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30 February 15th, 2015 DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Is Sonny About To Lay The Smackdown On Will?


This week, Sonny (Freddie Smith) looks to be headed for a major confrontation with his husband Will (Guy Wilson), as Will’s expose’ on Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) is published, and as Sonny is on the road to recovery from his emergency surgery after being stabbed!

In the newly released promo for NBC’s Days of our Lives, the way the teaser is edited, Sonny says to Will (while his husband is at his bedside), “Someone was having an affair with Paul Narita … YOU!”

Will the truth finally come out as to what went down between Paul and Will?   What will happen when Paul and Will face the consequences what they have done to Sonny?  Teasers reveal that Will’s life is about to implode.

Is this the end of WilSon … for now?  Watch the promo below, which also contains Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove) and Hope’s (Kristina Alfonso) showdown!

Then, weigh-in on what you hope will happen to Sonny and Will … and if you think Aiden was being set-up by his ex-wife?

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  1. LeeAnn says:

    I hope Sonny lays into Will for what he has done. I love WilSon but what Will did was wrong and no doe eyed looks, no quivering chin , no tear filled eyes should get him out of this. He knew what he was doing, he felt no where near the remorse he should have and when he did , it was after they fooled around…twice! Nope..I have no sympathy for Will what so ever. He deserves whatever Sonny doles out and he needs to grow a pair and accept responsibility for his actions. After all the things Sonny did for Will and forgave him for, Sonny deserves NOTHING but the best. So I think a lot of groveling, and proving he deserves Sonny’s forgiveness needs to happen and soon! Some people say Sonny cheated first, with the kiss when Paul surprised him, then again the next time they met. But that was as far as Sonny let it go and put his foot down and told Paul it was a no go because he was married. Too bad Will couldn’t do the same. He needs to grow up. I just feel bad for how hurt Sonny will be..although when he is! Cause Freddie is gorgeous regularly, but have him mad and he is off the charts I also feel bad for Ari that her dad is such a jerk.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I agree with you. I have only watched this show since their wedding; but, from what I’ve seen Sonny has been nothing but supportive, loving and committed to Will and Ari. There is absolutely no excuse for Will’s cheating with Paul. I do not want to see the marriage end. Will needs to pay the price for his destructive behavior.


  2. Carolyn says:

    I hope Will and Sonny find a way past this and can work to rebuild their fractured marriage. Will needs to demonstrate he has grown up and Sonny needs to stick to his commitment to stop keeping things from Will (Sonny knew his ex, who he had once loved enough to propose to, was in town).

    I look forward to further fireworks when Will and Paul both discover their connections to Sonny.

    I would hate to see the only gay marriage on daytime TV end in divorce long before its time. In addition, baby Ari needs both her jail-free parents in the picture.


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Sonny doesnt walk with a halo on his head…he shouldve mention to Will his ex was in Salem and perhaps that wouldve helped avoid the confrontation? But being married and supposedly loving Sonny, Will shouldve known better not to sleep around!!!


  4. Sasha says:

    NuWill is NOT ready for the kind of relationship, not to mention marriage, that Sonny wants and needs. He has proved that over and over again, treating Sonny like crap more than once in the process.

    Paul, on the other hand, is now ready – after his coming out, so brilliantly portrayed by Christopher Sean – to continue the wonderful relationship with Sonny they once had. A relationship that led Sonny to ask Paul to marry him.

    Paul even showed us that he is willing to stay away from Sonny as long as Sonny is happy – but that will radically change next week when everybody learns the truth about NuWill’s lies and betrayal.

    Paul and Sonny had instant and absolutely electric chemistry from their very first scene together – a chemistry I haven’t seen between NuWilSon this whole last year.

    Paul and Sonny all the way!!


    kay from Ohio replied

    Why are you constantly referring to Will as NuWill? He is Will. The character of Will is not new and has been a part of Days for years now.


    sam replied

    Nu will because nobody can see the previous character of Will, and it is better than saying unwill. But if this tag reflects the acting it should be nonWill:( So painfull to watch at times ffwd…)

    CeeCee replied

    I can answer that Kay from Ohio. I, for one, will never consider the present Will as the real Will. I guess Sasha and I think the same way. NuWill will ( sorry for the play- words…coincidence) never walk in Chandler’s shoes. I know it’s unreasonable; I know Will is not a new character, but this guy is….and a lousy actor, at that. I will never get used to him.

    Paty replied

    Totally agree, Cee Cee. This Will have absolutely nothing of Chandler’s Will, only the husband (lol). Therefore, it is difficult to associate the character of each other. Better they had created a new character for this actor, and removed the character of Will, when Chandler was gone.

  5. Mo says:

    What proof does Sonny have that Will cheated on him? He just thinks maybe or what? He is listening to what some bellboy said.

    Yeah, I know Will did cheat on him, but Sonny needs proof before he lays into Will. Sure, he can ask him and see what response he gets.


    CeeCee replied

    Mo, in what world does someone acquire proof before ripping into a cheating spouse or mate? The natural instinct is to confront the cheater. It’s only human, even if it’s a mere suspicion. Proof my eye.


