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28 February 18th, 2015 Days of our Lives Star Freddie Smith Sentenced In Vehicular Assault Case


Days of our Lives fan favorite Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) was back in Ohio today for his sentencing in the vehicular assault case stemming back from the incident in October of 2014, when Smith crashed the car he was driving along with the passenger, Alyssa Tabit, his girlfriend.

Smith, who was leaving a wedding reception crashed his vehicle, in which Tabit sustained the more serious injuries of the two.  Upon investigation, police found that Smith was over the legal limit for alcohol in the state of Ohio with a blood alcohol level at .093.

During the sentencing today at Ashtabula County Common Pleas court, prosecutors recommended two years of community control and a driver’s license suspension.  The judge agreed.  Smith was also sentenced to three days in jail, but that is suspended if he completes DUI school in Ohio.  However, if Smith violates any laws in the future,  he will have to serve a 12 month jail sentence.

In addition, as part of his probation, Smith will do lectures to local high school students about the dangers of driving drunk.

19 Action News reporter Scott Taylor was on the scene today, and spoke with Freddie outside the courtroom, where the DAYS actor related:  “It was very selfish and I am very sorry for doing it.”   Smith had previously plead guilty to the charges.  He went on to thank his supporters as well, stating:  “Today was very nerve-racking and to hear all the support from fans, friends and family has really helped me stay strong and I really appreciate it.”

Later, Taylor asked Smith just how Alyssa Tabit is recovering from the injuries she sustained.  Freddie replied:  “She is doing absolutely fantastic.  She has a couple more weeks of physical therapy and she will be back good as new.”  Tabit was also in court today and spoke to the judge to help Freddie’s case.

Watch the Action 19 news segment on Freddie’s sentencing, which also features Smith talking outside the courtroom after the jump.  Then weigh-in:  Was the sentence that the judge handed down to Freddie, appropriate or disproportionate, for breaking the law?  Happy to hear that as of now, no jail time for Freddie?  Comment below!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I have always believed everyone deserves a second chance, especially since Freddie’s girlfriend supported the sentence. I am particularly glad to read Freddie Smith will be lecturing to high school students as the impact of his words could stop a young person from making the same “selfish” choice.


  2. Gmbenet says:

    I wish Freddie well. I won’t judge him or put him down. He took responsibility for his actions and faced up to the consequences. What else is there? He will serve his sentence and that will be the end of it.

    I had never heard of “community control”. I gather from the context it means ” probation “. So now Freddie will have to split time between California and Ohio? That will cost a pretty penny too! He will also have to catch a ride to work, or ride a bike like Peter Reckell used to.


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    He’s lucky it wasnt worse and no lives lost…hope its his wake up call! I get a little angry…lost a cousin to a drunk driver…glad they are both ok…Days could never find a suitable replacement!!!


  4. Chrystie Delancey says:

    Lucky, lucky, lucky.

    Why not just give him the three days in jail? Maybe if offenders got a taste of f some real justice they would NEVER drink and drive again.


  5. LeeAnn says:

    I think it was appropriate for what happened. He admitted to what he did and he didn’t use his celebrity to try and get off. He told the truth when so many would have lied. I think he will do as he has to and I am so happy for he and Alyssa’s engagement. Congrats to them both! From what I hear there will be wedding bells soon. Can’t wait to see pictures :)


    Me replied

    He admitted to what he did? How could he deny it?! Admitting it was no act of hero. He should never have gone behind the wheel.


  6. Eddie says:

    I think the sentencing was appropriate given the circumstances. Freddie’s blood alcohol level was over the limit but by only .013%. He wasn’t twice the limit or 3x, and he has no history of DUI. The main factor causing the accident was falling asleep at the wheel which could happen to sober people as well. He does sound contrite in this video, and I do believe that he has learned his lesson.
    When did they get engaged? Was it published? I don’t remember seeing anything.


    Me replied

    He was over the limit ‘only’ by .013?! Tell that to a person who’s dead!


  7. k/kay says:

    Absolutely none of our business! The Sharks come out again in the water!


  8. Leo says:

    He got off lightly.

    I can’t stand douche bags that do this.

