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27 January 16th, 2014 Days of our Lives Draws Largest Weeklong Women 18-49 Audience In More Than 2 Years & Is Delivering Its Biggest Season In Total Viewers In 4 Years!


Look at Days of our Lives go!  The longest running scripted television show in NBC history is pulling in some great numbers for a second week in a row to kick-off 2014!

Is the EJabby (James Scott and Kate Mansi) sexcapade drawing in more eyeballs? The debut of Guy Wilson as the new Will? Is it Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Nicole’s (Arianne  Zucker) romantic turmoil? Nick’s (Blake Berris) murder mystery?  Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) drug addiction? All of the above and more that has viewers captivated?

What ever your favorite story is, here are the great numbers coming out of the town of Salem, according to Nielsen ratings research data and the official press release from NBC that states that Days of our Lives generated its biggest weeklong audience in the key women’s demo of 18-49 in more than 2 years, and is garnering its biggest season in four years in total viewers!

From the NBC press release: “For the week of January 6th through January 10th, Days of our Lives (1.1 rating, 6 share among women 18-49, 0.6 rating among women 18-34) tied for #5 among network daytime series in the women 18-49 demographic and tied for #6 in the women 18-34 race.

DAYS averaged 688,000 women 18-49 during the week, its biggest audience in that key demo since the week of November 21st-25th, 2011 (703,000).  The 1.1 rating is also DAYS highest since November 21st-25th, 2011 (1.1).

It’s the second week in a row DAYS has attracted its biggest women 18-49 audience since November 2011 – during the prior week, DAYS averaged 669,000 women 18-49, which at that time was the show’s biggest viewership in that demo since Nov. 21-25, 2011. 

For the week versus the same week last year, Days of our Lives was up 15% in the women 18-34 category (198,000 vs. 172,000), up 19% in the women 18-49 demographic (688,000 vs. 579,000), up 17% in the women 25-54 race (838,000 vs. 716,000) and up 17% in total viewers (3.0 million vs. 2.6 million).

Through 16 weeks of the season, Days of our Lives is generating its biggest women 18-49 audience in three years, averaging 705,000 viewers, best since 797,000 at this point during the 2010-11 season. In total viewers, DAYS is delivering its biggest season in four years, averaging 2.900 million viewers, best since 3.201 million at this point during the 2009-10 season.

What do you owe the ratings success for DAYS?  All stories are firing on all cylinders? Best written show?  One particular story striking your fancy? Let us know!

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  1. Mark says:

    Go Days go!!!! I love Days!!!


  2. MBmomof3 says:

    I’m loving everything about DOOL. It is my #1 soap right now. Cast and storytelling have been amazing. Hard to pick a favorite storyline because I’m loving them all. Glad that Dannifer is over. Daniel and Jennifer are more likeable when they aren’t together IMO.

    Congrats and thanks DOOL. Keep up the good work to carry us fans through the Olympics!


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I wonder…since the writers unBrady Brady, will he eventually be paired with Theresa? They do have things in common. (sing song voice)’Brady and Theresa sitting in a tree…getting to know each other and smoking weed!!! They called each other names at their rehab meeting…this hints that they are destined to become a couple in my soap book…lol


    Patrick replied

    LOL… I know, right?

    Jeanne Theresa Donovan…

    with her minx, luminous, come hither… run with it! LOL

    and his vagabond… dashing, daring, no letting up… he should be over the sanctimonious, stand at the cross…

    well… I aint having it… and so shouldn’t they…. the bonnie and clyde.. hell hath no fury… like 2 peas in a pod.. smitten… by a good time…

    party girl… turns it on… and he’s ripe… and no worse for wear…

    the bad lands in Salem… and this twosome… are just the two to “in your face” till the devil… deems.. they’re too much fun

    let’s see them weave their intricate layers and play with… and check mate the audience


  4. 4everDAYS says:

    As I’ve already stated, day after day, DAYS is delivering daring daytime drama! I’m surprised the viewership hasn’t reached 5 million!!!!! Every story is delivering! Every situation is heart stopping!! Every character is enchanting!!!

