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33 December 18th, 2016 Days of our Lives Teases An Unforgettable Christmas Reunion!


Christmastime in Salem is always filled with tradition, heartbreak, and romance.

And this week will be no exception as NBC’s Days of our Lives latest promo features two major stories that are about to have some major reveals.

First, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) has given birth as Nicole (Arianne Zucker) holds the newborn, but as Chloe is about to reveal to her friend that Nicole is actually the baby’s bio-mother, she passes out!

Then in the highly-anticipated reunion, it looks like the moment Chabby fans have been waiting for happens, when Chad (Billy Flynn) lays eyes on Abigail (Marci Miller) for the first time since her return to Salem.  The promo is calling it “An Unforgettable Christmas reunion”.  But will it be when Chad learns that Abby has been alive this whole time, and was in on making Chad believe she died?  And what about his burgeoning feelings for Gabi (Camila Banus)?

Watch the promo for this week’s DAYS after the jump.  Then let us know what you think will go down when Chad and Abby are together for the first time in a very long time, and what Nicole will do with the baby she has in her arms which at the moment she believes is Chloe’s? Comment below.

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    My last Days Christmas…hope its good and not all gloom and doom…i want my last Days Christmas to be something real nice!!!


    Chris replied

    It won’t be the last DAYS Xmas! The show isn’t getting cancelled!


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    im selling off all my stuff in spring including my tv set …i need to raise cash hoping to avoid becoming homeless..

    Elite replied

    Jim… how are you feeling…. this is a tough time for many people… hope you are doing ok


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    ok for now but i still fear im going to become homeless…plan to sell off my stuff in spring and cut off my cable/internet

  2. davlestev1 says:

    Chloe passes out..Adrienne passed out..Chad will pass out and gabi will throw abi in lexis dungeon..CAN ANYBODY ON THIS SHOW STAY CONSCIOUS FOR FIVE DAMNED MINUTES AT A CRITICAL worn out as a plot device!!!


    davlestev1 replied

    If I was Nicole I’d be like..OH HELL NO..AND SHAKE THAT COW TILL SHE WOKE BACK UP..the truth is what honey?


    David replied

    Isn’t that the truth,I think a five year old is coming up with these ridiculous STORYLINES


  3. Judy says:

    It dont have to be the last time if you keep on watching it wont be the last I wish they would have Julie son david come back to town Merry Christmas to one and all


    4ever DAYS replied

    David may actually come back, Judy. When he realizes Valerie gave birth to his son, Eli, many years ago he’ll be back. Julie won’t keep Eli a secret no matter what Valerie wants.

    As for the topic of this thread, Nicole finally has a baby! I wonder how old her child will be before she knows she’s a mother. And Chabby finally reunite! I wonder how long their union will last before she goes running to her mother.


    Tay replied

    Yes on David. And having Rick Hearst as her grandson Scott would be so cool.


  4. Mo says:

    Sounds good. Hope it is.


  5. Audrey says:

    Getting sooo tired of dis Abbi crap n her running off every time instead of jus getting it over with already! Jus wanna turn da tv! It’s jus taking too long on these storylines!! It’s getting boring….and Theo, smh! Um about ready to find sumthing else to watch


    4ever DAYS replied

    There are several payoffs this week, Audrey. Turning points abound!

    Happy HoliDAYS!


  6. Rose Ayers says:

    Please do not put Gabi and Chad together. Chad needs happiness but not with Gabi. That girl goes from one person to the other. I wish the writers would get rid of her Jade Claire they can’t act at all. My 2 cents.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Are you sure you don’t mean Ciara instead of Claire, Rose. I doubt DAYS will dump the actress who plays Claire. The girl has good energy! As for Jade, she’s being recast because the actress chose to leave.


  7. Judy says:

    I wish they would just let them see each other what are they wating on the fouth of july


    4ever DAYS replied

    LOL, Judy! “Christmas Reunion” is what it says, but it will be on Friday. Thursday is the hanging of the ornaments.


