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28 March 22nd, 2015 Days of our Lives Wins GLAAD Media Award For Outstanding Daily Drama!


NBC’s Days of our Lives was the winner last night in the Outstanding Daily Drama category at the 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, in Beverly Hills, California! The series bested General Hospital for the victory.

The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the LGBT community and the issues that affect their lives.

DAYS gents: Freddie Smith (Sonny), Guy Wilson (Will), and Christopher Sean (Paul) were on hand to accept the award for the LGBT storyline in Salem.


The night’s other big winners included: Transparent which co-stars former soap favorite Judith Light as Outstanding Comedy Series,  How To Get Away With Murder took home the Outstanding Drama Series,  Outstanding Mini-Series or Movie Made for Television went to The Normal Heart, and Outstanding Film-Wide Release was given to The Imitation Game.  In addition, Scandal’s Kerry Washington received the Vanguard Award presented by Ellen DeGeneres.

Guy Wilson tweeted some photos of himself, along with Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean driving to the ceremonies together and then on the red carpet!

So, what do you think about DAYS win for Outstanding Daily Drama in the GLAAD Media Awards? We say, “Congrats to all involved, and well-deserved!”

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  1. blake says:

    Great news and well deserved. The Sonny/Paul/Will story is the best on Days and on all of daytime in my opinion. Congrats Days and the actors and writers.


    Leo replied

    That’s about the only award they are going to win in 2015 and 2016. This show is pure and utter crap.

    No offense to “crap.” :)


    Jeremy replied

    @ blake – Totally the best news! The Sonny/Will/Paul storyline is the main reason I keep watching, it’s intriguing, real, honest, and totally deserving of this great award. Congrats to the writers and to the show for committing to these very worthy characters. And, to Freddie, Guy and Christopher, three professional actors who consistently deliver strong performances. What other soap right now, can say that with a very strong LGBT storyline? DAYS all the way. They’re committed to Will & Sonny and Paul. Thanks DAYS for stepping up and depicting challenging and empowering strong male characters who happen to be gay.


    Patrick replied

    Days has so “many” reasons to BUILD around… this story line… and has

    the actors on DAYS are 2nd to none… with GH

    the potential for stir… emote… build… intrigue box office.. tune IN

    honestly… Leo.. you are being harsh

    there are so many fine actors attached to Will… Sonny… Paul

    and they are ALL bringing their A game… forward

    for the life of me… disgruntle mode

    I’m so over ! Daniel, Jennifer… the magic elephant story befuddles me.. where are they going with this?

    outside of that? I know DAYS is squandering… the potential of the canvas

    will Stefano and Chad keep the DiMera intrigue forward
    where will Kate go.. now that she’s sans co-ceo of Dimera enterprises

    I was more than a little disappointed that Adrienne slap was all the build up went… with Justin already off to Dubai

    I”M DONE with JJ and Paige… will they or won’t they get back together
    ship her off to stanford… and focus.. if that’s the intent… no holds barred… who cares what jennifer thinks… if romance sex and pairing are : let JJ and Eve move

    where are Hope and Aiden heading? I love that they are in love…

    i’m so OVER Daniel and Nicole.. that sexy shave… was that leading to an all out no holds barred.. that Daniel didn’t have to say a thing… or carry every story line.. and that was enough to accept his dull presence? get rid of him

    Nicole… as was stated on… give Nicole her balls back… bad girl to the front… get your mojo back… shutz pa… arent’ you sick of Daniel, Eric, and Brady

    get with Rafe!

    I have not missed Ben, Jordan, and Clyde… dismissed

    with the new head writing team… and executive producer or producer shuffle… if DAYs is moving past Sept, 2016… then listen to fan base

    bring in the Donovan family… Shane and Kimberly… with Andrew

    bring back Carrie… for Rafe.. and a new heroine

    bring a love interest for Kayla

    there’s not much going on in Salem these days

    Brady and Melanie are as dull as daniel

    I hope the story arc… for Kristen, Brady, Theresa… catapults

    thank the stars… the thread this is about… Paul, Will, and Sonny… are leading the pack

    I love this

    blake replied

    ITA with everything Jeremy and Patrick said.

