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13 August 7th, 2010 DAYS Kristian Alfonso & Peter Reckell, “They definately can’t throw Bo and Hope right back together!”

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Days of our Lives, super couple, Bo and Hope, have gone through such a tough time over the past year, but it seems that Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Peter Reckell (Bo) have been enjoying the strain in their on-screen relationship.  The duo caught up with Fancast’s, Sara Bibel at the Television Critics Association Party in Los Angeles.  During their discussion, Alfonso and Reckell told Bibel their thoughts on the machinations of Nighttime Hope!

Peter and Kristian on Nighttime Hope and their current situation: Alfonso: “They definitely can’t throw Bo and Hope right back together.  Otherwise, what was the point of the story? To play an off-center, off-kilter character is [fun.] I have to say, I felt bad for her!” Reckell: “She did such a great job the people on the set, the camera guys would be like, ‘She can’t leave.’  She was a great character.”

Make sure to read the entire interview, and will you miss Nighttime Hope?

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  1. JustMe says:

    Yeah, Nighttime Hope was a lot more interesting than the usual Hope. Keeping her around as the new villain, and keeping both versions of her away from Bo, would be much more entertaining than boring Hope and boring HoBo. But now that her run is over, I’d much rather see her rot in prison or tied up in a straight jacket for life than bringing all this blame to Bo and having HoBo reunite due to Bo’s guilt and obligation. This “supercouple” should just end things for good because this relationship, especially since she just tried to kill him (which also killed the ratings), is highly dysfunctional.


    bonnie replied

    shut up you don’t know what you are talking about.
    obviously you haven’t been a fan of the show.
    maybe you show catch up and get with it. they are the best characters in the show.


    JustMe replied

    Wow, that’s real mature. Lol. Um, my comment is almost 2 years old. Why reply to it now? It’s irrelevant now. And no, I’m not a fan. I stopped watching about a year after this comment. The show sucks and my opinion of Bo/Hope has not changed. They’re boring, dysfunctional, and clearly not helping ratings. I would say Bo can do better, but he may not even be around soon. So enjoy them while you can b/c with the news the Peter Reckell may be leaving, you may not have much longer with them.

  2. Deb says:

    NT Hope is such an improvement to Hope’s character, I would like to see NT Hope stick around and strike up a relationship with Dr Baker. Hope & Bo are just snooze worthy, might as well send them to Switzerland if they HAVE to be together cause Hope is just toxic to Bo’s character. Bo is charming and smile’s with Carly, never liked Bo at all till Carly showed up and I saw a whole different guy. Days needs to stop caving to fanbases and write real stories or the show is going to be history!


  3. Kyla says:

    Bo and Hope are the only reason I watch Days…so I am looking forward to them getting back together. But I agree with Kristian, they can’t just throw them back together after the year they’ve had. It’s got to be a slow build and they have a lot to work through – which I can’t wait to see them do. I am hoping that is the next phase of their story.

    I also think Kristian did a fantastic job as NT Hope…I loved that she was given the opportunity to do something different and show her range as an actress.


    Alice replied

    I absolutely loved NT Hope and thought Kristian did a brilliant job. She brought so many layers to the character and was able to show off her amazing range and tallents. And yep, I sure as heck will miss her. She was loads of fun and added some spark to the show. Ratings were on a downhill run before this story, and the slide pretty much stopped once this story started.

    As for Bo and Hope, they ARE Days. They are the only reason I’m still watching the show and I think this week’s outstanding scenes showed why they are still so popular among viewers. But like Peter said in his Emmy interview with you Michael and like Kristian says here, I hope the writers don’t rush them back together. I want it to be done slowly and properly, so they can work through all their issues, individually and together, so there relationship can be stronger than ever before. When give the intense, emotion-packed stuff, Peter and Kristian deliver in spades. I can’t wait to see what happens for their characters over the coming months.


  4. semaj says:

    im a big bo and hope fan i want bo and hope back together already


  5. mary878 says:

    Bo and Hope are the last of the couples I cared about. This storyline has been so dark its been painful to watch…as a divorce survivor, particularly so. As a DOOL fan for over 40 years, it has left me ready to abandon the show. I have watched over the years because it was fun, a great escape with a little angst. This storyline is not. Its like a badly written Tennessee Williams play. This sl has also changed the characters of Bo and Hope too drastically and in ways that have made them unlikeable. The only way I can see them coming back together is having their therapy on the show so the viewers can get some sort of explanation of their bizarre behavior and see them grow as people and as a couple. Obviously, that would take time and need to be thoughful and well written. If the storyline continues as a triangle with Carly, I think DOOL will continue to lose a lot of long time viewers like me who are offended by the adultery, the disregard for Ciara’s feelings, and the disrespect for long time Bo/Hope fans. That said, I absolutely don’t want them to come back together with a never ending guilt trip from either party. I want them back as they were when romance and adventure were part of their relationship. I want to see some maturing as a couple with signs of compassion and understanding so they can play the role of Tom and Alice. I want to watch something fun instead of endless angst!


    bowdown replied

    I TOTALLY agree with your comments. This is the most disrepectfully storyline that I have every seen on DAYS. They are basically saying it is alright to cheat and stay married. I just fast forward when I even remember to watch the show. I want something to remove me from what I see everyday. Bo’s character has lost ALL since of respect in my eyes. For him to throw away over 25 plus year for a 2 yr fling with CArly while Hope of away is ridiculous. I find it highly applauing and it just makes me want to vomit!


  6. bowdown says:

    I do not mind Hope being a tad deraged.
    I do not mind them having to separtate to work things out in their minds.

    I DO mind the fact that Bo has the nerve to bring another women into the home he built with Hope. I DO mind the fact that he is CHEATING ON HIS WIFE and does not care about his daugther seeing him like that. I DO have a problem with the writers of this show displaying this image of Bo & Carly as if it is OK for a man to have a wife and then find an ex-WHATEVER and cheat on her. BO is a freakin idoit and the writers of this show are full of crap. This is the most sickening story line I have every seen on DAYS and I have been watching for over 30 years. I wish they can explain how Bo can go from telling Hope he loves her, he was wrong, he did not this, he did not that to getting in bed with Carly like everyting is all right DOES HE NOT SEE WHAT AN A _ _ THAT MAKES HIM LOOK LIKE!


  7. semaj says:

    i want bo and hope to have long proper reunion


  8. DaisyADay says:

    Hope and Bo have always been my favorite couple of all time. I am so glad to see them back together. Thanks to TPTB!!! Always disliked the Carly character…maybe she can go back to Transylvania or wherever it was she met Jen. :-)


  9. Marynelle says:

    MAGIC, that’s Kristian and Peter (Bo and Hope) from the very first day today and it just grows and grows. So happy to see Days FINALLY bringing this “supercouple” back together, slowly. Been watching since the very beginning and there’s just nothing like these two. Their love will NEVER die and they are soulmates. thank you Days for FINALLY getting it right.


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