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47 August 29th, 2011 DAYS Kristian Alfonso & Peter Reckell Interview: A New DAYS has Dawned!

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On-Air On-Soaps recently caught up with two of the most recognizable and beloved characters in Days of our Lives history at the debut of the Horton Town Square set.  We can only be talking about Salem’s Bo and Hope, Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso. Having been on the longest running scripted series in NBC television history for decades, this duo’s popularity, no matter where the show is at creatively, seems to never wane.  And no matter what the writers throw at them, somehow Reckell and Alfonso have managed to make it work … sometimes, as they admit, it has been more trying than others.

Now as DAYS is about to re-boot itself with the highly anticipated September 26th episode, what better spokespeople for the series than Kristian and Peter.  Show cheerleaders on one front, top level actors who deliver memorable performances on the other, but these two consistently illustrate their love, care, and commitment to the 45-year-old soap to their fans, each other, and throughout our conversation.  So here is what Kristian and Peter had to say about all the changes in Salem and what fans can expect, plus a little extra!

So when they told the two of you they were resetting the show and going to revitalize DAYS, did the two of you go, “Yippee”? What were your thoughts having seen were the show had been headed over the last few years?

KRISTIAN: My initial thought was: we were going to back to the show we know and the audience loved. And that has what has kept Days of our Lives on the air for 45 years.

Did you go to the powers-that-be and address your concerns over the last year or two to discuss what was happening to your characters? At times, they seemed unrecognizable!

KRISTIAN: I was baffled and did not recognize my character, and I can speak for Peter that he did not recognize his character, either.

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I am always concerned in daytime about the integrity of flagship and legacy characters in the soaps that get tossed around through various writing and producing regimes. The actors are often struggling to try to hold on and maintain the core of the character, while they are doing things in the scripts that are so out of character!

KRISTIAN: There was a lot of discussion. I thought it was all going to end up making sense as to why it was going in a certain direction.  I am a glass half full kind of person and so I kept waiting and waiting and waiting and still looking at it as glass half full.  I am a very optimistic person.

PETER: We always feel that we have some kind of pull here and it always proves more often than not, that we don’t. (Laughs)

KRISTIAN: Look, when things weren’t quite written for Bo and Hope, Peter would come to my dressing room and say, “Kristian, look we have to work this out. Let’s see if we can find this moment and find that moment, and bring the audience around, so hopefully they will start writing in that direction.”

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Now let’s turn the page and talk about DAYS as we head into September!  Obviously you tape a few months ahead, so you have a grasp on what is going on here. How is the overall morale?

PETER: We have this nucleus here.  On the set while we are in the trenches working, we are all so excited! The actors, the directors, the crew and now with this kind of stuff coming in, such as the new Horton Town Square set and all the great returns of fan favorites, we see the excitement of NBC, Sony, and Ken Corday because they are pouring money into the show.  And on Twitter it is has been amazing!

KRISTIAN: Yes. People tweeted that they saw the promo for September and they had not seen the show in years, but they were going to come back because they were excited again, interested again, and fascinated to see where this was going to go.

PETER: That is what we want – people who know this show and know our characters. That is what is happening come September with bringing the characters back that people are familiar with. That is what we need right now, that comfort.  We know people are experiencing many difficult things due to the terrible economy. But take a moment or a break from it all with us and experience romance…

KRISTIAN: … And this is what our show is … escape, fantasy, and mystery … lots of mystery!

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Will Bo and Hope be deeply ensconced and involved in the “mystery”?

KRISTIAN: Oh yes!  We are detectives and we get to work together again. I have said before in many interviews, I am a huge fan of Days of our Lives; I am just excited as the audience. Now, Peter and I are turning the pages of our scripts quicker than ever before!

PETER: People who have been fans in the past of the 80’s and the 90’s, when they come back to the show, they will see what they always loved.

KRISTIAN: There is something that has always described this show, and something that I was also so proud of, and that is that Days of our Lives is a show for everyone. There is something on this show that sparks an interest for every audience view, and it is coming back and people will be talking about the show again. I am so happy to be a part of that.

It’s good to hear the two of you are happy!

PETER: There is still a great place for soap opera in our lives!

