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33 May 7th, 2016 DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Aiden Returns Just as Hope & Rafe Get Closer! Is An Aiden Doppelganger The One Who Tried To Kill His Bride?


Monday May 9th will be a big episode day on all of your favorite soaps, as the all-important May Sweeps ratings period heats up!

Days of our Lives is set to tell two big stories, one of which has the highly-anticipated on-screen return of Daniel Cosgrove in the role of Aiden Jennings, or is it really Aiden who returns?

Previously, Cosgrove and his then on-screen love interest, Kristian Alfonso  (Hope) became very popular with the fans and were known on social media as “Haiden”.  When Cosgrove’s Aiden was “killed” in a face-off with Hope’s former husband, Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), many fans were very upset,  while on-screen Hope and the town of Salem thought he was a-goner.

As viewers recall, after being blackmailed by Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) because of his huge financial debt, Aiden planned on killing his new wife Hope just after they were married … by strangling her.  Now, DAYS fans saw on the Friday, May 6th episode of the NBC sudser that Aiden shocked Hope by being in her home and telling her he is alive!  The action picks-up Monday in a full-episode centered on the night that Aiden tried to kill Hope, where he tells his wife that he coudln’t go through with killing her, and that when he tried to flee Hope’s house he came face to face with his doppelganger.  Aiden will reveal that Andre was behind the plan, but could the man calling himself “Aiden” be the doppelganger?

Watch the latest promo for Days of our Lives after the jump!  Let us know: Are you glad that Daniel Cosgrove is back, which will certainly throw a wrench into the Hope and Rafe romance?  Do you hate or love the idea of another possible doppelganger story on DAYS about to be unleashed? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Janet Byrnes says:

    I hope he is telling the truth. I liked Hope with Aiden.I am not thrilled with Hope and Rafe. I don’t hate Rafe, just find him someone else. I liked him with Sammy. Danial Cosgrove can act, and with K A the stage lights up. two talented actors make the stories real. welcome back. I will be watching.


    Linda replied

    OMG Hope and Aiden totally are Hot together. Aiden just needs to prove to Hope he can be trusted and I see her falling for him. I think she is trying to convince herself she should be with Rafe when she loves Aiden. these 2 have Undeniable chemistry. HAIDEN Forever!!


  2. GB says:

    doppelganger. on a soap. wow: no-one’s EVER done that before!


    Mary SF replied

    LMAO– love the sarcasm.


    Ray replied

    I HATE doppelganger SL’s!!! I liked Haiden, & I’m glad to have Cosgrove back but nooooooo!


  3. Llanviewer717 says:

    I like Daniel Cosgrove and am very glad to see him back. I hope he stays.


  4. Jennifer says:

    I love that they have brought back Daniel Cosgrove. He is handsome and talented. Perfect leading man. If Aiden were to reunite with Hope..great. If not, that’s fine too. He can be paired with a broomstick and still have chemistry. He doesn’t have to be tied to Hope. Hope and Rafe are just nauseating. Don’t like them whether Aiden in the mix or not. They look so awkward and the actors just don’t seem into it. Happy Daniel Cosgrove is back!


  5. Fatima Mamun says:

    Totally happy that Daniel Cosgrove is back!!! He was really undervalued on Days before and I hope they don’t make the same mistake again. He is a leading man and Days should take advantage of that. Hope or no Hope, Aiden is a star in Salem and will be great with whomever he is paired with. Days is very lucky that he agreed to come back. He is a fan favorite and they better not waste a good thing. The show needs viewers tuning in to see great performances and chemistry between couples. Rafe and Hope are not doing it.


  6. Mary SF says:

    I don’t mind the actor coming back and the show undoing Aiden being a madman who would try to kill his wife– but honestly who cares. The show has all but destroyed the character of Hope for me when after Aiden was killed off the first time. She barely had time to process his death when she reunited with Bo, then Bo dies. And although she was only with Bo for like a minute we are supposed to believe she was so upset by his death that she would murdered Stefano in the heat of the moment. Okay maybe that, but covering it up– that destroyed her character for me. Then having her fall in love with Rafe–in what a few weeks time please– if I was Rafe I wouldn’t want to be with a woman who has been so much in so little time– Hope should be in therapy not “falling in love” She should have a room next to Abigail — if she had a real conscience– no Hope stopped being Hope last fall, so I don’t really care if Aiden back because the real Hope is gone


    Fatima Mamun replied

    I agree with that. Hope has changed for the worse. In some ways, she is worse than Aiden. She killed someone, covered up the murder and then framed Andre. It doesn’t matter why she did it- the writers can’t fix that with a doppelganger. Her relationship with Rafe is not believable either. One minute they’re friends and the next , she is in love with him and wanting to sleep with him. That’s not the Hope I know. The writers have shown no respect for that character and it was all done so Rafe could look better. Hope waited almost a year to be with Aiden and longer to tell him that she loved him. What is going on now with Rafe is a joke in many ways. Some fans are not going to be happy if Hope moves on from Bo, no matter who it is with. That isn’t fair to Hope seeing as Peter Reckell has said many times that he is finished with Bo and wants to spend his time with family. Aiden would be a better character without Hope because the fans cause too much drama.


