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21 November 8th, 2016 Days of our Lives Celebrates Its 51st Anniversary Today!

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A big shout-out to all of the cast, producers, and behind the scenes personnel at Days of our Lives today as the iconic NBC soap opera celebrates its 51st anniversary.

Days of our Lives premiered back on November 8, 1965. Its touchstone is set against the backdrop of traditional family values, good vs. evil and features several core families that have kept things romantic, intriguing, and often deadly in the town of Salem.

Of course, we are talking about the original first family of Salem, The Hortons, and their rivals the The DiMeras, The Kiriakis, and  the other good samiritans in town, The Bradys!  Other key families on the canvas including: the Carvers, Johnson, and Hernandez clans.  The series enduring fan base and community, and their passion for the characters, the actors who portray them, and their love of the iconic duos of the past and present has also been a staple of DAYS.

Days of our Lives has won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series three times:  1978, 2013, and 2015.

NBC will celebrate the 51st anniversary this weekend in Los Angeles as the annual Day of DAYS event on Saturday, November 12th at Universal City’s CitiWalk.

Share your congrats and well-wishes to the cast and crew at DAYS for turning 51 and let us know why you have been an ardent DAYS fans all these years, or if you are a new fan just joining in on the drama, why the show has captivated you.  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Judy says:

    I have enjoyed every minute it been on the air I hope it on the air for at lest 20 more year or longer Long live days of our lives


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I grew up with soaps as my favorite genre…Days is still a little too dark-miss when it was more about family drama than all this crime but glad its still on…who were that couple with Chad and Abby-They trying to do The Real Housewives Of Salem-lol


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    sorry-i meant Gabi…are that couple really working for Andre?


  3. Nicholas says:

    originally Santa barbara was my soap but when it went of the air i got very invested in Days at its history : the action and adventure plots , the romance with supercouples like patch and kayla , justin and adrienne , bo and hope , john black and diana colville ( genie francis , miss genie and diana ) , later john and isabella , john and kristen and john and marlena , shane and kimberly . the villains : stefano , vivian , kristen . cruise of deception , maison blanche , melaswen , marlena back from the dead in 1991 . for the last decade i have been far less impressed unforunately : the storylines are not juicy and exciting , the killings have been terrible . from the bits i have seen from it from the 60′s , 70 ‘s and 80 ‘s i regret that it is not put together that way anymore , wish these types of stories were still told . there was emotion , romance , sense of community , actors could act and had theatre background , wish the writers and producers would sit down in front of the tv and watch as viewers their show and watch the archives from the 60′s 70′s and 80′s : i think with that they should be able to fix what’s wrong with it . it’s such a good soap with such potential ….


  4. 4ever DAYS says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Days of our Lives!

    51 and full of fun! My fandom hasn’t waivered since I started watching 32 years ago and I would welcome another 32-51 years!


  5. Dan S says:

    Have only been watching for about 2 years. I was hooked right away and really enjoy Days!


  6. Pat says:

    Quite frankly and sadly, this once iconic show has become a total embarrassment and unless there’s a miracle, personally I cannot see Days having any more anniversaries as an active show. Do you really think that NBC/Sony are satisfied with those recent ratings numbers? Ken Corday, his staff, and the inept revolving door of writers have shown their true colors. They have all disrespected and alienated a large chunk of the fan base/audience too many times, and once those viewers leave, they surely are not coming back in time. Sorry.

    It will be very sad if/when this show gets cancelled, and I’ll hate to see it. But it won’t be the least bit surprising.


    jaybird369 replied

    Pat…EXACTLY!!!!! I’m surprised that DOOL is STILL on the air. Hey…just saying……….

    Have a good one.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I have to agree with you Pat. I’ve only watched this show a little over 2 years and it’s gone down hill since then. The “cheap” factor is definitely showing in the stories and the sets. A friend of mine said she thinks the networks are making these shows so bad that the fans will be relieved when they are cancelled. They are trying to avoid the thunderous out cry the alphabet network received when they cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live. I think she’s right.


    Ces replied

    I SO agree with you Pat! I’ve quit Days 3x and this time it has stuck. I thought when they brought back Peter, Thaao, Matt A. & Stephen that it would entice me to stick around but what I noticed is that writing sucks and stunt casting never works. I stuck around for Bo’s goodbye since Bo Brady (as played by Peter R, not RKK) has always been my favorite character, but not even some of the actors I used to love could keep me interested so I haven’t watched in months and don’t miss it one bit.

    Loved this show since 1982 …. and I wish it well but I no longer have an hour to waste of poor storytelling. Happy Anniversary though …


  7. Peri Levine says:

    Wow, not a lot of people posting so far. Guess a lot of people don’t care. So many viewers I know have left and are not coming back. Anyways, good luck Days as you get closer to renewal.


    Patrick replied

    yeah, agree with your post. even I took about 6 months off… after the 50th Anniversary… I started back watching “DAYS” right after the Olympics… and especially when Dena and Ryan started with their work… October 6, 2016

    so… two months in to their transition ? I’m not disliking “DAYS” at all… it’s not (like @GH ) it’s not flatlining and it’s not off the charts… but it’s certainly more to my liking… “DAYS” is the most consistent, in my opinion… of keeping family alive

    with a rock solid consistent cast.. as well.