KRISTIAN: And why does it have to even be called, “Soap Opera”? Primetime shows are “soap operas”.  Episodic nighttime series are soap operas.  Whatever the case,  I am proud to be on one!

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How are having Greg Meng and Noel Maxam serving as the new co-executive producers at DAYS? These two gentlemen really have so much experience with the show from different angles that fans are hoping this will be a match made in heaven that works for the DAYS daily machine of churning out exciting character-driven new episodes with a revived feel to them!

PETER: These are two people that are tearing their hearts out to make sure that Days of our Lives will see a 50th anniversary.

KRISTIAN: I am clapping and I am smiling! Can you imagine? 50 years would be amazing.

PETER: If we get there, it will be like getting over a hump and we will still be around! That would be incredible to have been a part of that.

Still to this day Peter, what would you tell me it is like working with Kristian?

PETER: I would say it is her commitment and respect, and her determination to work hard, that is something I appreciate from her to this day.  We bounce off of each other, and that in turn I think is fun to watch for the viewers.

Kristian, your turn.  What it is like working with Peter after all these years?

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KRISTIAN: Peter and I are still as passionate as the first day we were on the show.  As an example, Peter and I were doing a scene today and he said, “Let’s do something.”  He is always trying to improve a scene and think of something that is not there, and bring even more colors to it. Peter will push me and I will push him.  It is OK, and there is no ego here between us. I tell him the way it is. He tells me the way it is, but you know what? It works! Apparently, it works on camera.

With the rate in which you tape so many episodes per week (which is so intense), has that put you more on your toes than in previous times at DAYS?

PETER: I was talking about the show we are doing tomorrow and she said, “Do you know those lines yet?” And I said, “Well, no. Not yet.” Kristian then says, “But you have worked on it?” And I go, “Yeah of course!” When we have very important material we spend a week before working on it …that is always the case with us.

KRISTIAN: We have to spend the time, and we want to be proud of our work. When we get out there we want it to be the best it can be.  Sometimes, I still get nervous and get butterflies and I have been here how many years now?

PETER: One of the biggest compliments we have ever received was when we were working with a cast member who is no longer on the show. They worked with us a couple of months ago. We were all sitting together in Kristian’s dressing room and this cast member said, “I just want to tell you guys, it’s so much fun working with you.”  And I said, “Why?” And they said that we are always committed and trying to pull everything out of these scenes that we can. It was an important moment for me to know that people that I respect, respect us.

KRISTIAN: We are just trying to make it enjoyable, unpredictable, and colorful for the audience, but also for us. It keeps that fire lit inside of us.

PETER: And that is what daytime is about.  It is a close-up medium and it is all about what is going on behind somebody’s eyes.

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Lastly, Kristian and Peter sum it up for me. If we tune in to the reset DAYS starting on September 26th, what would you say viewers should expect the most?

KRISTIAN: Lots of mystery! Everyone thinks they saw a lot on that promo… Ok, they did see a lot … but this is something we never even thought of!

PETER:  I just want to say that I am proud of our new head writers, Marlene and Darrell. They have come up with some mystery that even I have not seen in a while.  So that is something! (Laughs)  It’s going to be great.

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  1. Carbo Fan says:

    Days sucks now! I don’t want past crap, I wanted Bo and Carly! Ken ruined it by getting rid of Crystal. Bo and Hope have run out… they no longer have chemistry or passion. Not like Bo and Carly. I refuse to support a show that doesn’t care about TRUE FANS. I hope the show DOES NOT see their 50th. They don’t deserve it… RIP Days


    Leslie replied

    And what requirements make you the truest fan, Carbo Fan. There are legions of Bo and Hope fans who feel they do have the chemistry. So, onward and upward.


    Helen replied

    That’s a rather nasty comment. I understand you wanted Carbo and are disappointed but you are hoping for many many people to lose their jobs. It’s just a show and unfortunately not all fanbases can get their wish. Whilst your anger may be directed at Ken Corday, the cast and crew of Days deserves their jobs and for DOOL to reach 50 years.


    Izzy replied

    How charming. Just because you didn’t get your preferred couple, you want hundreds of cast and crew to lose their jobs. Nice!! I think that makes you far from a “true fan” of the show. Trying to please all fanbases is what has ruined DOOL. Not everyone can “win” and like it or not, Bo & Hope are one of the show’s greatest love stories, they have legions of fans new and old, and they are one of the show’s main drawcards. That’s why Peter and Kristian been asked back twice and have been on the show for well over 20 years. Crystal is a talented actress, but the show survived before her and it will survive after her.


