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43 June 8th, 2015 DAYS Mary Beth Evans On November Airdate Scripts: “I Laugh, I Cry, You Will All Go As Crazy As I Am … I Can’t Even Begin To Tell You!!!!! Stay Tuned!!! WOW!”


Cast member after cast member of Days of our Lives have been singing the praises of the upcoming storylines for the long running NBC soap’s upcoming 50th anniversary on November 8th.

The fan favorite returns and stories that the series is set to tell have been acknowledged by long time actors and newer additions from: Kristian Alfonso (Hope) to Jen Lilley (Theresa) to Peter Reckell (Bo), and more as really exciting and well-written.  Additionally,  many in the cast have been singing the praises of new head writers Dena Higley (although Higley has written for the show previously) and Josh Griffith.

Over the weekend, you can add Mary Beth Evans to the growing list of performers who are relating to the fans to wait till fall to see some unbelievable material on DAYS.

On her Instagram account, and posting pictures of her scripts, Evans related: “Another Saturday reading some of The BEST Days of our Lives scripts I have ever read…I laugh, I all will go as crazy as I am…I can’t even begin to tell you!!!!! Stay tuned!!! WOW! #joshgriffith&denahigleyROCK! #Days50th #nbc most importantly #daysfamily

What do you think about what Evans is saying?  Are you excited to see Patch and Kayla together again, since Stephen Nichols (Patch) will be back?    Do you think this fall DAYS will rock as the daytime drama to beat?  Comment below!

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  1. Jamesj75 says:

    So, 5 months out, we’re being lobbied to stick with this plodding, miserable show because maybe, just maybe, things will be better in November for their 50th anniversary shows. Is it really worth it?


    4ever DAYS replied

    No, the new writers material along with the returns begins airing in August.

    This Michael Fairman story is being misunderstood as implying that the new stuff begins in November. November is the 50th anniversary (and sweeps), but the celebration begins in AUGUST with the new writing!!!!!


    Blake replied

    Yeah we just have a couple more months. I can’t wait for the new stuff!

    Jamesj75 replied

    4ever DAYS, I hope they are paying you well for your marketing efforts! But thank you for the heads-up on the timeline.

    Mark replied

    Well if you don’t like it, don’t watch. No one is twisting your arm…


    Jamesj75 replied

    Mark, thanks for the excellent advice! I know I’m not alone in my viewpoint. Maybe, as fans, we expect more from our shows than what we’re given. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    davlestev1 replied

    And to be honest I have stopped ff’ng episodes and am watching them through. .then too to be honest I’m only on the Kristen baby discover episodes. . But I’m actually enjoying quite a bit of it. Clyde please be gone. . Adrian needs a better wardrobe. . Her rear end is so flat. ..nuwill is just a snoozer. .pursed lips and all. . Serena. ..ummm.. yeah. . Just. .ummm.. Melanie is truly Daphne from Scooby-Doo wide eyed oops annoying. . Please be gone. . Why is stephano ALWAYS sitting. . Around plants. .. Ben be gone. .. Jennifer vamoose. . Bit I’m still watching lol

  2. Cees says:

    Patch & Kayla – The number one reason I will be tuning back in.


    4ever DAYS replied

    August is when Patch appears!


  3. Andrea Green says:

    Can’t wait for more Days! I truly miss Sammy & EJ,but hopeful we can see some of the others come back. Phillip,Belle,Shaun D. Someone for Abe,Nichole to finally be happy. I have been a loyal fan for 27yrs & counting. I’m addicted!! I love Days of our lives


  4. damien says:

    im waiting in anticipation to see what josh griffith and dena higley have in store for days!!!!
    im sure the two head writers will balance eachother out since i remaember griffiths style at y n r was slow yet very character building . unfortunatly im also a huge y n r fan and its too bad no one is checking pratt the hack and his style of writing which is cheesy and flashy and has no real stubstance. witness the assination of what could ve been a very complex joe/ avery/ dylan/ sharon/ nick/ sage/ adam/ chelsea / billy / victoria umbrella story into a paint by numbers plot mess. after all the hard work passanate and shellman put into y n r year before pratt arrogantly destroys everything. oh well. guess days will be my # 1 soap soon.
    hey griffith can u bring redaric williams over?, u wrote so well for him until jfp and her broom took over … days could use some african american presence , maybe a cool relative of lexies and celeste?


