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38 October 31st, 2017 DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eve Drops A Bombshell That She is Mrs. Deimos Kiriakis!


At Deimos’ (Vincent Irizarry) gravesite, Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Victor (John Aniston) are surprised to run into a shocking black widow, Eve Donovan, signaling the triumphant return of Kassie DePaiva to Days of our Lives.

In story, Eve lets the gents know, “Where else would I be but at my husband’s side?” She then clarifies …  she married Deimos six months ago! Eve is armed with proof to show Victor and Brady … a marriage certificate.  In story, Deimos and Eve apparently tied the knot back in April while Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Brady were off in Canada!

In flashbacks featuring a return by Vincent Irizarry, Eve says he was at the mansion when she returned to town and Deimos was alone. She admits she had lost her job and needed somewhere to stay. It appears Deimos had been drinking, but Eve swears he was not drunk and in his right mind, and that they bonded over lost love and their mutual dislike of Victor. They later married at City Hall and spent their honeymoon in the tropics until he left her high and dry, after Deimos got a lead on Nicole’s whereabouts.  Eve claims she was notified that Deimos’ remains were released, which is why she’s there.  Victor asks what she wants and what is her bottom line.  Eve does not think this is the time, nor the place, to talk about all of that!

Kassie DePaiva took to Twitter and commented on getting the chance to work with Vincent Irizarry, tweeting: “Loved working with #Eve ‘s new hubby @VincentIrizarry you are a force! #greatactor #greatguy @nbcdays #gl #oltl

Are you glad to have Kassie back on-screen at DAYS so Eve can shake-up the canvas?  Were you glad to see Vincent Irizarry in scenes? Comment below!

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  1. Jovin says:

    It’s a neat twist. I love seeing stories like this, with in fighting and bitching in mansions and among characters we know and love. That’s soap opera! Leave the gunfights and gore to the movies. I am glad Kassie is healthy after her bout with cancer. Always good to see Her on screen!! Her last go round was wasted on teeny bopper manufactured “drama”. This time she is playing with the big boys, the heavy hitters. That’s where an actress of her caliber belongs!


    Patrick replied

    can we say – Wally Kurth ‘ Justin and Eve are top of the line heavy hitters

    now that Adrienne is “back” and will nurse Lucas back from the bottle.

    this frees up Justin to have at IT


    Mo replied

    Justin and Adrienne are going to get back together.

    I think Chloe and Lucas may find their way back to each other. I wish they’d bring Anne back, especially now Lucas is free.

    Andrew Hass replied

    Ron Carlivati who is the show’s head writer worked with Kassie in the past.So he may know what she is capable of and knows she deserves to be used with the heavy hitters at Days.Plus i’m wondering if the show will make Eve the new bad girl of sorts.


    Patrick replied

    Salem – really – doesn’t have a resident baddie.. and who , from which to cull.. the best

    with Sami and Nicole , gone

    even Theresa had her moments

    Eve will turn and tantalize so much more

    show stopper

  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    I am thrilled to have Kassie DePaiva back on Days. I’ve been waiting for her since Ron’s writing began airing. I’m sure he has exciting things planned for Eve. Since Eve is Deimos’ widow, perhaps the question of who will be CEO of Titan has been answered. Yes, she has no business experience; but, this is a soap opera.


    Patrick replied

    as much as I love Freddie Smith character.. he certainly isn’t CEO material… as of yet

    GADS – can we say… Freddie Smith is far and away a better actor , than Chad Duell @GH. HIM ? CEO of ELQ?

    JUST love Justin and ( @NED – GH ) both should be vying for and wresting control of… Kiriakis and ELQ. Wally Kurth is the BESTEST


    Patrick replied

    Kassie DePaiva and Wally Kurth have the MOST chemistry.. natural pairing if ever I saw

    lots of potential for hotted out every thing

    it pains me to say this : and I LOVE TO BITS.. everything John Anniston

    GOD – we do not see Peggy McKay
    with our beloved Joseph Mascolo passed

    it’s time to move forward and cement ties on keeping the Kiriakis a stronghold.. just like the DiMera family

    you’d have Victor, Maggie, Brady, Sonny, Eve… to solidify

    that’s a whole lot of personality, discord, and charged energies.

    same goes for the DiMera Manse – I am so IN LOVE with :

    Chad and ABs – who are the definition of LOVE LOVE LOVE. Man the dynamic and energy between the hottest Newbie coupling in all of daytime… STIR

    OK – I’m marquee’ Koslow and Penglis… the dream team of all get out.

    the funsters with panache – the dole’ing out of terrific times to be had

    case in point : Monday 10/23 ep

    Andre to Kate : “Tell me about Will”

    Kate : “He accepted me more than my kids every did”

    as Kate and Andre embrace :

    Kate : “I dont’ want my hopes dashed ”
    Andre: “you’re going to be fine, I’ll see to that”

    I will always christen Lauren Koslow AND Kate Roberts as thee “I’m every woman”

    she just resonates class, style, sex, drive, and always put together.

    SO.. to see Kate – open up – with a sensitive pull from the heart , her love for her grandson… just choked… to see our Kate “crying” sharing and REELING

    the DiMera family is so ON par of why I love DAYS

    it’s so telling – that Ron Carlivati is keeping up with and further driving the two families outside of the Brady and Horton… the always present

    Kiriakis and DiMera

    what a show


  3. Iakovos says:

    I sometimes roll my eyes at the diMera madness on DAYS but this twist excited me. It is plausible. And it brings back Ms. DePavia, a talent that should be featured. (And likely will considering the writer in charge now!)

