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14 December 7th, 2017 Days of our Lives and General Hospital Score WGA Award Nominations!

The WGA announced their 2018 Writers Guild Award nominations on Thursday in the fields of television, new media, news radio/audio and promotional writing, and it was two soaps who got the nod in the Daytime Drama category.

Those receiving nominations were Days of our Lives lead by head writer, Ron Carlivati, and General Hospital lead by Shelly Altman, and former co-head writer, Jean Passanante.

In an ironic twist, Carlivati last won the WGA Award for writing General Hospital, and now he is up against his former co-horts.

Here are this year’s WGA Daytime Drama nominated writing teams:

General Hospital, Head Writers: Shelly Altman, Jean Passanante; Writers: Anna Theresa Cascio, Suzanne Flynn, Charlotte Gibson, Lucky Gold, Kate Hall, Elizabeth Korte, Daniel James O’Connor, Dave Rupel, Katherine Schock, Scott Sickles, Christopher Van Etten, Christopher Whitesell; ABC

Days of Our Lives, Writers: Ron Carlivati, Sheri Anderson, Lorraine Broderick, David Cherrill, Lisa Connor, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton, Rick Draughon,  Cydney Kelley, David Kreizman, David A. Levinson, Rebecca McCarty, Ryan Quan, Dave Ryan, Elizabeth Snyder, Tyler Topits; NBC

Congratulations to all!  To view a complete list of nominees in all categories click here.

Now, what do you think of this year’s writing team nominations,  and who will you be rooting for? The awards will be handed out in concurrent ceremonies in New York City and Los Angeles on February 11, 2018.  Comment below!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    DAYS deserves this award more than GH, in my opinion. The show has been on fire ever since Ron C took over, whereas GH has really only livened up since October, with the Tale of Two Jason’s story. GH as a whole was not as exciting as DAYS has been this year, especially while Jean P was still there. Now with Chris Van Etten as co-head writer, things have started to improve, but it will take a little while longer for those changes to be in full effect.


    Patrick replied

    IF having 3 successful runs before running out of gas is real then i’d call in first

    3 networks called

    NBC is one of them

    on high

    i’d run with this

    Ron Carlivati is spoken for his work

    4 1/2 months is “beginning”


    Jamesj75 replied

    Great points as always, Friend!

    Thanks for your thoughtful replies and backup in the Alec Baldwin thread.

    LOVE to you as well, Patrick.

    I hope that you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday! Cheers! :)

    Patrick replied

    having “posted” a number of years

    this time is sky full of dreams

    a lot of ideals run

    i’m celebrating a turn not lost with me

    D – A – N – C – E


  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Michael,

    Can you give us any info on what they submitted?


  3. Satan says:

    Going to have to go with GH at this point. It’s definitely the more improved of the two in terms of writing… ironically much of it due to cleaning up the mess that Ron made when he was there.

    Days is a mixed bag…. Will being back is good. Not having memory is overdone cliche. The dopplegangers were complete dragonshit. Hoping the return of Vivian Alamain was worth the wait. Maybe she can bury FauxEve alive this time…. and forget where the coffin is.


    Andrew Hass replied

    Ron Carlivati was let go from GH 2 years ago.I’m not saying he didn’t make mistakes while at GH but i don’t think it would have taken GH 2 years to fix any mess he left behind.However i think everything worked out okay because GH is doing good and i’m sure Ron Carlivati is happy writing for Days.


