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41 November 22nd, 2017 DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eileen Davidson Delivers Heartbreaking Performance As Susan Admits What She Did To Will!


Everyone has loved the antics of Susan Banks on Days of our Lives throughout the years, which is due to Eileen Davidson’s memorable performances in the comedic role with a twist.  However, you can definitely now add “tragic” to the words used to describe the one and only Susan following Tuesday’s mega-episode of Days of our Lives.  

During it, Susan’s web of lies come tumbling down around her, as viewers learn how Will (Chandler Massey) truly survived being strangled by Ben Weston (Rob Scott Wilson) a few years ago, and how he lost his memories. It turns out Roger (John Enos) reveals to Will’s loved ones, who have traveled to Memphis, that Susan lied about wanting to kill Will, after EJ died.  Instead, she and Dr. Rolf (William Utay) were at Ben’s apartment the night that Ben “killed him”.  Once Ben fled the scene, Rolf gave Will an injection to make it look like he was dead as part of Susan’s plot to make Sami (Alison Sweeney) feel the hurt she felt when losing her beloved son, EJ.

Later, at the morgue, the duo gave Will another injection which brought him back to life, but also erased his memories.  Susan has been keeping Will in Memphis all of this time making him believe she was his mother, and that he was her son, EJ.  Roger admits to Will that he’s not EJ.  Will is shaken by the news, and pushes Susan away.  Roger explains he knows what Susan did wasn’t right, but Will made her happy, something she has not had in her life for years. Susan has been grieving unbearably the lost of EJ, and could not fill the void left in her lonely existence. Susan sobs, wondering how Roger could do this to her, and betray her.  He tells he loves her and knows she needs help, and this charade cannot continue any longer. Will begins to understand that this is why they kept him sheltered. Marlena (Deidre Hall) steps in and caringly tells Susan she knows EJ’s death was unbearably painful and unthinkable, and something no mother should ever have to go through, but keeping Will sheltered, and lying to him, will not bring EJ back.

Then, in the most heartbreaking part of Eileen Davidson’s performance, Susan has a moment where she realizes she has done something horrific.  She cries, “What have I done?  I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry”  Sami and all of Will’s loved ones are in tears at this tragedy, as Susan continues to sob and apologize.  Marlena says Susan has suffered a psychotic break, and they call a psychiatric hospital.  Roger takes Susan there.  Will is devastated, confused, and he runs off.  Marlena goes after Will and finds him at Susan’s home, and tries to convince him to come back to Salem with his real family, which he eventually decides to do.

Back at the hospital, Susan, who is now sedated and asleep, is visited by none other than her sibling, Sister Mary Moira, who says that poor Susan was misguided, but at the end of the episode in the cliffhangers of all cliffhangers, we find Kristen DiMera alive inside Susan’s home, standing beside EJ’s letter on the bedroom wall. Kristen lets out a maniacal laugh then saying how stupid Susan is, because EJ is really alive after all!

In the end, Eileen Davidson gave soap fans a fascinating performance for the ages as Susan broke our hearts, made us laugh and cry, and fans received a bonus when Sister Mary Moira and Kristen were on-screen by the end of the episode.

What did you think of Eileen’s Davidson performance in Tuesday’s episode of DAYS? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Mo says:

    Loved having Susan return.

    A little confused about Kristen just appearing. It seemed so random.

    Eileen has been phenomenal and I’ll miss her on Days.


    Patrick replied

    i’m just hoping.. that that last shot of “Kristen” SHARING that EJ is in fact ALIVE

    is a TREAT coming up sometime somewhere… somehow

    that RC and the production TEAM @ DAYS is going to go

    they can’t share that EJ is alive and not tell us

    well done


    Andrew Hass replied

    I think the show having Kristen revealing onscreen that EJ is alive is a tease of sorts to the audience to get them wondering when EJ will return.Plus i’m wondering if EJ has amnesia and thinks he’s someone else just like Will.So if the show recasts EJ maybe at first we won’t know it’s EJ since he has amnesia and is going under a different name.

  2. Helen says:

    Her talent knows no bounds ~ brava!


  3. Ric says:

    She’s amazing! Days needs her full time. She’s not used to her abilities on YR.


    Mo replied

    She most definitely is not.


