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23 November 11th, 2015 Days of our Lives 50th Anniversary Party Red Carpet Arrivals Photo Gallery!

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All aboard the U.S.S. Salem! That was the theme of the bash of all soap bashes, the 50th anniversary party of Days of our Lives.  The event was held in Hollywood this past Saturday night (November 7th) at the Hollywood Palladium on the eve of the long-running NBC daytime drama’s golden anniversary on Sunday. DAYS premiered back on November 8th, 1965.

Over 100 cast members past and presented were part of the night’s festivities which started with the red carpet arrivals, followed by cocktails and dinner, and then members of the cast and executive producer Ken Corday (playing the drums) rocking the house with musical performances as the night continued. Corday also made a speech as the all the attendees shared in a toast to Days of our Lives, the legacy of the series, and to being an elite member of the extended family they were all a part of.

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On the red carpet, former and present cast members  made an endless sea of Salem notables included: Deidre Hall, Kristian Alfonso, Alison Sweeney, Freddie Smith, A Martinez, Alexis Thorpe, Amy Yasbeck, Andrew Massett, Arianne Zucker, Shawn Christian, Ashley Benson, Austin Peck, Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes, Jason Cook, Brandon Beemer, Billy Flynn, Blake Berris, Brody Hutzler, Bryan Dattilo, Camila Banus, Casey Deidrick, Chandler Massey, Chrishell Stause, Christopher Sean, Christie Clark, Drake Hogestyn, Eileen Davidson, Elinor Donahue, Eric Martsolf, Frank Parker, Galen Gering, Gregg Marx, Philece Sampler, Greg Meng (DAYS Co-EP), Greg Vaughan, Heather Lindell, James Lastovic, James Reynolds, Jamie Lyn Bauer, Jen Lilley, Joseph Mascolo, John Aniston, Josh Taylor, Judi Evans, Kassie DePaiva, Kate Mansi, Patrick Muldoon, Ken Corday (DAYS EP), Kyle Brandt, Kyle Lowder, Kyler Pettis, Lauren Boles, Vivian Jovanni, Lauren Koslow, Lindsay Hartley, Lisa Trusel, David Wallace, Maree Cheatham, Marie Wilson, Sarah Brown, Martha Madison, Mary Beth Evans, Stephen Nichols, Matt Cedeno, Matthew Ashford, Melissa Archer, Miranda Wilson, Meredith Scott Lynn, Molly Burnett, Spencer Neville, Nadia Bjorlin, Patrika Darbo, Olivia Rose Keegan, Peggy McCay, Quinn Redeker, Rachel Melvin, Roark Critchlow, Rob Scott Wilson, Sal Stowers, Suzanne Rogers, Tamara Clatterbuck, Thaao Penghlis, Leann Hunley, Tracey E. Bregman, Terrell Ransom, True O’Brien, Casey Moss, Vincent Irizarry and Wally Kurth.

Now after the jump check out just a sampling of the arrivals on the red carpet with over 35 plus photos.  Then let us know which was your favorite, who you were glad was there, and your thoughts on this DAYSalicious guest list!

NOTE: Remember to view the gallery: you can either view as a slideshow, or to go to the next group of images, hit the NEXT GROUP icon to the left of the + sign above the gallery.

Photo Gallery: Hutchins Photo

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  1. Bjtripp2 says:

    Great photos and love the pics of the 2 Chad’s, 2 Ciara’s, and 2 Austin’s. Where were the 2 Billie’s and the 2 Theo’s?


    Mo replied

    Three Billies–Lisa Rinna, Krista Allen, and Julie Pinson.

    I’m sure there are more pictures than this.


    Brian replied

    I just saw one with 2 Ciara’s and 2 Theo’s. I forgot there was 3 Billie’s! I didn’t see any of them in any of the photos though.