    Bosgirl replied

    What planet are you from for saying Peter and Kristian don’t have the magic. When Kristian left the show years ago, in time, I excepted Carly with Bo because Hope was dead. But let’s be honest and fair, the support for Carly wasn’t there. The support was for Bo and Hope. They go way back. So be nice as the writers are writing for the majority of the fans and I’m really sorry you feel so must hatred. it takes too much energy for that. But you can follow CC online. And by not watching, I guess that means you don’t like Peter anymore and that’s sad.


    Angela White replied

    WOW! Sour grapes, much?? So what, you didn’t get Carbo. Whaaaa! A true fan would want the show to continue, even if they didn’t get their way! But no, you only support your ONE Fave and that’s it. Then don’t support it, follow CC wherever she goes. But the TRUE FANS will support DAYS, not one subpar actress. I HATED Carly (both times she was on) Felt that TIIC DESTROYED A TRUE LEGACY to pimp her out and yet I didn’t pray the show ends and relish the thought of hundreds of people being out of work. And judging by the tweets, FB messages and news articles, TPTB have decided that Snarly didn’t work (hence her being fired) and BOPE lives on.
    Bo and Hope are a SUPERCOUPLE. Since you were a Carly fan you won’t understand this, but that is when no matter what happens, the couple will stay together, because they are in it for real. Being able to be in a scene about other people and the actors share a look and you can feel the chemistry through the screen. KA has that, she has always had the ability to make me laugh, cry, scream and shout based on her reaction to the storylines. Her and PR are Magical, Amazing and Powerful. So follow CC to her web shows and leave the real acting to KA and PR!


    Pam replied

    WELL Said, Angela! True Days fans ride the highs and lows. Carly, was a low.

    Angela White replied


    Carly was a blip in the history of DOOL! I love how the Snarly fans are PRAYING and HOPING for Days to be cancelled. Where is the hope and #onward that was asked for by their leader??

    There is none. Only whining and complaining is what I hear. When TIIC DESTROYED Bope for Carly, I NEVER hoped Days got cancelled. I hoped that KC would awaken from his stupor and FIX OUR SHOW! Apparently so did the majority of fans, since he has instigated a complete CHANGE! Now, I am not saying its gonna be perfect. No one knows how its gonna be, but, since the cast is soo excited, lets hope its gonna be a new “old days!”

    Heather rush replied

    Days does not sucks people need to give the writers at days a break they are doing the best they can right now I love days


  2. Steph says:

    Great interview, Michael! Thank you for giving Peter & Kristian a voice to speak about the last two years and once again show how dedicated they are to their characters, both as individuals and as a couple. Their hard work all these years are why Bo and Hope are still on Days and why people still tune in day after day to watch them! I can’t wait for Bo and Hope to get back to truly being Bo and Hope, and for them to get themselves into the middle of another mystery! Here’s to Days making it to its 50th anniversary!! :D


  3. Helen says:

    Oh wow, thank you so much. That was a great interview. So many things are written about the actors its just nice to hear in their own words what they think about the show and the direction and I am thrilled they both seem so happy. Fingers crossed for Days to make 50 years, it would be awesome and a wonderful gift to the long time fans of DOOL. Thanks again, great interview.


  4. Soap Fan says:

    I am so excited for September 26th I will be tuning Back into Days after 2 years of NOT watching. I’m returning because my Favoirte is returning Home to Salem. Even though Bo & Hope were Never my favorite couple I have to disagree with Carbo Fan. Bo & Hope were a supercouple before the character of Carly was even on the canvas. I don’t know about the last 2 years because like I said I was not watching. However the first time Carly appear in Salem, I do not think her an Bo had the chemistry that Hope & Bo had. I think at first the character of Carly was very nice & likeable but then she changed and wasn’t all that likable and seem to be confuse about her feeling for Lawrence, between Hatred & sexual tension etc…. but to me the chemistry & love was never present between Bo & Carly. There were 2 differnet actors that played Bo at the time Peter & Robert Keller Kelly. I think the on screen chemistry was better between RKK’s Bo & Crystal’s Carly, than it was with Peter’s Bo. I think Peter’s & Kristian on screen chemistry is more intense, more belivable, maybe because their true friendship shines true after all Bo & Hope were very young (as were Kristian & Peter) when they first starting falling for each other. I am so excited & look forward to tuning into Days (the True GOOD OLD DAYS) again on Sept. 26th.