    Jovin replied

    On the contrary Andrew! Ron completely gutted that show! He left it an empty shell, a void blank canvas full of newbies, murderers, and all around unlikeable people. He destroyed
    Legendary couples and characters with arrogant nonchalance and no regard for the fans. I feel finally, just now, the show is out from under the stain of his writing and has embarked on a very good course! And yes, it HAS taken two full years to accomplish that! Any writer coming in after what he did on GH faced a monumental, Herculean battle to repair the damage! I suspect Nean and Shelly could have done it sooner had they had carte Blanche to write out some Carlivati creations that were just not working…..and that was about half the cast at the time. But Frank and Ron shared a vision….and Frank was still around, obviously insisting that they write material for his new pets. I watched an episode the other day, where Maxie and Lulu were
    In their hazmat suits, and it was CLASSIC GH!! It was campy, fun, and characters were used to advance the plot. Some of the one liners and zingers had me literally laughing out loud! It has been a LONG time since GH has been must see for me, but it has been for the past 2 months. To have such a large unwieldy cast and to be able to weave so many characters and plot points into the umbrella story of the Two Jason’s has been extremely impressive indeed! I like Nelle! I like her with Michael, and I don’t want her to be too nuts! The actress makes unusual choices that completely throw you off balance…either making you want to shake some sense into her or give her a big hug! I have heard rumours and seen the beginnings of a potential baby switch or baby theft storyline between Nelle and Maxie. That doesn’t please me. Can’t a couple just have a baby? I think Nelle should be the child that Nina had while in the coma and that resulted in some sort of brain trauma for Nelle. Not that I care for Nina (she is an unconnected Carlivati creation who continues to be employed solely because she is Michelle Stafford), or want her role on the show expanded, but they seem to be trying to shoehorn her onto the canvasback by any means possible. They are similar physically, they have worked togrther, and it would explain a lot.

    Sorry I kind of rambled! Lol. My original point was…yes…the new GH writers had a LOt of clean up and damage control to do after Carlivati decimated and devastated the show. And they are doing wonderfully now!!

    Shay replied

    @Jovin….Excellent post! I agree with just about everything you have so well-stated…with a special amen to the notions on Nina! (Not that I’d ever want to see that psycho get a child, even a grown one as bad a seed as Nelle!) Which leads me to wonder if “Auntie Nina” shall be obsessing on Maxie and Nathan’s bundle of joy in the upcoming months, since I don’t think she has turned over a new leaf at all! She’s still totally nuts and just waiting to be triggered all over again…and speaking of such things, am I the only one who senses some spooky vibes from the sneaky Nurse Amy on this same subject? She looked both totally crestfallen and utterly infuriated to learn of the West family’s prospective new arrival….

    Patrick replied

    @jovin . two thoughts .. UP Up UP .. because I dont’ want to lose my train

    1.. Dante and Lulu.. the required Dante stir

    he’s the gas and bomb… you take care of his sexuality… he’s the bomb , plus oh yeah

    2. NI IN A !!!!!! hand s up raised and fire

    Patrick replied

    the Maxie and Lulu gas mask suit “caught” me

    it filmed
    If Amy does go off the tracks.. THIS could be good one to marquee the Team


    seeing Nathan and Dr. O is another big deal

    thank you

    the pressure is not on to keep Nathan and Maxie “alone” solitude your mine

    GH is spreading the wealth.. and it’s going their

    JUST GIVE : Michelle Stafford a “role”

    a role worth giving.. she’s so tantamount

    this is not a die hard role.. it’s sharing with the Corinthos’

    I WILL compare to that

    Nina : deserves

    a role of imagination and what you want

    she was an easy go getter who understood and wetted the senses
    of course she did

    for years

    has nothing to do with Valentin and Charlotte

    that’s magic

    I love her

    savvy curves LOVE flirtations gummy bear upped and out .. tease

  4. Andrew Hass says:

    Congrats to the nominees and i hope the best one wins


  5. Jovin says:

    I love Cheeky Chandler playing Douche Bag Will!!! Did you catch him leering at naked Paul???? Lmao!!! When he asked him if the sex was good I almost fell off my chair!!!!!! I love it!!!!!


    Patrick replied

    “…Did you catch him leering at naked Paul???? ”

    ^^^^ that threw me… did not see that sly my cup runneth over SMILE from Will

    what’s this new Will doing ! catching up…

    at least it was explained.. even with his “amnesia” he was hiding and backburnered HIS feelings , from Susan.

    @Jovin – you now have a CLASSIC Line to marquee:

    “…I love Cheeky Chandler playing Douche Bag Wil ”


    happy dance


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