    Mo replied

    I know. And especially not in the soap world, but I would hope Sonny might give Will the benefit of the doubt. Of course, he may be projecting his own guilt at his own love affair with Paul.

  6. Carli says:

    I think Sonny has every right to be as pissed at Will for what he did with Paul not only once but twice!
    Will is professing all this love for Sonny as he sits by his bedside after he was almost killed due to Victor. Will is now feeling all this guilt after the fact when he should have told Sonny after it happened or thought about how much he loves Sonny and how lost he would be without him, because Will may not have lost him to some thugs blade but he could still lose him. It would have been better for both if A) Will told Sonny himself and he not learn from Dererik the bell boy. B) Will should have told Paul hey dude I’m married when he saw things were headed that direction Zoey and the powers that be at sonix be damned which is more important losing your job or the love of your life and the one who has supported you AND claimed your daughter by your ex girlfriend who you had sex with due to being mad as his own when not many would’ve been that stand up and honest guy. If it were me I think my choice would be clear.


    kay from Ohio replied

    Yes I agree Will should have pushed Paul away when Paul MADE THE FIRST MOVE (because Will did not come on to Paul at all) and told him he was already involved with someone (since the magazine did not want him to divulge his marital status). But Will was weak and gave in to temptation (he isn’t perfect & never claimed to be) he should have been honest with Sonny about what happened. But of course that would not be as dramatic as waiting for Sonny to find out the way he did (from Derrick who assumed incorrectly that Will and Paul have been having an affair all this time which is not true but of course Sonny is going to believe a stranger’s version instead of the truth.


    CeeCee replied

    I am sorry, but what difference does it make how many times Will slept with Paul? Once is enough to condemn him. I suppose we have different sets of morals here. Different strokes for different folks.
    I will never understand the concept of cheating…just keep it in your pants….it’s a soap, granted….but, as I always say, fiction is based on real life.

  7. john says:

    Will & Paul only had sex once. The 2nd time was inturupted


  8. dana says:

    i hope its end of wilson!!! i think that paulson would be better :-)


  9. Daisy says:

    Will never questioned why his boss told him to take off his ring during the interviews. That was sleezy and deceptive and showed all he cared about was getting his story. It was really unfair to Paul also. Sonny has a right to be furious. He’d be happier in the long run with Paul, but this being a soap, that won’t happen.


  10. Mary SF says:

    I really want to like this story but the more that I watch Guy Wilson the more I don’t like him and his portrayal of Will. It has gotten to the point I have to flip the station when he is on because watching him is like nails on chalkboard for me. That aside, given Will’s childhood, all the lives his mother’s cheating touched you would think the writers would make Will a bit more tormented by his own cheating– but he is acting like someone who forgot to take out the garbage — not someone who betrayed his partner at the deepest levels of trust. Sometimes I am torn thinking this too out of character for Will to be believable and then I think he is man who got married really young— perhaps he hadn’t sown enough wild oats yet, or was curious what it would be like to be with another dude other than Sonny– it might make him a jerk, but it would make him normal guy too. But I do feel sorry for Sonny, it is always the nice ones that get walked all over.


  11. Sam says:

    I sincerely hope that this is the absolute end for Wilson. Will is a selfish, immature, idiot. Bottom line he cheated end of. It can’t even be said this was the first time he has put his career ahead of his marriage. Those who claim that Sonny cheated because he kissed Paul are just ridiculous. First of all Paul kissed Sonny not the other way around and he put an end to it even though he clearly has unresolved feelings for Paul. And at the end of the day a kiss is just a kiss. Even if Will was interrupted from sleeping with Paul a second time he had every intention of jumping into bed with him. Mostly I hope that Wilson is over because Guy Wilson is a horrendous actor. It is literally painful to watch, while Christopher is actually quite a good actor. He has brought me to tears a few times. He deserves to see his character expand on the show based on merit. If soaps intend to survive they need to have the quality of acting that is seen on prime time television. They have given Guy Wilson ample opportunity to improve. It just is not happening. He needs to go take some drama courses.


  12. Brittany says:

    First off i am sick and tired of people referring to him as nuwill because that annoys me second off yes while i disagree with what will has done to sonny and i think sonny should have told will that his ex was in town but derrick told sonny that will was with paul but he didnt know it was for a story for a magazine and thats why will was with him but every marriage has issues and while this is big they will work through i have faith in them that they will overcome this because we all know they filmed the anniversary so stay positive


  13. Joy says:

    Now I do say Will is wr ong and he should of not taken the job if he had to tak off his ring. but he did and he should have not cheated. He only did it once nad I do feel he feels remose and sorrw he wants to make this up to SOnny he feel wht he did was wrong he wanted to tell Sonny nad put it behind him his grandma kate talked him out of it. I do thik Sonny should find out the whole truth first Will only did it once and not listen to a belel boy who did not eget all his facts straight and had no right to go nad say anything. But I do feel Will needs to learn what he did was wrong and he should beg for sonny forgiveness he should beg for him to trust him agian. Why do u people want paul with sonny he is no better hte only reason he will now go to sonny is because he came out if his career was not over he would of still stayed in the closet and hid. He did not leave Sonny alone how many times did sonny tell him he wwsa married but he still told him they could have the life . He wanted Sonnyso bad that he flirted with Will I do not think Sonny belongs iwth Paul cause now paul is fine with coming out I think int he end wilson will be fine I do feel sonny did not serserve that but someties you make terrible mistake an do not htink before u act which is what Will does and I think know he has learned a nd Ithink they have been through so much that they will get through this will just has to prove to sonny that he is forgiving and he loves him and he regrets what he did nad he better fight for his love and fight for his man and fight and beg and fight and beg.


