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35 November 27th, 2013 DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami, Kate, and Gabi Try To Throw Nick In The River!


Days of our Lives has promised some big surprises in story, and on Tuesday’s episode of the NBC soap, it looked to be a great kick-off to that!

In scenes reminiscent of some classic horror flick tales, Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) come upon Gabi (Camila Banus) who has clubbed Nick (Blake Berris) with a rock after he attempts to rape her!

Delicious drama ensures which really gave Lauren Koslow and Alison Sweeney a chance to shine as Kate and Sami!  Although long time Salem adversaries, the two strong-willed women work together for the good of their family to rid the earth of Nick Fallon and to help Gabi cover it up! Mostly, because as they see it, Nick is a twisted freak , who has hurt Kate, Sami, Will and Sonny, and women previously … remember Melanie?

As Gabi is completely unable to comprehend at first what she did with that rock, Kate and Sami take control of the situation telling her to suck it up and help them throw Nick’s body in the river … he is not moving … they assume he is dead!

Our absolutely favorite moment came when the camera pans to Kate eating what looks liked mints in the middle of the “murder” scene, while Sami tries to calm Gabi down, and to help the ladies dispose of Nick!  Only there is one big twist! As the gals finally get close to the river and get Mr. Fallon in the water, Nick fights back!  He is grabbing on to the gals! They scream! We fade to black!

What do you think of the scenes featuring Lauren Koslow, Alison Sweeneym and Camila Banus? Were you shocked by the ending?  Do you think Nick dies, or will live on?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Mk says:

    Keep Nick alive! He is a riot!


  2. Mary SF says:

    This was hilarious and disturbing all at the same time. These two women act like they come across dead bodies all the time, and have the same attitude towards getting rid of the body as they would taking out the trash. But it was dialogue that was priceless from Sami complaining about a chipped nail to them bickering over the lame story Sami gave the birdwatcher, to poor Gabi trying to be the voice of reason– Gabi the moral compass of the group was classic, considering Gabi has covered up a crime or two herself. Not sure how they missed Nick being alive, but can’t wait for the scene to play out. In fact I’m on my way now to watch it.


    mo replied

    I did enjoy the comedy on I believe Tuesday’s ep, when Gabi first hit him. Didn’t like that they killed Nick. Not that I’m a Nick fan, but it would have been better for him to really have been dead when Gabi hit him with the stone. How are they going to explain this one?


    Mary SF replied

    Nick probably isn’t dead. Soaps rarely have main characters kill someone outright. If they do it was either by accident or self defense. Most cases like this one, where you don’t see the body, either means the character will come back day alive seeking revenge, or the body will be found and the main character’s would be blame. Then some last minute detective work proves they died in some other way after all and main characters go free. My gut says, they will go with Nick coming back some day to get revenge on Sami and Kate.

  3. Rose says:

    That scene was priceless. I love our two strong and snarky women rolling over Gabbi like they dispose of bodies everyday. It was fantastic and they looks they gave each other over Gabbis freak out were hilarious!


    Patrick replied

    “…the looks they gave each other over Gabbis freak out were hilarious!”

    LOL. Hillarious!

    I haven’t even seen this yet… and it’s laugh out loud stuff.

    kudos OUR DAYS!


  4. Shannon says:

    Kate and Sami were great, however, they REALLY showed Camilla’s weaknesses!


    mo replied

    I disagree. I thought all three did a good acting job.


  5. Robert Seganti says:

    Amoral sociopaths are not my idea of soap heroines.The scenes are wonderful but they should be portrayed as villains who get their comeuppance in the end.


    Pixie replied

    I agree with everything you wrote.


    Anne replied

    Totally agree. I stopped watching. Awful and pointless at the same time. You can do intense drama without this. This goes beyond bad judgment on Sami and Kate’s part.


  6. Lou Piikes says:

    I see blackmail and extortion in Gabi’s future with Ariana Grace.