    Days of our Lives should not be ignored!

    We all should play in the sand!!!


  5. Caroline says:

    Last week days was great. I didn’t ff all week. All the stories from Ejabby to Ericole and others were absolutely awesome. Good job to everyone on Days.


  6. Tom Welles says:

    Why don’t they knock it off with these absurd demographics? It’s insulting to people who, Heaven forbid, may be actually OVER the age of 49. Do they think people turn 49 and STOP watching?
    The show is well written and well acted (for the most part) and I am a new viewer to the show because I no longer have ALL MY CHILDREN – so instead I set my timer to pick up DOOL and it’s a good show, in a real soap tradition.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that this surge in viewership is due partly to both All My Children and One Life to Live getting the axe. However, Days of Our Lives is well paced, well acted and well produced offering everything from a May-December romance, a gay couple, and a sexually conflicted Priest…what more could you ask for.


  7. Tmoore8114 says:

    Great numbers. Days has been on a trend up since early last year. Stories have been much better. I think Brady’s addiction, Eric & Nicole and the debut of Jen Lilley and Casey Moss have helped. It’s a team effort. As for EJ & Abby – not impressed unless she turns crazy. I think any cheating story is a huge turnoff for viewers. Days is lucky they have more going on. Also must mention all shows were way up with the polar vortex storm across the US last week. Captive Audience et al


  8. Mary SF says:

    Although I would like to think this is an upswing in soap viewers, it is odd all four soaps saw huge jumps that week– My guess the horrible weather that lead to more people staying home from school and work– trapped in their homes– they watched the soaps– a guilty pleasure for some, no choice for others who don’t normally watch daytime.


  9. Kathy says:

    Haven’t watched DAYS since 2011 but I came back to see Ej and Abby and they are HOT. Did my old heart good that Sami wasn’t on at all that week, maybe she isn’t the be all to DAYS like everyone thinks she is! They mixed it up had a lot of the characters on, they have very talented actors but you have to use them, most of them have more talent in their pinky finger then junior/Sami have in their whole bodies when together, it wasn’t the junior/Sami show, which was fabulous!


  10. Barb says:

    Was a surprise, but a welcome one. Sudden, surprising them both, sexy in spades! Hope Days is smart enough to realize when they strike gold.
    (Been tarnished brass for a long time now with EJ’s woman)


  11. Ray says:

    The show has been on a roll for months. First, all of the Kriisten/Brady wedding,. Now, Abby and EJ are on fire. I continue to think Ari Zucker is the most under-rated actress on daytime. She has chemistry with every man on the show. I do not think the new Will is drawing viewers yet, but he is doing a good job. I think the Kate/Jordan/Rafe/Lucus storyline is fantastic. I am still hoping that Eileen Davidson comes back, but until then, Sami, Nicole, Abby, EJ, Brady and Eric are making the show a must-see.


  12. catherine says:

    I only know why i tuned back into days and that was because of the promo I saw for EJ/Abby. It was just interesting enough to make me want to see WTH was going on and I am glad I did because that was “Hot” and wish we all could get some of EJ’s “lovely”….”Lovely” makes the world go around. I mean Kate Mansi and James Scott owned that love scene. I mean if a 15 sec promo can get me to keep tuning in and I gave up days when Jay Kenneth Johnson left. Go figure!


  13. Cassie says:

    All of DAYS was great last week! EJAbby was a breath of fresh air for sure! Sami being out of town helped too. Lucas getting a storyline will do wonders for the show and Lucas and Rafe with their new women to make them happy will be outstanding! Ari Zucker’s Nicole finally having 2 men liking her is long over due! I think we all want some happiness for Nicole! Keep it up DAYS, you are on the right track!


