these episodes are usually handled one per yer…we’ve had three in the last month…..i’m seeing post from other threads about Ron Carlivati maybe coming to Days or Young and Restless…..have to say he would be a much needed improvement to this show…..the current writing regime sucks…..hope Days is not being set up to get cancelled…..esp after making it 50 years….like Sand through the hourglass, we shall see!!!!!!


  21. Rj says:

    I have to say I really liked this Hope episode. KA and PR are always great. It was tender, heartwarming, and nostalgic to see them together. It was well done. First episode in a long time that I have watched all through.


  22. Jaime says:

    The Bo Hope stuff was really good.
    The excuses for Aiden have not been so great!


  23. Linda Branum says:

    Felt like I was watching the real Days of Our Lives. Loved every minute of it. Glad to see that Peter enjoyed it too from his tweet. Maybe Hope can move on with Rafe. And turn it into another love story. I love my days no matter what..


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