    4ever DAYS replied

    A new African American character is on her way! Also, Theo Carver will be a teenager!!!


  5. 4ever DAYS says:

    It’s going to be huge!!!!!

    The new writers material begins in August which has the return of Steve (Patch).


  6. Jeremy says:

    Mary Beth Evans… rocks! Have you seen her on The Bay (the Series)?
    I binge watched the show on the weekend, she’s fabulous and, I’m so happy DAYS has he on-contract. I believe her Twitter/Instagram, she’s knows what’s brilliant. It’s exciting times ahead for DAYS. It could be NBC’s send-off of the soap (next fall 2016), though I hope the rating bounce back up drastically. I’m so glad Mary Beth Evans, Judi Evans and Wally Kurth are on contract, along with the return of Thaoo. From the end of August to the end of this year, DAYS will finally be delivering in the way we’ve all wished for a long time. I can’t wait. It will be a new DAYS!!!


    4ever DAYS replied

    The new writers material begins airing in August, but the celebration continues through May of next year!


    Jeremy replied

    through May? REALLY? We get like 6+ months to P-A-R-T-Y !!!!
    Loves it!

    Patrick replied

    ” P – A – R – T – Y ”


    loving this

    4ever ? August, 2015 through Sept. 2016 ? with the new writers and how long the show is on air till ?

  7. Mary SF says:

    Well the cynic in me is thinking that the actors were told to hype up the stories to build buzz for the 50th, but the soap fan in me believes if these seasoned vets think the stories are good, they are going to be great.

    Again the cynic in me believes NBC and Sony are only now making an effort to capitalizes on the 50th, obviously someone loosen the purse strings in order to lure back so many previous stars– but after the hoopla of 50th is over, what is going to happen– are they preparing to go out with a bang– or are they seriously staging a comeback that will last beyond 2016?

    But then the soap fan in me says who cares– I just want to see some great drama told with fun and style for as long as I can– November sweeps sound like it will deliver–

    And as a soap fan, as much as loved Y&R for a long time, I am really rooting this new writing team will knock that soap off its pedestal– I know, I know it’s a real long shot given CBS domination in the ratings period, but it would be the height of irony, if the writer JFP drove out, ended up being the iceberg to sink the Titanic that is Y&R number one spot—LOL


    Jeremy replied

    @Mary SF, I initially thought that, too. That the actors were told to do some PR for the show…. however, I like you, a devoted soap fan, believe Mary Beth Evan, especially. I find her comments to be very genuine.

    As for the longevity of the show… it’s future, it feels like the show may be wanting to set-up the show (in the last year on contract)… to end with a bang. This is good if that is the case, however, soap fans must watch and watch everyday… between now and next fall, and then… we hope the show will be extended with a new contract. I’ll take 51 years, but I would LOVE to hope that DAYS can and will continue to 55, at least.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    All the hoopla surrounding the shows 50th sounds great but why do all this just for the shows anniversary……to really WOW me lets wait and see if they can keep the party going past the November sweeps and beyond 2016……i mean will the show be as good as it sounds for the 50th and for months afterwards to bring the ratings up and stay up…..then there will be something to talk about! Dont mean to sound like a party pooper but big deal……GH brought back vets for its 50th and the few that remained arent even around that much, disapeared completely(Leslie), killed off(Duke) and poorly underused(Lucy and Scott)……so after November thats what im concerened about…..for the 50th we bring back some favorite vets but who stays and who is back for just a short visit……what awaits beyond the 50th???


