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59 February 13th, 2014 Days of our Lives Garners Biggest Audience in Women 18-49 Demo In Almost Three Years! Scores Five Week High In Total Viewers!


Days of our Lives continues to be one “hot” show on daytime in more ways than one!  In the new ratings put from Nielsen and according to a press release from NBC: DAYS has generated its biggest week in women 18-49 viewers since early 2011,  for the week of February 3rd through February 7th!

For the week DAYS garnered a 1.1 rating, 7 share among women 18-49, 0.6 rating among women 18-34) tied for #4 among network daytime series in the women 18-49 demographic and tied for #5 in the women 18-34 race. DAYS averaged 712,000 women 18-49 during the week, its biggest audience in that key demo since the week of Feb. 21-25, 2011 (739,000).  The 1.1 rating also matches DAYS’ highest in the key demo in three years, since a 1.3 for the week of Jan. 31-Feb. 4, 2011. The 0.6 in the women 18-34 category equals DAYS’ highest in that measure in nine weeks (since a 0.7 for the week of Dec. 2-6, 2013).

Last week’s 2.887 million viewers overall is a five-week high for DAYS (best since 3.021 million for the week of Dec. 30, 2013-Jan. 3, 2014.

So what is keeping you glued to DAYS these days that has the show scoring some excellent ratings numbers?  Let us know!

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  1. Derrick says:

    Congrats DAYS!


  2. Tmoore8114 says:

    Polar vortex to some extent. I bet many tuned in to watch Sami catch Abby with EJ. The fallout is the only interesting aspect of this story.


    Tom Welles replied

    I have to agree ~ Abigail needs to get a grip already…..and I don’t mean on
    E.J. ~ !


  3. Jules says:

    Everything has me glued to DAYS. Ever-y-thing.

    For starters, Blake Berris is effing phenomenal. First and foremost. His scenes from yesterday and today were so calm, cool and calculated. His character is such a snake, but he’s playing those upper-hand, overly confident overtones to absolute perfection. I love everything he does and makes every scene worth watching. When I saw the promo they showed at Day of Days with Nick attacking Gabi, I thought I’d hate the direction. They sure showed me.

    EJ and Abby are hot. I’m an EJami fan, but I have eyes. For whatever they are, and wherever they’re going, in this moment, there is an attraction between the two characters you don’t want to believe is there but is and it’s making some very good, naughty television. This experienced, charming, wealthy, debonair man with the newly deflowered, young, and all around good girl Horton won’t go very far and shouldn’t last, but not only have the current scenes been great with the temptation and secret keeping, you just know that down the road the reveal will be hella explosive!

    Nicole and Eric have so much chemistry I can barely stand it. JJ getting something on Theresa couldn’t have happened at a better time and was much needed for that story. Will and Sonny’s story keeps growing and flourishing. I’ve liked Brady and his portrayer for years but not until Kristen was he must-watch (though even then, he was really just an extension of her). With her gone, his story book continues to be written what with finally seeing Brady in the throws of addiction, denial and pain. They’ve have made me appreciate the actor on a whole new level, and enjoy the character in a way I never have before.

    Even characters like Rafe/Jordan, Lucas and Hope are starting to get exciting material. I was skeptical of the Rafe/Jordan pairing and story but for whatever reason the buildup is working on me….and I despise Rafe! Seeing Hope actually laugh today was so great! I never knew I missed her smiling until I saw her doing it today.

    There’s romance, there are great twist, the dialogue is sharp and snappy, there’s great character involvement (I mean, Kate, Daniel, EJ, Abigail etc are in two major stories right now, weaving perfectly from one to the next). I LOVE how the writers are planting things weeks, even months, before and using them to further story later. It’s just smarter writing that I appreciate. I don’t feel I’m being condescended, I’m being thoroughly entertained every. single. day. Soaps are known to ebb and flow with exciting content, but DAYS has proven the formula wrong for a year and a half now.