  5. Leigh says:

    Great interview, Michael! Peter and Kristian seem really happy with the direction the show is taking. Can’t wait for Sept. 26 :)


  6. Mauz says:

    What a fantastic interview Michael. Thank you for giving Peter and Kristian a forum to speak honestly and truthfully about their characters over the past 2 years and the direction the show is taking. They are certainly not alone in believing that Bo & Hope were written totally out of character. In a world where fans all too easily put words into actors’ mouths, I love hearing from the actors themselves about how they feel. It’s clear to see how passionate Peter and Kristian feel about their characters and how fiercely they protect them. The hard work, commitment and dediction they continue to give Days of our Lives and their characters are why Bo and Hope have stood the test of time and continue to be one of the most loved and popular couples on TV. I am really looking forward to the show going back to what made it great and hope with all my heart that it not only reaches, but surpasses its 50th Anniversary. Thanks for such a delightful read Michael.


  7. miranda says:

    Thank you for the interview, Michael! Peter and Kristian are so wonderful. Their chemistry shines through every time their on screen. I’m excited for Sept. 26.


  8. Pam says:

    Thank you, Michael! Who better to represent Days than Peter and Kristian they are the corner stone now. I could not agree more about the last two years it was hell, it was so sad to watch characters you loved and supported for years lead down a path of destruction. Thank goodness, it has ended! I am looking forward to Days reboot and the real Bo & Hope again. They are a team B/H and P/K and no one does it better!


  9. Mel says:

    Thank you so much Michael. What a fabulous interview and indeed what two better people to speak about the New Days than Peter and Kristan who have been there through it all. I love to hear how excited they are about what is coming up and how happy they both are with the direction of the show and their characters. I appreciate their passion and dedication to the show, each other, and the fans. The fact they still take the time to work through the script and find little moments to emphasize together shows how much they love what they do. Can’t wait for the New Days!


  10. CindyHaskins says:

    Hi!,I am huge fan of peter reckell and kristian alfonso.i really love bo and hope the are my favorite couple i believe the still have passion and chemistry and magic.i love bo and hope love storyline it was done right.


  11. LUMI says:

    I love Bo and Hope,just like I love Lucas and Sami,so happy John is back :)


  12. JustMe says:

    I highly doubt Days makes it to their 50th. Bo & Hope have lost a lot of popularity (not that they aren’t still popular, but not as much as they were). They were great in the 80s. Really cute. But now they’re just boring and that’s not going to change. They still make a great team…on the force. Not so much as romantic partners. I’ve seen enough of the cop stuff and it doesn’t look like they are going to stop making their big storylines revolve around some stupid case any time soon. Don’t people know by now not to date someone you work with anyway? Doesn’t work well.

    You know what WOULD be interesting, though? If they brought back Ciara’s real father, Patrick. Drama!

    I’ll be following Crystal Chappell out and look forward to seeing Peter Reckell in her shows.


    Steph replied

    Patrick isn’t Ciara’s real father – Bo is. Patrick paid off Hope’s OB to tell Hope that the baby was his & not Bo’s. Patrick is in prison & bringing him back to the show would serve no purpose!


    JustMe replied

    Yeah, they can try to spin it however they want. I’m not buying it. Bo & Hope weren’t even together at that time. Oh yeah, they were together one night and just forgot about it. Please. Yeah, right. The timing doesn’t add up. If they had come up with an explanation that was more believable, I’d go with it. But as it is…Patrick’s Ciara’s father. He’s in prison, so what? He can get out of prison any day now and just show up wanting his kid. It would serve the purpose of adding some much needed non-cop-related drama for this boring couple!

    Aremid replied

    Apparently you missed the episode with Bo as a mime and him and Hope having sex.


    JustMe replied

    Good Lord, I wish I could forget ever seeing Bo as a mime. That was one of the most horrible storylines ever.

