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17 May 23rd, 2013 DAYS Last Two Episodes Video Recaps! Sonny At Will’s Bedside, Gabi Gives Birth, Nick’s Past Revealed!


It has certainly been a big May Sweeps week for Days of our Lives, and over the last few days so much has happened! First, Gabi (Camila Banus) and Nick (Blake Berris) are saved thanks to Will (Chandler Massey) and Sonny (Freddie Smith)!  However, Will gets shot by Jensen, and viewers learn the horrific events that Nick has been carrying around with him since his time in prison and his relationship to Jensen and Vargas!

Meanwhile, Sonny helped deliver Gabi’s baby and Will and Gabi now have a little girl, only Will is in the hospital and not awake and does not know!

NBC and Days of our Lives have recently been giving fans 3 to 4 minute episode recaps highlighting the best and most pivotal moment from the episodes.  Watch the last two after the jump! Then, let us know what you think will happen next? And what have you thoughts of the performances by Blake Berris, Camila Banus, Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith over the last few days?  And, if you think this is the only story on fire, watch what happens as Kristen and Brady’s wedding day approaches!

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  1. Jules says:

    Those recaps are not enough. WATCH THE SHOWS! They were so good and so worth it!

    KUDOS to the writers who wrote a brilliant umbrella storyline that has had so many great twists and turns that has kept it fresh and interesting, and got nearly every character on canvas involved.

    MAJOR kudos to Chandler, Freddie, Camilla, James, Ali, Lauren, Derek ( creepy!), Sean (Vargas) and most especially Blake for kicking oh so much ass in this.


    Ces replied

    Blake is such an extraordinary talent!


    Patrick replied

    Ditto! Salem’ites!

    There’s so much to say….

    ie: the whole cast is involved.

    Blake is “thee” extraordinary….


  2. jimh says:

    i suggested a storyline a long time back where Will saves Nicks life and as a result Nick changes into a better person…now i hope it becomes 100% true…Nick apologizing to Will and Sonny, and the foursome of Will, Sonny, Nick and Gabi become great friends who’ll love baby Arianna and try to raise her together…but unfortunately this is a soap so sometime later something will happen and tear that friendship apart…maybe Will getting too close to the baby and Gabi that’ll make Nick and Sonny somewhat jealous and this will cause friction in all their relationships! Days is getting good again and i hope it stays that way. Now they need to fix the absent Bo situation!!!


    carlos replied

    no veo factible que will y gabi traisionen a sonny que ha dado su vida por will la trama perderia emocion.


  3. Daisy says:

    Days has been great lately! LOL when Sonny was delivering the baby and said that he had closed his eyes when watching a film on childbirth in health class. A great line delivered by a great actor! Love Freddy!


    Ces replied

    Freddie is adorable!! I loved his scenes with Justin.


  4. Mary SF says:

    I said it before and I will say it again, when Days wants to they can put on quite the show. I only wish they wouldn’t just do it doing sweep weeks. It would be nice if they spread the wealth around throughout the year, and not just when it benefits them the most. But out of all the soaps on network Days Mays Sweep shows were the best. Can’t wait for Will to wake up and see his daughter.


  5. Ces says:

    Days does a great job with wrapping up storylines like “Will’s the Father” ending and now this one. Blake Berris & Chandler Massey are absolutely the most best performers this show has! Freddie and Camila also did a great job.
    I don’t want Nick to lose his edge because Blake is great at that but I do hope this brings Will & Nick closer together. I really look forward to the talk Will & Nick have after what Will overheard.
    My only wish is that DAYS would have more cliffhanger moments so we don’t have to wait for a sweeps week for something to happen!!!
    I see great potential for Vargas & Hope with this storyline also .. anyone else see their chemistry?
    Now, if only Days would unload that boring Jen, Daniel, Abby & new icky JJ storyline and I’d be a happy camper once again :)


  6. calie says:

    Where are they going with the character of Vargas? I am confused. One minute he was berating Nick and then he was supporting him. Love Cameron, Abby and Chad on my screen. Ej and sami, Kristen and Brady and Stephano and Kate. I am glued to the show except when Daniel and Jennifer are on…and this from me once a Jennifer fan. I am with JJ on this romance…it was too much too contrived and much too soon after Jack.


    Patrick replied

    overall… DAYS is driving on all cylindars…

    except, once again…. back to now it’s JJ driving a wedge between “the” two new darlings, supercouple…. gag… “Daniel” and Jenn.

    honestly…… Nicole tried.
    Chloe tried.
    JJ’s trying…. i never once really heard anything good about this pair, from the start.

    it’s a shame, really…. I feel for the characters of Hope and Jenn.

    I really do like the idea and watching more Hortons… and IMO… Melissa Reeves does have the chops to be a Mother….. not so much in the romace dept…

    get a clue writers… find someone else… Daniel? again, and again, and again.

    on todays epi… i thought perhaps… it crossed my mind….. what ! ? ! ? about a possible Vargas and Hope ???? seemed like they were testing the waters… he kinda reminds me of a young Peter Blake…. he’s rough, roguish… toughie… reformed bad guy, …. kinda Bo’ish…. OK… give this some thought.


    Ces replied

    I like Vargas and Hope actually. I think they had some real chemistry and if they hit it off then find out that Vargas has been threatening Nick, there is some storyline potential there. Kristian has been wasted since Peter left and deserves her own storyline!!

    Matt Ashford and Jack need to return because as much as they try & try to force feed Daniel & Jen us & throw these stupid obstacles (Nick, Chloe and now that little twit JJ) on us, they’re still dull and I’m not rooting for them. Missy was at her BEST with Matt Ashford always!!!

    I like the rest of the show though, well, except Cameron. I think Abby & Chad have more chemistry!

    Daisy replied

    Vargas and Hope would be hot!

    Mary SF replied

    I agree with others that I see a Vargas and Hope hook up in the future. The good cop and the not so good ex-con– so much potential for good story telling. Hope really needs a story line. I like Vargas, he seems like a creep, but every once in a while you see the good in him– I think Hope can bring that out in him.

    And yes, Jen and Daniel are sooo not right for each other, why do not the writers see that? Don’t they watch their own show? The two actors have no chemistry in real life, which is a must for any good couple to work. I’m still hoping for a Jen and Brady hook up– I saw a flicker of chemistry between them when both were grieving the loss of their significant other after the blast last summer. Daniel could leave town any time and he would not be missed. I want them to bring back Mike Horton to be Salem’s super doctor.


    Ces replied

    Oooh, Brady & Jen are cute :)

  7. Daisy says:

    Brady is cute. Jenn not so much. She needs to stick to being a mom.


  8. kay says:

    I feel that the storyline for Will and Sonny has been the best so far and now we have baby Arianna Grace added to it. We will see how this couple can become closer and work together with Gabi and Nick to create a support system for this little baby. I would really like to see Will and Sonny grow closer and eventually make a commitment to each other by getting engaged and eventually married. Chandler and Freddie are doing a terrific job in their roles, and deserve all the recognition they are receiving.


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