  2. Susan H. says:

    Looks like an awesome night. But, you left out Gloria Loring. Her photo is included, but you didn’t mention her in either list of names. :(
    Clearly, she is my favorite! ;)


  3. blake says:

    Oh man they really brought back the stars from past and present didn’t they???? It must have been so cool to have been there!

    I’m glad Eileen Davidson showed up, and damn she looks better than ever there!!! Kristen is so missed!

    I’m glad that stars like Alison Sweeney, Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith were there also.

    And can we get Carrie played by Christie Clark back on the show? Austin Peck can return as Austin also.


  4. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Why cant all of them appear on the show…lol…No Denise Alexander, Gloria Loring, Wesley Eure, Jed Allen, Susan Flannery, Tina Andrews, Patty Weaver, whatshisface who played Neil, Wayne Northrop, JimH(leave it to beaver)-ok, kidding there….i havent listed some others because me forgets their names…some are up there in age, could be ill or just dont care…whatever…like a class reunion not all show up…lol


  5. Laura says:

    It’s great to see the actors we haven’t seen in decades. I started watching the show when Gregg Marx was on. But there needs to be a correction in your pictures. Philece Sampler didn’t play Lee Dumonde. She was Renee Dumonde, her daughter. Brenda Benet who played Lee, was written off when she passed on.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Good catch, Laura!


  6. Justin says:

    Great Pictures. Looks like the guy who plays Adam on Y & R only shook twice. I hate when that happens just before a picture. Bring Jamie Lynn Bauer back DAYS.


  7. Ces says:

    Thanks for sharing Michael!
    Would have loved to see Michael Leon, Lisa Rinna, Charlotte, Charles S, Arleen, John DeLancie there.
    Always love seeing Leann Hunley and hope she makes a visit to Salem again! :)


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Those are some i totally forgotten…couldn’t think of there names…so many i wish could’ve been there and making cameos on the show!


    Ces replied

    Would have been nice to see cameos for their 50th. Surprised we didnt get flashbacks.

    4ever DAYS replied

    John de Lancie (Eugene) was at the party.

    As for flashbacks on DAYS…It’s not too late…Flashbacks will hit us when the darkness turns to light.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    The scene where the original actress who played Julie in the first episode where she is shown shoplifting (which can be seen on utube)shouldv’e been used when Julie is talking to Ciara about her own shoplifting experience…like i said in another post Susan Seaforth could’ve said as an inside joke how different she looked back then…i would’ve loved that…and since Days is one of few soaps that avoided the wiping process and saved their episodes, there is so many flashbacks from each decade since the 60s that shouldv’e been shown in true celebration of the shows 50th…and as good as the writing has improved, it does not feel like much of a 50 year salute imho!


  8. Patrick says:

    “Oh, God”

    no Christie Clark ; Leann Hunley !

    Leann Hunley’ Anna would add so much sexy ; so much sizzle ; and liveliness to the DiMera Manse !

    there’s really only one lady for Rafe’alicious… and that’s Carrie

    ie: woah! bestill my heart…. Jedd Allen ; Wayne Northrop

    Daniel Cosgrove… you are the BEST Leading Man
    Kassie DePaiva… rehire this gem… ! you can’t relight the fire with what was… no matter how good

    where is Paul


    Jeremy replied

    Patrick, I HOPE that DAYS is smart enough to re-invent Eve; allow her time to mend away from Salem and BRING KASSIE BACK in late 2016. We ought to start a Petition to Bring Back Kassie. How?


  9. Patrick says:

    Mr. Frank Parker : tears welled up

    Shawn Brady


  10. Patrick says:

    Louise Sorel ?

    Crystal Chappell?

    hello, ladies of my heart


  11. elm51 says:

    i didn’t see peter reckell – did i miss his picture?


  12. MBmomof3 says:

    Would have loved to have been at that party! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.


  13. Mo says:

    How nice to see everyone!


  14. Calie says:

    Shawn Brady …wow


  15. Bella says:

    I didn’t see James Scott. Did he and Days part in a bad way?


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