    Whether it be Freddie Smith, Kristoff St. John or Colleen Zenk-Pinter. Driving while intoxicated is absolutely inexcusable.


    jaybird369 replied

    Leo…I think that Freddie Smith got off W-A-Y TOO LIGHTLY here!!!!! Also, Freddie has the N-E-R-V-E to use the word NERVE-RACKING to describe his own emotions (or whatever) at his own sentencing!!!!! Are you kidding me here?!?!?!?!?! Two years and all that…what a goddamn CROCK!!!!! And that judge that ‘handed down that sentence to Freddie’ is an absolute idiot!!!!! I very angrily have a feeling here that Freddie is just gonna pull this very irresponsible crap again…it’s just a matter of W-H-E-N!!!!! Bottom Line Here: In this instance and all, justice was MOST DEFINITELY N-O-T SERVED HERE!!!!!!!!!! B-E-Y-O-N-D DUMB AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a good one, Leo. Peace, bro.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Leo and jaybird: I totally agree with you! Freddie Smith showed horrible judgment, and the judge made a horrible judgment. This decision just goes to show once again that the justice system favors those with money and/or celebrities. Sadly, Smith could very well commit a DUI again, with an even worse outcome.

    k/kay replied

    If it had happened in California they would have slapped him on the hand and said naughty boy! Now if he had killed someone we would be talking jail time! What interests me the most is next week we will have a glowing interview about what a great actor he is! Why don’t we get it I out there and say he is a nobody who needs to get down on his knees and think God he did not kill himself or his lady friend ! Like I said sharks in the water every time you smell blood!

  9. Bart says:

    I don’t watch DAYS but have heard of actor Freddie Smith. This accident happened close to my sister’s home in OH and that is what is was – an accident. Luckily his fiance nor anybody else was hurt or killed. He’s young and he’s human – as long as he complies with the Ohio laws and do what is deemed by the Court, let it be.


    Kathy replied

    Deliberately drinking and then getting behind the wheel is not an accident. An accident is when you swerve to avoid an animal in the road or slip on ice. The choice was made to drink and then drive. He is incredibly lucky no one was killed. Sentence seems light to me given the severity of the Imjuries and that she is still recovering 4 months later.


  10. Belle says:

    Thank God that no one was killed.
    I’ll pray for all who’s involved.


  11. louisa says:

    Very happy that he got this break. I hope he learns from this. And I hope when he speaks to others about this they listen, and learn.


  12. Anne says:

    I think this is a good thing. Jail would not have been a good thing for him. And he doesn’t get off completely free. And I think he already learned his lesson at the time of the accident. I’m happy for him. I don’t agree that it’s inexcusable ! People say “Don’t drink & drive”. I’m sorry, but that’s just bullshit! At this point you ARE allowed to have a drink & drive! The legal limits are different everywhere. When we go out every weekend, the driver has 2 beers, max 3. And we’re not always 100% sure that we’re still save. Depends on several things. But we still get behind the wheel. There’s always the same discussion. There’s only 1 solution to stop the endless accussations & assumptions: put the legel limit to 0.000, end of discussion ! Cause at this moment it is not ! So people can have a drink & drive, which is not illegal. He was barely over the limit, that could happen to me every weekend.


    Mary SF replied

    I felt a bit sadden when I read your post. The don’t drink and drink campaign isn’t about what is legal or not; it is not about passing moral judgement; or trying to stop people from enjoying a few drinks. It is about desperately trying to remind drivers when they get behind the wheel they are in control of a powerful machine that has the potential to seriously harm or kill someone.

    Driving is a serious task that demands our full attention and facilities to operate this machine in a safe, responsible way. Sure you can legally drink and drive up to whatever legal limit is set, but just because you can doesn’t mean it is the mature, responsible thing to do.

    So yes we can go out on the weekend have a few drinks, still be under the legal limit, or just a tad over it and feel competent enough to drink– I’m sure Freddie felt the same way when he did– but that doesn’t mean it was the best choice.

    The don’t drink and drink campaign is about changing attitudes, not toward drinking, but towards driving. Driving needs to be taken more seriously, as a society we would not want to allow people to give their children machine guns to play with, so why should we want to give individuals who are just as immature car keys. But the laws don’t compel people to be responsible adults even if there was a zero tolerance in the legal sense, there will be people who selfishly will get behind the wheel of a car and put themselves and others in danger,

    Your attitude that is was no big deal, is the kind of attitude that puts more people in the hospital and in the grave than any other. I truly hope and pray you never become one of those statistics, which is why I was sadden by your post because I’m afraid you might and you don’t seem to care or grasp the seriousness of that.

    I know you might slam me back, give me attitude for writing this, but it is with your welfare and your welfare alone that I do urge you not to take driving so lightly, and respect the machine and just don’t take the risk. If you want to drink, go ahead, but please, for your sake and others, be the adult, find another way to get home then putting yourself behind the wheel of the car.


    Mary SF replied

    of course that should be the don’t drink and drive, not the don’t drink and drink campaign– my mistake– and error may be silly, but the message I was trying to convey was sincere.

    Kathy replied

    You made some wonderful and completely true points.

    Jack Turner replied

    I agree with Mary – and the law should be stated and written in a concise and clear manner. To my way of viewing it, there should be a designated driver who has not consumed ANY alcohol.

    Me replied

    Mary that was absolutely well said and important post!!