    Haven’t missed an episode in months now, maybe over a year I can’t even remember, and I don’t plan to. It’ll only get better with Kristen and Eve returning.


    4everDAYS replied

    I’m trying to quit smoking, but DAYS is so exciting I smoke about 4 cigarettes during each episode!!!


    Jules replied

    Haha! Oh dear! Well do quit. Don’t let your love of DAYS stop you. That’s important!

    tracy replied

    I know what you mean. I love love love this show and the guys on this show are so hot. oolala.

    Emily replied

    Well said Jules. The acting and storytelling, win, win!!


  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Wonder if itll go higher when John finally returns and later Kristen?


    Daisy replied

    John is a bore! Haven’t missed him at all.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Imo…he was written as a bore b4 he left the show but was more interesting when he first came on…hoping the writers have something interesting planned for him.

    Patrick replied

    well… once again… he isn’t who he thought he was…

    no longer, a DiMera? or a ???

    it’s a hurry up and wait.

    my one hope… is that John and Marlena… aren’t the pillars of the earth… and mount themselves stuck to rock of gibraltar or what have you…. sucking up to high standards and ethics is too overbearing…. have some fun John… tryst with Kristen… tryst with Kayla… most of all…. challenge Doc… with your new identity…


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I just hope John finally learns his true identity once and for all!!!

    No1_ILoveLucyFan replied

    John & Marlena are pretty much the last supercouple Days has – they’ve been quite literally through hell and back and IMO, should be set up to be the foundation couple of the show. Happily married, in love with each other, working on their relationship, being individuals who work but also know what’s important. Tom & Alice were the foundation couple back in the day, and if Days wants to re-invent the younger set, that’s fine – but some viewers can and want to relate to the core-couple because it’s how we grew up. John & Marlena need to work through their issues first and I – for one – want to see sniping, arguing, blaming, accusing, yelling, soul-searching, conversations, realizations, thoughts, dreams, fantasies, hopes, compromises, forgiveness, smiles, friendship and them falling in love all over again. Then Days needs to make sure they keep this pair on & together and show them interacting with each other as a married couple as well as providing advice, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to bend or just an example for the other couples to look to & see “Hey, they’ve been through all this…we can survive our issue too…” . Soaps might think they don’t need this dynamic, but some fans need it…and John & Marlena are the only couple to fit the bill for Days. Let Kritter provide angst for Brady as well as Eric and Nicole – I can deal with that. Let John be an Allemain, or a long-lost whomever…just get him back on the show & back with Marlena where he belongs and KEEP them that way!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I agree with you 100%…i couldnt say it better myself!!! i wouldnt mind a little angst, and having them fall in love all over again…first something near tragic…Marlena laying near death in a hospital bed with John at her side(flashbacks of their time together)…a teary eyed John praying for a miracle…and at the end of this Friday cliffhanger, Marlena flatlines, John cries ‘NO, DOC, NOOOO!!! fade to black!!! Marlena has a stroke but survives and with her beloved John by her side helping her to fully recover, then John and Marlena marry again in Days most beautiful wedding ceremony at a real church(no set) and without interuption by Kristen or anybody else…then i want them at the reception dancing to some love song sung by Gloria Loring making a guest appearance as Liz in celebration of Days 50th anniversary!!!!!

  5. Ray says:

    The show is continuing to showcase a new generation of actors. I think it is great to keep the Hortons and Bradys at the forefront, but I would love to see another core family introduced.

    I am hoping to see Eve Donavan bring a few kids with her to replace the hole left in the show since Chad, Gabi and the other younger generation have left. JJ, Abby and Theresa need friends their own age.

    I can’t wait to see Hope back in the middle of the action. I was thinking today how much I would love to see Belle and Shawn come back to the show. Wouldn’t Alexa Havens be a geat Belle Black?

    The acting has been top notch and the dialogue has been quick-witted and sharp. I love Nicole being at the forefront the past couple of weeks. With this character being so popular, why does she not have any family ties in Salem? Recast Brandon and Taylor.