  4. Steve says:

    Ron certainly has a lot of experience writing overused back from dead storylines. Guess this proves that Tyler Christopher will be EJ.


    Mo replied

    Tyler will be a new character.


  5. Jimh says:

    i missed Mondays eppie and thought i would see it On Demand but they dont have it on there or Tuesdays and now its Wednesday???????….Happy Thanksgiving Micheal Fairman and to all posters….


    Celia replied

    You too, Jimmy….love you….


  6. James R. Poissant says:

    Damn. It’s always good watching Eileen as Ashley on Y&R but DAYS really is her moment to chew scenery. This was another wild ride she took us on and I am glad I went along for it.


  7. Rob R says:

    Eileen Davidson is unbelievable. I couldn’t believe how she could switch from a comic flair to a touchingly tragic performance so quickly. Very few performers have that talent…..maybe Carol Burnett.


  8. Celia says:

    That was a great little, demonic scene….you go Kristen!!!!!! As beautiful as ever…..
    I did not record the last episode, but her words ( cannot recall exactly) hinted that EJ is, indeed, alive….
    She said something about like; “if they only knew??…..Right there before EJ’s “tomb”.


    Celia replied

    Oopsies….”send” too soon…
    Susan, oh, Susan. ….how can anyone hold anything against her? I know I can’t. I actually sympathized with her….to want her son back so desperately…..I can, certainly, identify; soap or not.
    It is a cold reality for many mothers to ‘lose’ it after losing a child….especially without the comfort of family and friends.
    Susan was not strong emotionally….. but, she woke up and faced her monsters. She knew what she did was wrong and regretted it, with heart.
    She listened to the “Spirit in the Sky” . Castigating her would be a fallacy. This was not a beguiling act, but one of anguish…..
    Have I mentioned how I adore Susan?????? LOL.


    Patrick replied

    1. “Thank You” for the oh so nice sentiment


    how is it that ED continues to craft her character(s) with so much energies.. that make us laugh, cry, edge, and want her so much?

    because she’s talent

    I too had to cry when she fell apart… which should be repeated :

    “…She knew what she did was wrong and regretted it, with heart.”

    I – hastily – thought it would not be the same… I stand corrected… because the combination of RC and ED. stimuli period

    it’s so nice to be in a place of comfort for your heart to heart @DOOL

    Salem is thee place to be

  9. Johnny Grant says:

    Well, unless you’ve watched the show for years and years, it is a little confusing – I am only a three year or so watcher ~ just how many twins does this character have?
    Soaps are far-fetched, but this business about Will being brought back to life especially after we SAW him strangled to death (then played by another actor) is beyond ridiculous, but whatever.
    For what it’s worth, I DO feel sorry for Paul, and Sammi, who is sooo annoying, shouldn’t lash out at him constantly – he knew a day or so that Will was alive, for all he knew it could have been someone who LOOKED like Will since everyone evidently on the show has at least ONE look-a-like!


    Mo replied

    There’s Susan, Sister Moira, Penelope (RIP), and a brother. Kristen is the adoptive daughter of Stefano and not biologically related to the quadruplets.

    Days has a long history of bringing people back from the dead. That is one of its hallmarks. Rolf himself is back from the dead! LOL

    I love Sami. She is fabulous!

    I could understand how if you weren’t watching when Eileen did her tour de force years ago that it would be confusing, but just go with it! Enjoy. Will is alive and Chandler is playing him!