  14. Myles says:

    The problem stems from Sonny was the bread winner in the family. All Will wanted to do was to pull his own weight as most married couples today do. The current economy dictates that two people must work to make ends meet. Will was given the position at TruVista, thanks in part to Sonny asking Victor to line it up behind Will’s back. If that happened to me I would feel that I did not get the job on my merits alone. Sonny is turning into a control freak and I wonder if Derreck has some ulterior motif for disclosing the affair to Sonny. Maybe Derreck and Paul want Sonny and are using their snide and underhanded agendas put a wedge between Will and Sonny. Sonny needs to realize that he needs to come forward and tell Will that he and Paul had an affair a long time ago. Who’s keeping secrets, Sonny that’s who. Will’s job at TruVista, and now Paul. Will has in my opinion tried to be forthright about what he does. Sonny and even Will’s family does not seem to appreciate it. I also would like to commend Guy Wilson in taking over for Chandler Massey and he has done a fine job. Those are just my thoughts. Thank you!!!


  15. Benji says:

    I hope to god Sonny divorces WIll and gets joint custody of Arianna. Ever since guy joined the show he has destroyed WIlson, this is the ultimate betrayal and Sonny deserves better


    Dee replied

    First, of all I hate this will.I don’t like him sonny have put up with will an his hateful for far too to l long,I hope sonny an Paul get together and leave will it in the cold.Sony deserves So much better than that bipolar will.


    dmr replied

    NuWill is awful. Recast-immediately.

  16. Laurie says:

    Everyone, everyone and I do mean everyone, will lay into Will for cheating, because : A-he had no reason to cheat (if you cheat that easy honey, you shouldn’t have gotten married) B-Everyone in this town has their nose all up in everyone else’s relationships (Maggie’s #1)..I don’t care if they’re related! Some folks need to mind their own business.

    Having said that, this is the best story Days has going now. Not initially, but Paul has turned out to be quite likable and that always makes a threesome, oops, I mean a love triangle, better. I like Haiden too, but the hillbilly trio Clyde, Ben & Jordan, dicky Dan & egomaniac Eric can kick rocks!


    karen replied

    I can’t wait for the unfaithful trio to completely fess up.People say poor Sonny but he’s just as bad as Will is when he daydreams about having sex with the (other man). It seems to me that Sonny is forgetting that even though he rejected Paul’s kiss he’s thinking too much about Paul. How about Paul’s culpritability in all this. He
    says he loves Sonny but he’s leading Will to bed under an admires nose (Derrek). Let’s remember now Will has always been immature from the moment he realized he was gay.
    I can’t wait for Jennifer attitude when she discovers her first grand child’s mother will be Eve.
    As for the hick trio Jordan deserves Chad.
    I can’t believe that Kate is so blind that she can’t see through Clydes facade by the way Jordan is behaving. Abigail is nothing more than a tramp and J.J. is a cad. No amount of lies from Chad shouldbe sent Abigail into bed with E.J. despite Sami.
    As for Ben he is a sap for thingking that Abigail won’t betray him too.
    Clyde is real moron for stabbing Sonny cause you know how Victor is about family that he doesn’t wrong.
    Come on now if little miss goody two shoes Jennifer can forgive Nicole so can self righteous , indignant Eric and Daniel. I’d like Nicole to make Eric and Daniel eat their words over Serena so called goodness.
    What happened to Stefanos sense of family and revenge go when E.J. was supposedly shot to death by Clyde.
    All those years ago how could Marlena not know the difference between Roman and Johns kisses.
    Isn’t Aiden a psychotic schizophrenic golddigger.
    Let’s talk about money once Victor, John and Stefano die isn’t Brady one rich dude.
    If Days continues will Aiden be sent to jail or the looney bin. Will J.T. ever return to ask Hope why she gave him back to his natural parents the monsters. And last but not least where has Doug JR or Tom Horton Jr been all decades.


  17. Sara says:

    What could you expect out of Will with a mother like Sami.


  18. dmr says:

    I think I would enjoy, or at least-be able to tolerate this storyline if nuWill was played by any other actor. I cringe when the actor is on-screen. He nauseates me. I am sick and tired of hearing about his article. I am sick and tired of the “Will” show-as a replacement of the “Sami” show
    However, I am enjoying the Aiden and Hope storyline. Both actors have done an incredible job with the story, IMO.


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