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43 December 4th, 2016 DAYS Marci Miller Talks On: Abigail’s Emotional Conflict, Chabby, Her Co-Stars & What To Watch For!

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After an exhaustive search, Days of our Lives finally found their gal to take over the coveted role of Abigail Deveraux, vacated by the talented Kate Mansi in soap newcomer, Marci Miller. After a six month time-out, Abigail finally returned to the Salem canvas last month sending shockwaves through the Deveraux family, and viewers of the NBC soap, when they learned that this formerly mentally unbalanced young woman had a major hand in faking her own death when she slipped out of town leaving behind a young son, and a grieving husband.

Now with Miller springing into action, Abigail’s journey back to reclaiming her life, and her family has begun, and already Marci has received rave reviews for her compelling performances from both critics and fans alike.  And as soap watchers know, there is nothing more daunting than stepping into a role as a recast, especially taking over for someone so identified with the part.  However, Miller is more than up to the challenge, and is already crafting an Abigail that is uniquely and dramatically her own.

So, what about DAYS now long-suffering duo, Chabby?  Will Chad (Billy Flynn) be thrilled to learn that the woman he loves so dearly … and the mother of his child is actually alive and well?  Well, if Abigail doesn’t get out of that attic she is hiding in at her mother Jennifer’s (Melissa Reeves) house, she is going to be on the losing end of the stick, as Chad and Gabi (Camila Banus) are moving very close to a hot-blooded romance!  Thus, setting the stage for one of the most highly-anticipated love triangles of 2017.

On-Air On-Soaps sat down with Marci in her dressing room to talk about: Abigail’s current motivations, a preview of what it is to come, how it has been for her taking on this important and key role on the show, and working with her co-stars, in particular: Billy Flynn, Camila Banus, and Melissa Reeves.  So, get ready DAYS fans, because Abby’s storyline is about to get juicier in the weeks, and months ahead.  Here now is our first interview with a new heroine in soapland, Marci Miller.

It has been months in the making that people were waiting for your debut as Abigail.  When that time arrived a few weeks back, and your first episodes aired, were you finally relieved to have that out of the way, or were you trepidacious about your debut?


MARCI:  It was a little bit of both, because I hadn’t seen anything, nor had I seen anything edited together.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Your brain keeps going to the worst-case scenario, so I kept being worried that things weren’t going to look good, and I was going to look uncomfortable.  But, I have to say they have the most incredible editing team at DAYS, and on-screen I worked with Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), and Thaao Penghlis (Andre), at the beginning who were wonderful.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the work finally air.  It got a really great response, and so that felt, really, really good.

It’s the waiting that is the hardest part, I think for the actors and the audience, because Days of our Lives tapes six months ahead in story.  With that being said, you know the trajectory of Abigail.  Would you say it’s going to be an exciting ride?

MARCI:  Oh, yes.   I am always excited to come in here, and to work and play the story. People are excited to watch the show and the episodes that are coming out, in the same way I am excited getting these new scripts that I am getting on my couch in my dressing room, everyday.  It’s always fun to see where these characters are going to go, and while we know for a while what’s coming up, it’s hard not to let things leak, because people are having reactions to what is airing currently.  I am out there saying, “Hang on”, or “This might not work out the way you think”.  Whatever the case, it’s all very exciting.

Photo: NBC

Chabby is poised to be DAYS next super couple.  They are an end game.  Now, just because they are the end game, doesn’t mean they are together.  Look at Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) on Y&R.  They get together; they come apart for years, marry other people, yet they are all-time star-crossed lovers.   I see that all of that in Chad and Abby‘s future.  Would you agree?

MARCI:  I think so.  Granted right now I only know six months ahead, so I don’t know the over-arching plan.  In what I have seen, or played, there are going to be ups, and there are going to be downs.  That is why people are going to enjoy it so much.   There is a period of waiting, or anticipating something in a story that culminates in a great moment.  I feel like the writers are consistently providing opportunities for fans to be a part of this journey, where we are building up to Chad and Abby, and there will be the heartbreaks in whatever form.  Then, hopefully they will continue to find each other again.