    Just hoping we don’t get too much crazy in Salem.


    blake replied

    Well today’s episode 10/31 brings more crazy!


    Celia replied

    LOL, blake…you may be right; but I love it. And, I love Kassie….so, if this new ‘development’ showcases her outstanding talent, I’m all for it.

    Patrick replied

    I’ve oft wished that Xander is Deimos’ son. as Victor told “Bonnie” that Xander is free and out of touch.

    could this be in the wings ? Paul Telfer is such a good charismatic actor.. that his return

    would be most welcome


    Celia replied

    I like it, Patrick…..never would have assimilated those facts…..bravissimo!!

  4. James R. Poissant says:

    Nobody’s listening to me—that bastard Deimos is still alive!!!


    Alan replied

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he returned in time for the new year right just as Eve is settling in as the wealthy widow…


    Mo replied

    If Deimos is alive, then Nicole and Eric could be together.

    Andrew Hass replied

    I also wonder if Deimos is still alive but is in hiding because he could face charges for drugging those people at that party.So while Deimos is in hiding Eve does his dirty work for him.Plus i have a feeling that Brady to get Eve out of the picture will try to frame her for killing Deimos.Then just as Eve is about to go down for killing Deimos he walks into the courtroom or whatever showing he’s alive.Then i could see Deimos and Eve been a power couple of sorts in Salem.


    Patrick replied

    no matter , the naysay

    gawd… bad writing has “wreaked” so much havoc on any show

    Kassie DePiava , like reading a phone book.. makes something

    she rung it up; with -


    PLUS she excelled with sister Theresa and daughter Paige

    that’s saying a “whole” heck of a lot for a fantastic actress

    for storyline purposes… of course it’s eye to eye when two forces collide

    Deimos and Eve – dang just saying their names , reads

    her entry in to Salem – thankfully is in the past. whenever any show pits a newbie with a “veteran” and is propped as such. does not do any favors for actress or character.

    such was the case with the constant bludgeoning of Eve with Jenny Bear.

    NO WAY is that going to happen this time around. Eve will take blood

  5. blake says:

    Today’s Halloween episode (10/31) is really wild, even more returns that were not announced! I hope it’s not a dream.


    Mo replied

    It was! Abby’s!


  6. Maca says:

    Kassie d is the best!


  7. Satan says:

    And there goes ReRon…. totally rewriting history to benefit his OLTL pets, just like he did when he was destroying GH.

    There is absolutely no valid reason to have a character named “Eve Donovan” on this show unless Charlotte Ross wants to come back.

    Happy that Kassie beat cancer. Not happy that she’s back on Days…. she adds nothing of value to the show.


    Celia replied

    Perhaps she will, this time, Satan. If we are to believe Eve is Deimos’ ‘bride’, she will ensconce herself in the mansion, as its mistress, per se.
    Whole ‘lotta’ havoc goin’ on…..right up your alley, yeah!!


    Jimh replied

    i still dont think that is Susan…i think it really is Kristen!!!

    Patrick replied

    A femme fatale is a stock character of a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. She is an archetype of literature and art.

    this is Eve : with no limits


  8. xmascarol says:

    Welcome back Kassie.I still don’ think that Deimos is dead.I just have this feeling that he is hiding somewhere.


  9. Patricio says:

    Clever twist! Love all actors involved. Nice treat for OLTL and AMC fans.


  10. Mo says:

    Even though it’s kinda hard to process how the marriage came to be, I like it as it will put Eve against Victor and Brady. Exciting story ahead! Welcome back Eve/Kassie.


  11. Patrick says:

    Towel drop


    Patrick replied


    and Chloe – w/Theo

    this is working


    Patrick replied

    AND Claire ! that is the cutest I’ve ever seen her in that Pussycat drag

    AND I – am in LOVE – with – THAT – Elvis

    Patrick replied

    John Enos, ex Bobby Marsino, Y&R

    @DAYS playing “Elvis”

    WHAT a Comedic turn… SO laugh out loud FUN’ny

  12. Patrick says:

    Kassie DePiava – you can just feel and see the – Layers – of talent , drop – take flight


    as she immerse’ herself in Eve and All the denizen of Salem


    Patrick replied

    THIS has got to be the most exciting TURN.. for Ron Carlivati

    with his beloved profession… his beloved turn @OLTL

    getting to share his passion and love for .. Kassie


    she’s a priority in my book.

    Mr. R C – should you read this

    “Thank You” for the sterling and uncompromised scripture. Days is a complete hour


  13. Patrick says:

    Billy Flynn – as that swash-BUCK-ling – you’re in danger for wanting MORE


  14. jaybird369 says:

    Eve is Deimos’s widow…never saw that one coming…lol.


  15. Johnny Grant says:

    Show has gotten kind of ridiculous, at least to this viewer.
    The Halloween Dream was, to me, so obviously a dream. The only thing
    I didn’t know was “whose” dream it actually was, turned out to be Abigail’s dream.
    If others like it, meaning the way the show is now, that’s fine with me, maybe I have been watching soaps too long for after a very short while, they all re-hash the same silly stories. Also, the sets are tiresome – it’s like, they have 3 sets, and how many times can people meet at the “town square” – and everytime someone goes off to a “cabin” regardless of what state it is, it’s the same cabin set.
    I think this show should thank it’s lucky lucky stars it is still on – Stronger shows, like One Life to Live and All My Children have unfortunately bitten the dust (but may someday seen a regrouping and new launching) and yet somehow this show survives.


    ChandlerFan replied

    It would have been more interesting if Casey Deidrick and Kate Mansi had appeared in Abby’s dream.


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