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24 April 15th, 2016 DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eric’s Day Of Reckoning!


Friday’s episode of Days of our Lives was filled with emotional moments as Greg Vaughan wrapped up his run as Eric Brady, when Eric was finally sentenced to five years in prison!  But before the sentencing and him being shackled and carted off to the big house, much went down.

Let’s start with the night before the sentencing filled with sex, booze, pills, and rock and roll as pill-popping Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and drunken Eric found comfort in each other by being completely wasted.  The morning after, Eric is late for his sentencing and leaves his cell phone behind.  The once mighty Jennifer Horton begins to have images of having sex with Eric in a drugged out drunken haze.

At the Salem Police Department, Roman (Josh Taylor), Marlena (Deidre Hall), and John (Drake Hogestyn) along with Belle (Martha Madison) who is representing Eric at the sentencing, are gathered together.  However, Eric comes in from his night with Jennifer disheveled smelling of booze and breath mints which ticks off Roman.  Eric pleads with him to understand it was his last free night before going to jail.  Next who should wander in but a dishelved Jennifer, who came to give Eric his phone.  But then lo and behold, a smackdown is about to go down between Marlena and Jennifer when doc pulls her alone into the interrogation room.

Marlena lays into Jennifer about her pill-popping, and how she could do this to Eric?  Jennifer looks ashamed. Marlena admits Eric told her he was worried about Jennifer’s self-medicating.   Then the good doc tells Jennifer, basically, “some fine friend you turned out to be”.   Suddenly Eric comes into the room and breaks up the confrontation.  He tells his mother and Jennifer he wants to say goodbye to them there, and not in the courtroom where he will be taken away and they will have to watch.

Then came the heartbreaking moments:  Eric thanks John for always looking after Marlena.  They hug.  He then goes to Jennifer, calls her a good friend and they kiss.  Saying goodbye to Roman was tough.  Eric tells Roman he wishes he was a better son.  Roman tells Eric he is a great son, and he is proud of him through his tears. 

But in the best performance of the episode from Deidre Hall and Vaughan, Eric goes to his mother and asks her to please promise she will look after Jennifer.  Ashamed, Eric tells his mother the worst thing about going to prison is knowing, of all people, that he let her down.  In tears and overcome with grief,  Marlena tells him she loves him and cries.  Eric heads to his day of reckoning before the judge.

In the final moments, Roman gets a call that Eric’s been sentenced to five years.  Everyone is stunned.  And in Vaughan’s final scene,  Eric’s in shackles and put on the bus with the new prisoners being transferred to the penitentiary.  Trying valiantly to hold it together, but with the enormity and severity of the situation weighing on him, Eric knows that his life for the next five years has forever changed!

Kudos have to go to Deidre Hall as the mother having to say goodbye to her beloved son who is going away to prison, and for Vaughan in his final DAYS moments.

What did you think of Eric’s last moments?  Deidre and Greg’s performances?  Would you like to see Eric return to the canvas in much less than five years?  It’s soaps after all! Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Willa Sargent says:

    i definitely think Days, should bring back Greg Vaughan as soon as possible!!! i wanted to see Eric and jennifer get together, to help each other out on their addiction together…they looked great together,,i just wish Days didnt take Greg Vaughan off the show,, huge mistake, only correction now is get him to come back w/great storyline!!! i cant’t understand Days why they are letting great actors/actresses go,…Greg Vaughan is awesome actor!!!! please bring back Greg Vaughan!!!!


    Amy replied

    Eric was drunk and chose to get behind the wheel of a car. He then proceeded to cause an accident that killed Daniel and injured both Jennifer and Brady. You don’t think Eric should be forced to spend time in prison as a result?


  2. Lana says:

    Fantastic job by all! I really felt the reality of the situation. This kind of thing happens in real life where good people make bad choices and have to pay. It was very moving.


  3. Tivette says:

    Amazing performances! I’m still dabbling the tears away…heavy sigh…
    I will really miss Greg and hope he will one day have a return of some sort yo Salem. Who knows, maybe a prison story arch where he finds his priestly calling renewed in prison? Anyway, wonderful scenes and kudos all around!


  4. Phil says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back someday or at least the character does. When Belle exits that will leave Marlena with no kids left in Salem! On a side note, wouldn’t mind seeing Greg Vaughan go to General Hospital! It might give Liz something Jasonless to do!


  5. RAY says:

    I thought the scenes were good, but I would have liked more scenes of Eric and Jennifer together. Eric and Nicole have a huge history together, so it didn’t feel right that he did not attempt to see her and beg for forgiveness for killing Daniel.