Let’s talk about your very first scene, where you, as Abigail, were lurking in the dark watching Chad and Gabi while holding that stuffed doll!  What did you think of that? (Laughs)

MARCI:  It was hilarious!  I couldn’t see exactly what was going on, either!  It was my first week here so I didn’t want to ask too many questions: “You want me to squeeze the doll?  OK, I will squeeze the doll!” (Laughs)


Were you saying to the producers, “Why am I squeezing this doll?” (Laughs)

MARCI:  For a minute there, totally!   I received so many screenshots from my friends going, “OK. What is going on here?  Why do you have this weird puppy doll, and you look mysterious, and are squeezing it? ” (Laughs)

And … what about that rather large hat Abby disguised herself in?

MARCI:  On one hand it was super fun and silly, and there is me playing this mysterious woman, but at the same time I was kind of grateful being integrated into the story in that way.  My face didn’t matter at the time.  All I had to do was stand there and hold the puppy doll in the right place.  It was nice way to get the opening day jitters out of the way before I had to put things into action.

Then your first scenes with another actor were with Melissa Reeves.  What was Abigail thinking in revealing herself to her mother first, and not her husband, Chad?


MARCI:  She was worried how her mother was after finding out about JJ (Casey Moss). Her mother has been so much loss with losing Jack, then Abigail, and now JJ had been shot.  I think Abigail knew that it was a lot for her mother to cope with, but I don’t think she was planning on revealing herself to Jennifer, initially.  She was just lurking, and trying to pay attention to see what was going on with her.  Then even in the exact moment when Jennifer opens the door to her house and sees Abigail for the first time, Abigail didn’t knock on the door and say to herself, “OK. I’m going to do this.”   She was still standing outside the door trying to decide what exactly she was going to do.  In the scene, Jennifer opens the door and catches Abigail off-guard, and at that point she is forced to say, “Hey, mom. I’m alive.”  These were big first moments to shoot.  I am Marci, and there is Missy, and I met her for the first time a few days earlier.  We play mother and daughter, and now we are going to play out this hugely dynamic moment of a mother seeing a daughter for the first time, after really believing she was dead.   If you really stop to think about that it’s hard to fathom.  I can’t imagine losing my mother or a loved one.

And speaking of your real-life mother, I understand she looks similar to Melissa Reeves?

MARCI:  She kind of does.  They are similar in that they are petite blonde women, who are very sweet.  They both have those big beautiful blue eyes.  My mother watched Days of our Lives before all of this.  She has always loved Missy Reeves as Jennifer!  She really likes her, and to top it off, my mother lives in Tennessee where Missy lives.  The hope is that we are going to hang out with Missy over Christmas.


What happened at your screen-test for the role of Abigail with Billy Flynn?   What did you think when you met this guy?

MARCI:  I didn’t have a ton of interaction with him before I auditioned.  I walked in, and we introduced ourselves to each other, and that was really it.  I remember being kind of nervous, and trying to be as professional as possible.  We had a rehearsal the day before the screen-test.  After the rehearsal with Billy, I felt so much more at peace.  I thought this guy is going to listen to what I have to say, and we are going to have some real genuine moments here.  I was thinking; they may not pick me to play this character, but I know I am going to have fun with Billy in this moment.  Billy is the kind of actor I really like to work with, because he is really good at listening.  He follows anything you throw out there, or don’t throw out there, and he provides you with material to work with,   He is a very smart guy.  Don’t tell him I said that! (Laughs)

So fans are bracing themselves for a heavy duty triangle between Abigail/Chad/Gabi.   How can she move her life forward if she just keeps lurking or hiding?

MARCI:  She plans to stay hidden, right now.   So viewers have been seeing Jennifer hiding her in her attic.  It’s kind of interesting.  Abigail is in the attic, but people are coming to the house, and she is hearing and witnessing all of these things going on without all these people knowing about the interactions she is overhearing, and without knowing she is alive.  Abigail hangs out in that attic for a while! (Laughs)

Recently, JJ found out his sister Abigail is alive.  What did you think of those scenes?


MARCI:   JJ loves Abigail.  I adore Casey Moss!   I wish he was my own brother.  I love working with Casey no matter what the scenes are about.   He cares about the work he is doing.  There is something about him that cares so deep.   He is a very intuitive old soul type of people.  I love old soul-type of people.  I don’t know what makes a person that way – whether it’s life experience, or an essence of someone – but I feel really safe in scenes with him.  When JJ finds out Abigail is alive, she was not planning on revealing herself to him, either.  It’s like the universe is making these things happen, and she is not able to plan everything.  It’s like she goes, “Oh, shoot!  I wasn’t expecting you to see me. Don’t tell anybody, don’t tell anybody, don’t tell anybody!”  So then of course, the circle of the people who are in the know about her gets larger and larger until everybody knows.   As for JJ seeing his sister, he was thrilled and shocked!   It’s all such complex moments for her, though.