    Jeremy replied

    @ Jimh – I hear ya, man! In total agreement when your comments.
    I guess we know what to expect with Peter & Stephen’s returns… a few months? At least we know Thaoo is returning with a contract.
    I too, am concerned with the PLAN that DAYS has for next year.
    It’s great that soaps, GH included, bring back vets during these amazing 50th anniversary times, however, there must be a plan in place for DAYS to remain to stay strong in ratings, and secure more vets ON-CONTRACT. It would be BRILLIANT if Stephen Nichols would stay on, with a contract. I hope NBC and DAYS are thinking post- September 2016. It would be terrible news for us all if DAYS saw it’s demise next fall. We must all continue to watch and support, IF the show does get much better, and IF the show will continue to press forward with returning vets, and cast talented newbie’s, it will survive for a few more years.

    Patrick replied

    in the advent of our shows ever evolving “squeeky wheel gets the grease”

    @MarySF for all of the fans of the 4 remain… I too am so in agreement with ;

    your last para : have to gavel

    “…And as a soap fan, as much as loved Y&R for a long time, I am really rooting this new writing team will knock that soap off its pedestal– I know, I know it’s a real long shot given CBS domination in the ratings period, but it would be the height of irony, if the writer JFP drove out, ended up being the iceberg to sink the Titanic that is Y&R number one spot—LOL ”

    just to see some just deserts and comeuppance : “for the fans”

    I don’t want it cancelled… just a notch or two down (spiral) the hierarchy that befits the production value


  8. returnDOOLfan says:

    Steve and Kayla – The only couple that has the power to bring me back to Days. I Can’t WAIT!!! There are no other couples on daytime TV that have the chemistry that (Stefan) Steve and (Mary Beth) Kayla had. The last time they brought this couple together the writing for the two of them was horrible! I hope the writers do them justice this time. They deserve it. Classy all the way.


  9. Judy ox says:

    cant wait been watching sense the first day is still awesome to watch miss another word still


  10. Eddie says:

    I’m worried that all these old characters coming back will mean some of the newer characters will be dropped or at least ignored for weeks if not months. I see budget and time constraints being the reasons. I remember reading that the show would have a larger budget for the 50th, but still the expense of the pay for the returnees has to be made up somewhere, so it makes sense to stop paying newer actors by dropping their characters. And then there aren’t enough hours to tell stories about all the characters.


    Jeremy replied

    Yes, and let’s not forget, there will also be new(ish) characters also in the mix, too. Claire (Belle & Sean D’s daughter) will be be aged. Theo, is being recasted, and Joey (Patch & Kayla’s son) will b aged, too. We’ll have them all in story, too.
    There’s lot’s for the show to balance with them, and the return of Andre/Tony, Bo, Patch, Gabby, and the A. Martinez character, among all the present players. We won’t have Serena, Zander, and Melanie is off. I think a few more departures are definitely in the works, too.


  11. Blake says:

    Wow they are really getting me excited me for what’s coming up on Days. I really hope they keep it up after that though.


  12. Joel says:

    Sounds exciting. I’m hopeful…most of the last 15 years has been real bland.


  13. Patrick says:

    “Mary Beth Evans”

    how do I soapbox a favorite

    she lights up my telee

    after years of being a part of a supercouple…. made magic twice plus…

    her original starring role(s).

    Kayla Brady , Days of OUR Lives
    Katherine Bell, General Hospital / Port Charles : Sept. 1993 – October, 1999
    Sierra Esteban, As the World Turns : December, 2000 – 2005


    back to my beloved; “Kayla, Kayla, Kayla”

    in the SOD issue… that also stated she is back on contract

    she shared, how she questioned or was “relegated” to being the counter /waitress at the pub… her “only” line seemed to be… “here is your order to go”

    she further “lamented” I may as well be the BEST background staple… (ok loss for actual words) but you get the idea

    I guess this is what it is when you are not contract… to be the bit player… and WORK MAGIC !