    Jovin replied

    I absolutely love hearing this from a “newbie” point of view! lol. Just for the record, this Susan et al situation must be a dream come true for the new writer of DAYS, as his arsenal is extremely limited. Doppelgänger, twins, and look alikes are his main story. If you watched any of his GH from 2012-2015, you’ll know this to be true. As well, in 2015 when Will died, Ken Corday emphatically stated that they were not doing silly back from the dead stories anymore, and that death has to matter, and that stories need intense viewer emotional involvement. Fast forward 2 years, and “dead” people are coming out of the wood work. It lessens the impact of a return when it is done so often. There needs to be a really great story attached to it for it to have momentum, like the current Double Jason story on GH. Other than the fact that Will is a Brady and a Horton, and his return gives all th veterans some material to play, Will’s returnis really underwhelming. Done to death amnesia, which will result in a sudden memory gain during sweeps period. Maybe it’s because DAYS tapes so far ahead, so we the viewers hear what’s happening with casting 6 months ahead. We use our own imaginations about how the story will unfold, we also hear spoilers and read on message boards what will or could happen. In 6 months, regardless of what actually airs, it is a letdown because the story cannot possibly match the anticipation, the build up, and the waiting period. And if you think Sami is annoying now….you ain’t seen nothin’! From 1993-1999, and 2003-2006 under Jim Reilly’s writing she was a sociopathic psychotic!! She was a delusional violent nutcase! She was a 30 year old woman running around town crying about wanting her parents back together. This is Sami lite, if you can believe it. During the last months of his GH tenure, I was noticing quite a few similarities between Ron’s writing and Jim’s. That scared me!! But that was when Ron was mercifully fired from GH. I hope he doesn’t become that close to Reilly’s writing again because that would be a true DAYSaster!


    Patrick replied

    the twin story line(s) for Steve Burton @GH. histrionics and guffaws of laughter all around.

    this heady , exploits of Steve Burton… don’t change a thing.. we need not know who’s who.. or want for any acting… let’s just use his bug-eyed for the 3 year duration

    THE – only – thing thus far.. that is giving any credence to @GH.

    Leslie Charleson… my dear dear Monica

    Patrick replied

    I am so glad.. that Chandler Massey – is effective at portraying… his amnesia

    he’s not over the topping… or that deadpan

    BECAUSE his character is so beloved.. by all of Salem. this truly does make for a believable plot.

    the one thing I did question… does amnesia… rule out you are or are not GAY?

    as he spouted out to Sonny as he was caught off guard by that KISS. LOL

    Will… : something like : “you are way out of line” oh touche

    argh! Sonny had better ease up on that hottie Paul soon

    Chandler Massey has been GREAT with Eileen Davidson

    Love him

    I agree tho… w/JimH I hope it’s Ariana Grace, his daughter that breakthrough

    another thing.. about this amnesia.. is the turnout,… is lessened or impactful with watching his grandmothers.. who have been boffo in their WANT for their grandson

    kudos to Deidre Hall and Lauren Koslow….. Marlena and Kate. HUGE

    watching their heartache – its’ enough

    Will is back… good enough for me… I have much more confidence in Chandler Massey Will in his return

    than I do with @GH Steve Burton

    Patrick replied

    Ali Sweeney : has returned… to bring her son back to Salem. period

    she knows… what Will means to her… what Will means… to Salem.

    I truly think she understands that her son… will live his life with our without her

    she wants her child. of course !

    to say : “…She was a delusional violent nutcase! ”

    dag! I could and will say .. not unlike Carly @GH. who is far more an irritant

    Sami is doing this for her heart mind and soul… and knowing her son is HOME. she will leave.. with head up and backbone

    applause to Ali Sweeney… who has shared.. in interviews.. that .. when Will was killed off… in her 20 plus years on the show.. is the ONLY TIME SHE BALKED @production.

    this storyline arc.. is just that.. to right a wrong… and I can’t thank RC and Ali Sweeney enough… for bringing Will alive

    Jovin replied

    Patrick…you are a frickin’ genius!!! I’m a a writer….and I don’t think I ever would or could have come up with that plot twist!!!!! What if Will has amnesia and became straight?!? Lmao!! It would definitely be something that has “never been done in daytime”!!! Will obviously had straight leanings at one time…he loved Gabi and has the spawn to prove it! Oh I am loving this!!! Ron wrote Jessica believes she is in high school on OLTL…..For the duration of Will’s amnesia, he could be a big straight stud! He could knock up a few more girls, breed some more Horton’s! Of course, until a future sweeps period, when he he show would cave to pressure from “focus groups”, and Gay Will would be restored with memories intact! But what a fascinating, controversial mini story arc that would be! Cheeky Chandler would have a field day with that material!!!!!! Lol! Write it up, Ron!!

    Steven replied

    LOL isn’t that so true with Bonnie and the other one and now Susan and then in AND Kristin! If I wasn’t a long time watcher and knew the history I would be a little confused as well… chandler IS the real Will though not the one that was strangled I forget his real name now. Eileen is a wonderful actress though and Susan did have her comdic moments l. I wanted to se more after Sami slapped her they cut the scene!!!