  14. boes says:

    That’s great news!
    I discovered Days when we lost OLTL, and even after that show and AMC were online _which I liked _ I stuck with Days. I tried Y&R but didn’t like it. And GH…..not my cup of tea.

    But Days is great! It still has the “family” feel I like that so many others are missing.
    And I “love” hating Jennifer and that bigmouthed daughter of hers.


  15. RJS says:

    Congrats, Days on the turn around! The actors are doing a good job, the story lines are more entertaining and better paced, character interactions, and the length of scenes have improved. Also, it is nice that they are mixing things up and putting different characters together, Hope they will keep up the momentum.


  16. Dmitri says:

    I am so happy that the ratings are this good! Proves that the majority of viewers do not need Sami to constantly be on bitching about evything and shows the audience is tired of boring EJami. EJabby was hot! Ericole are turning up the heat as well, and then add Daniel to the mix and it is good! Kate vs Jordan over Rafe is heating up, and Lucas now has a new love interest in Sheryl. Plus, the new Will is here! People want to see these stories. Doubt many people care about Brady and Theresa and their drugs or the Nick storyline.


  17. Aimee says:

    Well the weather was downright toasty (high 40′s) around here, and no one I know was stuck at home and forced to watch soaps … personally, I tuned in (after not watching for 2-3 years) because 1. I heard Lucas was getting story FINALLY, and 2. I saw the promo for EJ & Abby and they looked HOT (and they WERE!), and 3. Eric and Nicole <3 . I loved the ENTIRE week of shows, and that hasn't happend in far too long. I'm happy to say that I have been drawn back to "my show" and I really hope they keep it up, because I'm loving it!


  18. Patrick says:

    Thank you MF… for the GREAT news: Days of OUR Lives… WINS big!

    your 2nd paragraph said it all…. every story on the canvas is delivering

    I’m smiling…and giddy… to watch Lucas, in action… that’s the FUN, sentimental part…

    Bryan Dattilo.. is back… front burner… and is as engaging as ever… watching him… romance.. Stephanie… ? and in cahoots with his mother… Kate.. is a BIG hoot!

    Sonny and nuWILL… first kiss…. whew! was that yesterdays’ epi… woah… talk about heated, in the moment… and passionate… I’m so happy for Freddie Smith

    PUHLEASE.. feature… his parents… the sublime… sexy … and smart actors… Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis

    Brady’s downfall… and OUR gain… he hasn’t let up… he’s elevated his screen time.. in a big way… and he’s smoldering… and bringing his ACT… props to Eric Martsolf… I do hope he screens with Theresa

    Eric and Nicole… thank you Ari Zucker… for continually… wowing..the audience.. with layers and layers of intriguing… and keeping us engaged with Nicoles… must see… I just wish… she had a more solid foundation… please just make her mother FAYE alive… this would bring back Roman and Abe… Hot trio this would be

    Greg Vaughan… isn’t it like he’s back… again… with a whole new role? and it’s a must even more so… this time around… as this gives the audience… more romance, love, and angst… with one of the sexiest couples in daytime… if not thee… and these two actors are ON FIYAH

    Nick’ Blake Berris… it’s no mystery… that this man is going to come back to Salem… storming… and hell bent on Nick proclaiming… he owns Salem! LOL.. and I can’t help but be salivating… his charm, dreaming about him, and his masculine take charge

    EJ and Abs: have at it and take no prisoners… we’re held captive… if I was EJ.. i’d be over Sami as well… you just don’t beat to death… your family virtue… and lack of trust… no man.. nor should any woman put up with that crap…. you had all the chances… and this time… you 3 striked out… Sami! sorry girlfriend, you can take your honor… and hit the road…

    writers… please don’t hit us over the head.. so much… with Jennifers holier than thou… angst… (was she ever a good actor ? ) dang! we can’t thank Matthew Ashord enough… she continually looks like a deer in headlights… she’s worse than her mom… Laura.. in that department… I LOVE Laura!

    once again… the world loves Mr. Sanctity.. Daniel, the man… god… when does this end

    otherwise… DAYS has elevated.. and taken hold of the title… BEST SERIAL.. and deserves to stronghold… and add 2 years in a row… for BEST SHOW!