Is Abigail mentally stable at this point, as you are playing her?

MARCI:  I initially played her a little bit scattered and fragile.  But the reality is she is getting better than when she was staying with Andre.  I love working with Thaao, by the way.

Why did she trust, of all people Andre, to help her concoct a scheme to make everyone believe she died?


MARCI:  She was desperate.  The flashback scene that aired had Andre saying to her, “Chad is never going to stop looking for you.”  So she thinks, “Who can help me disappear?  Who has a dark enough history, and has connections to sneaky people?”  She just wanted to disappear, because she thought it was best for everyone else, and her baby.  Abigail doesn’t trust herself and her intuition, because she has not been mentally well for a long time.  So therefore, she is concerned that she might hurt somebody.  What if she is taking care of Thomas and she goes crazy?  She doesn’t trust what she may, or may not do.

It’s a horrible thing she did though, to make her family believe that she was dead!

MARCI:  It was horrible, but in her craziness she thought it was best to let people believe she was dead.  But now she is more mentally healthy, she knows it would have been better to let her family know she was alive.  However at that time, she was in a place that did not allow her to see things as clearly as she should have.

What is she going to do about being a mother to her baby boy, Thomas?   We just saw Jennifer bring Thomas to her in the attic without Chad knowing what is going on.


MARCI:  Her maternal extincts are going off like crazy, and she loves Thomas so much. However, it’s a mother’s sacrificial love at play by allowing her son to be raised by someone who is stable.  Even though she feels well at the moment with Jennifer, and she sees JJ, and she realizes she is getting stronger and more and more stable, there is still the risk that she could revert back to old patterns, or she succumbs to thoughts, or instincts that are not healthy.  She does not want her son to be impacted by that.  I think there is such a relief when Jennifer brings him to her, and she’s sees Thomas is alive and healthy. She still thinks he may be better off without her, but it’s just such so hard for her.

So, does Abigail think Chad and Gabi would be right for each other?

MARCI:  Right now while it’s hard for her, she thinks Chad is better off with Gabi.  She loves Gabi, and she loves Chad.  She thinks Gabi is a wonderful woman and could be a great match for Chad.   It’s obviously hurtful that he is moving on.  I think she feels that it’s an easier road for him.  It’s a lighter path, and a lighter weight for both of them to carry.

But … Gabi is a murderer! (Laughs)


MARCI:  I know she is a murderer! (Laughs)  But in this town, people have done horrible things and been redeemed.  I think Abigail believes people can change.  Gabi is her best friend, and she knows that Gabi’s heart is good.

There are big moments yet to air with Billy Flynn, when Chad and Abigail eventually come face-to-face with each other for the first time.  Viewers have been waiting for this for months.  When you shot those moments, looking back on it, how did you think they turned out?

MARCI:  I will tell you one thing, I almost never shoot a scene without thinking, “Man, I wish I could do that again!”  You can’t do it again, because we have no time.  Some days are better than others.  First of all, I always trust Billy.  Even if we are just standing across the room looking at each other, something good is going to come out of it.  I feel we have that kind of acting relationship.  I know when the scene airs it will be great.   But me, being my own worst critic, I wish I could do that again, because of all the moments I have shot so far, that is the biggest moment that has been handed to me, in my opinion.

You are a recast.  Billy Flynn was recast.  Peter Bergman (Jack) of Y&R always says, and I am paraphrasing:  “He is right there for anyone who is a recast on a show; because he was when he came to Y&R and he knows it’s a difficult position for someone to walk in to.”  How has it been for you being the recast for the very popular Kate Mansi?


MARCI:  I tried not to think about it too much, but it crosses my mind a lot, like every day!   I talked a little bit to Billy about the recasting, and to our casting director Marnie Saitta.   She gave me the advice to not to read anything about what people are saying for at least six months from my debut.

How is that going? (Laughs)  Do you check out what people are saying about you?