    “I” loved it… when she finally started working at the hospital…. and yes… she has taken her time… as the confidante … nurturing character… and supporting to the gills

    my heart beams as I laugh out loud : “kayla, Kayla, Kayla”

    happy dance

    Steve and Kayla are on the horizon

    Steve (Patch), Kayla and Joey are being featured !

    tears of emotion

    I love this woman…. OK… her characterizations… plus I love her


  14. Patrick says:

    Marquee : “reading some of The BEST Days of our Lives scripts I have ever read ”

    at face value

    consider the source

    have to see it to believe it

    My DAYS is coming



  15. Patrick says:

    DAYS, currently:

    i’m getting their… 6 eps behind… I am watching every one

    3 characters that I truly magnify and prop:

    Kassie DePaiva, “Eve” : “man, she has been riveting… nothing short of magnetic, watching her cull her best stuff, since she started” what is in store for Eve ? if fans are questioning the scripts…. i just have to say… I put KP… in the same category as Eileen Davidson… and most certainly Alison Sweeney… for carrying the show

    the pain, torture, angst, heartache, heartsick… if Jennifers words are true… that Eve has lost her daughter forever…. dang it! this is huge ! a big part of Eve is broken… is it really because of her mothering… loss of her daughter, her past? hidden hurts and pain… that is bubbling and surfacing?

    I hope so

    Christopher Sean, Paul : it seems like the trio of magic has ebbed some… even if , Paul is loudly proclaiming his love for Sonny… (knowing, Freddie Smith, eventual exit) is not lessening my take of enjoying Paul. he has been nothing short of naturally easing his transition of leading the cast with. the camera loves him… OK… I do too

    DAYS production…. if they should recast both Will and Sonny…. then, please take care in the recast… or… cast a new character for Paul… he’s too good…

    as much as i’m enjoying seeing Paul get to know… John
    i’m more interested in his relationship with his mother… Tori… she’s intriguing… let’s get back to the ambiguity with Marlena… LOL that was fun good stuff to reel.

    I think … he caught on instantaneously… just like nuChad… Billly Flynn.
    I’ll add in Chad, as a 4th character that permeates my senses… he’s a DiMera… and if this is Stefano “last” child… he’s carrying … I don’t know if it should be with Abs… is she finally going to grow up and out from the shadows and childlike manners and grow UP? c’mon abs… i know it’s the writing… I loved how she questioned mom Jennifers ethics and morals… LOVED IT… perhaps this is the catalyst for Abs flying on her OWN.

    the 3rd character… “Xander” Victors nephew…. what a huge waste… that he is being let go. I so agree with many fans of Salem. he is the best newbie of late… to be featured as a villain… if not as a villain… as a commanding, sexual, dynamic… presence with layers of vitality… energy… and strongholding his own …

    dang it ! case in point… it’s embarrassing… right now… to know that the show is built around : Daniel, Brady, and Eric. lame, lame, lame…. dullards… all three at this point

    you see Xander hotstuffing his command … and he takes you away from the same ole same ole… meaning the characters and storyline… that does lack… at least we had the chance to see the possibility of a character growing and changing the scenery and dynamic of the cast… WASTED TALENT



    Theresa, Brady, and Tate… I LOVE Kimberly Donovan !!!! she’s a constant delight
    Xander… the fallout… sigh
    Paul, Sonny, and Will
    Eve : the new beginnings of this great actress, Kassie DePaiva

    I just have to bear in mind… the show is evolving… again


    Patrick replied

    I forgot a biggie… bubbling, rising to the top

    Adrienne, Lucas, and Justin

    3 top drawer professionals… with personality charismatic layered acts

    these actors are stellar…combustible… cheer loudly and hold your breath


    Jeremy replied

    Hi Patrick, I always love to read your write-ups. I too, love love love Kassie as Eve. She’s brilliant. I totally agree with you about Zander, Paul Telfer is such a gem! great actor. I love Paul, and would love to see more of Tori, too. However, I really enjoy Guy Wilson as Will. I think the role of Sonny will either be recast at some point, or Clyde will have Sonny killed.
    so, what are your thoughts on Hope & Aidan? I enjoy them. They need a deeper story. And, Jennifer needs something more to do than tend to Abs and JJ. I loved Melissa’s performance a few months ago when she walked in on Eve & JJ. I want more of that Jennifer, more active. Who else? I do love Paige (True O’Brien).
    And, where in T? I love that guy!

