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26 June 19th, 2015 DAYS Kristian Alfonso’s Star-Studded Instagram Photo With Returning Faves Jason Cook, Thaao Penghlis, Stephen Nichols & More Cast Members!

Photo: AlfonsoInstragram

One of the true champions of Days of our Lives upcoming 50th anniversary is series icon Kristian Alfonso, who for decades has played the heroic Hope Williams Brady!  Alfonso, in numerous conversations with On-Air On-Soaps, has touted just how exciting and how gripping the upcoming stories that fans will begin to see roll out on their televisions and computers this fall will be.

Now the beautiful star has posted an incredibly star-studded Instagram pic from the make-up room at the NBC soap opera featuring returning favorites: Jason Cook (Shawn-Douglas), Thaao Penghlis (Tony), and Stephen Nichols (Patch) in their first group photo (that we know of) along with cast members: Galen Gering (Rafe), Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie), Rob Scott Wilson (Ben), Daniel Cosgrove (Aiden), Greg Vaughan (Eric), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) and Mary Beth Evans (Kayla).

Alfonso, who has been posting pics to add to the upcoming excitement coming this fall, noted this pic posted late Thursday with the message, “Thought I’d share another, Yup we love being apart @nbcdays )) We’re all smiling, laughing and having a ball !;)))#days50 , #Grateful everyday”

What do you think of seeing so many of your favorites in the photo? Who are you most excited to see in the picture? Are you ready for DAYS 50 coming this fall? Comment below!

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  1. Aden says:

    Rory SO needs a spin off called Daze of Our Lives!!!!!!! There’s your target demographic NBC!!!


    Jeremy replied

    Rory is such a fascinating character, as is Bev. Alison Paige plays Bev on DAYS, and she’s fantastic.

    I wish GH would secure this talented actress, and have Alison take over the role of Kiki Jerome. Kiki must be recasted ASAP! Alison Paige would be perfect for the role.


  2. Jamesj75 says:

    This picture illustrates the excitement and electricity in the air at DOOL. The cast evidently has a fondness for one another.

    Seeing Galen Gering makes me beseech the writers: please include storyline for Rafe. Please give him something to do already!


    Jeremy replied

    All in good time. Gabby will return, and it’s rumored that the A. Martinez character will be Rafe & Gabby’s father. Perhaps, there’s truth to that rumor. Otherwise, there always seems to be this hotness and chemistry that remains between Rafe & Kate!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Great to hear, Jeremy! Thanks!

  3. MeganLA says:

    If that’s the Days we’ll get to see after August, I’m finally done with this show!!! Not interested in the “big stars” from the 80s and I don’t know anyone in the key demos who is. There are enough vets on the show that just have to be used the right way, we don’t need any more of them. I’ve been watching since 2010 for Will and Sonny, and now Paul and Sonny. The new writers have no clue what younger viewers want to see, so they’re throwing the most successful storyline under the bus. Incredible ignorance!!


    Beth McKamy replied

    What exactly do younger viewers want to see? How are they throwing the Sonny/Will/Paul storyline under the bus? It’s front and center. What more do you want? The younger viewers are not the only demographics that soaps need to please. I am a longtime viewer of DAYS (since episode one) and I AM a KEY DEMO regardless of what you believe! You are already talking about bailing on the show if in your words DAYS brings back the big stars of the 80′s. First, do you even know who the big stars on DAYS were in the 80′s? Evidently you don’t! Secondly, why should DAYS cater to any viewer that’s not willing to be there, watching loyally for another 50 years? I haven’t always liked some of the stories over the years, but I’m still here because I realize I’m not the only fan that DAYS needs to please. And because I LOVE DAYS and want the show to be around for ever. I have liked many characters on DAYS over the years. I have also not liked some, but I also know that other fans have liked those that I do not like. DAYS iis my family and they always will be no matter where they go with there storylines. THAT IS LOYALTY AND THE KEY DEMO!!!!!


    4ever DAYS replied

    Beth, I hope all your DAYS dreams come true. Have a happy 50th anniversary!!!!!

    Mary SF replied

    This is an anniversary year, of course they are going to revisit the past and the rich history of the show- that is what anniversary years are about. I seriously doubt that means they are going to dump all their present day characters and stories. There should be room for the new and old on this year to celebrate all things DAYS.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Its just all in celebration of the shows 50th…like a family reunion!…its not like the show is dropping the Will/Sonny/Paul characters and replacing them with former stars…most are making guests appearances…Days isnt abandoning the storyline but Freddie Smith is leaving his role as Sonny so they either will take it in a different direction or recast Sonny…the Will/Sonny/Paul triangle is a good storyline but it isnt the only one…Days isnt just about those three characters…its about multiple characters of different generations…if you just want youth the Disney and Nick channels is the best place to tune in!!! Just a friendly suggestion!!!


    4ever DAYS replied

    You just threw everyone pictured under the bus. Then you ran over them and the viewers of the 80′s.

    There is plenty room for everyone. This is just a picture of performers on that particular work day.


    davlestev1 replied

    2010??? The show started in 1965…50 years of viewers passing the show down to viewers..You started watching FIVE…FIVE…FIVE years ago. How on earth do you know what viewers want to see?? Though this may come as a surprise..not all young viewers want to see that relationship played out..luckily they let it play out and didn’t listen to people like you…you like that story and want to see more of them..more what?? What more stories like that?? Think before you type.

  4. Marie says:

    So happy to finally see Days doing what they did best, utilize all cast members. Glad to see Patch, Tony/Andre, Shawn all coming back. Those were the Days of great story lines not focused on one demographic but all. Condos to the new writers if this is the way they are heading. Also Rafe needs a story line. The old writers buried him and now it is his turn to shine once again.


  5. Adam says:

    Where is Bo Brady? They need him in all of this – I like that DAYS is going back to the 80′s cast, back then it was awesome. They need the original Roman Brady played by Wayne Northrop as well as LeAnn Hunley who played Anna DiMera, she was awesome on the show.


    Patrick replied

    Leann Hunley is needed…

    Abe, Roman, Clyde, Stefano, Victor, John

    need we say more

    plus all the femme fatale… she musters

    EVERY one would be flirting with her

    she ACTS plus


    Patrick replied

    ok… plus… Thaao Penghlis… and A Martinez

    “I love Anna DiMera”

  6. Patrick says:


    I’ve just seen this !

    Daniel Cosgrove’ Aiden is so sexy



    Patrick replied

    Jason Cook
    Galen Gerring
    Stephen Nichols


    of DAYS


    i’m in love


  7. damien says:

    i heart shawn d!!!
    hope he sticks around. he s the cutest!!!


    Patrick replied

    not with standing… the obvious : he’s HOT

    how can one be so …. ethereal

    having all the qualities of dreamland… nonstop

    DAYS: PLEASE… keep him


  8. blake says:

    lol so cool! I can’t wait to see the new stories starting in August


  9. Kat says:

    Can’t wait for August! Seeing all these faces together makes me happy!


  10. janet says:

    Haven’t watched the show in years. will watch the anniversary returns of all those pictured and Bo. looking out for a hero. Plus Anna De Mira yea. Would also love to see Eugene, and as someone said Roman.


  11. Ghlover says:

    I would enjoy seeing Louise Sorel back!


  12. Barbara Vanagas says:

    Bring the old timers. Everybody work we gotta save DAYS


  13. kelly says:

    Thaao Penghlis is back!!!! Now please DOOL, give him a good storyline.


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