    Lastly, I think the show should bring back Peter Blake as EJ’s new enemy. I think this would take family dysfunction to a whole new level. We need another young DiMera, especially with Kristen coming back (woo hoo!!!!)


    Ricardo replied

    Ray I agree with you, they should bring Alexa Havens as Belle Black, she would be great. Alexa is a terrific actress.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Im hoping Jordan and her brother Ben will turn out to be Eve’s children.


    4everDAYS replied

    Yes, me too! As for Gloria Loring singing, how about “Only Time”? I hope DAYS starts celebrating at the beginning of the 50th year!

  6. Amy says:

    I think the ratings are going up because of EJabby! There is so much promotion for them! They have amazing chemistry together! And their shower scenes were superb! Fans are buzzing about them on twitter. People obviously like them a lot!


    Avelina from Santorini Greece replied

    No it’s not. It’s not just them that brought in ratings. Ericole are awesome and people want to see them. I just want to watch the fall out and there is nothing fun in watching someone cheat on their fiancée with a little girl. Dannifer are not together and people don’t like them so they tune in.


    Patrick replied

    Ari Zucker’ Nicole: continually amaze me…

    I too, am in love with (like calling him) “Father” Eric… and lady Nicole

    she’s radiant… she protrudes an innocence… that’s lovely and refreshing

    yes! Nicole is in love… with her first love… and AZ acting…. is so believable

    Greg Vaughan… our dashing…. William Holden’esque dazzles….Oye!

    the love and romance for this pair… I will wait

    don’t they just vex

    this is capturing my heart

    Amy replied

    This was the week when the EJabby shower scenes were highly promoted in tv previews/promos! So yes, I think they were a huge reason as to why the ratings went up. Ericole weren’t even promoted during that particular week. Only basically EJabby. More fans tuned in to see their shower scene. And fans were still buzzing about them on twitter.

  7. Jen says:

    EJ AND ABBY!!!!!!! They are the only reason I started watching.


  8. KaluK says:

    It is argued that sex sells. Anybody would have been in the scene and it would have been a hit. EJ is hot, not much to say about Abby and her acting skills. Firstly, you are asking people whats keeping them glued to Days and you have two naked people making love? The week was promoted as Sami arriving early to find Ej and Abby. This made some people who would not watch, see this bullshit, It was misleading. There was the Eric, Nicole and Daniel saga which was fun to watch. You seem to be promoting just one couple. Its a man cheating on his fiance and has sex in a shower. The story line has destroyed my joy of watching EJ with Sami. It will never be the same – Sorry. It actually hurts.


    daysfordecades replied

    I have to disagree here. I am glued to Day’s if Our Lives soley for Ejabby ! Sami and EJ never did it for me, even their supposed grief sex scene. Kate Mansi is doing a fantastic job, and her chemistry with James Scott is off the charts. I would always fast forward thru EJAMI scenes. when ejabby isn’t on all the scenes drag withe the exception of Nick’s storyline . Funny from the looks of things Nick may actually replace Stefano as Salem’s resident villain. Only when Stefano is gone for good of course.


    KaluK replied

    We should agree to disagree. My opinion – I see EJ as a father of two, engaged to the mother of his two children and now having an affair with some bony girl who has looks of a 16 year old and does not have moral values or respect family (not being disrespectful here). EJ and Abby´s make out scenes are Gross, I do not like her facial / mouth openings!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just that EJ is a good actor, Chad, Cameroon and Austin failed to make Abby appear on a magazine cover. Enjoy watching this crap because I am out!! I am glad Sami is leaving the show, gives me no reason to watch. Continue watching and some of you do enjoy such story lines, not me.

    Avelina from Santorini Greece replied

    I agree with your comment KaluK. Not fun at all. The fallout will be good though.