    Jeremy replied

    @ Patrick – I too, love other characters, the vets are tied to Sonny & Will. Grandma Marlena having a therapy session with Paul and learning of what William did. Classic. Grandma Kate encouraging Will to do whatever it takes to get to Paul’s truth. I love how DAYS utilized them, and I hope we see soon more of Marlena’s gentle coaching and words of wisdom to Will. Especially, since we have Lucas working with Will to dig deeper into Paul and Tori’s history.
    I would like to see Marlena help balance out Will’s choices moving forward. So, pleased that Sonny is back, I want him to be stronger and tougher with Will. Will messed up…big time. Yet, I remain rooting for Will and Sonny. I do however, am intrigued to see how Paul fits in, haha-ha – as it were. Christopher is definitely equally a powerful actor, along with Freddie and Guy.

  2. jimh(leave it beaver) says:

    Its the only writing Days deserves at the moment…


    jimh(leave it beaver) replied

    OOPS-meant writing award!!!


    Patrick replied

    not far from the truth

    as the will/sonny/paul

    seems to be the only part of days that is catching


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Guy at Serena’s door resembles Austin Peck…imo!!!


  3. Donna says:

    So glad Day’s won. I had no doubt. Great soap. Love you all.


  4. Carolyn says:

    Best story line on Days. I hope they wisely continue to feature the Will/Sonny/Paul story as it develops.

    Congratulations on the well-deserved win!


  5. Elisa says:

    Congratulations to Days of our Lives for their GLAAD Media Award win. I so like the Sonny/Will/Paul storyline.


  6. Jamesj75 says:

    Glaad to see Freddie Smith in the back seat!

    New drinking game: take a sip every time Will says “my husband!” God, if I’d thought of this game sooner, I’d be drunker than Y&R’s Neil, Y&R’s Nicki, and B&B’s Brooke put together!


    mollie replied

    Literally, LOL :)


    Jamesj75 replied

    Thank you, Mollie! You’ve made my day! :)

    dmr replied

    Nu-Will (yes; I know he’s no longer “new,” but…) unnerves me. I have to fast-forward through his Sami-esque temper tantrums. Will, put on your big boy pants (and donate your cardigans) and take some responsibility for your actions and show some remorse. I think if it were another actor who portrayed Will, I would feel entirely differently. The actor just has never grown on me.


    Jamesj75 replied

    I agree with you completely, dmr!

  7. mark says:

    days is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy 50th days!


  8. LeeAnn says:

    Congrats to Days ..well deserved. Love Will/Sonny and Paul. We need to find Paul a man..;) Freddie, Guy and Christopher are doing an amazing job!


    CeeCee replied

    Remove Will from the picture. Leave Paul and Sonny intact… favorite storyline…love Paulson…congrats!


    Jeremy replied

    I agree with you LeeAnn, Will & Sonny all the way! And, yes…Freddie, Guy, and Christopher are an awesome threesome, and are fantastic storytellers! Well done, DAYS! Big win for DAYS.


    AnneVanH replied

    Me too. Always been a huge fan of Will & Sonny as a couple. And I have no problem with Guy Wilson. But I’m all for Paul & Sonny right now. Their past history is sooooo intriguing and the chemistry is off the wall. So PaulSon plz !!!

    CeeCee replied

    Guy Wilson lacks charisma. He is blah…he is no Chandler Massey. I just can’t even look at Will….a cheater is a cheater is a cheater. And, he is deceitful…removing his wedding band to boot?
    Sonny is so vibrant and gorgeous…he and Paul just fit right.

    Jeremy replied

    @ AnneVanH – I too, have always loved Sonny & Will as a couple, and actually ever since Guy took over – he’s one me over, I love his version of Will…sure, it’s definitely a different approach yet, he and Freddie, also Christopher all have great chemistry together.

    I’m pleased DAYS is continuing strong with this big storyline, and I hope Grandma Marlena can help Will see the bigger picture of what his future looks like with his husband, and Aria.

    Jeremy replied

    correction: “and, actually ever since Guy took over – he’s WON me over, I love his version of Will…”

  9. Brett says:

    Very well deserved, DAYS has done a great job with this story, respectful and exciting.


  10. Rj says:

    Glad they are doing gay story lines. Stay with them no matter what other changes are needed or come. This is the best aspect of Days currently .


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