MARCI:  To an extent, I don’t try to go online and see what people’s opinions of me are.  But inevitably, people comment on my photographs, or on social media, or on my articles, and the response has been positive and the fans have been so incredible, and so sweet.   They have made me feel really good and supported.  It’s amazing how just seeing a few simple kind things someone posts on a photo makes me go, “Oh, thank goodness!”  I will also say Billy has been so generous in saying very kind things about me on his posts on Twitter.

You came from a motion picture background.   I can only assume it was overwhelming coming on to a soap, and then playing a character that is so major in story with the pace of performing scenes on a daytime drama.


MARCI:  I leave crying from the studio many times.  I ride my bike home and I think, “Am I supposed to be here?  Am I supposed to be doing this with my life?”  That is something that never goes away with the creative process, but it is daunting.   The reason we shoot so quickly is that the higher-ups are making the conscious loving choice for all of us actors and employees of the show.  They want us all to have a job.  I have to remember that when sometimes I get frustrated with the pace of the show.  If the show wasn’t taping this fast, I wouldn’t be here.

Do you think at some point, Abby’s crazy will come back in full bloom?

MARCI:  I would love to get to toy around with that.   For awhile she had anxiety, PTSD and panic attack-type episodes, so who knows what could happen down the line.

What has been the best part of playing this character so far?

MARCI:  There is so much to work with, so much life-experience, so many stories with specific relationships.  Then she came back from the dead.  There is so much, rich complex stuff.  Abigail has so much going on.  She is so loving.  The conflicts are so great within her.  I love her too, because she is smart, savvy, and a little bit sassy.

Don’t forget.  She has men problems!  She has slept with several of them in Salem. (Laughs)

MARCI:  Of course, who doesn’t on this show!  (Laughs)

What do you find the most difficult or challenging part of playing Abigail?

MARCI:  I don’t think I am that much like Abby in my real life, so it can be somewhat challenging to be overtly romantic, or things that aren’t true for me.  So for the character it’s great, but since we work so fast I have to remember: “Hey! You are not playing Marci.  You are playing Abigail.”

Is there one scene you have taped, and don’t tell me what it’s about in case it has not aired, that when you finished taping it you went, “I am proud of the work I just did in that moment.”

Photo: NBC

MARCI:  Yes.  It’s a scene with Billy, and we were both good in it.  There was a truth in the scene that as individuals we were both sensitive to.  It was heartbreaking, and simple. We are just sitting sit still and talking, and not getting caught up in the theatricality of it all.  It’s a scene that I can’t wait to see, or for the audience to see.

Did you understand coming into this that Abigail is really a leading character on DAYS?  Would you say it has been life-changing for you?

MARCI:  I kinda of did know, but not fully until I started the job.  My mom called when I got the part and said, “This is kind of a big deal.”   I think this has been life-changing in the fact that I am not working in a restaurant.  I worked in restaurants in what felt like forever.  I am getting to do and act every day, and so that is life-changing.   I am making a living doing the one thing that I love.

Do you believe that hard work pays off?   For some, including myself, it takes longer to accomplish our goals and dreams, and for others it’s an easier path and happens more effortlessly.

MARCI:  Yes, I do.  I have always been a little bit of late bloomer.  There is something about working hard, and consistency is the main thing.  You fail, you wake-up, and you try again.  There is no moment more important than this moment right here.  No matter how many times you get told “no’, right now you have the choice to make your reality, whatever you want to make it.  Staying on the horse, and working hard, is a big part of it.


So I will leave you with this last question: are we, the viewers, going to cry a lot with Abigail, as we watch you become more entwined in her story?

MARCI:  I think so.  I do cry a lot on the show.  It’s a difficult place to come back from; she is an empathetic and loving person.  Abigail is a great character.   I feel I hit the jackpot!   I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I am so grateful.

So, what have you thought of the performances of Marci Miller thus far?  What do you think of Abigail hiding in the attic at her mother’s house? Are you rooting for Abby to reveal herself to Chad and Chabby reunites? Do you hope instead Chad and Gabi can have a chance at love despite Abigail being “back from the dead”?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Lora says:

    Omg, she hit the jackpot?? NO!!! WE HIT THE JACKPOT!!!! This girl is slaying her role as Abby. I for one could not be more happy to have her as the Abby to our very beloved Chabby. The writers know this is a super couple and they should not mess around too long with this God awful Gad nonsense. Only Ejami or Ejabby fans want to see that mess. This is too important of a story to write it in a Nick and Sharon way. Please let this Diamond shine along side of Billy the shows other Diamond. I get angst, but ultimately give the vast majority of the viewers what they want…That would be Chabby all day everyday. Marci and Billy are phenomenal!!! Thank you for this interview! Hope you have amazing holidays, Michael! ❤❤


    Patrick replied

    Really… NICE write-up. i’m always behind in my eps. I’ve already taken to Marci Miller… from the get go.. and I’ve yet to see her with “Chad”

    she’s got a natural clean instinct… LOL… isn’t that so very Jennifer. imagine that

    it’s just as you said… dive right in… these are two solid actors… without lessening any of the DiMera Mystique… no kid gloves… she knew from the get go what he is.