    Patrick replied

    I love Hope and Aiden, together. first and foremost… that Kristian Alfonso .. even tho it took FOREVER… did not have to endure flop…. like Melissa Reeves has gone through with thee dullard of all dullard.

    DAYS : please cut your losses…. Dr. God Superman daniel Jonas… is not interesting.

    watching Jennifer wring her hands… as that worried look takes over… is beyond… deer in headlights scare

    I really do think… for the 50th Anniversary… another poster said as much… that DAYS should really lay it on thick and one of the heavyweights dies….. why not Daniel and Jennifer ???

    that way… Abs and JJ can move on
    Maggie can spiral

    anyway : Hope and Aiden haven’t really had any thing to do since the reveal of Aiden’ son’ mother, dying at the hands of her own son… accidentally

    with Aiden being a criminal lawyer… and Hope working for the Salem Police Dept… it seemed like this was what the writers “are” doing to give them some differences… and story

    it’s still magical to watch Daniel Cosgrove… i find him to be quite sexy… alluring with Hope… so I couldn’t be happier that one of Grans’ jewels is on the uptake.

    I can’t imagine how Bo coming home will be? i’m more happy.. that Ciera gets a much needed reunion… with her father. dang! she’s my little starlet… I wouldn’t change her one bit… well… till she gets to the teen years.. love her

    back to the fallout : Eve, JJ, Paige, Jennifer. nuWRITERS… the only way is up….. these 4 actors.. have it in them to supersede what most fans have not wanted… and drive them in new direction….

    I would LOVE to see Eve involved with Justin ! even tho… ta-da… it’s already magic with Justin and Kate… LOL… looks like it’s going to be team combustible with Lucas and Adrienne…. vs… Justin and Kate ?

    PAIR Eve with Rafe ! it was obvious their was a connection when she met him at the new bar that Rafe manages…. yikes! HOT… intriguing… and imagination take off

    I do not like being the debby downer of Melissa Reeves… (well, a part of me… ie: her chickfilee mindset) that being said… she’s still not that strong of an actress… she relied heavily on Matthew Ashford… or the magic was their… as she along with Jack and the writers back then… made her

    T… is majorly wasted

    prop time: I am just as impressed with fans alike…. True O’brien … whodathunk? YES…. I have wanted her to be her own person… for months… and yes… it’s because she’s Eve daughter…. she’s a lovely person… played so careful… all those thoughts swirling in her head… played with caution… wanting to jump out of her skin and LOVE… be flirtatious.. free ? from Eve

    I thought about this yesterday…. The Donovan Women’


    all with their own mindset… as fan outcry… why are they always miserable… what is their backstory !

    what a fierce trio… never the less… in my book

    three Donovans to preamble… FEATURE with character and drive these women with stories… they are capable… and able to whet the audience appetite… I want to feast



    4ever DAYS replied

    Patrick, I had to reply here to your reply to Jeremy.

    Yes, I agree with you about killing Daniel, but not Jennifer. I do understand how some people may feel about the actress’ beliefs (possibly, her views have changed).

    I loved when Jennifer was with Jack (I still think they should bring him back) and I like her acting. The writing has not been favorable for her the last few years apart from some great Jennifer and Eve scenes (including when Jennifer walked in on JJ and Eve doing the deed) and when Jennifer witnessed Sami confront Abi about the affair with EJ.

    I always notice Jennifer’s rapid breathing (nerves and anxiety at play) during those highly charged scenes.

    I think there is something DAYS can do with Jennifer that people for and against her would relish, especially when it draws from the DAYS’ history and Jennifer’s family history.

    I think Jimh has suggested it a few times:

    Let Jennifer lose her mind! Her mother (Laura) lost hers at least twice (played by two different actresses).