    Anne replied

    I won’t slam you back. What I will say is that my message was completely misunderstood. First of all, I NEVER said that drinking & driving is not a big deal ! And I am totally behind the campaigns! Second, I was talking purely and ONLY about the law and not the human aspect. I am just totally shocked by the things some people say, that he is a criminal, a killer, totally irresponsible, even if he would have had 1 drink !! And that he should get behind bars for … years. That is totally over the top, cause according to the law, having a beer is nothing illegal ! He had too much to drive, I know and I totally agree, I never denied that ! I wasn’t talking abt moral stuff , but only about the law. And in that perspective, I said there is only 1 solution and I’m saying it for years already: limit to 0.000 ALL over the world !! End of discussion ! And 3rd, I do take responsibility, cause like I said, we have a strict rule that whoever drives when we go out, has no more than 2 beers which, again, is legal ! And we NEVER broke that rule ! So NEVER in my message did I say that what he did was not a big deal ! It is a very big deal ! And I am very much aware of that. I simply replied to the rudness of some people and the fact that ACCORDING TO THE LAW (!) it’s not illegal to have a drink and drive and THAT should be changed for good ! Basically, what I said is that all those different limits of 0.05 in one country or 0.08 in another country is COMPLETELY wrong and that it has to be changed to 0.000, like ages ago !!!

  13. jeff says:

    Sometimes a wake-up call is needed. Yes, I’m sure he is very thankful everyday that it wasn’t worse than it was. That is something he is going to have to carry around for the rest of his life…and yes, I’m speaking from experience.

    Oct 3rd, 2010, I drove drunk, like I had many times. I admit it. But that night was different. I totaled my car along with someone else’s. Thankfully it was a parked car and I didn’t hurt or kill anyone but I could have easily have done so. I am thankful everyday that it wasn’t worse than it was. But trust me when I say, it was bad enough that I never want to go through that again. That was the last time I ever drove drunk. That night was actually the last time I drank. I have been sober since.

    I’m not here to toot my own horn and preach the about drinking and driving. I’m just saying I have a different perspective than some others here. Or maybe not. More people drink and get behind the wheel of a car than care to admit it.

    I do hope this is a life changing event for Freddie. It was for me. I don’t really think he got off lightly. See, I live in Ohio. I’m very familiar now with the OVI or DUI laws here. I didn’t hurt anyone but I did destroy someone’s car. Our sentencing is mildly comparable. But I can assure you, the guilt and humility you experience from this type of action is far worse than your sentencing.

    Some of you think it’s no one’s business but his, which is in part true, but if his story keeps just one person from drinking and driving, then it’s worth sharing and that’s why I share my story with you today.

    I wish him the best of luck and I hope that he takes whatever action is needed to get this under control and it never happens again.


    Chrystie Delancey replied

    Congratulations to you, Jeff.

    Your second sentence had me appalled, but I continued to read and ended up being impressed at your sobriety and the choices you made since you totaled the vehicles.

    I am not perfect either. I like to say I did all my drinking before I was 21. My cousin and I would go to lame so-called “parties” and have a few drinks and then that was it. We were just buzzed and we waited several hours before driving home. Nothing ever happened and if it did, I would have been in big trouble because my dad was a sheriff’s deputy in a small town so everyone knew your name. In my late teens it was fun and rebellious, but if I had better friends, I probably would not have taken my first drink until I was of the proper age.

    I have to say I am proud to say, however, that whenever I have drunk alcohol I ALWAYS remembered what I did. My mom told me when I was 21 not to be the girl that they talk about the next day and to remember what you did. I have to say I did nothing to embarrass myself, though I am not proud of drinking before I was legally able to.

    Now that I am married with two little boys, I rarely drink. Spiked eggnog for the holidays, an umbrella drink in the summer. Things like that. I like a taste of a little spirit every now and then for the relaxation feeling, but the idea of even getting tipsy is not appealing. I have a stocked liquor cabinet, but I like to cook with it instead of drink it.

    Now I fear for what my own boys will choose when they are older. With each generation and all that is out there it makes it harder to make good decisions despite your upbringing. So many kids do stupid things. You think once they graduate from college and get a job they would make smart decisions. My 30-something husband had a 20-something co-worker who got drunk after working hours (at a work party), and decided to climb the building. You can imagine what happened next. He fell and ended up being taken off life support. His out-of-state parents were devastated.


  14. Mo says:

    Hopefully he learned his lesson. I think the sentence is appropriate. He still has work to do so even though he’s not going to jail now, it’s not like he got off.


  15. Rj says:

    Really, none of my business, but thank goodness no one else was hurt and his girlfriend has recovered. Hopefully, he will learn from this, and it will never happen again. Take a cab, call a friend or family membe- no shame in that better to be safe. Freddie has played a character on Days that is so likeable, can’t help but wish him the best and pray this will be the last time.


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