  7. James McDonald says:

    Oh my goodness. I will have to watch past Friday, Monday and Tuesday’s Days of Our Lives episodes. So this is how they might get rid of Gabi. Will Gabi be arrested for attempted murder? Will Rafe arrest his own sister? Will Sami end up in jail again? Will Kate miss her fish tail blue dye job for her hair if she is in jail?


  8. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Even if Nick is dead or alive…i hope he makes some ghostly appearances to Gabi, Sami, and Kate…Gabi glances in mirror and sees a bloody, battered Nicks reflection standing behind her, Alone in the Dimera mansion during a storm and the lights go out Sami sees Nicks ghostly figure at the window, and Kate recieves eerie phone calls from him…should be like ‘Pretty Little Liars’ where no one including us viewers know if Nick is really dead or not. Now i said Gabi will go to prison for Nicks death in a previous post but she could also have a nervous breakdown and sent to mental hospital instead!


    Patrick replied

    I wonder if this is the rumblings and/or new storyline for that look a like Nick…

    to show back up in Salem?

    A Nick that Salem can live with… not the dastardly evil… character… as is Kristen….

    that are forever damned by the halo-ed self-righteous Salem-ites

    Blake Berris rules!

    he’s so dynamic , caught in a trance over… reels superlative drama… he’s HOT


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Blake is such a good actor and i had hoped he and Theressa would eventually be paired…i hope he is not killed off!!!

  9. Patrick says:

    I have to watch…

    this is must see… for Blake Berris’ masterclass Nick to uprise… and take hold



  10. Harlee says:

    I’m thinking he’s not dead and maybe will haunt Gabi for revenge or was this his last scene?


  11. Johnny says:

    I don’t get it. When Nick first came on he was all goofy and loveable and geeky and awkward and charming. I don’t know why they have chosen to go the psycho route with a Horton. And to have him to ttry to rape Gabi is pretty disgusting since he himself was raped. He could have been a viable love interest for Jeanne. Weird.


    Gmbenet replied

    Nick’s granfather was the evil Alex Marshall. His grandmother Marie is a Horton. So there is room for the character of Nick to be evil – an evil Horton. He took after his Grandpa Alex instead of his Great-Grandpa Horton!


  12. Gmbenet says:

    This was sad, funny, shocking and tradgic all at the same time. The situation Gabi was in was sad — attempted rape with no one to witness her self-defense. Sami was funny — the one liners written for her were hillarious! Seeing the supposedly dead Nick suddenly become dangerously annimated was shocking to say the least — then I started laughing! Actually, I am glad Gabi didn’t kill him. That would have been tradgic! If Nicksurvives the Salem River, can you imagine the blackmail possibilities for Nick? His style IS blackmail.


    Gmbenet replied

    Other than that — I really don’t know what to say. Then again maybe I do….Enjoyed seeing Kate and Sami work together (characters and actors). That was probably the best part. Seeing Kate and Sami fight against each other has become a little boring. Seeing them work together on something is a nice change.

    Also, as the ladies left the park, I thought how much of a “DiMera” Sami truly is. Kate was also married to Steano… So this was really a “DiMera thing”, however clumsy or ill-conceived! Now what if Gabi had actually been Chad’s girlfriend? Nick never would have had a chance with Gabi!


    Patrick replied

    this was all done to catapult Blake Berris’ Nick:

    and I couldn’t be happier! Isn’t he a force to be reckoned with.

    it’s all mapped out… the fine line if you will… for Nick and Salem to take due process

    it’s essential and vital for Nick to elevate in Salem… to take the throne as it were.
    with the exit of Eileen Davidson and the lauded Chandler Massey….

    this is paving the way for Nick to become even more relevant..

    imagine… the character development… of Nick…
    here’s hoping Theresa comes alive… with further intrigue…
    I wish DAYs would bring back Shane, Kimberly… and in fact.. bring Eve back… to take over… she’s needed.. along with Kristen… against the womenfolk of Salem.

    i don’t know.. all sounds good to me.. to further press for DOOL.