  8. Elite says:

    I don’t think this recast is working…. she clearly doesn’t have the acting chops of Kate Mansi… she wasn’t shedding a tear today as she was supposed to be heartbroken in this episode…

    She’s playing it cold and a bit creepy


    4ever DAYS replied

    I think Marci Miller is doing an outstanding job, Elite. She’s already shed a million tears. I love her jestures, mannerisms and voice. She does good at being frazzled too!


    4ever DAYS replied


    4ever DAYS replied

    Marci might get a kick out of my occasional misspellings because she is a spelling champion!

    AMG replied

    How can we even tell i she can act? All she has done is hyperventilate. I’m hoping that’s just the writing and she will get to move on soon.

    Joel replied

    I think the current Abigail is a pretty good actress. Give her more time.


    Cjoy replied

    I hope it all works out, watch it every day. Hope they never cancel it, but hope they come up with better story lines and quit killing good actors.


  9. harry says:

    What is jim implying? Did he hear that nbc is cancelling the show next year ?.I do know that he mentioned that he was depressed lately.Will you please find out if he is suicidal,this is serious.


  10. Doreen says:

    Abbigal is getting on my nerves. Either tell Chad or leave. Enough is enough


  11. Sarah says:

    I am really hating how this ‘new’ Abbi is being portrayed as so weak and helpless… the old Abbs was a strong willed, intelligent and extremely confident woman- I mean I get she has gone thru some stuff and has ptsd but come on already…get back to that independent beautiful and confident girl we all loved…. kick GABI’S ass for cheating on JJ and doing it with your man…lol.
    rant over.


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    I completely agree. They stupidly painted the character in to a corner – for four months she went insane. It was dumb. Abby was smart, confident, didn’t take it from Teresa or anyone.

    But they hit reverse on the character. They might as well call her Summer and announce she’s Maggie’s lost daughter.

    Where’s the fire? Where’s the push back? Remember the Abby who threw down with a crazed killer? Where did she go?!


    4ever DAYS replied

    The killer (Ben) killed a part of her.

    Patrick replied

    that’s a powerful… last para… can’t deny it

    Kate Mansi went out with a bang.

    ( nuAbs ) – she’s been displaying a lot of beats…

    the scaredy cat… she’s “not”

    I too want a fun playful sensual passion for this duo.

    watching Kate Mansi live “happily ever after” would have been serious payoff

    for the audience. .

    nevertheless…. I hope Marci rises to the occasion… Chad is ready

    she’ll start the new year with her own bang

  12. Patrick says:

    well…. here comes Ryan Quan and Dena HIgley as the duo hot about town.

    this is the big shebang… payoff… and REEL test

    Emotional Beats

    w/ NIcole

    heart tug

    these actors are solid… I haven’t had one bad thing… yeah, OK… since October, 7th

    it’s with Ken Corday and Frank Valentini that I will never let up on.

    as for @Marci Miller… as Abs SHE DEBUTED ??? November 7th ? so that’s a little over a month… and a 1/2.

    so what …. at least she wasn’t bombarded all at once… she and Jenny Bear are bonded… along with hottie of a brother… JJ. am loving her scenes with Andre. haven’t seen any thing yet… with Laura Horton. guess that may leave a lot of pressure on the intensity of debuting with the best, Chad.

    I think these two… judging from flashback scenes… are ON track.

    NICOLE: dang it… at LONG LAST. she’s no longer barren. yeah, this is a soap. she has a life long LOVE. another mother/daughter stronghold. FINALLY, layers of intrigue abound.

    i’m going to cry


  13. Anne says:

    Frustrating how great the actors are on Days, but how awful the storylines remain, even when fans are pulling, and have done so for a long time, for the show to get better.

    Even in soapland, Abigail’s family would have gotten her professional help by now–not just let her keep having panic attacks in the attic and be manipulated by Andre. I bet we will have to see Abigail approach Chad and her baby and then run away several times before Friday.

    The Nicole Chloe Deimos Philip mess is kinda sick stuff that went even more sour when Deimos kidnapped Philip and tied him shirtless to a chair.

    Isn’t TV writing in general supposed to be having a heyday? Why not on the soaps?


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