    Angela White replied

    Actually, the Mime sex was when Hope got pregnant with Zach, not with Sierra. Her and Bo were together for a while on and off after Zach died. Hope was having issues with Bo defending Chelsea who had killed her child, then Bo was helping Billie and Hope ended up sleeping with Patrick. She admitted immediately she wasn’t sure who the father was. Patrick admitted when Hope gave birth that Bo was the Father.

    Pam replied

    You are just sad!


    JustMe replied

    Wow. *applause* This is like the best reply ever!

  13. Bosgirl says:

    I am so stoked for September and the revival of Days of Our Lives and the love story of Bo and Hope. What an amazing, magical couple they have been since their first scene and it’s still there 28 years later. Looking forward to favorites coming back and hoping they’ll bring Lucas back. Days getting back to the heart of the show with the Brady’s, Horton’s, Kiriakas’ , Dimeria’s and the Blacks. For the first time in a long time, I’m trusting the new writers and co-producers. Bring it on.


  14. My Opinion says:

    Days has an idea that has never been used before? What? The past 10 years was a dream! Ken Corday is actually a visionary!? (Barf) Goodbye Days, wish I could say it has been nice knowing you but….


  15. Natalie says:

    Thank you for the interview. Thank you to Peter and Kristian, I love their commitment to the show and to their characters. First rule of Soaps do not write legacy charcters OUT of character. That is what the last two years have been, Bo and Hope were unrecognisable. I find it pathetic that a character who spent what 18months on the show 20 years ago should be brought back and a show completely decimated for her…here in Australia I don’t know one person who liked Carly back in the 90′s and as we didn’t get Guiding Light here so we NEVER got to see the supposed awsomeness that is Crystal. We have just aired Alice’s funeral and pretty much everyone I know is hating on Days, Bo and Carly and NO ONE can figure out Hope. I get constant “when is this crap ending?” Carbo fans get over it. CC did not save DOOL her character was on every day for 5months and by the end of it the ratings were in the toilet. But she is gone onward and upward. I look forward to the resurgence of DOOL…it’s a pity the last two years of crap can’t be wiped completely.


  16. DD says:

    It saddens me that on a day that one soap stopped filming that people who say they are a fan of soaps are gleefully hoping and praying for another soap to be canceled, just because their favourite is no longer on it.

    Thank you for the interview Michael. Kristian and Peter’s enthusiasm for what’s ahead is certainly enjoyable.


  17. dale allen says:

    Thanks for the great interview Michael! Peter and Kristian have always been two of my favorite actors and its encouraging to know that even they thought that their characters where OOC for the last 2 years! I look forward to the Old New Days and I can’t wait to see what antics Bo and Hope gets into! Its like coming home!


  18. ctatum says:

    i have watched dool’s for about 40 yrs. i loved the show. i really love bo and hope,john,marlean,jenn,jack,all the couples that have been on days over the pasted 40 yrs. i’am waiting to see what the wirters have for them this time. if they have mystery on it then i now that it will be very good. so i’am count the days down strating tomorrow. because i;am getting very excited.


  19. richie says:

    YES! Bo and Hope, the TRUE Days supercouple. Carbo was pathetic and boring as hell to watch.


  20. LUMI says:

    Lucas and Sami
    Bo and Hope
    Jack and Jenn
    Tony and Anna
    supercouples,,, supershow,,, MY OPINION


  21. Blake says:

    I will dvr Days on that day because that’s when AMC will be off ABC for good, so what better way than to give NBC their ratings instead lol.
    Plus I really want to see if if they brought back Carrie, Austin, Jack, Marlena and John. Thank God they are changing it because the show is not worth watching before then. And i’m tired of Sami being the main focus of the show.


  22. KESM says:

    Thanks for the Days interview of Peter and Kristian. I’m getting excited to see what the new writers have in store. I’m up for a good mystery to get away from strict couples drama for a bit.

    I’m already seeing a difference in the rewritten scrips airing now. They are still dealing with the Higley stories but there is a definite shift. I might go spoiler free when it gets to the start of the new writers stories. I think knowing in advance does take away from the shows.


  23. Aremid says:

    You haters out there is exactly why soaps are dying out. Why not support the medium instead of dissing it?