    Patrick replied

    “…I wanted to see more after Sami slapped her they cut the scene!!! ”

    THAT (slap) TRULY was a rush

    I so wanted to see… how ED could have acted that out . had it been “Kristen” then perhaps.. it’d be an all out take no prisoners.

    WHICH by the way.. is what would have made a much bigger impact.. because ultimately… even Kristen never seemed to have a chance with Marlena

    JUST ONCE I want a DiMera to rise take hold and not let up

    which makes the DiMeras so tantalizing… with so much prospect

    the dynamic and thrill in portraying any of Stefano prodigy… pedigree

    from Kristen
    to Peter Blake.. as played by … puhlease Jason Brooks
    to Lexie
    to Tony
    to Andre
    To Chad
    to EJ

    just superlative and combust

    wouldn’t have it any other way?!?!

    DAYS of OUR Lives has actors who reign in the scheme of things.. pulling out all the stops in their talent pool

    Jimh replied

    Guy Wilson…ironic his last name…Wil-Son-lol

    davlestev1 replied

    Then you don’t know Jack. .or rather James..E. Reilly that is. Once you got hooked on Mar Mar levitating and pulling her exorcist possessed by the devil routine storyline then you’d never question this storyline. One storyline killed off most of Salem. .especially horrific poisoning poor Alice with her own famous powdered doughnuts. To see that and the comical herky jerky special effects as they descended into Melasawen (new Salem) spelled backwards..and then they all returned from the dead. .LOL. THIS is nothing. In the words of SOAP…”Confused? You won’t be”. Duh duh duhduhduh duh da…LOL! Just go with it.


  10. Esmerelda Reid says:

    She was awesome and the best of what she does


  11. gwill says:

    So there is Kristen who Susan happens to look like and she has sister mary moira, a brother Thomas I think. And a sister penelope who looked exactly like kristen and was murdered because the killer thought they were killing Kristen. Kristen is NOT related to any of them, but Susan’s Son EJ is also the son of Stephano Dimera who happens to be the father of Kristen as well. That would make Kristen EJ’s sister. I know its confusing Johnny but I hope it helps.

    BTW, NEED EILEEN back on days full time. Ashley is boring these days!


    gwill replied

    unless you’re talking about will, then will is will. no twin


  12. Steph says:

    Emmy for her for this portrayal


    Mo replied



  13. elm1951 says:

    i have been watching soaps for over 50 years and i can count the times on one hand when a performance made me shed tears – and yes i cried when susan told her story…eileen davidson is a phenominal actress……………


  14. Mateo says:

    Eileen Davidson just slayed this week on DAYS. Susan Banks is a treat to watch in action. Getting to see Mary Moira and Kristen were like getting an extra slice of pie after dinner. I am surprised all the huge DAYS fans don’t remember when Kristen was in the room with EJ’s corpse that as she cried and said goodbye, she pulled out a needle and injected it into EJ like they say happened with Will. So I am fairly certain that he is on his way back. I can’t say how much I am loving DAYS again. Again, thankful for Ron Carlivati bringing DAYS back to life again.


    Mo replied

    I remember that!


  15. Iakovos says:

    Another Emmy for Miss Davidson! Still, the characters and plots are so bizarro, too much for my liking… but I am no way going to deny that hard work and dedication of the DAYS team to make compelling television.


    Kevin C replied

    I agree Iakovos re: the plots being so bizarro, also to much for my liking but watching Eileen’s acting on DOOL is a treat…


  16. Richard says:

    I LOVE Eileen Davidson! I wish she was at DAYS full time instead of YR. I actually felt bad for Susan! And Kristen at the end, I KNEW EJ was alive! God recast EJ with Paul Leyden(ex Simon, ATWT)! And bring back PETER BLAKE! Jason Brooks would return I am sure! But I guess they dont need to recast EJ until Sami is ready to comeback full time. Bravo, DAYS!


  17. Debi says:



  18. Ed says:

    Get another Emmy Award ready for Eileen. She was heartbreaking in the scene where she realized her grief over EJ made her do terrible things to feel better about her loss. Really excellent performance!!


  19. Nik says:

    She was fab in all three roles.


  20. xmascarol says:

    I love Eileen Davidson she should be a regular on Days.


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