    ONLY the BEST leading Man

    We certainly all know… Gabs was only brought in as a diversion… I LIKE her with JJ.

    they need to bring back Bev… if they need an interloper for JJ.

    once again… if the chemistry is right… with MM and BF… these two upstarts will take over the show


    Celia replied

    Yup!!! Marci/Abby ROCKS!!


  2. Jessica says:

    I’ve been surprised with how the pace of the show has really amped up since Abby has come back. To be honest, this summer, I struggled to stay with it at times, because I couldn’t see myself in any of the characters. I feel like I “get” Abigail, and Marci has reeled me in. Marci just becomes Abby. It’s amazing to be sucked into this part of the storyline so deeply. I feel what Abby feels, and I think it takes talent to bring that out of viewers.


  3. 4ever DAYS says:

    I’m loving every second of Marci onscreen! She is doing an incredible job! In or out of the attic, she is amazing as Abby! Chabby for Christmas, I’m sure!


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Ab verses Gab…im still around for now!!!


    4ever DAYS replied

    Hey there, Jimmy!

    I like Abby in the attic. She’s still in close proximity to Chad. As long as Chad doesn’t banish himself to the basement, everything will be alright!

    Did you hear that Valerie’s son is turning up in Salem early in the new year? It’s what we suspected…He’ll turn out to be David’s son.

    I hope your holidays are happy and safe, Jimmy!

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    i once send in a synopsis to Ken Corday about valerie’s son…is he a Horton or son of former boyfriend Jerry Davis….im hoping for a christmas miracle that i dont become homeless and loose everything…a lot of family illness and a near death and so much going on im having a difficult time battling depression..


    Celia replied

    Lol, 4ever….Great humor….Abby in the attic; and, Chad in the basement. Love it!!!!!


  4. tony says:

    The best recast in decades. She has upped the game of every actor on the show so far: Reeves, Moss and Theo P! The writing is sharp. Chad/Gabby are more interesting. It would be ashamed to cancel the show after this year if they can keep on improving the stories and the scripts as they’ve done since the hair brained ex con plot ended. The show has heart and soul for the first time in years. And Marci is the new centerpiece of Salem!


    Patrick replied

    dang! loving these posts… celebrate more… let’s press for DAYS

    have to prop… he’s the real deal… wherever he pops up.

    Thaao Penghlis as Andre DiMera. what a blast i’m having with his take after take… mixing in and around Salem. he makes me laugh

    as I’ve posted before… he’s like the current day… version of Columbo . any one else recall Peter Faulk?

    it’s fun to watch him move in Salem… just waiting… just pausing… for the moment to … revel in letting the denizen of Salem… know DiMera Lives ON…

    couldn’t be more surprised


  5. Ray says:

    I agree with Lora. She is KILLING it as Abigail. The triangle of Gabi/Abby/Chad triangle is just what the doctor ordered for this show.


  6. CindyHaskins says:

    I love marci miller as abby dimera.


    Patrick replied

    this is the perfect opportunity for Abs to break out… no more … nice girl… no more.. like mother like daughter…

    just saying… LAYERS @DAYS…. let this girl fly.

    show us some oomph / pizzazz / spark


    excited for Chad and Abby…. w / Thomas / Kate / Andre / Anna

    Exciting times for the DiMera Dynasty


  7. boes says:

    I think she’s good. She brings a down to earth feeling, an emotional honesty, to the role that I feel Kate Mansi lacked.
    Frankly, I didn’t care if this character ever came back, considering how awful she had become. But now, with this actress, I’m happy they did.


    Patrick replied

    dang… Kate Mansi sure delivered her last year , out of 5… to grow yield and REEL her best stuff.