  6. elm1951 says:

    i loved the episode – greg & diedre did not disappoint – they really showed what talented actor/actress they are – i am so sorry to see greg leave days but his talent was so wasted on dool – i do not want him to come back if the writing is going to be like it was this time……..
    i am so glad that greg is going to be on the new show on the own network called sugar queen – can’t wait to see him on my tv screen again!!


  7. kimmyanne says:



  8. Tony says:

    Josh Griffith strikes again with dark, depressing, out of character stories that have driven the show to its lowest ratings ever!


  9. James McDonald says:

    I liked Greg Vaughan as “Eric Brady”. When his character came on the scene, it looked promising, but I never liked the story between him and “Nicole”. Then they stopped writing for him. No development.
    Eric will not stay in for 5 years. There is county time and good behavior. I think Eric will be a pastor or a priest while in jail. He might get out in 2 years.


  10. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Roman kind of reminds me of ATWTs Hal Munson-anyway, i thought this was a better episode for a change but i only got to see parts-can we expect a late life pregnancy for Jen…Is Ciara pregnant-missed some eps…had both pregnant maybe Jen looses hers but gets switched withCiara’s thanks to Theo and Ciara thinks she lost her child-i know that story been done before but it could still be interesting???…Days should have kept Erik and Belle!!!


  11. LeRoy Davidson says:

    This is definitely an Emmy reel for everyone who was involved. This only proves that the best acting is on daytime by far.


  12. Ces says:

    I popped in to watch Greg Vaughn’s last episode. “Popping in” is about all the time I can give Days anymore. I think Greg & Missy did a great job. Josh Taylor was as stiff as ever and that’s all I can say about that. FFwd the rest of the show.


  13. Rosanne says:

    I think they made a mistake letting Greg Vaughn go.. He had a lot to add to the storylines and they really dropped the ball with him.. I wish him well with his new movie with Oprah.. And hope they bring him back !


  14. Llanviewer717 says:

    The final scene with Eric boarding the bus going off to prison was gut wrenching. I was terrified for him. I am so very sorry to lose Eric.

    I am so very sorry to see Greg Vaughan leave. He is a wonderful actor who brought tremendous strength and grace to Eric. Thank you Greg for your wonderful work. I wish you the very best in your future.


  15. Paul says:

    Another good actor dumped by the show apparently in lieu of the teens. Best wishes to Greg on his new show on Oprah’s channel.


    jaybird369 replied

    Paul…the first sentence in your post speaks VOLUMES!!!!! Thank You. Oh…and…as far as I’m concerned, those so-called teens need to R-U-N to an acting school FAR, FAR, FAR AWAY…AND STAY THERE!!!!!

    Have a good one, Paul.


  16. sonniorsolita says:

    I actually tuned in for this, kept flashing back to Eric as the idealistic priest trying to do good and felt sick. I know stuff like this can happen when good people make bad choices. But it was just too sad an end for a character I really liked at one time. Checking back out of depressing Days now… Best wishes to Greg Vaughn on his new show.


  17. Rj says:

    As much as I was sorry and sad to see Eric’s descent and fall as he struggled with his demons, this does happen, and Greg has done an excellent job in portraying this human drama. I hope he can come back at some point to redeem himself even if he always has inner conflicts. Once again, kudos to the cast for portraying heart wrenching scenes with depth, raw human emotion, and compassion.


  18. jaybird369 says:

    This is what pisses me off: TIIC at DOOL got rid of a wonderfully pivotal character like Eric Brady (and his TOTALLY AWESOME portrayer Greg Vaughan)…yet…they’re gonna let those annoying, dreadful and even more unwatchable teens stay around. WHAT THE HELL?!?!? N-O. SHAME ON YOU, DOOL!!!!!


  19. damien says:

    heads should roll for letting greg vaughan get away as eric!
    he had chemistry with nicole and last year was wasted when nicoles sudden new love of her life was daniel
    he had chemistry with jenn…. there was so much potential for salems new bonnie and cylde
    he had chemistry with kristen… that hotel scene!!
    his last show was also mine…. r.i.p days


  20. Mo says:

    As the son of a police officer, Eric would be in protective custody.

    I didn’t like Eric and Jen.

    Eric just seemed to have a story to nowhere.


  21. Jim Preston says:

    Although I think the actor portraying Eric is fine, the character is so sanctiminious at times it’s annoying. In addition to that, it doesn’t seem like his storyline of late has been terribly interesting. Since he was responsible for the terrible accident, it seems appropriate that he would do some time.


  22. Judy says:

    Greg Vaughan for that heart wrenching episode deserves a Daytime Emmy Award next year along with Deidre Hall, It brought you to the edge of your seat with tears rolling down your face at least for me it did. Days should have never wrote him off he and Nicole had such chemistry the were HOT together!!


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