  9. Jen says:

    Go EJabby! I love that EJabby shower sex was the promo and main story and brought in the best demos in almost 3 years. It’s not surprising since they are by far the hottest, sexiest and most talked about soap couple in a long time!


    sharma replied

    totally agree


  10. Hola says:

    EJ & Abigail
    Hands down the hottest pair ever!


  11. Mark says:

    Days has the best stories the best actors and it moves at a nice pace. I just love it every day. The other shows are good too but not as good as Days


  12. Phil says:

    Two words “Lorraine Broderick,” You have to credit the great writing and great cast. DAYS is my favorite soap on the air right now…I love GH, but DAYS remains grounded and built with deep character driven storylines. Seriously, no show does family as good as DSYS anymore either…not in daytime, and in Primetime the only show that beats DAYS in family focus is Parenthood! In my opinion DAYS outshines all soaps currently.

    The ratings SHOULD be:

    1. DAYS
    2. GH
    3. B&B
    4. Y&R


    4everDAYS replied

    You’re so right!!!


  13. ricardo says:

    bravo days of our lives, The show is on fire right now. Terrific acting, and wonderful storylines. I still want bo brady back, I hope that peter reckell comes back, as Bo brady. Looking forward to kassie depaiva as eve donovan, this summer. She is a pretty lady, and that woman can act. Also cannot wait until eileen davidson comes back as kristen dimera this summer. this will be a storyline arc. I am so happy, that days of our lives, got renewed until 2016.


  14. jj says:

    Ej and Abby make the show worth watching!


    4everDAYS replied

    I like EJabby too, but DAYS is kicking ass in so many ways!!! I love everything about DAYS!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Same here…but you already knew id agree!!!

  15. Pris says:

    EJ and Abigail


  16. Joan Faist says:

    Long time Day’s viewer. So excited to have Drake back in Salem. All Soap fans need to tune into their favorite stories to keep them strong and on the Air.


  17. boes says:

    Days is the best. I’m a newish viewer, really just watching for the past year, and I’m VERY VERY happy I tuned in.

    OLTL and AMC were my longtime favorites – AMC for me since Day 1, and I missed them badly when ABC killed them. I followed them online and liked the reboots, but I’d also picked up DOOL as well. I tried Y&R and that show is just awful, terrible, depressing to watch. I still try with GH but……I can barely watch it. It’s only “better” than Y&R because I have some history with the show.

    But Days! THIS is what a soap should be, and what DOOL IS! Great cast, terrific families, with storylines for everyone. There are characters I don’t like but that’s a huge difference from GH where there are characters I can’t stand to even look at, much less listen to. Even the DOOL characters I don’t “like”, are characters I want to watch.

    Great job, DOOL! I hope even more people discover this gem.

    And you longtime viewers, good for you! I hope DOOL sticks around for a long, long time.


    Patrick replied

    Great write-up…. coming from a newbie fan…..

    it’s been on a roll…. going strong… for ??? near two years now?

    Wow…. with Eileen Davidson and Kassie DePaiva coming back….

    Days is magnetic


  18. su0000 says:

    It seems the Nielsen ratings are finally taking into count all the other ways people watch TV these day, not not just by TV..
    I have not watched my soaps on TV ever since they became available on the internet, a long time ago..
    Now, Nielsen ratings is counting me ..


  19. Ej says:

    The Ej and Abby scenes have made me want to come back for more not just the sex – which wasn’t bad either :) , but for the ying and yang chemistry and dialogue. I want to see their relationship play out for awhile even if it does not last forever. Also, like Nicole and Eric, but I hope that they spice up their relationship and interaction more. The Kate and Nick scenes were very good also. Hope is always good and look forward to her having a storyline.


  20. 4everDAYS says:

    DAYS is like a huge theme park with many thrilling roller coasters!!!


  21. Brenda says:

    Love EJ and Abby. Patiently waiting for Eric and Nicole. Gabi, Sami, Kate, and Nick s/l can’t wait to see how that turns out. Days is on fire. Love it.