    Patrick replied

    what a position for Daniel Cosgrove “Aiden” to be in

    he has chemistry…. with two of Days leading characters… Hope and Kayla


    why not revisit with Kayla… if Hope turns him down… or he bides his time and gets to know Kayla

    I think the fans would eat this up…

    just saying… because of how electric the dynamic , are

    lining up for this show

    Patrick replied

    I think Daniel Cosgrove is brought back to “salvage” and/or TURN ( in a good way ) what this show needs

    Kristian Alfonso… is never better… when in love and romance is in her life

    whew! which is so fine… by me… as we get… one of the “BEST” leading men currently…. he’s dreamy… I mean really

    I couldn’t believe it… when… in – ONE – room… at the Salem P.D…

    there’d Aiden, Justin, and Rafe… swoon

    OK… invite me

    I’ve posted before… I’d be nutted up… if I had Lost two husbands that quickly… especially when it was so obvious how REAL… Kristian Alfonso… chemistry and belong … tore at my heart… w/ Peter Reckell and Daniel Cosgrove, respectively.

    so yeah… This Hope is NOT Grans Jewel .

    it kinda irritates me… that Hope is always “running” to Rafe… about everything that goes on in her life… like she’s that fragile…. and Rate … bemoans… she’s been through so much…

    all good and well… but the writing was on the wall… “they work well together” nothing wrong with being best friends

    NOW… if only DAYS would really get on the mend… and rehire “the original” Ciara Alice… I MISS my Lauren Boles

    just make it all a bad dream sequence… but keep this SORAS Chase… as he’s a solid act.

    their you have it… the best family back on DAYS.

    it just smarts… argh! Thanks to Ken Corday

    ps: it struck me funny… as I read in a recent SOD issue… how its being griped that Hope has yet to acknowledge her granddaughter Claire LOL

    oy the joys of Serial

    as for Rafe… DAYS ! forever and a DAY… BRING BACK Sheryl (Jade Harlow) and change her name to Jade… Yowsah ! let’s get Lucas involved. HOT

    i’m back in love with Salem.

    could Will and Eve complete DAYS

    Salem’ite !


    Patrick replied

    I forgot to add… I wonder if Roman, Hope, and Rafe… every discuss their “dirty cop” deeds

    here’s hoping that Andre is back in full swing soon… as he brings FUN back to the canvas

    it’s some DiMera at the very least

    i’m a month behind… dang! I got lost in the dark

    missing Chad and Abs

  7. Melanie says:

    I’m thrilled Aiden is back. Didn’t like how the writers left it where everyone believed him to be a monster when he was only trying to protect his son’s life. Any parent would understand that, I think. Now his character can be exonerated. I loved him with Hope. Took a while but I’m starting to like Rafe with Hope now too. She’s been through way too much to start any kind of romantic relationship with anyone. Bo has only been dead for about 6 months. She grieved much longer when he was presumed dead. Would have liked if they had shown the aftermath of losing not one but 2 husbands in less than a week (one being the love of your life and the other trying to murder you) for longer than they did. Can the writers find a way to reform Chase? Don’t like where the writers took his character. All in all, welcome back Aiden. Happy to see you again. May all your “Days” be happy and longer.


  8. blake says:

    I hope he’s back for good, Days could really use his talents.


  9. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I said he had a twin-and such a novel idea-lol


  10. Kim says:

    VERY excited to see Aiden /Daniel Cosgrove again! He is a fantastic, subtle, emotional actor and Kristian really does her best work around him. They just have a connection on screen that is rare. Galen and Kristian don’t bring out passion in each other. Rafe should be with a younger character so he can have kids. Hope and Aiden are much better suited for one another.


    Fatima Mamun replied

    Except for Jordan, every woman they have given Rafe is someone else’s LOL. Rafe was mooning over Hope when she was with Aiden and that made him look desperate and kind of perverted. There is something wrong with Rafe in general. None of the women he’s had have worked. Sami was the closest thing to being ok that he’s had. I wish Days would stop trying to force him together with women that most fans want to see with someone else. It doesn’t help him or the show. I don’t see passion in any Rafe and Hope scenes either. Rafe doesn’t have the range needed to wow viewers.