  24. me says:

    I’m a CC fan, and I just want to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry about the hate on here for PR & KA being together. I’m not a true Days fan, I watched to support CC. Still I can’t sit back and act as if it is ok to want to see hundreds without a job. I must say that I hope that you bope fans get to see them as a loving family not just two people who work together. You are owed that from TPTB. In the short time I have watched they’ve not been given much of that. I know that it must have been better before the last few years. I wish bope and Dool the best of luck.


    Mrs. Rafferty replied

    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this reply, as you made your post such a long time ago, but I just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you said. It was one of most gracious and rational comments I’ve read from either side. I’m a Bo/Hope fan from way back, but I liked Carly pretty well the first time (tbh, probably because Hope was dead, LOL).

    I just recently came back to Days after years away (the writing was just too awful to deal with) and I’ve been really shocked/saddened to see what TPTB did to Bo/Hope, as well as just how crazy some fans became with their hate of FICTIONAL characters. Yes, I want to see my fave supercouple together with fantastic storylines, but I do wish all of them well. It’s a shame that more people don’t share your perspective and I hope that you get to enjoy CC in her new role for a long time.


  25. brett says:

    i cannot believe the negativity im reading whilst im a bope fan from way way back i think crystal chapple was given short shrift its not that cc is a bad actress its the writers who just didnt know wat do to with carly here in australia we just saw alice’s death and funeral and all carly is doing at the monent is playing dr and giving chloe a hard time im sad that cc and louise sorel were let go (vivian is a hoot) but im looking foward to three things the relaunch the getting back to basics and the big one i’ll be watching is the swill storyline (will and sonny) its bout time a gay character or 2 were introduced and i look forward to not only watching days turn fifty but i hope to watch it turn seventy keep up the great work cast im proud of you and i’ll be watching no matter wat! oh and one last thimg molly burnett rocks


  26. adriana8900 says:

    bo and hope are dool supercouple


  27. rono3849 says:

    DOOL has been a joke for too long. It’s had a nice run and now it’s time to say good-bye. It’s like a bad cartoon now and no matter how many people they bring back from the grave, it’s not going to change the facts that this show is done. The level of acting and production are an embarrassment for all involved. Hell, the sets look like they werer made by monkeys. NBC & Sony killed it along time ago. Sorry no sale.


    Angela White replied

    And you are on here for what reason??? Don’t support the show, the soap opera world, the actors, the crew or anyone associated with it, so why respond to an article COMPLETELY Dedicated to the show and cast???

    You sound like a foolish troll. Go back under your bridge and hide!

    At least NBC and Corday are working to make changes to our show. They haven’t cancelled it or sent it to be online. We are still fighting for our show and TRUE fans are anticipating some great changes!


  28. RJ says:

    Like the idea of a good mystery. That will keep us guessing and wanting to come back for more. No more RoboRafes – that was mean, ugly, nasty and was not even intriquing or interesting. There were not surprising turn of events. They gave too much info up front, so you always knew what was going to happen. Good writers can pull you in so you want to keep watching to see what is going to happen next. Look forward to it.


  29. happyfan says:

    gotta love the changes, as the last two years were absolutely horrible. there is so much hate coming from the carbo fans….but think about what the bope fans were going through when tptb put together that ridiculous sl w/carbo. bo hadn’t even had one thought of carly in over 20 yrs. and yet suddenly they are back together and so in love. (barf barf). so unrealistic and un-bo-like. bope has been a driving force for days since ’83 and always will be. they are the heart of the show. the carbo fans that are so angry about cc being written out are being totally childish, imo. we bope fans, no matter how bad it got when carbo was together and not bope…we hung in there…praying for some kind of miracle. carly left bo way back when for lawrence and during that time, had an affair w/daniel which resulted in melanie, etc….and then tptb expect us to be like….”oh yeah…carly’s back”. I never liked her…even way back when. tptb copied too many things from bope’s history together for carbo that I didn’t like….the private ceremony/wedding, the bathtub scenes, etc….those were bope moments and they robbed us fans of those private and special moments that were meant to only be bope’s moments. grow up carbo fans, as bope has been a favorite for a very long time and always will be. the passion, romance, and mystery are back for these two and we, bope fans, couldn’t be happier.


  30. Heather rush says:

    Peter and kristian are the best on the show that’s the only reason that I stated watching the show in the frist place


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