  22. Patrick says:

    I am floored, through the roof, ecstatic! for…. “our” show

    being in Salem… every day… when I can watch the 5 shows….

    all I can say… I repeat my self… often…. for good reason

    Days of OUR Lives… has an accomplished cast and crew… that expertly bring their A game…. I LOVE DOOL

    Fan Salute
    Keep Pressing

    congrats on the 2 year renewal! through September, 2016

    Salem hourglass…. so goes the DAYS of OUR Lives! I’m beyond happy – Thrilled!


  23. Michael says:

    NBC really sucks- I thought Days was off because of the Olympics. They didn’t,t run ANY announcement about a time change.Now that SoapNet. Is gone I have to catch up on Hulu. sucks.


    4everDAYS replied

    Yes, NBC treats DAYS like a bastard! It goes to show how great DOOL is!!! Without the support of NBC, Days of our Lives is still thriving!!!!!


  24. Patrick says:

    if…. EJ and Abs… are luring… in viewers….

    so be it…

    it’s to behold… steaming

    it’s not my fav story line…

    the whole show is steering true to form…. what captures my attention…. ALL of DAYS

    this is Kate Mansi’ Abs 2nd star turn… really… since her debut, March, 2011.

    I loved her… with Patrick Muldoon… Austin…. LOL.. what a riot and a half…. comedic, FUN, laugh out loud… she gained her acting chops… and, currently… Abs is elevating herself… in to womanhood….

    and… I certainly, hope… with some fire, shutz pa… and her own passion… that is not solely, the good girl… with mom jennifer’s genes…. the Horton holistic nauseating…

    Kate Mansi’ Abs… has the potential… to layer her own identity… give mom and Salem… some spit fire… backbone, fight back… if you FEEL EJ’ ALL that… most of us would… and never let up

    it’s your parade girl… he’s smitten… you can tell…. Yikes! i’d go their


    It’s truly a given… that this twosome… has taken hold… taken charge… and it’s a pleasant surprise… more than likely, for these two actors… to delve in to new “meaty” material….

    all for a good cause… to elevate DAYS and contribute… HOT – distracting – smolder – for a new audience… and celebrate your acting

    it’s rather alarming… that these two caught on so fiercely… and… it’s like… what happened to Sami?

    this is too good… really… especially… new material, as well… for which Alison Sweeney can RUN with…. and like KM and JS… scripts to pique the audience

    scintillating stuff


  25. Sharonda says:

    Abby should be with Cameron he is smoking hot! I could see Jen sleeping with EJ eventually if only to free Abby from him.


    No1_ILoveLucyFan replied

    LOL!!! Cameron hasn’t been on the show in months!! And the Shrew with EJ? HELLZ NAW!!!


  26. fanny says:

    Happy Valentine’s day, everyone!
    Congratulations to DAYS. Well-deserved! The show is on fire right now, for many different storylines.
    Absolutely love it!


    tracy replied

    Exactly and they are not centered around one person likes some others i wont name. Everyone gets a chance to shine.


  27. MBmomof3 says:

    Love. This. Show.

    Keep rocking it Days! Best daytime drama right now. Love ‘em all, but DOOL is currently the most entertaining.


  28. nancy says:

    to john aniston why would john aniston retire now he made be old and tired he made be old but if he’s tired take a nap victor is like a cat victor has more lives than any cat even though mr. aniston is better looking than any cat he’s very talented and handsome of an actor


  29. nancy says:

    I hope this year dool takes a lot of trophies at the daytime emmy wawrds they are on top now as the best all time high for dool they deserve to win really big this year now


  30. nancy says:

    dool has the best and beautiful cast of actors and actresses all of the cast deserves to win for the most beautiful people of daytime people awards


  31. nancy says:

    why don’t they bring back liz and neal back with their teenage daughter in tow why not bring liz and neal as an old married couple like doug and julie


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