    I agree with you… I would get so impatient… with KM character choices… and it’s in the writing… how unsteady, uncertain, some trepidation… on how her character evolved…

    I will always give prop to Abs.. boy.. ! when she got mad and defended the Horton Clan… move

    everything came alive for the character of ABS… the last your of her reign supreme…

    NOW… right out of the start gate… we have Marci Miller stirring the pot… her way

    what a catch



  8. Kelly says:

    Wonderfully talented new actress playing Abigail! Marci is doing a great job! BRAVO!!!


  9. Scoma60 says:

    She’s doing a bang up job as Abby. She hit the ground running and clicked immediately with Jennifer, JJ and Andre. I’m very interested in how it all plays out.
    My only quibble is Marci’s hair color. It washes her out. When Kate M. was hired Days made her dye her hair. Marci doesn’t need to go deep brown but a nice caramel shade would keep Marci from looking so pale and washed out.
    Days is hitting all cylinders right now with the return of Abby, the reunion of Stayla and Adrienne’s diagnosis.


    4ever DAYS replied

    I’m fine with her hair color, Scoma60, but you’re on target about Abby’s return, the Stayla reunion and and Adrienne’s diagnosis!!!

    We’ve needed Abby and now we have her back. She’s fragile, but healing. Stayla are strong and planning to marry on Valentine’s DAY and Adrienne will need as many of her friends and family around her for these difficult times, the more visits the better…as long as the Grim Reaper stays away!

    DAYS has definitely turned a corner!


    Patrick replied

    when I first saw her… she reminded me of a young Sissy Spacek… think Carrie.

    that was at the outset… after she spoke… acted

    I forgot all else

    just bingo… she’s sparking with Jennifer… and THAT is a huge thing. one big leap to deal with. hey… it’s always been the Abs and JJ show.

    perhaps a cocoa color of lip… some eye liner … and she’s hot to go

    LOL… what do I know.. just no bright red… not a lot of “blush” just keep her as natural as possible

    just a little contour


    Celia replied

    Yes!!!! “Carrie”. You’re on a roll, Patrick!!

  10. Mo says:

    I think Marci has been doing a great job. I just wish Abby would reveal herself. I don’t think her mental health is going to improve living in the attic!


  11. Deb says:

    This s/l is too stupid for words. Hiding in the attic! omg.


    4ever DAYS replied

    The mind is sometimes a fragile thing, Deb. There could be thousands of people imprisoning themselves at this very moment, yet Abby isn’t in the attic 24/7. Maybe the “ornaments,” fragile too, will push Abby to make her way down from the attic…forever!


    Patrick replied

    I think it lends some mystique… it’s not forever… perhaps this is where the show could have had some flashback… of what … nuMarci Miller endured as ABS.

    wouldn’t it be fun to see scenes with : Abs, Andre, Grandma Laura.

    dang! this show is good tho

    Tomas Torquemada replied

    I agree. This attic thing is beyond unendurable.

    Before the writers sent the character off the rails in crazy land for four long and tedious months, she was spirited. She wasn’t some willows wallflower. Now she seems like she could be the twin of Maggie’s daughter, Summer. And no, that is not a kind observation.

    I want the strong Abby back. Making her insane was a huge miscalculation.

    As for the actress… she’s fine. She described her first day of shooting with the stuffed animal as fun and silly. So fragile and crazy really doesn’t seem like a good fit. I’d love to see her take charge. The Baby I remember would make Gabby back up away from Chad, LOL.


    Patrick replied

    All I’m hoping for is she’s not so caught up in being the good girl the Horton depend on.

    let her be the quintessential polar opposite of mom Jenny Bear.

    let’s see some spirited feisty nature take hold… think, what nuCiera Alice was supposed to be.

    it’s all about how much she loves being with Chad… it’s him I want to see most

    let the dance begin

  12. Nina says:

    I’m loving her portrayal of Abby so far. I can’t wait to see her first scenes with Chad.


  13. Jha says:

    What a great interview! Thanks so much.
    She reeled me in at “I will not have my husband making his Sunday visits to his crazy wife.”
    I am so impressed with Marci Miller. She is a fantastic actress and an incredible find for the show. I love how she describes Abby as that is how I see her.
    That being said, get her out of the attic already! Its terribly absurd for a leading lady return story. LOL.
    I am pulling for Chabby so I am hoping its not too much like Nick and Sharon. ;-) Soaps are not made of “easier” and “lighter” couples. The “heartbreak” mention makes me nervous but the “standing across the room looking at each other” comment makes me excited!