    Mary SF replied

    Personally I liked Rafe with Carrie. The union didn’t last long but I thought she was best suited for him. There was also a half minute there I thought Rafe might be good with Nicole— speaking of which, they used to best buds but I don’t even recall Rafe making an condolence call to her when Daniel died–oh well, things change I guess.

    Patrick replied

    I’ve always said… Hope and Rafe are not… equals… if you will

    Carrie Brady, outside of Sami… was Rafe best bet

    TILL Dena Higley… if it’s true… she’s in love with Rafe’alicious… is better off just pairing Rafe back with Kate… till Dena hires a new love interest for Rafe

    as Kate is not being true to herself… and bedding DOWN with Deimos…

    course i’m a month behind… so who knows what kate is doing

    I mean really… If I was Kate and saw Deimos swooning over Nicole.. I’d dump him… and with Aiden back in town

    I see a Rafe and Kate… drawn to each other… as a safety comfort zone… enjoy each other company

    Jim Preston replied

    That’s an interesting comment about the character of Rafe. He’s nice, he’s likeable enough, but I tend to agree with the comment that he’s not terribly dynamic for some reason. But, I’ll take any storyline that doesn’t center around the same old same old re-hashed mush between Steve (“Patch”) and Kayla – please, cannot take anymore.

  11. Ray says:

    It would have been so much more believable if they had just chalked up the last 6 months or so as one of Abby’s hallucinations. Then they could have cherry picked what was real & what was not & made Abby’s instability even more frightening than it already is because if she’s literally been in her own head all this time….

    But no…They went for the tired…I mean tried & true.

    Did I mention above that I HATE doppelganger SL’s???

    Yeah, I did. And I do.


  12. damien says:

    love daniel, aiden
    i may give days a shot again after abadoning it


  13. Minnie says:

    Love, Love, Love that Daniel Cosgrove is back! This means I’m coming back too. I was angry with the way they destroyed Aiden and killed him off. Stopped watching after that. I will give Days a chance to redeem themselves with a good story for Aiden and redemption for him too. I really don’t care if he ends up with Hope. I actually think he needs someone younger like Nicole or Chloe. As for Hope and Rafe, KA is just GG’s next victim. He’s never had a successful pairing (somewhat Sami but EJ won) as long as he’s been on the show. Poor Chrishell S. got fired because he couldn’t produce any chemistry. They should stop trying.


  14. Rj says:

    Glad to have Daniel back any way they manage the story lines! :)


  15. judy says:

    never liked Aiden and keep Hope and Rafe togther


    Rj replied

    I like Hope and Rafe too!


  16. Jim Preston says:

    WHAT!!? An EVIL twin on a Soap Opera? I must say, this show is extremely
    innovative, I’ve never heard of such a thing!
    I DO like the actor since his days on AMC but the storyline sounds, if you don’t mind me wording it simplistically, stupid.


  17. CindyHaskins says:

    Days rehiring the original Ciara brady and bringing back lauren boles it is never going to happern.also Vivian jovanni is Ciara brady now and it is going to stay that way.


  18. CindyHaskins says:

    Sorry but I don’t miss lauren boles on days or her character of Ciara brady..


  19. CindyHaskins says:

    It is time for all to excepted that Vivian jovanni is Ciara brady now and it is going to stay that way.


  20. GIGI says:

    I Love Sweet Rafe, with Hope!!! All Protective and Loving Man , He is Perfect for Hope!!! Even Bo, Loved Him, I think Hope Love Rage not Aiden. Aiden, can leave and take Chase, with him. He is just not Hopes Type, seems so sneaky and needy, just a fake, !! We were so happy when Rage was With Hope, and even Ciara, Loved Him.. He would do anything for Them, A Good Strong, Caring Hand Smart Man I hope the Writers see this. Hope and Rafe Forever!!! Aiden is wrong for Hope, Let Hope marry Rafe, He will Live Her and Protect Her, Eternally!!! Not everyday you find a Guy like Rafe!!!


  21. GIGI says:

    Sorry but I and my whole Family and Friends, are a Rafe Fan!!! We All Love Rafe Here, He is Handsome and True and Will do Anything for the Woman He Loves!!! Please Give Rafe a Chance, He is the One for Hope and Ciara. They make a Beautiful Family. Ciara will never feel for Aiden, the way she feels for Rafe, plus the fear and hatred she feels for Chase. It will be shown that Aiden, is hiding and plotting things again, with Andre, and now wants Rafe dead. Get rid of Aiden, and Chase. Days was just getting good again, this messes it up all over again, by bringing Aiden back!!


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