    I love the chemistry… with hot footing… in and around… the dance… JJ and Theresa bring

    I will always be charmed by galen gerring… Rafe’alicious… Jordan is an enchanting presence… her character is catching bedazzling… im a gay man… and am in love with her… LOL… how does that happen

    my sensuous… hell bent.. on top… Kate! you are the epitomy of woman hood… you can do no wrong… love the sensitive portrayal… you put out their… your heart does feel…. and you could easily love…. and love Rafe…

    what is Aiden.. going to bring… but that magnificent face and one of the best actors to grace daytime… again and again… Daniel Cosgrove… we’re ready and waiting in the wings to love you again.

    John and Marlena… are honing in on their skills and our mindset… lets hope KAYLA is in the mix

    DAYS: thank you… for expertly steering Salem… the continuity… spellbound.. love for this show.. is nonstop trigger

    my wish list… please… consider.. more visits… from Shane and Kimberly

    I’m holding vigil… for Hope.. because… I don’t want to see her character.. go thru the angst… that Melissa Reeves character Jenn… is… heartache… so… it’s OK.. to see her with Cierra… till a new man … why not Ted King… as BO ???? or VARGAS!

    Ta-Da !

    I celebrate


  19. Patrick says:


    it’s beyond giddy… and exciting… that DAYS hasn’t let up… and is definitely, not losing any steam…

    DAYS draws you in


  20. Iakovos says:

    Came to DAYS after the wave of cancellations and I lost my key soaps. The Will storyline, along with a promised reboot and return to core characters and families, caught my attention. (No need for devil possession, endless serial murder cases, and lost island havens for the victims! Ugh.) Enjoyed all the stories in the recent year or so, especially the Kristen/Brady/Eric fun! Not thrilled with Will as a parent with Gabi but the show is doing OK with it.


  21. Marie says:

    I knew the ratings would go up when the jr/sami show wasn’t on. They are very exhausting with all the screaming, threatening, abusing etc. Not a golden couple and the ratings show that. EJ and Abby are a good mix, love that Rafe is finally back on the canvas but he needs more time and needs to get back to work. Rafe and Jordan story line is good but we need to speed up her secret so Rafe could help her if that is the way it is headed. Not fond of Eric and Nicole, Nicole needs to be with Daniel or Brady and Eric return to the priesthood. I was finally able to watch complete episodes without FF thru the jr/sami scenes.


  22. Kaleesi says:

    I left Days 2 years ago since it was so unwatchable at the time but I’ve been slowly coming back the last couple of months. The show has been on a roll. Lots of intertwining characters and stories that are exciting and suspenseful.


  23. Paul says:

    What are you people talking about Ejami get better ratings that boring couple EJ and Abby who does NBC compare any good ratings get its the week of Nov 21 2011 and guess what happened that week Ejami grief sex despite all buzz last week it still didn’t beat Ejami hot sex. Also week before days ratings went all big time week of Ejami they actually went down this week so what is the big deal about this press release.


  24. Paul says:

    I can’t wait until Ejami have sex again you bet they will beat they own record because they much hotter than EJ and Abby.


  25. Brenda says:

    I started watching Days a few months ago because I heard Jen Lilly was on and I really liked her on GH. The show is fantastic. All the stories are pulling me in and I can’t wait to watch.


  26. Maggie says:

    Not impressed with the stats. The polar vortex gave every soap an increase. Notice Days dropped after the first two days. These Days numbers look fudged too. Looks as if they’re averaging their numbers for the season and not the year. Some stories are good. Others bad. And others have jumped the shark into disgusting and gross.


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