    Patrick replied

    “…Its terribly absurd for a leading lady ”

    F – u – n – n – y

    I’m just excited and giddied out for the show

    it’s going to be interesting… how much Billy Flynn and Marci Miller exchange .. upon seeing each other for the first time… because their was Love beyond


    give and take Chad and Abs… it’s a powerful relationship.. built … FIRST on love.. the family divide… should not be what this is about.

    butterflies and angst for this new pair


  14. Jimmy says:

    This storyline is definitely not my favourite and I feel like the pace needs to be picked up pronto, but Marci Miller is doing an amazing job as Abby. She had large shoes to fill with Kate Mansi exiting the role, but she’s already made the character her own. I love her scenes with Melissa Reeves and Thaao Penghlis, and I can’t wait to see what the dynamic between her and Billy Flynn will be like.


  15. Tim S. says:

    Been very impressed with her acting and recast… still waiting on the storyline.. not sure how much it is working for me right now… hope that there are some good twists……..

    was glad to see Laura back last week for an episode..


    Patrick replied

    well.. as most posts declare… if the chemistry and screen tests SHOW

    have at it DAYS… the pay off will be… if BOTH characters are written… no one sided… equal footing and equal temperament… and if the passion is their… OK i’m off to the races… every thing else … with two good actors will fall in to place.



  16. Nancy says:

    Marci Miller is a real find! She is doing great as Abigail Devereaux Dimera. I can’t wait until she comes out of the attic permanently and shows herself to her grieving husband and Gabi,


  17. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Marci is absolutely stunning, and has made an effortless transition into the role of Abigail Deveraux, and she fits in very well with everyone she has interacted with before. Kate Mansi and Melissa Reeves worked well as mother and daughter, but not only do Marci and Melissa work well together, but she also works well with Jaime Lyn Bauer; their scenes recently made the connection of the three Horton women generations work so well.

    I cannot wait to see where the direction of Marci’s Abigail goes next, and look forward to seeing her portray this role for the indefinite future.


    Patrick replied

    “…the three Horton women generations work so well ”

    you made me well up… Jaime Lyn Bauer … magnifies

    DAYS simply has got to start bringing Laura Horton back… just like they do Doug and Julie

    along with Kimberly.

    what a doggone best show


    Patrick replied

    this show is simmering

    you’ve got Paul and Sonny
    you’ve got Lucas / Adrienne / Justin ( I LOVE Judy Evans )
    you’ve got Valerie and Abe
    you’ve got Deimos and Nicole ( thank the gods Vincent Irizarry caught ON )

    here comes Chad and Abs

    I truly think JJ and Gabs will find their way to real unison… it’s real

    pitch: Gabs is my bees knees… I think she’s the loveliest thing… respectfully… I look at her and think of me… burgeoning.. beyond the airhead and bubblegum… with all that… wondering.. how would I be. she’s hot

    I actually teared up.. when Sean Douglas and Ciera Alice were visiting Hope.. when Ciera handed Hope a leaf from the tree planted in Bo’s name.

    Keep bringing Kimberly back… she lends so much credibility and emotion

    DAYS rocks

    Patrick replied

    I could watch


    solid standalone act

    can Victor and Maggie get any better?

    still pining and waiting patiently for Ms. Kassie DePaiva ‘ Eve.

    Patrick replied

    Leann Hunley

  18. Ann says:

    I love Marci in the role of Abigail Deveraux! I want her to reveal herself to Chad like yesterday! I really don’t want to see Chad with Gabi. I just hope that Gabi knows enough to back off when Abby does reveal herself to Chad. Let Gabi be with JJ instead, they make a good couple.


  19. Jha says:

    I had to come back to post after watching that flashback of Chabby on 12/5. All I have to say is that DAYS better not spend too much time pairing these 2 with others. They sold their love to me in 1 scene! Add in that 1 sweet chemistry filled kiss and I can’t wait to see more! They have to actually be a couple facing Salem’s evildoings and larger than life adventures together to be considered a true supercouple. This fan wants to see it happen before the show is canceled or loses them both to primetime and motion pictures!


  20. Jt says:

    She is fine. Nicole d e limos need to be cut. They are really horrible


  21. Kalle says:

    I have just read the interview! Thank you! Marci Miller is a revelation!


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