  13. Patrick says:

    I’m sure most of you know…


    DAYS two scoops column

    whomever writes the column, and/or reviews.. is spot on in their reviews of DOOL.

    I absolutely love it

    they liken DAYS curently… as winning the best soap award.. again… at the next emmys… and notwithstanding… GH coulda woulda shoulda win…

    it’s either DAYS or GH’s to lose.


  14. @thelandofkoz says:

    Best Episode of Days of our Lives in a long time. kudos to Lauren Ali, and Camilla.


  15. Rj says:

    This kind of stuff is not my cup of tea, so did not watch most of it, but Sami and Kate have comic abilities/chemistry, and that should be brought out more.


  16. Sarah says:

    I’m sort of surprised to be reading that people like Blake Berris/Nick Fallon… To me, he’s by far the most annoying part of the show. I really doubt he’s dead, but I find him so obnoxious that I’ve actually had to change the channel, and this is coming from someone who schedules her workday around a DOOL break. I think the best thing they could possibly do is get rid of him, and the whole Nick-storyline. The show had been fantastic lately with Kristen back, and since her departure it’s paled in comparison, with way too much focus back on the 20-somethings. Loved Sami and Kate this week, though!!


  17. Mo says:

    I was enjoying it until it turned out he wasn’t really dead. Well, until they threw him in the lake. Now the trio are murderers. Yes, Sami has killed before, but there were reasons. Why didn’t they just call the police from the get-go? It was self-defense until Sami and Kate got involved.


  18. Beacon says:

    Perhaps Kristen, hiding out in the woods, can save Nick’s life and team up with him to plot a diabolical revenge on Salem?


  19. PatF says:

    This is awfully dark material. I’m surprised there are so many positive comments about her almost being raped, then him being “murdered”.



  20. Chuck Tompkins says:

    I Love Nick. I Hope He Comes Back. I Have Actually Stopped Watching Days Fir Awhile After Being A Loyal Fan Since The Seventies. I Was Just Getting Sick Of Seeing Sami And EJ All The Time Having Sex. I Am So Over Them. Enough Of Them Already And Get Rid Of That Brat Of Theirs Too. I Enjoy Watching The Villains Like Stefano And Nick. They Are The Ones That Make The Show Enjoyable. Now I Might Have To Start Watching It Again.


  21. Polly says:

    Is anyone except me (and a handful of my other “Days” fan friends) getting VERY tired of the “smart-phone-as-character” acting!!! Talk about how to save on casting or using live actors! If you–the watcher—are doing anything else while the show is on (like housework, child care, or other) and you hear a lot of quiet (and one sided reaction) you have to pause, go back and freeze to read what their phones are saying!! Meanwhile, the character holding the phone has a dialogue with the phone! They can’t really enjoy this. And I do watch other soaps, but Days is particularly bad with the phone acting! Enough–we get that the cell phone companies are your sponsors—but I don’t see the characters all referring to Target or talking about the Aflack duck or Yogurt!


  22. joni morlin says:

    I watch days of our lives and gh to every day and night on soap net I don’t want them replaced we need are shows to wAtch them for a purpose in life no 8nd is not touching soap net it stays on forever and ever in ma rich is my birthday month my wish will be granted to leave soap net alone we can fix it direct t said we will keep soap net as long long time


  23. joni morlin says:

    I think nick could be a live and will if not he probably be dead he said rude comments to will and sonny about being gay and taking GAbi and the baby but I hope sonny tells will the whole truth to will tomorrow wAnt Kate and GAbi and Sami wAnt they did to sonny he all most told will at tbd and he all Most told his dad but Gabi and Sami and Kate pushed him to lie to will and he did not keep any secrets from him he 2wanted to tell will every thing that possibly react upon it


    joni morlin replied

    And sonny was scared for this he wanted to tell will every thing but he couldr tell him that be cause of Gabi and Kate and Sami


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