    I enjoyed watching the 3 escapees… it was simple not overblown… nice interactions with Paul, Clyde, Orpheus.

    I am excited @ the prospect that Xander… SHOULD be back on DAYS. watching Xander… interact with Deimos… made me cry…. per Marlena breakdown of the three men… Xander looking for approval… and wanting to be part of the Kiriakis family… was so touching… when Deimos told him to keep this under wraps that he’s being squired away to Greece… and is being given a “chance”… the way Xander reacted … reaching out to Deimos. you could read his body language. Plus with Brady and Theresa knowing that she lied and that’s what Xander told Deimos. Plus, when they showed flashbacks of Victor and Xander
    together… their was an air of command and authority between these two. DAYS simply has to act on Paul Telfter and bring him back.


    Patrick replied

    couple of other things:

    I am really liking the storyline… going on with Abe, Theo, & Valerie.

    I’m surprised at how much I liked Valerie right off. course it seems like their is something else going on with her. I had hoped that their could be a possible relationship for Abe. even if… ( isn’t theo the best ) Theo is against it… and wants his dad for himself… I marvel at how well this father and son is so well played… Kudos to James Reynolds and Kyler Pettis .

    makes me wish… Lexis was with us… so we could all see her just beaming at her son. Renee Jones is the best

    dang… recalling when JJ was shot by Orpheus…. it was real enough for me… because Casey Moss was riveting.

    the DiMera Clan… Chad, Kate, and Andre ! this is as close to classic as we can get… till Anna shows up.. then it’s no holds barred… I hope Leann Hunley is contract.

    have to prop again… Andre is giving so many shade of character… his getting Hope arrested… for the death of his father… and Chad telling her… no matter what his father was like… you still murdered my father in cold blood. good stuff.

    Andre with Kate is high brow… watching him keep up with her is comedic. yet neither Kate or Chad are fully aware of what Andre is up to. I like the guy… hope he’s not written in to a corner or out. never thought i’d say that.. but Thaao Penglis gets my vote for a keeper.

    Kristian Alfonso ‘ portrayal of Hope.. admitting to murdering the Pheonix.

    she’s stepping up to the plate to give her character layers… let’s see how she plays this out… all I’ve given her credit for.. is in the romance department and how much she loves her family.

    which brings me to Aiden… I will miss the guy… Daniel Cosgrove brought his own mix… and it was disarming… because of how well… his love and romance with Hope.. was off the charts rocket. what a shame… the writers once again RUINED another father/son relationship. Aiden and Chase coulda woulda shoulda had all the talent to bring DAYS another talented family.

    anyways… giving DAYS some prop



    Patrick replied

    it was cheesy @best… watching Paul as a boxer, and Derrick as a cowboy… i’m so hoping this plays out … finally… something for every one.

    come on Sonny.

    Lucas and Adrienne are always a good time… hope they get a story worth their talent… it just smarts doesn’t it.. when they are relegated to prop… stand in… and supporting… it’s still a blast to see both of them.

    Shane and Kimberly Brady-Donovan are coming ! HUGE

    finally… Ms. Kassie DePaiva… I hope she returns to DAYS


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I agree with you about Lucas and Adrienne. I like both characters and both actors. They need more than just reacting to other character’s troubles. Perhaps one is coming. Each time I see Justin’s disapproving face, I think one may be brewing.

    I am 100% in agreement with your last point. Kassie DePaiva needs to be on full time. I want to see Eve grow. I want to see where things go with Eve and Justin.

  8. Mo says:

    Congratulations! The show has been better of late, so that is definitely good!


  9. janet says:

    Enjoyed it today. Loved seeing Shane. They screwed up bringing back Aiden, and ruining him even more. I see no on screen chemistry with hope and Rafe. I like them both, just not together. congrats to the show. It can be good, but it also can be boring.


    Patrick replied

    I too wish they would have just let it be… as friends and co-workers…

    I’ve had enough of the googoo eyes at the Salem P.D. and lip locking in the interrogation room

    I loved Rafe with Kate… and plenty loved him with Sami… I just do not like the propped because Dena loves Rafe and Ken Corday loves Hope.. so there you have it.. a forced relationship and who cares what the audience wants

    since this is a serial… it would have been nice had we got to see Rafe… fall in love , have children of his own… and that should have been with Carrie. let’s hope DAYS production goes their.

    especially with Leann Hunley’ Anna coming back… imagine seeing Roman more… acting with… an ex wife and his own daughter. this is a ready made family.

    ??? have Rafe and Hope even done IT

    he continually to this day… gives her a break… cause she’s got such a have load to bear… poo poo… done with that. Grans Jewel is getting crusty

    cya later Hope… give Ciara a make over… go on a long vacation… overload on Hope is not a good show makes


  10. Phil says:

    This show is getting good! Still would like to see a few things change! Kassie DePaiva back FT being one, another visit by Kristen, and I love Jen Lilly but why can’t they recast Theresa?


  11. Judy says:

    Why didnt they just get a new T hessa instead of having her getting mixed up with a man from her past and a bum to boot I still have watch it sends 1965 love the show I still miss Another Word those where the days


  12. Daisy says:

    Why I watch Days in two words — Suzanne Rogers.


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