    Maybe Eve can push Jennifer to lose her marbles. Eve can torture Jennifer all the way to the funny farm! Would you be OK with Jennifer receiving shock treatments? LOL! Maybe Laura can come back to help Jennifer. Maybe Jack can come back to save Jennifer, but her mind will be too fried to remember him!!!

    Maybe, just maybe, you can see a part of Jennifer die and witness a rebirth!

  16. Hohum says:

    I can’t believe that these actors are touting stuff from the new writers. Theyre just basically implying that the stuff airing now is not worth watching. Wow way to sell your own product. If I were Sony or nbc I’d put a muzzle on these idiot actors.


    davlestev1 replied

    Ummmm they’re doing their best not to put a muzzle on this 50 year old show after this year. Whatever it takes to grab people… It’s gotten my attention.. SMH… at your comment. New writers..exciting story… Ummmm


  17. Gmbenet says:

    What I want to know is are the star returns temporary or permanent? I know Alison Sweeney is temporary. But what about Peter Reckell and Stephen Nichols? Very glad that the story for the 50th Anniversary will be great. But what about in the weeks and months that follow? That will be the real challenge!

    In the meantime, I am happy that so many of the cast members are elated over what they are working on now. I just hope that elation continues.


  18. dmr says:

    It’s always nice to see Kayla on-screen. My favorite role of MBE’s was as Katherine on General Hospital-so feisty! A much different character than Kayla.
    I think the show has been a bit lackluster. It’s the Daniel or Theresa show it seems. Daniel is always the hero-brought into most of the storylines. Theresa, she’s just a mess! I’d like to know the backstory of why she turned out so nasty. Honestly, it’s tiresome-the same old lines and schemes.
    Eve-needs a lobotomy. JJ-tired of him thinking that Paige will forgive him. Time to move on! Jennifer-needs to stay out of her adult children’s love woes and focus on her own life.
    Hope/Aidan-never really see them.
    Chad-love the recast. A much better fit for a Dimera. Great actor. Chad and Abigail’s scenes from Monday were great! Abigail needs to seek some therapy, ha!
    NuWill, Sonny, Paul-UGH! I hope that Sonny takes NuWill with him off-screen. I can’t stomach Will-takes no responsibility for his own actions, blames everyone else, blackmails to get his way, then whines like a baby. UGH!
    I miss Kristen-my favorite character to ever grace Salem!


  19. KMB says:

    I’m looking forward to getting my Stephen Nichols fix after a long time out of daytime. If Days doesn’t keep you Stephen, I hope you head back to GH. I love seeing you on daytime TV! :)


  20. Lisa says:

    They need to sign Stephen Nichols to a contract pronto! Strong, charismatic actors of Stephen’s character have been sorley lacking on the show . I’m so hoping the story does justice to Patch and Kayla. No one brings magic the way Stephen and Mary Beth do together. The horrible writing and lack of storyline the last time Patch returned was disgraceful. Going to take a leap of faith and trust that this time around, they will be given material worthy of their talents and story history. #PatchandKaylaforever as Mary Beth often hashtags. :)


  21. LeeAnn says:

    So many times, in the past year , an actor will be interviewed and say how amazing this or that is going to be, how we will LOVE what is coming up. Not implying Mary Beth is doing this. However, when it airs it is either really dull or I hate what they have done to a character or a story line . I now tend to not even watch interviews because they give false hope for a character or story line. SO disappointed in how the writer’s destroyed Will and Sonny. Their love and story was an amazingly wonderful and ground breaking thing and they destroyed it almost before it got started, shortly after the wedding. To have Will cheat, which most would say he is following in his families footsteps, that should have been an incentive for him to be the FIRST Brady/Horton NOT to cheat on their spouse. Now that we know Freddie is leaving we know there is no hope for them. Unless before the show ends, whenever that is, they bring back Freddie to have Will and Sonny reunite. Only time will tell if this show goes down in flames or ends on an amazing note like they did with GL. We all got to see into their futures and everyone, pretty much was happy at the end.


  22. James says:

    I would love to see Vivian back for the anniversary … One of Days all time best characters


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