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27 July 21st, 2016 Days of our Lives Casting New Male Character! Who Would You Suggest For The Part?


NBC’s Days of our Lives has put out a casting call for a gorgeous African American male actor in his late 20′s for a recurring role with the possibility of the part going contract.

According to details from the casting description via Soap Opera Digest: the role is that of Levi, and he is described as “everything a woman could want in a man.  He is funny, quick-witted, protective, intelligent and makes an honest living working hard and loving what he does.  He can come off as edgy not angry.”

The role is set to begin taping next month in August and would debut on-air in 2017.

So, who would you suggest for the part? Anyone familiar to audiences from daytime or primetime TV? Based on the casting call, who do you think the character of Levi will mix it up with in story? Share your casting picks and comments in the comment section below!

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  1. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Part of me feels like the role of “Levi” could be the potential recast of “Cameron”, and I would welcome that. However, I am hoping to see more of a LGBT base on Days of Our Lives. I’m tired of there being a less-than-handful amount of LGBT characters on a soap opera. Give us more variety and spice. Happy it’s a part of ethnic background, though, it makes me sad that the role of Lani (Sal Stowers) wasn’t attempted to work.


    Patrick replied

    DAYS : Sonny Kiriakis left the show…. August 18, 2015

    dang I love the guy…. Paul has been languishing … what a waste of REEL

    I don’t know what became of that “brain freeze or mind control” when Paul was held captive… and dear ole dad saved the day… let alone… when the “virus” took hold

    gotta laugh… Ken Corday has mucked up the GREATEST show of show

    I do not know… if the rumor mill about Chandler Massey returning… with Freddie Smith… is

    with Sonny guaranteed return… and who knows if the sublime – talent – that Christopher Sean’ Paul IS

    can only hope

    as for GH : it’s so damning and a slap in our faces when GH trots out, like barbies, Brad and Lucas…. these are two solid actors with presence

    I give up on the CBS shows

    I’m really holding out – HOPE – that Ken Corday and DAYS production give back life to Sonny and Paul


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    A new love interest for Paul….


  3. Drake says:

    Redaric Williams ex Tyler on Y&R is as handsome as they come and would fit the bill. However, my bigger concern is that Days won’t be around in 2017. This show needs to get it together ASAP.


  4. Mateo says:

    How about they bring in Lil Wayne and he can date Ciara? Or perhaps maybe The Game and he can shake up the scene with Ciara, who is tired of being with Chad cause he is such a bore moaning and groaning about Abby. Or maybe we can go back 35 years and find someone from the past to bring on board to push the show forcefully towards cancellation? The last thing DAYS needs is another character. Have they learned nothing from all the useless characters they brought on board in the last six months???


  5. Patrick says:

    argh! has been suggested before…. newbie from the on line OLTL

    Corbin Bleu : OLTL, Jeffrey King


    davlestev1 replied

    Nothing they do will help until that get a new EP which won’t happen till three months before cancelation as a last ditch why bother now effort


  6. Justin says:

    Make him older and cast Nick Stabile. He was great on GH and he is not only what every woman wants in a man…but also what a man would look for in a stud muffin. As Rachael Ray would say…YUM-O !


    davlestev1 replied

    Is Nick Stabile African American I thought he replaced tyler Christopher for a little bit on gh


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Is Nick Stable a 20 something African American like in the description?


  7. Lou Piikes says:

    This sounds like the same character description for Lexie’s brother. We all know how that turned out.


    Celia replied

    Tiresome, isn’t it, Lou?


    Lou Piikes replied

    Yelp!!!!! Nothing but repetitive nothingness.

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Around a year ago maybe more i suggested a storyline about Lexi’s brother who turns out to really be a Horton-Julie’s son David would be the father and Valerie Grant his mother-sometime ago there was talk about bringing back Valerie…back in the 70s David(the late Richard Gutherie) and Valerie(played by the great Tina Andrews) were an interracial couple but the network pulled the plug on their romance due to complaints-that was too bad-they were great together and i loved the Grant family…it would be interesting if the revisit that storyline-they might have remet years later and Val became pregnant but they split and Val put her son up for adoption and he was adopted by the Davis family-ironically Val did briefly date a Jerry Davis who could have been related to Lexi’s family…Kin Shriner and Debbie Morgan would be great as David and Valerie but i doubt Days will even do this story…i did suggest it to Corday!!

  8. clh says:

    Why are they bringing on more people but getting rid of people we want to stay?!


  9. Charity says:

    Shemar Moore! He is very sexy. He is a great actor and would bring a big fan base!!


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    “male actor in his late 20′s “.

    Shemar is closer to 50 then he is 20…. LOL


    Debra Lavonne Perez replied

    ooohhhh, Shemar! Yes he would. it needs to be someone with a little age…

  10. damien says:

    redaric williams….period!!!!
    ( ex-tyler, y n r)… sony n y n r let tyler go after fans revolted about a actual story for lily and cane when tyler became involved with lily and agve her something to do!… i liked him with abby with the show went with a tied mom/ saughter tiangle instead.
    redaric s gorgeous and charismatic…. days should be so lucky….


  11. GB says:

    does it even matter? like all other african american characters on Days in YEARS, this character will recur for a few months and then be phased out and disappear with not even a whimper


  12. jaybird369 says:

    Y-E-T ANOTHER NEW CHARACTER?!?!? DOOL…REALLY?!?!? Uh, hello…DOOL has WAY TOO MANY characters on the canvas already…over half of which are BEYOND UNWATCHABLE!!!!! NO, NO AND MORE NO!!!!! N-e-x-t……….


  13. Aladell says:

    The actor that played Harrison on Leverage. LOVE HIM


    Aladell replied

    Correction Hardison


  14. Lew S. says:

    DAYS is in trouble. The new characters they create are never fully developed and eventually disappear from the canvas. The problem is Corday, who is still trying to produce an 80′s soap, along with writers who are out of touch. DAYS could have so much potential under the right leadership, but it seems that NBC is blind to this, or maybe preparing the show for cancelation after the one year renewal date. How many reboots can you have???


  15. John Gordon says:

    Geez – characters come and go on this show like M&M’s at a party. There doesn’t seem to be any character development at all – and the writing, good grief – it’s just
    awful. This show better get it together or the sands really will run out.


  16. Dylan says:

    I’m fine without the gay storylines. So this new dude…isn’t Valerie Grant from like centuries ago supposed to be coming back to the show at some point? Wouldn’t this be a natural tie in as a grand son or something? Knowing today’s soap world, he will be connected to NO ONE and fade out in 4 month’s time. But we can hope this person will have some connection to Abe, or the Grant Family, or if they give us some good rewritten backstory, maybe has some Horton blood.


  17. Debra Lavonne Perez says:

    and the actress that plays abbie( not sure about her), she doesn’t “look the part for some reason”, i am still thinking about that one. She seems to “wholesome”?


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