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3 November 1st, 2010 DAYS Louise Sorel on Vivian’s out of the sarcophagus experience!

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Watch out Maggie Horton!  This Friday, Days of our Lives, wackadoodle Vivian Alamain played to the heights by Louise Sorel finally gets out of weeks of entrapment in Isabella’s sarcophagus, originally thanks to Brady Black (Eric Martsolf).  But freedom for Vivian means imprisonment for Maggie! (Suzanne Rogers)

In a new interview out today from Sorel dishes on life entombed as Vivian, and how she turns the table on her new nemesis, Maggie!   Here is an excerpt!

Sorel on what Vivian is about to do to Maggie, after all she can’t blame Chinese Herbs this time, a la the 90′s when she buried Carly alive: “No, I think because it’s all been played for laughs whereas  Jim Reilly’s original buried-alive story was played very seriously, which is why it worked so well. This one is quite funny. Well…I’m saying it’s funny because otherwise I couldn’t do it. Besides, Vivian can now press charges on anyone who threatens her because she has the goods on everybody — Brady, who buried her there, and Victor, Philip, Nicole and Kate, who all knew she was in the sarcophagus and did nothing to save her. And they still think she’s in there. When Gus the idiot rescues Vivian, he takes her to a hotel where she sets up her remote camera so that everyone thinks she’s still buried. No one knows it’s Maggie who is stuck inside there. Meanwhile, Vivian’s lounging about in a gown, sipping champagne and stuffing her face with caviar.”

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  1. Sue says:

    Sounds like a hoot! I can’t wait! Glad she is getting out this week.


    Sue replied

    Oh, Philip will know about her sometime this week then. Hasn’t happened yet.


  2. A says:

    Louise Sorel is wonderful. This should be a kick.


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